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Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic Elements in Human Consciousness

Tania Marie's Blog:

If you believe that, as Laura phrased it through our comments back and forth on her post of this, “knowledge is power,” and would like to really empower yourself into a more conscious place of awareness and knowing so that you can make your own choices with the sovereign free will you innately have, but may not fully be utilizing, then you’ll find this interview to be quite eye-opening.

This is a very thorough and in both Laura’s and my opinion, truth-piercing, spot-on share from Mark Passio on a fuller picture, rather than just the shiny one that you may have been taught only to recognize.

Remember that simply because you acknowledge something, does not mean you are giving it power, are bad, or need to fear it. It simply means you are versing yourself in the true alchemy of transmutation, which is only done by knowing all of the parts that create the whole. And this will help lead you to the enlightenment and empowerment you seek.

I indicated to Laura that I immediately noted Mark’s right shoulder twitch that started as he began speaking, and continues throughout, and how that indicated to me this was important information being imparted and integrated, as he spoke. I also mentioned in my comments to her on her post that it reminded me of when I get into a very zoned out channeling mode where information comes through me in this stream of clarity from beyond myself and I start to shake at times, indicating always that I’ve stepped out of identification, and into a Source stream of consciousness.

The information may be challenging to swallow, but also liberating if you are open to exploring it. It’s definitely something you may want to listen to a few times, if you feel it resonates. The part on morality and freedom I also, like Laura, feel is very key in understanding the Universal Laws, and then putting them back into the forefront of experience.

Thank you Laura for sharing this!

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Thanks to Jean Haines for posting this video, which is one of the most grounded and, imho,  right on the money talks I’ve ever heard regarding light and dark occultists, the founding of America, burial mounds, giants, and the need to continue to go (way) beyond the supposed “awakening” happening right now. I especially appreciate Mark’s assessment of the wide variety of possibilities of the collective reality timeline(s) on this planet. NOTE: he is, like me, extremely skeptical of and unimpressed by New Age cotton candy fluffery, and he expresses just how far the masses (and even people who consider themselves spiritual leaders) still need to go if we want any hope at all of a mass awakening as the way out of this mess.

Like me, he also recognizes the Sun as the big wild card that could change the world as we know it — and not necessarily…

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My Little Angel

JoyI couldn’t resist….the precious view directly to my left right now.

My daily companion in life and beyond taking a much deserved rest, as she lays with her beloved, giant Agate turtle between my desk and drawing table.

I’m never alone, as she is always by my side. ;)

joy dreamingIn the first image she is starting to fall asleep. In the second, she is dreaming away very deeply, as she twitches and grinds her teeth.

Oh, how much I LOVE her and am grateful for all the support and love she gives to me!

Animals are souls, just like you and I, and at times have been you and I. They simply have chosen a different form to walk this Earth experience in.

Cherish the animal companions in your life and all others that grace Earth with their presence.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France

Dana Mrkich ~ Sun Flares

Tania Marie's Blog:

I think it’s important to be aware of what’s going on energetically, to make sense of why you may be feeling the intensities that you are, and the sudden challenges, restlessness, and confusion you may be experiencing. TONS of shifts and transitions are happening, Sun flares, Mercury Retrograde, intense New Moon Solar Eclipse, you name it….Do your best to nurture yourself in all the ways you need right now and to be conscious of others and what they might be going through, even if you aren’t.

Thanks Dana and Laura for the share.


Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Dana Mrkich ~ Sun Flares

danaMrkichThe sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!” 

We’ve had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can’t sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We’ve had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We’ve had spiritual and mental…

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Graphic Designer Creates a Different TYPE of Art

Tania Marie's Blog:

This is very cool and worth a reblog! As an artist I really appreciate and value creativity and other artists’ creative expressions. I love when someone pushes the creative envelope and creates something unique. And that’s exactly what 22-year-old, Alvaro Franca and Keira Rathbone have done with a vintage typewriter. Rathbone creates purely from her imagination and Franca uses the aid of his computer first to map out the precision of his characters. Check out the cool videos on how they each create their art.

