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Conscious Shifting

Tania Marie's Blog:

This article came into my field again to share this morning, which was also published on Interesting that I’m being guided to things I shared a couple of years ago, finding how relevant they are for what we’re experiencing currently as well.

At any given moment we can shift perspectives and instantly change our lives. Mother Earth does this with such grace that we take for granted how truly splendid her example is for us to follow.

Shifting our focus and letting go of all that no longer serves us is so vital to being the free expressions of Creative Source that we are.

It takes courage to choose outside of the box, but so much awaits us on the other side of our choices, which includes all the supportive abundance we desire.

There is something to be said about honoring our authentic truths, despite what others around us are doing. If 99% of the world is believing in one thing, but it doesn’t appear to be bringing about much joy and peace, then perhaps the 1% who are believing and living from a different, freer perspective have something to teach us.

The more people choose the path less chosen, which is usually the voice of our hearts’ truth, the more we journey towards creating global change for collective well-being. As one light turns on, it is inevitable that others will follow.

And this is why I find it so important to celebrate when others shine – no jealousy – no competition…

When we celebrate the light in another, we are cultivating the light in ourselves. Each of us helps pave the way for others to do much the same.

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth by Tania Marie

Things continue to unfold and shifts are continually taking place whether we are actively aware of them or not. Everything is speeding up and intensifying with greater and greater potency, personally and collectively. It’s amazing to be alive right now and even those not currently on the physical plane are so eager to assist and support in these opportunistic, mind-blowing, expansive times. It’s no longer a question of how do we manifest? But more so, in having discernment about what it is we are manifesting. Since what we intend has instant creation ability, it is important to be mindful about exactly what we are intending and asking to create. And so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be consciously co-creating and consciously choosing as empowered beings, rather than taking a back seat while the world seemingly unfolds around us?


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Fears Unfounded – Rabbit’s Message of Support

Tania Marie's Blog:

After having a dream with my sweet and magickal rabbit companion, Joy, in it last night, I was guided to reblog this article from 2012 that I wrote, which conveys some of the powerful messages that rabbits convey to us. The message in this post feels energetically timely again in support of the current collective experiences.

I loved how in my dream Joy was laying with me and rolling on her back with paws up in her most vulnerable position, but done totally at will and in joy and peace to share that intimacy and trust with me. Not only did it demonstrate our bond, but she, like all of my animal companions, always know how to send powerful messages for mom.

Yes, we can learn to feel safe, empowered, and in knowingness through our willingness of surrender to, and trust of, our intuition and hearts.

We are being asked to more deeply embrace “knowing”, without the need for “understanding”.

Originally posted on Tania Marie's Blog:

Rabbits would, by most, be thought of as extremely vulnerable “victims” out in the wild, at the mercy of many dangers and predators. Yet, rabbits hold an important message of groundedness and humility, teaching us to listen to our instincts, to be quick-thinking, and move through our fears. They show us that we do not have to be, or remain, “victims” of life and circumstance. We can maneuver through the changing currents of life by becoming more in tune with our intuition, trusting more in what we can feel and not quite yet see, supporting those feelings, and doing it all more easily and rapidly with practice so that it becomes second-nature to feel and react in harmony with those feelings. It can make all the difference in stressful times, especially when timing is of the essence.

Intuition is key and is something we all have access to. We are…

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Christina Sarich ~ 21 Traits Of An Awakening Soul

Tania Marie's Blog:

If you’ve been experiencing any or all of these you really aren’t going out of your mind, nor are you the only one.

Myself, I’m 20 out of the 21 traits, as #8’s using drugs or alcohol has never been my way, as I don’t desire to block, numb, or distort what I’m feeling in any way. And #5 for me is an emotional absorption, as I don’t get the physical ones like sympathy cold symptoms.

But yes, we are all definitely having some major personal shifts that increase our sensitivities, while expanding our consciousness.

I know that I have been needing to withdraw a lot more lately, sometimes completely in the physical sense, and at other times, just pulling in my energy because I need the personal focus in order to operate most optimally. I see when I’m giving out more than giving in, and when I’m allowing others to feed off of my energy.

I spent this weekend with myself, going within to feel and physically (cleaned out my closet and office) and emotionally purging (just allowing anything that wanted to release through me emotionally that may be stored). I also spent time just “being” and not asking for answers or trying to figure anything out. And lately I’ve been deliberately withdrawing my energy and adding more boundaries that feel healthy and supportive to me, as ultimately I can only be of best service if I’m truly giving myself all that “I” need.

Thank you Laura for sharing this post from Christina Sarich. I feel it goes really well as a continuum from my yesterday’s post on “The Tragedy of Denying Feelings“.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Just in case you think you’re crazy going through all these changes … Thanks, G!

Christina Sarich ~ 21 Traits Of An Awakening Soul

You can say it’s because of a global shift in consciousness, a destiny we have arrived at due to spiritual evolution, or the outcome of strange times, but, many people all across the globe are going through intense personal changes and sensing an expansion of consciousness. Personal changes of this magnitude can be difficult to recognize and to understand, but here are 21 traits that might suggest you are going through a big shift within yourself.

