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Whole Foods Now Selling Rabbit Meat?

I had no intention of posting again until I return, but this really is part of my calling to share. And it’s very odd, as I also didn’t share about a third dream where Nestor (my departed rabbit companion in this life) came to me AGAIN last night.

I was just talking to my mom and shared the dream with her. I said this is the third time she shows up and this time she came in as herself (well herself in this life that we shared). The first two times she came as a dolphin and a lioness. This time she was the gray bunny that I knew, but unlike the other two dreams I had, the interaction we shared was different and her presence and demeanor was solemn and stoic.

I think I know why now, as my telling my mom the dream prompted her to tell me something in return.

In the dream I had two little spiders. One very tiny and one about an inch or two. And the weird thing is that there was a cage they were kept in and I thought it odd that they didn’t try to escape, but stayed in the cage, which was lined with hay.

Nestor then appeared and I saw into her eyes, but her presence was different. I didn’t know if it was because she was adjusting to being back into her very limited little rabbit body, or something else?

She went into the cage with the spiders. Another odd thing, because I never kept her in a cage and she would never have tolerated it, as she is so freedom loving.

And in the cage she did yet another odd thing. She placed  her paw just above the larger spider, gently touching it, but not pressing and kept it hovered there for a while. It was as if she was doing some sort of healing, magick, or alchemy, as well as sending me a message through the symbolism.

Of course the spiders represent transformation and sometimes literal death – also rebirth, protection, fate and creation.

Then I remember her running out of the cage and in the room once around and then at some point in the end, I was holding her to my chest.

But again, the energy was very odd and solemn, although I loved seeing her, I knew she was the bringer of some message. And our uniting was not necessarily one of joy, but I clearly understood she was there for a mission – to impart something important to me.

Now, some of this does feel to be personal given things that have been going on and what I asked for before sleep, but I can’t also help but realize the synchronicity of her showing up and leading me to this information.

Did you know that wholefoods now sells rabbit meat? What’s next?

My mom said she saw it in the Reno store and couldn’t believe it. She also told me to brace myself.

I was not aware of this, as I don’t shop there anymore, but my heart sank deeper at this news.

You can sign here to support the rabbits:

And here are ways you can help and spread the word, along with a lot of questions and answers that are informative, including the domesticated breed they are selling – which is not wild rabbits:

The link shares that “Selling rabbit in Northern California stores is a pilot program that Whole Foods intends to expand into other regions. It is likely that other grocery stores will seek to copy the Whole Foods model and sell rabbit. These other stores will likely seek out less expensive sources with even lower standards.” And apparently that has already happened, since my mom is in Reno, NV. :(

Time to Unplug

meditating in Bimini

Meditating in Bimini last Summer’s Retreat

I’m heading out tomorrow morning to host the “Accelerate Your Vibration” Bimini Retreat for the beautiful, very intimate group we have, so it will be a week of unplugging while away on the island, and fully immersing.

I will be unavailable during my time away and won’t be back into the flow of things again until the week of the 28th, and slowing adjusting back the 26th. 

So if you message me or need any assistance, please be aware I will not be able to respond until then.

I’m very much looking forward to our little “time out of time” island vortex we’ll be in, as interruption-free space is sacred and valuable. It’s like a creative pause that births those breakthroughs. We don’t have to go off to an island to create that, as we can create down-time sacred space anywhere, IF we have the self-discipline to do so. Retreats like this however, make it essential, so we aren’t pushing it off.

I feel that many fear the true “down-time” as it can be scary to actually “be” with ourselves because then we have to face what we are able to see, hear, and feel for the first time. The craving for stimulation and always needing to connect is a way, I believe, to avoid self nurturing, not to mention accountability and responsibility.

Whatever the reasons, if you find yourself unable to just “be” and unplug, then perhaps making a commitment to yourself to do so this weekend would be a good start. Find some time to do nothing and relax into yourself.

The more you give yourself permission to do this, the more you’ll realize how much your body and soul have been craving it, and it will become a natural necessity for well being in your life.

I wish everyone peace of heart, lots of love, and creative flow. 