Originally posted on Outside The Lines:

What do you call a graphic artist who does not need a computer?

A typewriter artist.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Álvaro Franca is often called a graphic designer but may be better known as a typographer or type designer. He creates fonts.

What is your favorite font? You might use Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Franca develops fonts that are seen online and in print. He has developed fonts for reading purposes and as parts of advertisements. He even designed labels for beer bottles.

Franca uses a computer to craft font types, but it is what he creates with a vintage typewriter that makes the 22-year-old artist most impressive.

In a collection of work titled, Typewritten Portraits, Franca creates portraits by using a vintage typewriter to strategically placing single characters on a blank sheet of paper. To deepen the complexity of his work…

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Triple Dark Chocolate New Moon Solar Eclipse, October 23rd, 2014 ~ Kelley Hunter


Image: Kali by Hrana Junto on banner, photo by author taken at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ( Hrana Junto illustrated The Goddess Oracle cards & book by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, one of her two favorite goddess decks.


Synchronously and quite humorously, I sat down to read this article after literally just unwrapping a raw vegan coconut, cacao macaroon truffle to enjoy during the exploration. I nearly choked on laughter when I got to the part where Kelley said, “This is a mouth-watering, triple dark chocolate truffle to some, or bitter dose of emotional medicine to others.” I guess we know where I stand. ;)

She continued later with, “Take all this into account as you pop a truffle in your mouth, enjoy deep delights in the dark of the eclipse, or otherwise enjoy the emotional intensity of this life-altering New Moon joined with Venus in the heart of the Sun.”

Read on for more of Kelley’s insights on the current “dark”, but rich truth-fusion of energy we’re in. Thanks SBG for sharing this article with me.



October 23, 5:56pm EDT, 2:56pm PDT, 10:56pm GMT

~ By Kelley Hunter, Astrologer – Oct. 2014


The energy changes dramatically today, as the Sun AND the Moon AND Venus ALL enter Scorpio to join at the very front edge of the sign in the dark of the New Moon. AND, by the way, it’s a SOLAR ECLIPSE! Most of North America, and Mexico, will be able to see this partial eclipse. We might just as well celebrate Halloween on this witchy and alchemical day, one that veritably drips with esoteric arts and mystical symbols. This is a mouth-watering, triple dark chocolate truffle to some, or bitter dose of emotional medicine to others. Examine the depths of your heart to tap into your truest desire and draw it to you over the next two weeks. Be careful what you wish for. Several multiple astrological genius aspects are activated. Magic is clearly afoot.

This New Moon just over the Libra line into Scorpio fuses the energy of both signs. On conscious and unconscious levels, there are decisions that we have been weighing and considering, during the span from the last Full Moon’s Eclipse to this one, stirred by Mercury’s retrograde cycle punctuating the two eclipses that may evoke a strong undercurrent of moodiness and some dissatisfaction. As we resolve this, in the Heart’s favor, this eclipse tips the Scales of Libra in the direction of our deep desires. Neptune’s benevolent influence invites us to feel our way into the unified field, a dark center rather like an eclipse, a resonant pool of all possibility. Dream your dearest dream, pray, meditate and surround yourself with loveliness.

Remember what I wrote last time about Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of wisdom and divine order. She holds the old-fashioned Scales with the two pans. From her headdress, she draws out the Feather of Truth and places it on one side of the Scales, on the other, your heart or soul. Is your heart as light and true as the Feather?

And the other image worth repeating at this Scorpio end of October— that the two stars that once marked the claws of the Scorpion were redrawn into the Scales of Libra during the recalibration of the calendar by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The Scorpion’s claws were once pictured holding an Aladdin’s oil lamp or an incense burner that purified planets, Sun and Moon as they passed between the claws. This is an intriguing way to imagine Scorpio’s regenerative capacity. Those stars still carry the Arabic names that refer to their origin as the southern and northern claws. Here’s introducing my favorite star names: Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali! In another culture, those two claw stars were seen as a measuring rod, an essential tool for designing sacred space.

