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Chicago Accelerated Reiki Workshop Weekend

transformation-of-manIf you’re in the Chicago area and you’ve been interested in learning Reiki and feeling ready for the next step in your expanding journey, this could be an opportunity to infuse your life with new energy to ignite change.

Beautiful alignments of synchronicity have led me to be able to offer training in this area of all three levels of Reiki certification training.

You can either choose to come for Saturday 10/11′s Reiki 1 & 2 workshop only, or take advantage while I’m there of both days, including Sunday 10/12′s Reiki 3 workshop, and receive all three levels of training through Reiki Master Teacher level.

Registration confirmation needed by July 31st, but if you register early I will provide a discount.

Because I am traveling from out of state, Pre-Registration Is Required and registration is non-refundable.

If in the event cancellations are unavoidable, I provide full credit to be able to apply for a future training, or to any of the services I provide.

There are several people confirmed already for this weekend. I can accommodate a few more.

Contact me for more details and to register at

Date and Time:

*Saturday, October 11th 9am – 5pm Reiki 1 & 2 Workshop

*Sunday, October 12th 9am – 5pm Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop


Location provided upon registration. To be announced.

The Reiki classes offered are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training.

Have you been feeling the desire to connect more deeply with yourself and others? Do you experience increased feelings of love, intuition, and awareness of synchronicities? Are things feeling more uncomfortable or out of alignment because of rapid shifts taking place? Does all of this create a longing to embrace, in wholeness, who you know yourself to be and to start bringing that into your experience in bigger ways and more regularly? Do you feel a calling to be of service, start living your dreams, and perhaps are looking to live and work in more alignment with your heart?

Perhaps then, you are experiencing what many are in terms of accelerated actualization and you feel drawn to take a leap on that journey in order to assist things both personally and collectively.

Reiki is one tool that can support this and is an option for those that feel resonation with it.

Reiki has the ability to bring greater sense of:

* self awareness and alignment with your personal frequency
* clarity
* empowerment
* intuition
* peace
* joy
* balance
* creativity
* abundance
* deeper love and compassion
* expansion
* synchronicity
* wholeness

The focus is on learning, sharing, supporting and expanding your heart through Reiki (pronounced ray-key). The practice of channeling Reiki (spiritually guided Universal Life Force Energy) is an easy-to-learn, gentle and powerful system of natural healing that reduces stress, induces relaxation, supports intentions and provides many other healing benefits. As a very powerful aid to personal growth, Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and can be refined for personal use and in our service to others and animals.

Introducing Tania Marie – Creating Life As A Work of Art

Recently, I was asked to contribute as a Wild Woman writer for the Wild Woman Community, which I gratefully accepted, as I love the vision behind it. This is my introduction article that has just been posted. For those of you new to it, the Wild Woman Community is a growing (with nearly 25,000 followers) online sacred Wild Woman Circle of healers, artists, creatives, and businesses that promote a holistic approach to life through their shared knowledge, experiences, and services so that women have a safe place where they can seek wisdom, find understanding, feel inspired, and be connected. It is still in the introductory phase, but will continue to expand and offer insightful articles and supportive resources from contributors. Samantha Wilson is the Founder of the Wild Woman Community who shares that the inspiration behind the Community came from the Wild Woman Archetype in the book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In Samantha’s words, “I see my journey over the last two years as working with the Wild Woman within me and the three most important lessons learned were: the need for creativity and spirituality in a woman’s soul life, how women heal themselves and others through the telling of their stories, and the need for women to collaborate rather than be in competition. From this understanding, the Wild Woman Community was born. I am hoping that it will evolve into a digital platform, a 21st century global women’s circle, where every woman is welcomed and her story honored.” You can read more about Samantha’s personal journey – walking away from being a practicing litigation lawyer into the unknown and freeing self discovery as a Life Coach and Energy Healer with focus on supporting women – and get introduced to the other Wild Women by visiting “Wild Woman Community – Awaken the Wild One Within

The Spirit of Grey – An Animal Companion Portrait Created With Love

The Spirit of GreyI love channeling soul energy that comes through our animal sisters and brothers. It is always an honor to be able to capture the spirit of someone’s beloved animal companion and this week I’ve been working on a special commission of Grey.

Beautiful Grey is no longer on this Earth plane with us, but her spirit lives within the hearts of those she holds dear. This painting is a Christmas gift from a client to her father of the special companion that had great impact on his life.



Grey was a rescue puppy and lived in Oaxaca, Mexico with her human companion where they enjoyed the beautiful outdoors together. She was the “alpha” dog of his large property that was shared with 4 other casitas and dog friends.