Dates to Remember:

July’s Special good through end of the month

August 24th’s Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy Workshop - Registrations close August 20th

September 4th – 7th Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat in British Columbia - Registrations close August 31st





Alchemy of Infinite Love Mandala – Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignThis newest sacred tattoo design was a process of creating a personal Mandala that would act as a portal opening to the energy and things my client shared that were important to him and that he wanted captured in the essence of the design. It was an immediate intuitive feeling that this was to come forth as a Mandala, as that felt most aligned with the nature of the energy and my client. It’s always fun when something hits me right away and I can’t see anything else but that vision.

The Mandala came through in the abstract immediately, and then it was simply a process of allowing it to merge and weave together into the perfect reflection. I ask for the guidance and trusted the process and it just immediately came in seamless steps.

This sacred design is the essence of the Heart Chakra, with the Heart Chakra Sanskrit at center and its twelve-petaled lotus all around. I actually didn’t set out to create the twelve petals, but as synchronicity works, while I wove the design from the inside out, it just ended up that way – meant to be.

I wanted it to have a balanced feel of masculine and feminine, for wholeness and the feeling of energy moving in and out, alive and pulsating. It also has the feel of the sun illuminating and emanating, as the source of illumination from within you. The circular center doubles as the full moon as well.

There are also pairs of six-petaled lotuses and designs within the larger design/lotus. Six holds the energy of the universally sacred hexagon, but six also represents truth, perfect union, lovers, harmony, balance, equality, integration…all things my client was drawn to.

He also had a resonance with the heart and infinity symbols, so I worked them in, but in a less obvious, more subtle yet potent way that really enhanced the energy of the piece.

If you look at center you’ll see six abstract hearts creating inner petals. They have spiral designs to them, which is also a potent symbol of the cycles of life and eternity. Then if you look at where the tips of those hearts end, you’ll see how I worked a mirror image of the hearts and have them criss-crossing where they join, just like the infinity symbol for continuous flow between them. These are heart infinity symbols and are also like hour glasses as well, which hold the sands of time and represent cycles, nature, balance, life/death, temporal/temporary, inevitability…

Then I created an organic quality to the Mandala by adding in the suggestive hints of two Phoenix to have their energy present with the overall essence. You can see their feathered heads at top left and bottom right and hints of their wings at right and left of the lotus…almost like flames as well.

Phoenix symbolism represents power, strength, renewal, life, time, magic, purity, clarity, rebirth, longevity, creativity, protection, transformation.

In Chinese wisdom the Phoenix is usually seen in pairs – a male and a female. These represent Yin and Yang, balance, duality, polarity, as well as divine immortal partnership. So not only does this convey the marriage and integration of the individual’s male and female parts into wholeness, but is a good symbol for creating that divine partnership with another.

Birds always represent a sense of freedom and a free spirit as well.

The piece conveys boundless and abundant love, death and rebirth, what’s within emanating out, awakening, freedom, and harmonious union.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, which I am moving through as quickly as I can.  I can only provide a guesstimate on timing. You can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

You can also order your personal copy here: Signed and Inscribed Copy of Spiritual Skin 

Nirvana Quartz – Perfect Imperfection Mirroring Your Own Inner Radiance

nirvana quartz3

Nirvana Quartz is a very high-vibrational, ancient Quartz crystal that I’ve shared about a bit before, but since a new pair had recently come into my life, I felt guided to share some more again.

Nirvana Quartz belongs to a specific group of Quartz crystals that lay under the glacial ice and are known also as Growth Interference Quartz because they don’t grow in a normal way. I’ll share more on that in a bit. But they also are known as Himalayan Ice Quartz (because they come from the Himalayas and resemble pieces of ice), Ice Quartz, and Lemurian Scalar Quartz.

nirvana quartz

Male Nirvana Quartz flat, textured side

They are ancient crystals, more newly discovered (in 2006) in the Himalayan high altitudes of 18,000+ feet in India, where glaciers are receding due to global warming. Where the melting is occurring, these sleeping crystals are being exposed and awakening from their slumber to assist us with our readiness for furthering illumination, spiritual awakening, and connection to our destiny.

Because they support these, they are known as crystals of enlightenment, as their mission is to attune us to the not yet formed potential of what we can be – who we really are.

They also help you to achieve a profound sense of inner peace, stillness, and silence – hence are wonderful if you are too heady and your mental chatter runs a muck.