Take all this into account as you pop a truffle in your mouth, enjoy deep delights in the dark of the eclipse, or otherwise enjoy the emotional intensity of this life-altering New Moon joined with Venus in the heart of the Sun. Make it sweet to your taste, with satiny, sensual, erotic undertones. Eros was the powerful god of creative desire who came forth from Chaos with Gaia, the Earth. This power of desire give birth to new worlds. Erotic is not just about sex. More essentially refers to the chemistry and charge that compel fusion, invite union.

Stephanie Austin gives a great take on this New Moon Eclipse in the current October-November issue of THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER (page 97):

“Light encodes information. Every second, our Earth receives three billion megawatts of electromagnetic energy from the Sun. During an eclipse, these photon currents are disrupted, and gravitational pulls are increased; old matrices dissolve and new pathways open. Even a partial eclipse of the Sun, such as this one, alters and reboots our consciousness. Solar eclipses are thus extra-powerful New Moons, which signal a major ending and beginning in at least one area of our life.”

She reminds us that eclipses repeat every 19 years, so look back to the Total Solar Eclipse of October 23, 1995 and see if you can remember what was going on for you, and what changed after that. It could be quite revealing.

It’s almost as if we hold our breath at a still point during the eclipse. Maybe it’s an awe-filled-in-breath, from a perception of sheer beauty, with VENUS is in its heart. Isn’t that what we want? Clearly we are asked to tune our emotional energy to resonate with our own hearts, seat of our life force.

The genius aspects of this New Moon reverberate with potentially extraordinary results as time unfolds. This New Moon eclipse, though not total, was such an unusual phenomenon, that we will feel its life-altering ripple effects for a while. Tidal waves of its energy will remain very strong as Mercury turns direct on the 25th and returns to its original retrograde station point at 2 SCORPIO—SO close to the solar eclipse degree—on November 11—that’s 11-11. I still see those “magic” numbers on my clock quite often, pointing to something mysterious and meaningful.

Clearly the tone is shifting, along with the general mood, intensifying beyond the recent peace-loving balance of Libra. Let’s find that first, then the Scales can tip in the right direction. Remember that not making a choice is actually another way of making one.

Transformational situations alter the landscape of life, demanding a response we may not, at first, be ready to make on a practical level. First, we need to take a deep plunge into our psychological reserves and reset our emotional response, supported by our spirituality. We are experiencing death and renewal on some level in this emerging Moon cycle. Venus remains in the heart of the Sun. We usually think of Venus as the goddess of love, but this is a Scorpionic Venus directing this show, like Hindu Kali who wields her sharp sword to cut away all that is no longer life giving and vital. Awesome or gruesome as she may appear, Kali is one of the most beloved of Hindu goddesses.

Let’s remember that the SCORPION has the largest heart, even larger than the heart of the Lion. Surprised? Oh yes! The red supergiant star, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, is one of the largest stars we see (look up Before too long, Antares will burst into a supernova and seed new worlds with star dust. We may get an inkling, a small personal example of this kind of power from this SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE.

