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10 More Days to Enter the Dream Challenge – Everyone Receives Free Gifts

dreamsDon’t forget this month’s Dream Challenge!

Everyone Receives a FREE Gift for Entering and One Person will Receive a Special Surprise Gift:

Do you have a dream? If so, sharing and working toward it this month is something I am supporting.

Learn how to enter here at the post below.

Entries accepted through August 31st.

I love the entries that are rolling in with some great dream shares and courageous steps being taken. Keep believing and actualizing!

August Inspired Special – The “Dream” Challenge

October 11th – Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy

andarasThis workshop is for the creative, imaginative, and inspired free thinkers and integrative visionaries who want to experience the magickal world of the Crystal Kingdom and your Inner Realm for empowered living and activating greater potentials in simple and fun ways. This is done in a flowing way to allow each person’s unique voice to be heard and valued, which allows greater freedom to explore deeper.

Things you will be exploring and learning to incorporate into your life include:

Crystals – understanding that Crystals choose you as much as you choose them, creating a relationship with your Crystal, Crystal meditation, understanding Crystal energy and their role in our lives, shifts Crystals go through, meeting Crystal Spirits, learn about some of the high vibrational Cosmic Crystals appearing, cleansing, charging and inspiring your Crystal for specific purposes, creating Crystal altars and grids, learn about some of the unique attributes of Crystals (timelinks, keys, portals, record keepers, veils, phantoms) and some of the metaphysical properties and common types of Quartz, other Crystal friends that are especially “now” relevant, and Crystal Skulls

Crystal Pendulums – an introduction and basic understanding of pendulums, knowing how to choose a pendulum and learn its language, understanding how to use your pendulum effectively, increase results and improvise when your pendulum isn’t with you, fun exercises to practice using your pendulum, learning ways to develop and trust your intuition

Crystal Elixirs – learn some basics about these, how to create them, and how these essences may mirror more of the frequencies we are starting to embody

Reiki and Crystals – ways to work with Crystals during sessions (in-person or by distance), attuning crystals, how to program Quartz to channel the energies of other Crystals, working with Crystals in dream time (even if you aren’t Reiki attuned, we will explore ways to charge and cleanse Crystals without Reiki, as well as tapping into energy in other ways)

Lapis Lazuli – how this stone compliments Reiki (and your natural healing abilities) and can be very powerful in your healing practice, its connection to the Healing Buddha/Medicine Buddha, how to use this stone to support your intuitive strength and clarity, and more

Chakras – a simple guide to your energy centers (the ones you may be aware of and more), where they are located, the energy potentials of each, ways to work with them, balance, some corresponding Crystals that can assist

Intuition & Telepathy – learning to trust and awaken the inner voice, holographic transference, purity of heart and mind aligned, and some exercises to practice


9am – 5pm Saturday, October 11th in Costa Mesa


Energy Exchange:


If Registered by 9/9’s Full Moon: $275 (savings of $50)

After September 9th: $325

If you Register with a friend: $500 ($250 each – savings of $75)


***** Manual, Crystal & Crystal Pendulum Included with Registration (you will get to choose your own new friends during the workshop) *****


You can register for this workshop up until October 6th given there’s still space, but the pre-registration savings are honored through 9/9 only.


Contact me at with questions and to register

Peace of You

Peace of mind is not a goal I need achieve.
It’s a place inside I never want to leave.
Close my eyes, I still my thoughts and then I say
I will choose to live in peace today.

peace in alaska

Peace In – Peace Out : Settling into the “peace” of me in Alaska

We can only help make our lives and our world more peaceful, when we ourselves feel peace. Peace already exists within each of us, if we only allow ourselves to feel its comfort. Peace of mind begins when we stop thinking about how far we have to go, or how hard the road has been, and just let ourselves feel peace. Peace of mind gives us the strength to keep trying and keep walking along the path that we KNOW is right for our lives.

~ Robert Alan Silverstein

Delving into Tarot: An Interview

Tania Marie's Blog:

This is a wonderful and insightful post for anyone interested in learning to work with the Tarot, already an avid Tarot reader and lover, or simply wants to understand more about this insightful tool and what a reading involves. Thanks to Laura Bruno for reposting and for the mystical Amythst Raine-Hatayama for her insights. From someone who loves the Tarot herself and has a personal connection that goes way back, I really appreciate Amythyst’s share.