The reason they are called Growth Interference Quartz is because of their irregular growth pattern that shares its growth with another crystal that dissolves completely before the next phase of its growth. They are considered possibly the most radical looking of the Growth Interference Quartz, with extreme textured etching  that creates strange forms of rugged and jagged shapes. These unique shapes are due to the growth of calcite, fluorite, anhydrite, and other minerals that grow within and during their formation, then eventually disappear.

They are rough, wand-shaped crystals with very deep recesses and strange contours. Some of the Nirvana Quartz do also have sections that are smooth and with natural facets, including some clear windows to support greater clarity along your journey. Again, they are very unique, with hexagonal structure, and have no normal Quartz structure, which makes no two alike.

nirvana quartz2

Female Nirvana Quartz

These Nirvana Quartz are either clear white or pink, but a few may have tinges of purple or green in them. Each color is very powerful, but using them together will more fully reveal their power to you. Working with both the white and pink variety is highly recommended and beneficially balancing. The white crystals are connected to the masculine energy and to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, while the pink crystals are connected to the feminine energy and the Heart Chakra and Thymus, encouraging deeper and higher heart-based experiences.

So together, this connection creates a bridge between the Heart and Higher Chakras that provides benefit both physically and spiritually.

You should use your intuition in how to use them and where to place them. You can place them in any of the upper or lower Chakras to support healing in these areas, as they work powerfully to bring/bridge together the energies of each, to move energy through the body, and unify the Chakras. People find them to help release limitations, embrace self acceptance, and see their life path more clearly.

It’s not recommended to wear one however, as they are very ungrounding. You can become blissfully disoriented and not be aware of the fact you are no longer fully present on the Earth plane. It’s recommended to work with a grounding crystal or stone after working with one of the Nirvana Quartz because of this.

They are easily felt in both the higher Chakras and lower Chakras, if you choose to use them there, as they will provide a heart-loving energy and strong bond to go deeper where is needed.

Nirvana Quartz are wonderful for meditation and their revealing themselves at this time is supportive for the next phase of our highest destiny in terms of evolutionary transformation, as they attune us to what is possible from the process of transmutation occurring.

They have the ability to be conduits of inner illumination to help facilitate the incarnation of enlightenment, as beings of light, and are a bridge between past and future, bringing us into the heart of now.

nirvana quartz4

Female Nirvana Quartz flat, smooth side

They also help us to overcome patterns of judging a book by its cover, so that we can recognize the true beauty that is inherent in everything. Just like the Nirvana Quartz evolve as Growth Interference beings, so too do we. And the many scars, twists and tribulations of experience along the journey are simply a part of the wholeness and true beauty that we are, regardless of the incomplete outward appearance of things. We gain much strength, wisdom, and perseverance, as we overcome challenges. And what we’ve judged to have stopped or hindered our growth, may actually reveal itself as a gift of temperance to our spirit.

In working with Nirvana Quartz you realize that you are not a victim and find yourself able to move through traumas, blocks, and barriers with greater understanding. You begin to see the limitless possibilities and how you can engage your imagination and intuition more, as well as achieve greater or even complete inner silence.

They help you to open your senses more to find where areas of shift and release would benefit you, which are currently restricting and constricting your body and experiences. It is a protective Quartz that will support you into deeper relationship with your spiritual destiny, helping to reveal things that keep you from it.

Nirvana Quartz carries the wisdom of the Ancient Ones that move in and out of physical form, which reflects to us the ability we have to easily shift our experiences quickly with conscious shifts made in word, feeling, and action. They also teach us self guidance through this process, with patience and precision.

They have an inner light that reflects on their surface and mirrors the importance of our own inner radiance.

nirvana quartz5

Male Nirvana Quartz

The two that came to me, came as a pair. They were actually the only ones of their Nirvana Quartz family where I picked them up, or rather, where they called to me. Although you can purchase them individually, based on what you resonate with and your personal needs are, they are recommended together, as shared before. This increases their already powerful energy, and brings the work they have to support you with, to more fullness.

I’ve only begun my journey with them, but as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for where I am at this time and the focused work of balance and integrating Divine Male and Female energy that I am intent on, so as not to leave parts of me behind. And that is exactly what they feel to represent, is that Divine Masculine and Feminine energy that creates Unity.