East Meets West at Hsi Lai Temple ~ Humanistic Buddhism

buddhist temple15Changing things up a bit, Sunday felt to be a day for a different kind of inner connecting and so I found myself at the Hsi Lai Temple about 40 minutes from where I live. This is a beautiful Buddhist Temple sitting atop the hills of Hacienda Heights on 15 acres overlooking the San Gabriel Valley, tucked back from the rest of the world – both in, but not of the world in a way. It is founded by the Venerable Master Hsing Yun who established it on the foundations of Humanistic Buddhism.buddhist temple9

“Humanistic Buddhism is the teaching of the Buddha. It affirms that the Buddha was born in this human world, cultivated himself in this human world, was enlightened in this human world and taught human beings in this human world the way to experience Nirvana (freedom from suffering) in this human world and not apart from this human world. The Buddha taught that it is through our humanity that we will attain Buddhahood – full Enlightenment. As the Vimalakirtinirdesa Sutra says, ‘The Dharma is found amongst people.’ Hui Neng (638-713), the Sixth Patriarch of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism said, ‘The Dharma is to be found in this world and not in another. To leave this human world to search for the Dharma is as futile as searching for a rabbit with horns.’ Humanistic Buddhism teaches that one can live fully in this human world and practice Buddhism at the same time. The two endeavors are not separate but support each other perfectly by enabling one to cultivate the wisdom that clearly understands the true nature of reality. Venerable T’ai Hsu once said, ‘When you become fully human, you will become a Buddha (who we are already). That is the living meaning of truth.’ Thus, Humanistic Buddhism encourages one to integrate the Buddha’s teachings of tolerance, loving-kindness, compassion, joyfulness, and equanimity into our lives for our benefit and for the benefit of all beings.” ~ 

buddhist temple10I don’t practice any particular system of faith or worship, but I do respect and find a lot of the basic foundations of Buddhism, especially Humanistic Buddhism, to be in line with some of my own core values and beliefs, therefore it resonates to be in this energy. However, that can be said in terms of many systems of faith and religion, when you take a look at their core, aside from all the other “stuff”.

There are underlying, shared foundations you can find construed in the guise of a particular branch of devised thought that has perhaps formulated through ego motivations and as a result of our need to create ways to truly learn about ourselves through the disentanglement of these illusions.buddhist temple3

That said, I personally choose to follow only the guidance of my own heart and soul, embrace the things that resonate and leave the rest behind, create my own path and spirituality, live life as a walking meditation I work daily at embodying, and honor the varied differences in beliefs, realizing the illusion of that separation.

buddhist temple11Sunday I found myself in a different energetic space sort of neither here, nor there, and walking a path of the pure void. And in light of my recent dream, “White Conch and a Dream“, being called to visit the Temple, which I don’t believe I have since perhaps I was a child, felt aligned.

buddhist temple13The grounds are really lovely and a $7 donation will provide you an equally lovely all-you-can-eat veggie buffet served and created with love by the monks – great for vegans and vegetarians alike to enjoy a nourishing meditation.

tania hsi lai templeThere are a lot of classrooms, conservatories, gardens, beautiful architecture, a lovely Pagoda in the back, a lot of stone, carved, and golden statuary, small museums, and gift shop on the grounds.

buddhist temple2There are self-guided and guided tours, or you can simply let yourself be guided to explore the grounds, as I was.

buddhist templeThere were times I looked out over the vista with the temple rooftops against the sky and I was taken back to my time in Thailand for some reason, and felt for a moment not in the Los Angeles area, which was nice, as I’m feeling called to a very explorative space right now.buddhist temple6

The Main Shrine area, where I sat a bit in inquiry and openness to my inner guidance, has three large statues as the focal energy of the Shrine. They include Sakhyamuni Buddha in the center (the historical Buddha), Amitabha Buddha to the left (teacher of the Western Pure Land), and Medicine Buddha on the right (teacher of the Eastern Pure Land of Pure Crystal or Lapis Lazuli Radiance).

Hsi Lai Temple Main Shrine (2)

Photo of Hsi Lai Temple Main Shrine by – you can’t take photos inside, so this is the only one that is not my photo

I was drawn to sit on the right, realizing after I sat there, that it was the Medicine/Healing Buddha I’d been called to. I found this interesting in light of the fact that my crystal workshop last Saturday had focused on sharing about the Healing Buddha and the connection with Lapis Lazuli, getting briefly into some esoteric information.

buddhist temple5Ultimately, they are reflections of ourselves and the Buddha/or enlightened Beingness within each of us. Hence, they are not to be glorified/deified, but to be reflections of your own radiance.