1.  Being in public places is sometimes overwhelming. Since our walls between self and other are dissolving, we haven’t really learned to distinguish between someone else’s energy and our own. If the general mood of the crowd is herd-like or negative, we can feel this acutely, and may feel like retreating into…

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Getting to the Root of Things

magickal tree in high park, toronto

Photo I took of a magickal tree in High Park, Toronto

Going back to our “roots” is a theme I feel speaking loudly. We’ve been so focused on the wider perspective and being of service, that we’ve forgotten that all of this stems on how fortified our core “well of life” that supplies the resources to do so, is.

And to say it’s been off balance, depleted, and overlooked I feel is an understatement.

The consciousness of a tree is innately and automatically aware of its inner city circuitry that needs all of its parts and that all parts work together and optimally, if above and below are in balance.

And just as a tree grows expansively when its roots are strong and nourished from the Earth, it receives sunlight and water, and it unconditionally welcomes all of the elements that make it possible, so too do we when our roots are firmly grounded and we receive the rich, balanced nurturing and integrative love needed from the relationship synthesis we have with the nature of ourselves and all that surrounds us.

If you feel your energy has been leaking everywhere but to you, that you have poor boundaries (or no idea you even needed some healthy ones intact to discern with), have been living in scarcity consciousness, have fears of letting go, are struggling with emotional dysfunction, stress, anxiousness, insecurity, frustration, and restlessness, then your Root Chakra is in need of your love and integration.

A healthy Root Chakra would sustain you in vitality and support healthy growth from a balanced sense of self that is very self-empowered and self-aware. It is your grounding force for overall well being, determines how you function in life, and is the foundation for development of your individual expression of personality.

Our limiting beliefs from old rooted patterns of our early years and “past” lives affect how we are operating in the world and with others today.

Any unfinished business and unconsciously seeded hidden layers are still running the show now, whether you are aware of this or not.

This is why only concentrating in the upper Chakras and expanding our consciousness in these areas will only get us so far. And this is why we are needing to slow down and start listening to the messages within our very flesh and bones that are stored deeply in our DNA, as integrating these frequencies, and giving rise to their ancient wisdom, will assist us in fully shifting into new realities.

Right now, some of the frustration and challenge is because we are split with part of us in a new reality and parts of us still in the old. You can only remain split for so long, before something’s gotta give.

Every day the things and people that trigger us and ruffle our feathers, are the very ways and reminders that we show ourselves what we need to work on within, by their reflection of our own rejected or denied emotions and old patterned beliefs we thought were no longer there.

But in fact, we had simply focused energy elsewhere with a bombardment of well meaning positive thoughts that simply kept them at bay.

As we expand and nourish parts of us, let us not forget ALL of our parts, as the only way that we function most beneficially is as a WHOLE.

We can utilize the stronger, more developed, wiser parts of ourselves to access and support those that are in need. And when we welcome these parts into the dance with us, we will develop a new rhythm that will no longer be missing any beats.

Let us create an equal partnership and healthy relating family within ourselves, and not neglect any one of the children that need our loving attention.

Answers are revealed when we courageously journey back to the root of things. This calls for slowing down, taking care of your needs and well-being, letting go of the “have to’s”, being more still and listening to what you are truly feeling in every moment.

Truth will reveal itself, if you invite it.

Charlie Chaplan ~ “As I Began to Love Myself”

Tania Marie's Blog:

I LOVE this! It speaks so powerfully and to the point so perfectly. Thanks for sharing Laura.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

via Galactic Free Press

love yourself

“As I Began to Love Myself”

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering
are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth.
Today, I know, this is “AUTHENTICITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody
As I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time
was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though this
person was me. Today I call it “RESPECT”.

As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life,
and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow.
Today I call it “MATURITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance,
I am in the right place at the right time, and everything…

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Recent Relationship Patterns as Realities Split

Tania Marie's Blog:

This is a long, but well worth it read especially if you are struggling with major unexpected changes in your life, feeling frustrated, have accelerated into new breakthroughs, or are just curious to stretch your perspectives on what’s going on in the energetic collective scene.

Both Laura and Chautauqua, in my opinion, nail it and in many excerpts it sounded like my own words and feelings. Thanks to both of you for sharing this involved explanation.

Laura starts off sharing about relationship patterns and the splits taking place for many – something I’ve been hearing about from people near and far – and then Chautauqua ties it all in to the complete reflection of shifting time lines.

Hope you find this interesting, enlightening, and perhaps supportively reiterating for you.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

I’ve alluded many times to a splitting of realities/timelines and what I call the “Cosmic ‘Are You Sure?!'” but wanted to share today about how I see these two factors affecting relationships. Many clients and loved ones have experienced simultaneous breakthroughs in stuck areas of their lives, only to find breakdowns of long-term relationships. This pattern often occurs anyway, because as we shift our own restricted energies into new, expansive directions, those who felt comfortable with the lesser version of us can feel threatened by the change. That dynamic just seems majorly magnified right now, so I wanted to assure people that if you’re experiencing it, you’re not alone. Entire swaths of our culture are choosing either perpetual victimization, fear and ignorance or liberation, love and joy.

