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Rick DiClemente on The Grand Cardinal Cross – An In-Depth Look from Astrologer & Author of “The Exquisite Zodiac”

rick diclemente - the exquisite zodiacThis is a really thorough and insightful article on the energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross by Rick DiClemente, author of “The Exquisite Zodiac“, which is available in both paperback and ebook (Kindle).

Rick informed me that the ebook is available for free Friday and Saturday. You can contact him for details and questions at Rick DiClemente.

Rick’s article on the Grand Cardinal Cross is really thoughtful and thoroughly in-depth. I especially appreciate his “balanced” focus, to include the silver-lining and what is available within the energy experienced that isn’t all doom and gloom.

Resistance to the energy is only going to make things more intense and fuel an inevitable “breaking point”, but if you bend and embrace then, as Rick shares:

“What will happen to those who go with the energy? A brand new life focusing on the real you. Liberation is the key. More elbow room, more attention, more appreciation, easier communication, more liberty and opportunity; a feeling of being alive and going with life’s flow. A great new energizing! Excitement is the main word that I hear from those who are flying downstream!”

You can read Rick’s full article here:

The Grand Cardinal Cross of April 23, 2014

Truly Free

animal-children-photography-elena-shumilova-21 (1)


Spiritual people can be some of the most violent people you will ever meet. Mostly, they are violent to themselves. They violently try to control their minds, their emotions, and their bodies. They become upset with themselves and beat themselves up for not rising up to the conditioned mind’s idea of what it believes enlightenment to be. No one ever became free through such violence. Why is it that so few people are truly free? Because they try to conform to ideas, concepts, and beliefs in their heads. They try to concentrate their way to heaven. But freedom is about the natural state, the spontaneous and un-self-conscious expression of beingness. If you want to find it, see that the very idea of “a someone who is in control” is a concept created by the mind. Take one step backward into the unknown.


Tania’s Offering of the Month – April Showers Bring May Flowers “Spring Into Creative Abundance”

Tania Marie's Blog:

Just a quick reminder that April’s special continues for just another week.

If one of the 2 remaining paintings call to you at the amazing 75% off pricing this month, or you’re interested in receiving $75 off of either a Reiki workshop or Sacred Tattoo Design commission, then you’ll want to let me know before May 1st rolls around.

All details can be found at the link and you can contact me at with questions.

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

Today marks a new month’s cycle, as we enter into April’s Spring energy. Last night we had an on pour of rain here, which was beautifully symbolic of those “April Showers” and this morning it inspired me to ponder the symbolism of that poetic rhyme “April showers bring May flowers.”

It feels to be a reminder that even the most “perceived” unpleasant of things can bring forth very enjoyable things – which in the case of the poem is an abundance of flowers in the following month. Many of the great things in life come to those who wait and who see the silver lining in all experiences – yes, even the emotional cleansing and physical purging. And when the natural process is embraced, you can find yourself receiving the new with greater appreciation, ease, and joy.

So, it is a lesson of patience, detachment from judgment, a shift in…

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Happy Earth Day

hands holding earthYou cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. ~Jane Goodall

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together … all things connect. ~Chief Seattle

Wisdom of Balance & Divine Grace – “Visions” of a Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignIt’s always a joy to work with unique individuals from across the globe, in helping to bring forth “visions of the soul” through sacred art. I’m so honored to be able to connect on this intimate level and I take it to heart how important the work is that is being shared and channeled between us and the Divine.

This sacred tattoo design, I just completed last week, was a fun morphing process that felt very tied into shifts and energies related to the Total Lunar Eclipse and approaching Cardinal Cross that translated personally for my client and of course, for my own ability to tune in, in relation to that.

The design is one created to sit on my client’s right shoulder blade, balancing a tattoo already worn on her left shoulder blade. I created an overall shape that would compliment and balance what is already there and that was more Divine Feminine in essence to also balance, but that would still have a very strong quality that would harmonize with some Divine Male aspects.

I see this design inked with a very “light” hand to achieve an ethereal, soft, and magickal quality, but then the lines of the more precision areas around the Triquetra and Lotus to be defined.

I combined some symmetry and precision with a mix of organic balance and flow that emanates out from a very clear, grounded, centered core, into creative power and unlimited possibilities. This also speaks to both having crystallized focus and intentions, but also remaining opening to how natural harmony leads one to walk in its rhythm and grace – being “perfect in your imperfection”, as I always like to say.