And one can explore aspects of their Divine self in sacred spaces like this, although any where you are can be sacred, since that is a state of being, in my opinion, found within.

In respect of the Temple grounds, make sure to honor the dress code if you decide to visit, which you can find at the link below about information on Hsi Lai Temple.

tania hsi lai buddhist templeThis I did, and although I am a bit of a chameleon by nature, it is interesting to see myself in these photos. My dear “sister” Laura Bruno was giggling when I first shared them with her via text (to show her the skirt she gifted me that came in handy this day), commenting on how prim and proper, as well as innocent I looked without all my tattoos showing – yes, I clean up well I guess, whatever that means.

We shared a laugh however, when I mentioned how I of course had my own little way to embody both the light and shadow integrated that day. I simply must stay true to who I am and what I hold sacred. I think Buddha just might have been smiling at my embodiment of his true teachings. :) I actually received a little humorous nudge of acknowledgment on this. buddhist temple4

If you’re in the area and would like to visit the Temple, here is a link to information you’ll find helpful, which includes special events and class schedules:

Hsi Lai Templebuddhist temple14


What Is Your Witch Name?

For all my fellow witch and wizard friends…here’s a bewitching little break in your day to celebrate the coming 31st of October. Thank you to my friend Kenny for sharing this!

My name is “Bewitched Wand”. What’s yours?

Comment below with your Witch name for fun!

witch name

MRI Reveals Siberian Princess’ Cause of Death

siberian princessYou might recall my post on the discovery of a 2500 year-old Siberian Princess mummy with the best preserved and most elaborate ancient tattoos in the world.

Well, a new article reveals what scientists believe the reason behind her short life (she died at 25) points to her having breast cancer. An MRI indicates a tumor of the right breast, as well as reveals an early childhood disease that infected her bones and bone marrow.

It appears that she used cannabis for pain relief of her condition, given it was found in her burial chamber. The altered state of mind this placed her in, suggests why she may have been held in high respect and thought to have special powers, or was seen as a shaman.

You can find the full and interesting story at the link here:

MRI Reveals Siberian Princess’ Cause of Death

The Water that Connects Us



Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world. ~Masaru Emoto 



Gem Faire Fun & New Crystal Friends

herkimer diamondsCrystal energy has been in an even higher gear lately and I’m so loving it!

Friday my heart was guided to journey over to the Gem Faire here locally, which comes into town every two to three months. Not only did I feel my friend there would have what I felt was calling to me, but I was also looking for a crystal/s for a friend that was in need of support and commissioned a Crystal Illumination painting from me just the night before to be of assistance to her sister.

I’ve become friends with one of the crystal sellers at the Faire who is local to my area and enjoy visiting with him and his high-vibed crystal friends when he’s out in my neck of the woods, which is literally 5 minutes from where I live. I always seem to be drawn to crystal keepers of a very particular energy and whom very pristine crystals find their way to, in order to move on to their new guardians. I’m so grateful for that.

My cosmic friend is also a Reiki Master Teacher, no longer teaching, but did for years back in the day. At 56, he is now focused on his role and path with the crystals. So we have a lot to chat about when we visit.

I so adore the crystals that find him, but especially the fact that “new consciousness” crystals make their way to him and these are always high on my radar when I see him. He’s always waiting to see if I’ll notice the new ones, and of course they are the first place I’m drawn.

As I shared with my students over the weekend in our crystal workshop, I’ve shifted quite a bit in terms of what I’m drawn to with crystal energy, as well as have become very discerning. So whereas I used to hear all the crystals calling out and eventually ended up taking so many home, literally recreating a crystal cave, I now no longer hear all the voices and only get drawn to exactly the ones that truly need to be working with me.