They have such an unusual feel to them, both texture-wise when you hold them, but also energetically. It’s very deep Earth and Other-World feeling. They like being with each other and I love that they both have one side that is flat, although the male’s flat side has texture and the female’s flat side is smooth, with the exception of Lemurian ridges, which also are present on the male, but texturized.

I also love how the male has one tiny area of pink in an inner recess and the female has a tiny area of lighter white, which connects them.

They are really lovely crystals and I did notice dream time with them under my pillow was definitely a deeper experience. I feel they assist with helping the physical to partner with the ethereal.

Another gift of Mother Earth and beyond to be grateful for.

July’s Inspired Special Reminder – Good Through July 31st

gifts of lifeWe’re half through July already, which provides still half a month of supportive savings, if this calls to you. Each month I always provide an inspired special to help others.

And July’s special that people have been experiencing benefit from, includes a 15 minute laser-focused, distant Reiki & Crystal Healing Session to help unblock, bring to the surface, and help you to get in touch with the core (perhaps hidden) challenges that may be running the show.

These will help to support a return to balance, but are intended to help reveal, get you to feel, and release, providing you the opportunity to make changes with greater awareness.

Then it is up to you to partner in this process and implement the change.

You can purchase one of these for the special July pricing of just $44. 

Two for $77 (savings of $11) 

Or a package of Three for $111 (savings of $21) 

If you have any questions please message me at

You can purchase these now to lock in the price and use them later (as long as they are used within 2014), or they can be scheduled in succession as a series to really help blast through things. There is no limit on how many can be purchased, as it depends on your personal needs, just as long as they are purchased by July 31st.

Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat in Ladner, BC

Epona horseI’m very excited to announce September’s magickal retreat offering that partners my beautiful friend, Hillary Schneider, myself, and Hillary’s amazing horses, along with any of you dear souls that feel a heart calling to join.

We can’t wait to share this special and opening experience with you in the south of picturesque Ladner, British Columbia at Hillary’s stunning Epona Rise Retreat Centre – just 20 minutes from Vancouver International Airport.

We and the horses look forward to lovingly supporting you and welcome the opportunity to partner in this guided experience of opening more into who you are.



Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity

~ A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat ~


Epona horsesHorses are bridge workers who support deeper connection to yourself and provide a way to walk through new doorways of experience with greater sense of what is within you. They so beautifully and transparently reflect your “real” vibrational frequency that is operating, which reveals the emotions and patterns you have pushed down and hidden away. Reiki also helps to draw your natural essence out, so that you can integrate and become more energetically flowing, without holding on to things and storing them away anymore. Working with both the horses and Reiki combined, is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.


Hillary horse healingWhat you will experience during this retreat:

* Intimate exchanges with the horses

* Customized Reiki training to the nature of our weekend’s focuses, initiation attunements, and certification in Level 1 and 2

* Personal attention and loving support by both Hillary and Tania

* Experience energy and learn self treatments, along with practicing with each other and the horses

* Become more self-aware, in touch with your intuition, and feel a greater sense of balance, personal truth, vulnerability, compassion, responsibility, freedom, and trust

* Individual energy healing and integrative sessions

* Retreat time in natureTania and wild mustangs


When: Thursday, September 4th – Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Price for the extended weekend: $1100 + 5% GST

* If you live in the U.S. please direct your registration requests to  or call 775-343-9244 and for those of you in Canada, please direct your registration requests to or call 778-874-4177

Due to the nature of this work, spaces are limited

For U.S. residents ready to register, you can book your retreat here:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Hillary and the horses

Day schedules: 9:30 am – 5pm this will include a blend of 1/2 day workshops and 1/2 day experiential horse connecting, along with group bonding during the weekend to support your journey

What’s included: All training with both Hillary and Tania, guided work with the horses, manuals and certification in Reiki Levels 1 and 2, individual energy healing and integrative sessions, vegan snacks and lunches

What’s not included: Your overnight accommodations and flights (if needed), breakfasts and dinners


Epona Rise

Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Accommodations Available:

Room at Epona Rise: Hillary has just 1 available room on the property. It is $99 per night.

Tenting: If you’d like to enjoy the outdoors on her beautiful land, tenting is $11 a night on the property and provides you access to the bathrooms and kitchen.