Fence sitting continues to become uncomfortable and borderline impossible, which can result in fence sitters lashing out at people who represent the side…

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You Are Not Alone

Sometimes the expansion you are going through can have you feeling off and like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, while everything is recalibrating and catching up to the activated growth happening within you. There may even be unrecognized resistance to the transitions, which adds to this.

It can be a bit uncomfortable, as a lot of things just don’t feel to fit in your life anymore.

The bright side is, a lot of new things DO, and these (although you’re only catching blips of them right now) will be so much more enriching than what you may be struggling with at the moment.

Try to find ways to make peace with the process and lovingly acknowledge yourself for having the courage to go through it.

You are not alone in what you are feeling. We are all going through shifts in different ways and at times some of you may be leading the way. If you can broaden to the bigger picture in times of struggles, this can help lessen the personal load you think that you are ONLY carrying.

We are in this experience together.

Musings for this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th

Wow! We’re already at another Full Moon. This one really snuck up on me and feels extra accelerated in the way we arrived here. But HERE, we ARE. And, it’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius! My natal Moon, so I’m liking this a lot. Interestingly, during this period in between work, I’ve been working on my travel plans – pretty fitting for a Sag focused energy.

And I do have to say that I’d rather have been traveling than doing the planning, as it’s a lot of work and I found myself getting very antsy in the process of focusing on details, especially when I have other things at hand I’m involved in. It was feeling confining when all I wanted to be doing was either exploring or channeling my energy more flowingly.

Good thing I have a very magickal and flowing sacred tattoo design I’m working on currently. So that is providing me the perfect outlet to journey into other realms. I also spend time journeying with my music and been dancing kangaroo style on my rebounder – all with little miss Joy staring wide-eyed in wonder and amazement at what mom is up to when I do. LOL

So, yeah, I’m definitely focused on the inspiration to expand and have been talking non-stop about taking big risks and just going for it all.

It’s interesting to have this expansive Full Moon during a Mercury Retrograde. But I’m definitely exploring the possibilities that feel right and the Retrograde can be a good time for disciplined exploration to the depths within. One need not have to outwardly make a journey, as the inner journey is truly the most valuable. This time period, if you take advantage of it, can help to really cut to the point and unearth what the heck is inhibiting your growth in all ways you feel restricted. And when discovered, these treasures of information can help you to align with your authentic and deepest soul self.

You can make plans, but being flexible to the surprises that come along will help you to keep full of vibrant vitality, as you won’t be trying to force something or stay stagnant – constant evolution!

We keep hearing about freedom and truth and this is just another illumination of the importance these are to realize, access, and embody. Higher consciousness, higher heart, and higher mind…all focusesnow, but are accessed by fully embracing and being willing to journey into the body and emotions. There is a sacredness within our very sensuality of senses that reveals to us our ancient truths and memories.

By birth, I was born with an abundance of optimism and hope…it’s seeded in me and and supported by my Sagittarius Moon, but it also supports some really fiery emotions that can be felt to the extremes. I do know how this can feel and it has taken most of my adult life to finally get to a place of balance with this, and understand how to get back on track so I don’t blow out one way or another and don’t have to be afraid of the depth to which I feel.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an emotional outburst. Yet, I share this because during these Full Moons when things are heightened, and especially with all of these other influences, Retrograde, and Sag energy, there can be a lot of emotional reactions and erratic behaviors.

So just be tuned in to this and figure out ways to channel your energy if you feel yourself building inside. Allow yourself to explore what you are feeling and the inspirations nudging you. These blow outs remind us of things to look within about, as if we truly engage ourselves vulnerably, we won’t be adversely surprised or experience the physical ailments that creep up on us as manifestations, simply to remind us.

It’s definitely a great time to be looking at how everything you are doing, who you are…is all aligning with the bigger picture. There’s always the need to narrow and widen our vision, expand and contract, when working with the whole macro experience of you.

Let’s get those emotions flowing and those ideas expanding. Explore the possibilities and challenge yourself with wider and deeper perspectives. Be ready to expand in ways you never have. We’re stretching and exercising our energy centers so that we can more fully activate their potentials.

And you, me, we, are magnificent potentials just barely realizing the possibilities.

I’ll be tuning in with you all this evening, but joining a Full Moon celebration on tomorrow’s Friday the 13th.

In the meantime, I thought this blog post was pretty cool from Sky Maiden Musings (I somehow oddly came across) and loaded with super in depth and magickal musings indeed on the energy of the 13th, Celtic and Pagan insights, and this coming Full Moon. Included is information from the 19th Century Astrologer, Seer, and Clairvoyant, Charubel, whom I had not heard of before. Never seen such detail and interesting insights on a Full Moon. Wow!

You can read Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor, Dikki Jo Mullen’s article in its entirety here:

Full Moon on Friday the 13th – Friday, June 13th, 2014 

Until then, tonight, let’s dream a little dream and as Dikki Jo shares, “expect the unexpected.”



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