Grey loved roaming the outdoors, spending time in the garden, and enjoying the mountains of Oaxaca with her human companion where she would run and play in a place called San Isidro-Sierra Norte Llano Grande.

From the moment I saw an image of the forested mountain area there that my client shared, I knew immediately the image that was wanting to come through. Of the images of Grey that I was sent, I chose this very soulful one of her as a puppy, that both shows her depth and spiritedness.

It was a welcome challenge, the image I was receiving wanting to come through for this, as it was a melding of realism with an ethereal quality that was channeling in my heart. This was to be an overlay of what I saw as two different dimensional experiences seen at the same time…where Grey once used to play, and where she still does.

Grey being the portal, bridging the two at center.

Pine Forest in the Pueblos Mancomunados

Pine Forest in the Pueblos Mancomunados – my inspiration

The butterfly symbolizing the journey of life and transcendence, as well as the shifting of one experience into another. To the Maya, butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality and have a very Earth and cosmic bridging connection. ;)

Grey is illuminated by the light coming through the forest, as she seems to say, “All is well.”

I believe the way that Grey was wanting this painting to come through as, holds a symbolic message that is also embedded within it, specifically for her dear soul friend.

Her presence was a powerful part of her human companion’s healing path and it is on that “path” they walked together, that she is still guiding him.

This painting not only celebrates the life of Grey and all whom she touched, but I dedicate it to all beings that have transitioned into another experience – both animal and human. There seems to be many souls journeying these days, as things naturally shift, and to each I thank you for joining this experience with us and supporting the perfect piece of the puzzle you embodied.

And I have to mention the amazing magickal thing I noticed when I was uploading the photo to this post. After I cropped the photo and saved it to my computer, low and behold, the file size naturally is 444 KB! Indeed the angels are around big time..and one of their names is Grey :)

I love Grey’s name, as it is the grey areas that we could do well with opening up more to.

“Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million grey areas, don’t you find? ~Ridley Scott

The animals have a message to share with us. We need only to listen. 

To read more about my animal companion portrait service, to view some of the portraits I’ve helped bring to life, and to commission your own portrait, you may visit Animal Portraits or email me at

Gentle Integration for the Courageous – Reiki & Other Frequency-Shifting Processes Can Make the Difference

cc17When I see and feel people go through really powerful releases and shifts with such ease and grace, like in yesterday’s Reiki session with a client, it reminds me of why I love Reiki so much and why courageous accountability can increase the effects tenfold.

What I love about Reiki is how it is a truth-seeker that penetrates to the core source and works on ALL levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which I feel is so important in terms of the integrated healing I speak about so often as being integral to truly creating eternal depth to the new we are creating.

It is no wonder that Reiki was the modality that spoke to me most to incorporate into my life and infuse into the instinctual practices I already do, as not only is it so easy for anyone to work with and powerfully gentle (mirroring the current frequency of experience), but it is already something we are naturally attuned to at the Source of our Beingness, since Reiki IS the Universal Life Force Energy from which everything IS.

The old world is slow because of separation, gaps, and fear. The new world is fast because of interconnection. As we approach unity, life is more instantaneous. Our lives work by new rules based on the speed of the present moment. Shifting out of negativity and stuckness is often a matter of not exerting the old forceful willpower but “choosing what’s choosing you.” ~Penney Peirce

The gentle, the natural, the unconditionally loving, the integrative, and harmonious…these are elements I find to be of importance in terms of evolutionary processes of the new reality. But along with letting go of a grueling process, you must also let go of beliefs in it, as well as self-sabotaging stubborn ideas.

When fine-tuned and fully embraced, the more gentle processes can shift what once used to be an ordeal, into an epiphany of release. That isn’t to mean there won’t be a deep level of commitment needed, but if you’re real with yourself you can make the process more like sands slipping through the hourglass once you’ve flipped the perspective.

I’ve written several posts on the importance of integrative and grounded healing, being honest with yourself, allowing your feelings to move through you, and fully embodying the concepts into authentic experience. I believe there are a variety of ways one can go about this, but do find that processes that work on an energetic and feeling resonance level, getting us back in touch with our authenticity, to be powerfully transformative.

Ways that shift things with the vibrational frequency in a natural cycling way that mirrors a return to natural harmony and innate wholeness, are my choice go-to’s.

Sometimes it is the subtle frequency shifts and perspectives that can make a difference when you think you’ve done all that you think you can do. And it’s the allowing of truth and flow to take place, so that all the fear blockages can release into fullness of authenticity. Energy work, sound healing, music, encoded symbolism, crystals, aligning with nature, movement, feeling, intimacy of experiencing and expression, honest reflection, allowing…I find to all be so powerful and transmutational.