B & B’s: There are a few B & B’s in town – all within 5-7 minutes drive of Epona Rise. These links will help with finding one that meets your needs: and

* Anyone staying on the property is welcome to use the kitchen to store and make food during your stay. 

Epona Rise Retreat

Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Epona Rise grounds

Epona Rise grounds

For more information about Epona Rise and working with Hillary and the horses please visit: Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Hillary SchneiderHillary Schneider is the Founder and Creative Director of Epona Rise Retreat Centre, a manifestation of a lifelong dream of having a space that focused on the incredible experiences that can happen in partnership with the horses. A visionary and fierce advocate for the realization of dreams, Hillary is passionate in her facilitation of guiding others to step into who they were meant to be. Along with her many years and extensive background in working with horses, Hillary has also received intense and in-depth training in both the Co-active coaching and leadership model through the Coach Training Institute, and the equine experiential learning field through Horse Spirit Connections in the art of  FEEL.

Tania MarieTania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, experiential facilitator of workshops and retreats, author, visionary artist, and sacred tattoo designer. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania supports people globally to find inspiration and empowerment, and to live with more joy, love, and conscious awareness. Tania’s passionate devotion is to empower others into recognition of their wholeness, provide inspiration, nurture creative energy, support a return to natural harmony from the inside out, and cultivate courageous self-love to walk in the personal frequency that is unique to each individual.

Swimming With Purpose

koi pond

Photo by Tania Marie


We may all be swimming in different life path directions, but we are still swimming in the same shared collective waters of experience.

Your unique journey is integral to the whole.

Keep the truth of you alive, as what you have to share keeps the vortex of experience thriving.


Healing Dreams – My Lioness Friend

lionessWow! So last night I had a very mirroring dream to the one I had with a dolphin, which I shared about in my July 1st post: Dolphin Dreams. Only this time, the animal spirit guide and companion was a lion. Well, a lioness to be exact, and she was a young one at that. She wasn’t a cub, but she was about my size in length – 5’5″ – perhaps slightly bigger, and had a child-like essence, although wise.

I can’t remember all that was surrounding the front and back end of this dream, but a lot was. However, I do very much remember the part where she and I were connecting. And it was so much like the dolphin and I. So much so, I would have to say that the two souls are one in the same, but coming through in different animal bodies. This of course would mean that she was my beloved Nestor in disguise, once again. :)

I was walking through some open area when she (the lioness) approached out of no where. There did seem to be others around, but at a distance. She came out of the darkness toward me and I wasn’t sure at first what to make of this lioness coming to me, but I was calm and not afraid. She was then right upon me and literally then on top of me. She had gentle/lovingly knocked me down, like a large dog may do when he/she is excited to see you and runs at you to greet you. And then, just like in my dolphin dream, she and I laid there together for a long while.

She was mostly on top of me, with her back into my right side, my arms around her, and our heads nestled touching each other, while her left front leg wrapped around my head and her large paw held my face. We hardly moved from this position. We just laid still and her big, plush paw stayed on my face the entire time. I realized she was giving me healing energy from that enormous paw of hers and I remember how amazing to have this powerful creature that could easily take me out with one swipe or bite, but here she was like a kitten, with claws retracted and only a soft pillow for my face to be cradled in by her touch. We communicated telepathically and energetically.

I just remember a beautiful communing between us and like we were one, as we laid there in this position. And some people were calling out that I should get away because a lion is dangerous. And I told them to please stop worrying about me and to stop yelling out, as I wasn’t going to leave her and I was safe and happy.

Anyway, at some point our time was complete and her work was done. She got up and slowly walked off back into the darkness from which she came.

The energy of the connection was the same. Very sweet, tender, loving, and like a best friend. But we were not as sad, nor tearful this time upon parting, but simply embraced the time we had and fully enjoyed it. I did sense this little cub inside of this large animal, but it was more like a human in animal clothing. And likely because of our last connection time, we did not have to be so sad, as there seems to be a window of opportunity for us to have more connections right now in this way. And because of the understanding we both have in where we’re needed right now, there was no need for the sadness.

But of course I immediately was interested to look at lion/lioness symbolism to see what she was bringing to me in added message this time, alongside the beautiful healing and connection.