Some of the essence qualities captured are:

  • graceful use of focused direction
  • courage to embody and walk in the truth of one’s authenticity, but in line with the highest good
  • some Cosmic essence with the Eye Nebulae below (of Source/Universe/All That Is/God/Goddess) and small dots of stars gently dispersed throughout
  • centering and wholeness
  • the energy of the Trinity with the Triquetra (but also with the three eyes (owl’s and Nebulae) that balance and mirror the Triquetra) – also to help connect with the 3 minds and to support integration, balance, freedom
  • freedom, as comes through with the wings of the angel at center and the feathery wing quality spreading gracefully above and below, but in a stylized etheric and creatively passionate quality
  • guidance and strength, as comes through from the Archangels as well as comes through the Owl guide
  • Divine beauty and coming into one’s fullness from all the experiences/layers one is made of  (as depicted from the Lotus)
  • empowerment (which emanates from this piece that is like dimension upon dimension, layered one over the other, but so strongly centered in the heart and clarity of vision
  • vision from both the Owl eyes and the Eye Nebulae that bring an even wider expanse of vision connected to all that is – inner and outer vision
  • the creatively stylized and inspired Owl animal spirit guide (whom is connected to Athena – prevalent for my client) – owls bring the gifts of ancient wisdom, intuition, magic, reveals the hidden realm, keen awareness within silence, is a gatekeeper, and signifies an old soul and mastery
  • ascension energy in being a portal tool to continued expansion in all directions, depth of inner vision and knowledge, and continuous blossoming and protection along the journey
  • a small hint of Kabbalistic energy where the Lotus and Angel are at center with the placement of the top of the Tree of Life
  • bridging – there is a connection and integration embodied between Earth and Cosmos

It’s always wonderful to allow these sacred designs to speak to you, but there is definitely the quality of being aligned with Divine Will through personal and highest power in service to others from this centered place.

It feels to be a personal empowerment emblem or crest, so to speak, that is multi-dimensional and embodies both Earthly and otherworldly qualities.

My client is very connected to Moldavite and I was called to have my own Moldavite with me while creating and channeling the design, and on the day I was finalizing things and photographing it, an owl was hooting in the backyard, which I have never heard before here. This gave me chills, as if a resounding presence of support and celebration was all around in this creation.

It’s always an amazing journey to create these designs, as I just never know what may come through and yet that is the beauty and magick of it all….and of life.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list. You can easily make your deposit at the link provided to embark on this journey in partnership with me.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

To enjoy a visual journey of some of the sacred tattoo designs I’ve had the honor and privilege of co-creating, please visit: Spiritual Skin for my YouTube video.

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

You can also order your personal copy here: Signed and Inscribed Copy of Spiritual Skin 

Reverence for Rabbits & All Living Creatures – The Greatest Gift at Easter is Sharing the Heart of Compassion

Let us remember that animals are not mere resources for human consumption. They are splendid beings in their own right, who have evolved alongside us as co-inheritors of all the beauty and abundance of life on this planet. ~Marc Bekoff


Photo by Elena Shumilova

Most people know that I am a huge animal lover and that my life is driven by living in reverence to all of life and in loving compassion to all creatures, great and small. You may also know that I have a special place in my heart for rabbits.

A few nights ago I was sharing about my connection with rabbits, as I was reflecting on Easter time and how rabbits are such a huge symbol of this day and Spring, but also experience the sad results of it.

Easter RabbitI find it quite profound that rabbits are the brunt end of so much violence and sadness, as they are killed for their fur, for their meat as food, are one of the animals hugely experimented on and tortured for “science” and for things such as cosmetics, are the third most euthanized animals after dogs and cats, end up abandoned, in shelters, or let loose in the wild unable to fend for themselves after their “cuteness” wears off (Easter time especially), or die short lives because of people not being educated on proper rabbit care and their delicate physiology. The majority of veterinarians are not even educated to treat them properly (a fact, as well as something I experienced with my rabbits). Rabbits are simply widely misunderstood because they take intuitive care and attention since they haven’t a voice like other animals that can meow or bark, are generally more docile and easily over-powered, and will simply retreat when something is wrong.

I cherish all animals and communicate with them daily, but for whatever reason since I was young, rabbits have been one of the amazing beings on this Earth that I have a special bond with and that I feel to be a voice for.