For emotional healing to prevail, we must enter fully into whatever is left unprocessed and ride it all the way through until the pent-up energy is drained off the issue. Then, it is finished, never to command your attention or psychic energy again. ~Jacquelyne Small

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. ~Anais Nin

When you become an active, willing, open, honest, accountable, and responsible partner in your journey, this is what will make the difference with any process you choose. I can see how this reflects in the Reiki sessions that I support clients with. The clients that truly are ready and courageously embrace the process on all levels, are the ones who experience the greatest and quickest results.

It’s not that there is any time-frame, other than the one YOU desire and YOU choose, nor is there a better or worse scenario.

However, if you truly want change, you WILL need to choose to BE that change in what ever way YOU are asking of YOURSELF to shift. You will need to ACTIVELY and HONESTLY cross the bridges of your fears into the love of yourself that awaits your embrace.

This Mantra and video felt aligned with today’s post. So here is my very favorite Deva Premal sacred piece offering a beautiful version of the Mantra that helps clear past, present and future, which was yesterday’s (the 9th) in the 21-Day Mantra Meditation. Let the visuals and resonance take you on an integrative healing journey.

The Mantra is:

Aad guray nameh

Jugaad guray nameh

Sat guray nameh

Siri guray deveh nameh

I bow to the Primal Guru.
I bow to Eternal Truth.
I bow to True Wisdom.
I bow to Great Divine Wisdom.

Inner Tuning: Guru means that which brings us from darkness (GU) to light (RU). As I chant this mantra, I invoke the protective energy of the universe, and celebrate new beginnings, both inner and outer.

A Little Message of Personal Gratitude that Pervaded My Day

tania-marieThis is just a short little post of some extra love and gratitude in my heart that’s been flowing through my day. I almost was going to post this on Facebook, but I felt guided, rather, to document it here on the pages that mean very much to me.

My day since this morning has been unfolding beautifully and magically, including some encounters with others at a few stores I visited after my session, and continues to carry forth into my design time right now.

Today was yet another reminder to count my blessings and deepen my gratitude.

As I was supporting a regular client of mine in an in-home Reiki session today I was feeling the Divine reflection of the relating and connection, and after, I had to take a moment in the car before driving away to regroup, so to speak, feeling choked up, and to reflect on how much I love what I do and am grateful for the honor and opportunity to do it.

The opportunities to connect with and support so many souls in such a profound way, from all walks of life and from all over the world, there simply are no words for, to share how beautiful that is. Whether it’s sending support by distance, through an email, in a brief exchange at the grocery store, or in some beautiful spot on the globe, the feeling is the same. It just overflows in warm, precious rainbow bubbles within the heart.

I know that many of you teachers and healers know what I’m sharing.

Today’s session with a spiritually open man in his early 70′s, an Australian native living in the hills of Laguna Beach, where we connect in an empowering way to support his challenges and to help him to move into a new phase of his life, is one of those priceless moments in my life.

After providing the session, done with the backdrop of the ocean view through the window, I could only say:

“Thank you for the honor of being here with this soul, at this time. There’s no place I would rather be. And at every moment, I am exactly where I need to be, where ever that is. All is truly Divine in the world.”

Co-Creative Connections – My Toronto/Montreal Journey & Thoughts On This New Paradigm of Togetherness

Shonna, John and TaniaAs you know, I was away for a week teaching Reiki certification workshops in Montreal, but also spent some extra time on both ends of the weekend in Toronto and Montreal in order to connect with some incredible souls in my life. This was my first trip to both, as I have only visited the British Columbia areas of Vancouver and Victoria Island a few times.

The weekend of Reiki was incredible, as it always is, bringing together the perfect synergy of souls as we journeyed through all three levels as a family. It is always amazing to watch what unfolds in terms of not only who is drawn together for the workshops, (which is a fascinating, fine-tuned, natural kaz practicing reikiprocess), but also in terms of what becomes the energetic focuses to explore and support. Every workshop is always different, depending on the energy of the group and what it is I can reflect for them.

And the days leading up and concluding the weekend were equally beautiful. While I had the chance to see a few things, the focus of my time was really about making the in-person connections, as all but one of the 7 soul friends I spent time with outside of the workshops, I had never actually met in the flesh. They have all just been very dear connections that transcended time and space and when actually meeting in person, these soul bonds just blossomed to another level kaz and me at mount royalfrom where they already amazingly were.