As with all symbols, the meaning is relative to you and should be personal and individual. There are general collective meanings that things can symbolize, or have come to symbolize, but how something translates for you, is your experience alone.

We all have different ways of interpreting things and the more we practice looking deeper and understanding ourselves, the more we are able to interpret more clearly what the meaning is for us.

You determine your own relationship to symbols.

That said, I found some information I’ll share, in case the lion is a power animal for you or is showing up. The interesting thing was that all the dream symbolism and much of even the symbolism in general that I found, all talked about the lion coming in a threatening way, being fearful of it, it biting you, and so on, and what that symbolism meant. But I couldn’t find anything really talking about a gentle and loving encounter. I found that interesting and wondered about what that means in terms of the collective accepting certain group symbolism and ideas about things.

Anyway, I read that the lion has often been a symbol of the Sun, which I knew, but being primarily a nocturnal animal, also symbolizes the Moon and being an authority over subconscious thought. Hunting is mostly done by the lioness at night and therefore she is a Lunar animal. The lion would be more the Sun symbolism, but this all speaks to the lion being a symbol of balance.

In my dream, it was a lioness and she came from the darkness. So I feel her Lunar quality, which is also Nestor’s and my own connection.

But the lioness can also represent Solar Feminine Power and the power of Diana the Huntress. Lions live in prides, so they can symbolize the group or community and working in cooperation and respect with each other. The lioness is also the best hunter that does most of the work, and so this is an assertion of the Feminine and the rising of Feminine energies.

Since the Sun (the bringer of the dawn and a new day, and of life, and nurturing of life) has not always been associated with Male energy, this lends to the Feminine energies bringing in this new birthing of power in the world when it is integrated into our lives more. A time of new awakening that honors the Divine Feminine and her imaginative creativity and intuition.

Some of Lion’s wisdom includes strength in overcoming difficulties, letting go of stress, strong family and community bonds, personal power, assertiveness, self confidence, ability to lead, courage, energy, wisdom, self fulfillment, authority, justice, dignity, and royalty.

When a lion shows up it may be supporting you to have more courage and faith, to come more fully into your sovereign power, to remember your birthright and live from the integrity and dignity of who you are, to support yourself and what you need with all of your heart, to lead with your heart, and to be your own authority.

As mentioned, most of the information I found talked about being frightened by the lion that shows up in your dreams, in which case it may be telling you that you need to look at your shadow self and bring the truth of that to the surface to integrate, not reject or stuff for any reason. Since my lioness friend came from the dark, literally representing this shadow aspect, and my not fearing her, I feel it is a representation of my integrating my shadow self in a deeper way and this is very healing for me, as represented by the healing energy she provided out of that “embrace” we shared in unity together.

Always, these animal spirit guides bring forth aspects of ourselves to integrate and bring to resolution, so that we may understand ourselves more and live with more empowerment.

I feel that there was twofold meaning in this dream, including connection with my beloved and her healing gift she came once again to give to me, as well as bringing to light aspects to continue to cultivate within myself, as these things are actually things I’ve been working on, and this will continue to provide me the balance I seek.

Again, words can’t express my gratitude for these kinds of experiences, but my heart-full thanks goes out nonetheless to this beautiful soul that merges with me in the twilight hours.

Capricorn “Rising” – A Sacred Tattoo Design for Self Reinvention

Sacred Tattoo Design

As mentioned in my post on the upcoming Capricorn Super Full Moon this Saturday the 12th and Saturn’s going direct on the 20th, I’ve been immersed in a theme of Capricorn energy both personally and collectively.

My most recent tattoo design client, whose designs you see pictured here, also happens to be a Capricorn. And, it wasn’t until I was near completion of his design that I realized the synchronicity and potency of what had channeled through, given what I’d been focused on.

It’s so beautiful to see the collective shared thread and reiterates again just how powerful these sacred tattoo designs are in terms of not just personally activating things for the wearer, but also have collective symbolism and activate things for all who also experience the designs by viewing it.

I’ll go further to add that simply their “coming to life” as I design them, also acts as a portal opening for the collective pool to experience. This is true with anything that we create intentfully, just as crop circles shift frequencies on the Earth and for the Earth collective simply by their activation into being. So too does sacred art in all of its forms when it is purely brought to life.