Tej3Every Easter, I sponsor a rabbit, or two, from the shelter where my bunny love, Joy Julianna, and I connected. This year I was instantly drawn to one bunny that stole my heart and I’ve been thinking of her ever since laying my eyes upon her photos.

Her name is Tej and she is a special needs bunny. I do not know her story, of how she came to be as you see her, but I have put in an inquiry to the shelter to find out more about her and her condition. I cried the instant I saw her, and felt such a bond with her. If Tejshe can’t be with me physically, I’ll be supporting her as I can energetically and in sponsorship.

If these dear ones call to your heart, perhaps you might help with a small donation, fostering, home, volunteering, or at least help to educate others that rabbits are not objects of amusement, but tender and intelligent beings that deserve our love.

Tej2You can give here and even choose a rabbit you’d like to sponsor at this nationally recognized rabbit rescue and non-profit organization: 

Donate to the Rabbits at SaveABunny

Or, at the least, when thinking about Easter today and what to share with your children, share the heart of compassion and reverence for all living beings and for the beauty of living in harmony with Nature. This will have great impact for all beings that walk this Earth with us.

Here’s a good article on reasons NOT to give a rabbit as an Easter gift:

Reasons Not To Give A Bunny As An Easter Gift

Let us deepen the reach of our hearts to extend to all beings gifting our lives with their precious souls.

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Square Pluto Part Five: A Grand Cross to Bear

Tania Marie's Blog:

A fun, light-hearted, and insightful post (thanks Timothy and Laura for sharing). Things have been so intense for everyone that a little humor will go a long way.

Timothy shares the perspective of choice, which is how I see experiences stemming on, as to how you’d like to see and approach the energetic playing field abound.

One thing’s for certain, and it’s been said now for a while, action is in order and getting your soul mission to the forefront. When you do so, you’ll be supported and find these astrological influences to be gifts, rather than struggling through them.

Enjoy some giggles as Timothy shares his perspective of the cosmic unfoldings.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

My friend, astrologer Timothy Glenn, returns with a spirited update on the next Uranus Square Pluto — the fifth in a series of seven. Reading this article reminded me of his Heliocentric Square piece about the significance of November 23, 2013. Light bulb! I have been saying for months that I was never so glad to finish a month as I was to get through November 2013. I had completely forgotten about that as an astrological hinge point. No wonder I’ve felt like coasting downhill since that month ended.

Anyway, back to April 2014, which most Earth-centric astrologers have pegged as hugely significant. Indeed, we have loads of energies influencing us right now! I always enjoy how Tim describes planetary actions like a great big, crazy family and friends reunion. What will Uncle Jupiter do next?! Will Uranus and Jupiter gang up on Mars? Tim’s wonderful humor and wisdom put…

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Regrowing Vegetables With a Little Magic & Patience

re-growing lettuceUpcycling vegetable stems and growing veggies from your kitchen leftovers never was so much fun…that is, if you have a little patience and want to access your inner “green thumb” magician. Here is a great post on how you can use your veggie scraps to feasibly grow your own veggies. Some more easily than others. I’d love to try some of these, being that I haven’t time for much gardening, but sure do have patience. ;)

13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves

And here’s one just focused on lettuce, which seems to be one of the easiest to do so with:

Re-growing Lettuce

Keeping Your Balance

balanceI was at Crystal Cove yesterday taking my beach walk after a full week, and came across two mystical cairns. This one drew my attention and inspired this post.

Keeping balanced and centered in your own personal frequency will help you to navigate through any outside influences that temporarily throw you off. It will provide you a strong foundation to help return to your natural state of being, as well as be an empowered mirror for others to be able to choose the same. It’s ok to move in and out of energy expressions, as they are simply experiences no better or worse – different dances if you may. You might shift the beat and rhythm of your dance, but the harmony will always be present when you are in tune with you.

Precious Moments

Life moves fast and we often overlook and miss the precious moments because we are racing by them, worrying so much of the time, complaining about them, and looking for the next best thing – never satisfied with what is before us.


Photo by Elena Shumilova

The way to recognize the precious moments, is to become so still, as to feel the pure life energy move through you, be present, have an open heart of loving gratitude, and breathe into each moment with awareness and curiosity.

You will come to know what it is like to touch that preciousness inside and you’ll begin to realize that EVERY moment is a thread in the fabric of that preciousness, and is valuable beyond measure – not just the ones you deem worthy.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~Oscar Wilde


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