I still marvel at all of the other crystals and their beauty, but I have a very distinct energetic boundary that is finely tuned and focused. That took a while to develop, but both my pocket book and simplified home thank me. :)

But something Friday told me that my friend would have the perfect crystal for me that I was feeling in my energetic field. Little did I know there would be three. I had specifically known I was to find a special Herkimer Diamond that was on my radar (here’s a great link on Herkimers: Herkimer Diamonds).

So when I arrived I asked him immediately about his Herkimers, seeing them right away…and he showed me a special one in the case, some others in bags he did not have out, as well as later brought out one that was tucked away separate in a special place.

herkimer 2I had a tray to spread them out on and was tuning in. I had actually eyed the one in the case immediately and so while I was feeling out the energies of them all, I kept that one to the side, sensing it likely was the one.

Then he brought out the hidden rare one and I also felt a connection, placing it with the larger I first had seen. My energy shot through the roof as I held them and was heating up like fire. I was so hot and flushed, blood and energy flowing through me, that he ended up literally having to hold a fan up to me to cool me down.

After that I knew that the two I’d placed aside were the only ones needing further exploration, and handed him back the rest. Although they were so lovely and pristine in energy, they were not for me, and my pendulum confirmed that.

I still hadn’t decided though, and in the midst of this I’d been attracted to his latest find, which were Phantom Lemurian Seed Crystals (I’ll likely write more about them in another upcoming blog).

They laid next to the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals and I was quite drawn to them. They are very different in energy to the Strawberries, of which I have 3 cosmic powerhouses of my own. I knew one would be coming home with me and it was to be a companion to my Strawberries.

Interestingly, although there were magnificent ones and quite large ones, it was a smaller one that felt like such Divine Feminine energy and a perfect Trinity to my two sister Strawberries, that drew my attention. I discovered she was an Isis crystal, as well as a Record Keeper, and has this cosmic Goddess energy that is unassuming, but very pure.

Immediately I took her.

Then I was left with these two amazing Herkimer Diamonds. One large and filled with rainbows galore (you can’t see all these in the photos, but they are intense and throughout), as well as feels to be a Record Keeper with multi-layers of information to absorb, and the other a smaller pristinely clear one with water bubbles trapped inside – one of which moves (is alive) when you move it back and forth.

herkimer diamondThese Herkimers are 450-500 million years old, so imagine the water that is trapped in there and the messages it carries!

As the link above shares, these fluid inclusions are very rare and a Herkimer Diamond with a water bubble is a special healer to work with the emotional body and your deepest essence self. They work with and activate the Heart Chakra, illuminating and stimulating feelings of rapture, enable you to see in the darker parts within self, face fears, remove emotional and energetic chords, release old emotional patterns, and understand the layers of who you are in a core way.

Both have very small Herkimer Diamonds growing on them too, which is really awesome energetically for new growth, expansion, abundance, fresh opportunities, and rebirthing.

It didn’t take me long to know that the larger rainbow one was for me. I somewhat reluctantly gave him back the other, but hadn’t thought I was there for two Herkimers, nor had intended to put out that kind of money. So I felt good that I’d received what I came for.

And after finding what I needed for my friend’s piece, I was off.

However, after walking out of the building something started to tug at me. I went and sat on a bench outside for a bit reflecting. Did I get all that I had come for?

My energy started to shift, but I decided it was as meant to be.

But as I got to my car, once again I sat there for a while and was really starting to feel off and sad, and energetically pulled. That other Herkimer with the water bubble was really not letting me leave. I thought to myself, I will just go do my errand and see how I continue to feel. The Faire is on for the weekend so I can return if necessary and know if something is meant to be it will be there.

As I drove away and did my errand, the tug grew. It made me feel literally sadly sick. And that was it. After I got back into my car I said I just have to go back and get the other one. The two of them need to be together and to be with me.