Julian Sacred Tattoo Design (2)I find this an incredibly fun project that is worth sharing in its development. This design was an evolutionary journey of learning, revealing, and growth, simply in the process of its manifestation. My client and I went through stages and created two designs, as result of what was needed to be revealed and integrated.

The work was being done through the activation of the designs. Very cool stuff.

It was like a healing session through designs and once we were able to pinpoint the specifics and story, we were able to create another level of integrated expression that had been revealed and embraced.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but we had this beautiful transference of inner work take place through intentfully created energetic symbolism.

And we also achieved a beautiful opening to telepathic communication and an incredible synergy of meaning.

I will let you explore the designs to see what you receive from them – one of which became our tool for doing the deeper work. The other to take the work achieved and create a frequency for it as an energetic imprint, so to speak, at the level of integration that was achieved.

The design is a larger piece that will sit at the center, upper portion of the back at 13 inches long/tall and 8 and ¾ inches at the widest part.

I combined several elements of symbolism into the image you see first, above, that really spoke loudly to me in the process of tuning in and reflecting on all that my client shared that we would be working to bring forth and balance.

Here are the elements included: 

Capricorn represented in the male figure that is half goat and half fish  - My client is a Capricorn and when I felt into how to represent this powerful and transformative evolution he is moving through, I wanted something that represented him and this felt to be his Capricorn Sun, by birth. From the information he shared about his personality and how others relate to him and see him, this all really spoke to that empowered essence of who he is. So to convey this in a form that both had that integrity and dignity of his determined focus and compassionate self, while also conveying a sense of mystery and the creative freedom he is birthing from his inner flame, became the task. This Capricorn male is strong, mystical, a leader and visionary, confident, but caring – all of this captured in the way I drew him.

Vortex portal – this is depicted where his hands are. His arms rest on his knees/tail with effortlessness as he creates a new doorway of experience and a new journey/path (the spiral center) that is within his creative capacity to be in control of. He is the authority of himself and his life and the creator of his experiences.

Phoenix – the Phoenix is merged almost as one with the Capricorn figure. This signifies a rebirthing and reinvention of who he is that is taking place . The Phoenix shares his body, but also appears as if hovering in air, as it magically rises from the flames to be reborn. Its wings, which also symbolize new found freedom, are starting to unfurl into a more expansive version of himself – him in his wholeness and able to weave his highest potentials into his life. The wings also appear to be part of him, but of the Phoenix simultaneously.

Flames – I added a touch of tribal like flames, as my client really likes that style, from which the Phoenix/and the new version of self is rising and emerging from. They are also like the violet flame of the seventh ray – a tool for spiritual self transformation and transcendence. It is also the flame of transmutation, freedom, and forgiveness. The flames are also positioned at the top and above his Crown Chakra so it is symbolically representational of this.

Spiral Horns – I added the simple spiral horns supporting below to emphasize that Capricorn is Earthy and very grounded. Although he has the tail of a fish, this is mainly to represent that he has a very refined sense of empathy and is very sensitive in the way of being aware of all levels of communication, which makes him always aware of other’s feelings and makes him a good leader, able to help others to cooperate to achieve goals. So this shows the sensitive side of Capricorn in having some softer spiral shapes, but yet are strong horns because of his strength and confidence as a leader. Also I wanted to balance the more harder edged points of the flames and wings, to bring a sense of that balance that is needed and is within him. There is both a strong male aspect here, but tempered with being in touch with the Divine Feminine in some of the subtle curvatures integrated in the full design. He seems to be supported by these spiral horns that represent being at one with the journey, since his tail entwines with them. The spiral of course is a symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

Triangle/Pyramid/Diamond – the overall shape of the design is a combination of a pyramid or triangle, as well as infers a diamond shape. These have their own sacred geometry symbolism. The Triangle pointing upright is a visual symbol of ascension and brings the concept of duality to a third position of integration and harmony. The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, unity consciousness. In this way it helps you focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice. The diamond symbol or the triangle symbol expresses itself in terms of clarity, ascension and extraordinary wisdom. The diamond of course is two triangles inverted.

And then you have the second image, which integrates things further, and to another level.

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Nature Does a Body Good

nature sounds


And that’s JUST nature sounds…

Imagine if you actually spent time IN nature.

I love my nature time.

It’s a must in my life.



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