Originally posted on Magickal Connections:

What is the role of a Tarot Reader?

I’m going to start by telling you what a tarot reader is not…A tarot reader is not a mystical mysterious person who’s going to tell you precisely what your future will hold, set in stone, on a particular day or date.  A tarot reader is not someone who will give you instant solutions to your problems.  A tarot reader is not someone who can instantly cure your financial ills or physical disease.

What a tarot reader is…A Tarot Reader is someone with the gift of intuition (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance– sometimes one or the other, sometimes all three), who will use the esoteric connections and images on a set of cards to look into your life.  It’s a window of your past, your present, with a hint at future possibilities.

Now…What is the role of a Tarot Reader?  Her role is…

View original 1,599 more words

Crystals, Personal Alchemy, Horses & Reiki – Registration Reminders

A couple of quick reminders on the upcoming workshop in Costa Mesa, in a little less than a week from now, and retreat in British Columbia, in just two and a half weeks.

aquamarineThe last day to register for the Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy Workshop is August 20th.

This workshop will be from 9am – 5pm on Sunday, August 24th in Costa Mesa

This workshop is for the creative, imaginative, and inspired free thinkers and integrative visionaries who want to experience the magickal world of the Crystal Kingdom and your Inner Realm for empowered living and activating greater potentials in simple and fun ways. This is done in a flowing way to allow each person’s unique voice to be heard and valued, which allows greater freedom to explore deeper. 

You’ll explore your relationship with Crystals, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Skulls, and delve into the heart of you in terms of understanding your Chakras, healing abilities, intuition, and more.

For all details please visit: Crystal Magick

Tania and wild mustangsAnd don’t forget the upcoming Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification and Experiential Retreat

This retreat will be offered September 3th – 7th at Epona Rise Retreat Centre in British Columbia

Working with both the Horses & Reiki combined, is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

If you have been wanting to receive your Reiki certification training, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is also the last opportunity to receive Reiki training this year in a retreat format that allows for full immersion and integration of the energy during your extended, nurtured stay.

Explore this offering and register here: Horses & Reiki

The Art of “Naked” Intimacy

Complete vulnerability is true intimacy.

When we are willing to be pure and transparent with ourselves, we create the most beautiful connections with others.


Awaken the Free Spirit in You

free spirit


Uh huh… ;)

A free spirit remembers their innate and sovereign free will and exercises it.

Free spirits are inspired by life itself and find wonder and meaning around every corner.

Free spirits reflect how we can awaken the same within us that we admire in them.

Trust in yourself and don’t be afraid to look any certain way to others. When you are concerned with what others may think, you stop living an authentic life and little by little suck the passion of your heart dry.

If you allow others to dictate your life, no one else but you is responsible for giving away that power.

When you live by your beliefs and passions, you will find life to be far richer than imagined. You’ll start attracting other free spirits to play with.

And, you’ll also start helping to awaken the free spirit in others, just like you, who are afraid to “be”.



Running With My Dreams – A Little Nudge From Horse

horseI’m still on my Alaska journey and savoring every moment especially since it’s nearing end, which I don’t want to think about. All there is, is right now.

One thing I have been reflecting on while here are my dreams and heart callings, daring myself to dream bigger in these great and majestic outdoors, stretch my imagination, and explore all the rich possibilities I have but to choose.

I can’t remember who said this, but these words ring true to me:

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

So bigger I go into digging deeper in my heart for the dream/s that call for me to fulfill them – no limitations! And if it isn’t scary enough, then likely not the leap I would like to take, as I’m ready for big growth and challenge.

I spent much of today’s low-key activities exploring further in my mind and heart. And upon arriving back to the house, decided to take a walk on the land here and came to an opening where the friend you see here was.

He was facing the other direction, but as I spoke to him, he immediately turned and stood perfectly straight, solid, and aligned with me, listening, tuning in, and alert – like we were perfect mirrors of each other.

horse6Then he relaxed into a gentle gaze and almost became sleepy-eyed, but more like completely vulnerable and soft (as you see in the photos too, along with his ear positioning shifting into his relaxed state as well). He likely would have stayed there as long as I wanted, but I finally made my way back to the house, waving goodbye and thanking him for the connection.

horse8Horses have always been meaningful for me and coming upon this single white horse I knew also had symbolism for me.