This hasn’t actually ever happened to me before. One other time there was a crystal I had neglected listening to in a shop, which now ends up front row and center on my desk and is one of my most prized for channeling my cosmic family. However, with that one, he was not going to alert me…it was I that had to wake up to the call on my own. But other than that, I hadn’t felt such an immense heart and soul tug.

And once I made up my mind I was headed back for my crystal friend, I felt this great excitement. As I was reflecting on my joy, I then made my way to get back on the freeway ramp near my house, and looked up and what do you know…my Hawk friend was perched right there peering down at me. I knew it was a sign and Divine confirmation of my listening to my inner guidance, as I haven’t seen my Hawk friends here for quite some time (I’d missed them actually, as it’s been so long) and it wasn’t there before when I first had gone to the Gem Faire.

I excitedly made my way back in. The guy recognized me and let me re-enter with my original parking pass and off I went to my friend’s booth. He was surprised to see me and I said I just had to come back, as I’d been called. He figured out which I meant had called and said, “It’s funny because I hadn’t put it away yet. It’s just sitting right here, out.” – which for a rare piece, isn’t something you just do.

He then went on to share how the larger one I originally took he had for about two years, which has never happened. The crystals usually move on quickly, but that one just had never found itss home. He was quite happy it would have a good one now with me.

We then spent some time looking at the smaller one through his loupe (high powered magnification – at least 10x that of magnifying glasses) exploring it. We also then began a conversation that created a time bubble around us, placing us in another reality than everyone around us. We discussed some cosmic things, his being a cosmic traveler, my sharing recent experiences and where I was energetically with this, as well as talked about parallel and multi-dimensional realities.

To say I was happy I returned, is an understatement. And he was quite pleased, as he said it’s so good to talk to someone that understands and doesn’t think he’s crazy. His wife is also quite magickal in her own way…perhaps more elemental in her nature. She was not there today, but there was another assistant with him that was interesting.

Somehow my age came up and I told him I’d be turning 42 soon. He said, “Well, you are well preserved my friend (lol, I found that amusing), as I thought you must be 30″.

We both discussed how energy work, otherwordly and cosmic “origins” surely play a large part in that. He even mentioned that when he used to be engaged in his Reiki practice constantly, he noticed how “light” he used to feel…and that he feels a difference now being away from it – a bit denser, although is always around crystals.

There is definitely something to be said for channeling energy.

It was such a lovely time warp of us being in our own little bubble in the middle of quite a high energy and bustling space. I look forward to venturing back in December on 12/12 with several of my friends/students from the workshop that are interested in exploring the Gem Faire.

I was so happy after that and when I left I no longer had that tugging sadness I was feeling.

crystals sandAnd yesterday, my two new Herkimer Diamond friends wanted to join me at the Crystal Cove, so I took them along. My new Phantom Lemurian Seed Crystal wanted to stay at home to connect with her family of Strawberry Lemurian sisters, so off we went. I immersed my new friends in the sand, burying them, and letting them absorb the crystal flecks.

crystals in swaterThen I took them to the ocean’s edge and let them swim a bit in her energy.

crystals on rockI then laid them on the rocks to take in that energy, and let them bask in the sun…crystalsa way to activate, cleanse, and charge them, along with the Reiki and love I provided.

crystals and seagullEven a Seagull seemed very taken by their energy, venturing close and hanging out to see them.

I also spent time simply holding them, as I went into my own experience, receiving and giving as I sat on a rock by the water’s edge.

I’m just so happy and when I explored my larger one at the beach some more, I discovered she actually is a Key crystal, which was such a lovely surprise. That means she will be assisting in unlocking some deeper mysteries to self and beyond.

I know I will continue to find more surprises and enjoy the splendid journey with these new friends.

A lot shifted energetically when these lovelies came home, as I knew instantly my crystal family would be shifting again. I was told that many of my crystals will be moving on to new keepers, and only a few will be remaining.


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