I have always been one to feel the depth of connection regardless of distance. This is not because of Reiki, although Reiki definitely helps one to understand and experience this deeper (or in some cases, for the first time if you haven’t already), but it is because of my ability since young to understand experiences of transcendence. This is why many of my dearest friends/family are not local and never once have I experienced a feeling of separation or distance with them. I also no longer feel loneliness that at one time I had evolved into feeling when I was out of sync with my own natural eric and kaz lake picnic dinner montrealrhythms of how my cosmic connecting innately is for me. I came in feeling so connected and it was later, as I worked through unauthentic aspects that had evolved through conditioning, that I returned to that place of wholeness again in terms of experiencing the collective.

Needless to say, more and more I am so loving the magical soul connections that are rapidly revealing themselves and aligning. I believe that we are in a time now of awakening together and that we have the opportunity to learn from each other, support one another, co-create in service, and to journey together, as we create new realities.

high park, torontoThere is meaning and purpose to all of the igniting that is taking place and for all of the meetings of minds and hearts to take form.

There are times when we must go within and process and explore the inner realms of our experiences, but the truth is that mirror work is important and powerfully can help us shift in ways that we cannot do alone. It is also for this reason that I do not shy away from experiences that may seem of a different energetic nature than myself. It is in these experiences that I learn a great deal and can truly put to practice the work I have been doing in a very practical, active way that brings knowledge into true experience.

magickal tree in high park, torontoThis is a time when the old ways of doing things are shifting. Not only are things speeding up and can be done rather quickly and sometimes instantaneously, whereas it used to take longer, but it’s not all about doing things solo anymore either, nor that that is the only way. There is a balance with this, as in all things, in terms of personal and collective work, yet realizing the simultaneous cohesion that takes place with it all – nothing is isolated. There are times to turn within and there are times to be of collective heart experience.

In this community Age of Aquarius, powerful shifts into co-creating, learning how to work together, ask for help, be vulnerable, have intimate connections in terms of lifting the veils, doing mirror work, and understanding collective evolvement and the connection our part plays in the totality of All That IS, are becoming the new focuses. This is a time for innovative and unconventionally visionary ways with the highest good of all as the focal point.

thousand islands3That being said, we are all on individual journeys and have different timings with things and in which case, multiple diverse realities will be experienced and created and can be dipped in and out of, at will and by choice.

We are creating new ways of being and working together in this new paradigm, which includes more intimate unions of relating on all levels with each other and doing so with maturity, wise discernment, deep reflective calmness, and a serenity of being that can help you to be reveal your truth and release the fears.

chocolate-cake-at-aux-vivreThis all was reiterated in my time away this last week, sharing very deep connections with others in service, fun, sharing, mutual honoring and supporting, as well as co-creating. The reason for the magical experiences was because of this very thing – a willingness to flow with personal truth in a way that serves the greater good, as well as a presence of supportive community awareness with unconditionally loving and compassionate heart and mindfulness.

vi-and-me-first-time-meetingThe souls I had opportunity and honor of sharing time with this week, I have known a very long time and only now was meeting up with in person. For the most part it has been anywhere from 2 – 9 years that we have had friendships via long distance between us (only counting this life of course). Some amazing stories could be told about all of them and how they came to be, how they have evolved, where they are now, and what is yet to come in terms of co-creating with some of them.

One particular connection is really quite amazing in terms of the distance that was transcended in bringing us together. An incredible celebration of connection with my dear friend for the first time in six years. A connection that began between California and the small island of Mauritius now climaxing in Montreal amidst a table of four old and new Reiki Master Teachers. It’s amazing what the vi-and-meinternet has provided us the ability to do – that is, until we access our innate abilities more to do the same work it is assisting us with :) But it is because of this that what started out as supportive client work, turned into an amazing friendship that unfolded on this journey where our paths had chance to merge in the flesh.

This and the other beautiful and unique stories all came to a head in very synchronous ways and I had the chance to meet some new friends as well, and discover more depth to the current connections that were revealed in our time together. I’m very excited about what some of us will be co-creating together and to experience what will develop in divine timing with it all.

me-at-lake-with-my-shellLife is a gift and the experience is a blessing. When we flow with what shows up, as water rolls over rocks and solid surfaces, we will find a state of harmonious being that can always be attained from that center of balance we know is always our source.

Be mindful not to let your energy be wasted, nor to let the negativity of others around you drain you of your valuable energy from a higher source. You are the master of your own divine temple and consciousness. When you assume the responsible role of this leadership you create a powerful partnership with your I AM presence. Be aware of your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, and the power of each of these energy channels. Become attuned to how they shift in varying experiences and how you can bring them back into balance through your conscious awareness.