For quite some time when I was a little girl I had a white horse spirit guide that was with me and I was enraptured with Unicorns and Pegasus. Over time the horse changed sometimes to a golden chestnut, but for the longest time in my life it’s always been large black horses that drew me.

Until recently, when white horses have been showing up again in the last couple of months.

I mentioned before the white horse and “unicorn in disguise”, Tareena at Epona Rise had come to me. And this horse today reminded me of Tareena. But again, the white. And all while I’ve been exploring my heart’s desires and dreams more deeply the last couple of months and not just all of the possibilities, but also whatever fears or insecurities may be around jumping on the train full steam ahead.

Horses symbolize strength, freedom of expression, grace, power, life energy, vitality, passionate desires, a driving force in your life to express your authenticity or what you thrive for, being in harmony with your primitive desires, and balancing those instincts with the more discerning tamed parts. They are transparent reflections of you and everything deep or hidden you hold within.

White horses bring illumination, developing awareness of your instincts and intuition, resurrection (interesting that I spent a lot of time on “Resurrection Bay” here in Alaska – more on that when I return), bringing things to light, seeing with clarity, and are messengers of rebirth.

White is also about purity, innocence, wholeness, completion of a cycle in your life, awakening, elevating your spiritual aspirations, openness, growth, purification, creativity, moving in a new direction, new beginnings,fresh slates, and a blank canvas awaiting creative impetus.

The cool thing about white is that you can’t hide behind it since it amplifies everything in its way. ;) YAY!

I’m feeling close to running with my new dreams and I look forward to what my heart chooses to follow next, but you can be assured it will be big (well at least big for me) and it will take me into uncharted waters, calling forth facing all things head on with trust and love only.

Time to join my horse friend that was always with me as a little girl and embrace the wind through my hair and charge mightily forward with each grounding foot that will beat to the new rhythm of my own drum.

Exciting and scary all at once! Yay!

As my other friend, Mr. Willy Wonka, shares:

“The suspense is terrible…I hope it lasts” ;)

And like Mr. Wonka, I also believe “anything you want to, do it….Wanta change the world? There’s nothing to it.”

We simply have to make a choice, commit to it full heart and soul, and then take a step forward. The rest will start to fall into place and begin to materialize.

I’m ready to release any fears and all of my “past”. This is a new moment to create with full awareness of all that I am and all that is pure of my heart. I am not afraid to make a choice, knowing I have the power to continue choosing anew. I will not live a life half lived.

Thank you Mr. Wonka and thank you my white horse friend for the nudges you each reflect.

“Our intent is the creative process that reaches forth in the invisible field of potentiality, to trigger a mystical chain of events that can manifest the most seemingly impossible dreams into reality.” ~David Cunliffe

Love Sees


A Special Message for Caregivers

Tania Marie's Blog:

A great post with helpful insights for people in caregiver roles or who find themselves always giving, trying to heal or change others.

It goes wonderfully with my post on responsibilities:

Synchronously, before I posted yesterday’s article, I had actually written a different one that touched on “now relationships” and some of the exact key points Laura brought up, but then I discarded it. I love how connected we are and since she and I are always chiming in, I can see what led me to let it go in to the ethers.

It was like tuning into one channel, but then sensing it was covered, so then I jumped on another collective channel and yesterday’s “You Complete You” came through.

Thank you Laura for a great post, as there are SO many people I know that could benefit from this.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

For the past few months, I’ve been hearing from so many caregivers who are getting hammered by the intense energies right now. Any tendency towards co-dependency no longer has any support from the Universe, so dysfunctional patterns have become intolerable for people trying to support others through difficult times. It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t offer support; however, if that support tends more towards co-dependency than empowerment for both parties, then the caregivers get blasted with their own health crises. 

Having been a caregiver myself, I understand the complex dynamics that go into caregiving, but I also recognize tendencies toward burnout. Especially in these times of intense change, disturbing revelations, and frequency specific versions of reality, caregivers truly need to spend more time in Nature, absorbing sunshine (which helps with the recalibration), and they need to take time for their own awakening. These are not optional “wouldn’t it be…

View original 583 more words


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