In order to achieve this wholeness and alchemical mastery you will learn to be in this world, but not of it, wherein you will be able to rise above the battles and find harmony rather than taking sides. There is perfection in the process.

in-the-pyramid-vortexAnd perfection of the moment is what this last week’s experience was in all ways. We all got time to learn from and support learning in each other, opening us all to another level of experiencing and new perspectives.

I find that the timing of these kinds of connections lends to an activation and downloading that take place, as well as a lighting up of certain collective frequencies by the coming together of certain soul energies in a given space and “time out of time” moment.

My journey began in Toronto and concluded in Montreal, getting time with several friends in each of the areas and having chance to sample a ton of incredible raw vegan and a couple of vegan restaurants along the way. So exciting to try and explore the food delicacies of different areas, so of course desserts and samplings of appetizers along with meals was a must in most cases! (something I don’t do while home, but you just kind of have to when you’re trying new stuff on travels).

picnic in high parkIn trying things I discovered a lot of great food and finds, and what had to be the best raw vegan cinnamon roll I have ever had at Feel Good Guru in Toronto. OMG!

I also got a chance to see the area while driving through from Toronto to Montreal. These are some of the things I did have chance to do:

  • I visited High Park in Toronto where I shared a raw vegan picnic lunch
  • Explored one of the local Farmer’s Markets and met new friends
  • Enjoyed meals at places like Rawlicious and a small vegan find in a food court called Karine’s (serving all day vegan breakfasts and Middle Eastern dishes, along with gluten free and soy free options)
  • Stopped to enjoy Thousand Islands for a little meditative nature time on the journey to Montreal
  • Had a picnic dinner and walks along Lake Saint-Louis upon arrival and departure in Montreal
  • Enjoyed/shared meals at places like Aux Vivres, Crudessence, The Green Panther, and Chu Chai Thai Vegan in Montreal
  • Visited Mount Royal and took in the view of Montreal, as well as spent time in the park where I shared magical time with a little squirrel and raccoon
  • Got a chance to see two of my paintings in their new home  - Celestial Birthing and Through the Stargate (my heart smiled knowing that my creative channeling would be assisting another visionary’s creative channeling)
  • Explored Montreal’s Botanical Garden and the Mosaicultures Internationales horticulture exhibit on the grounds – spectacular! —– If you happen to be in Montreal or traveling through between now and September I highly recommend visiting the Mosaicultures Internationales at the Botanical Garden. These, almost 50, mosaiculture sculptures from Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East are masterpieces set along a 2.2 km circuit, under the theme “Land of Hope”, which perfectly reflects current energies of me-and-mother-earththe new beginnings we are co-creating. Set among the gardens, you will enjoy a full day exploring a synergy of nature and humanity. I recommend a day’s visit, perhaps take a picnic or enjoy one of the many restaurants on the grounds and take your time to “be” in the energy of these horticulture creations. I was so moved and inspired by these creations and there were some amazing energy captures that emanate what I was feeling that I hope you enjoy in the photos I’m sharing in this post.

All of this and more (as these are just some of the things we did), along with perfect company, great and conscious conversations, fun, laughs, and reflective time. I didn’t get my usual amount of sleep, as when you’re in the presence of souls you haven’t seen in ages, it’s part of the fun to absorb all you can – pajama parties I like to call them.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the hospitality shared and for helping to create the feeling of home where ever I was. You are all so lovingly giving and uniquely incredible.

the earth our homeI hope you enjoy a glimpse into the connections and experiences of this shared week, along with photos of our time and some of the other things I didn’t mention.

I am now officially back in creation mode with everything so I am available for all regular services once again and will be sharing a bunch of new things including events and creations, as well as upcoming retreats you may feel inspired to join.

Happy Friday and a beautiful weekend to each of you! Create each moment in the fullness of your heart’s reflection!



2013-08-06 15.27.04

2013-08-06 15.02.33artist's workbirdhouses along the lakebridgecelestial birthingchinese garden and ray of lightcrudescencecoventinagiant butterfliesgiant-sunflower2giant-sunflowergreen-man-and-boarsholding the energyhope and odyssey2horseskelp at farmer's market, torontolake flowersmeeting of the four nationsmontreal city view from mount royalmontreal stadiummother earthmother earth2mother earth3mother earth hand and horsesmother-earth-fullnotre-dameraccoon6raccoon4raccoon5raccoon-friendrainbow energy butterflyrock and rainbow energysea turtle pianosquirrel2squirrel funsun energy on tree of birdstree of birdstree of birds with sun peeking throughwater-faucetthrough the stargatesunflowers-and-violet-ray

Reiki Certification Weekend in Montreal

reiki2Join us for a powerfully transformative and heart-opening weekend as we explore the empowering journey of Reiki. This will be a fun and intensive certification weekend that will take you through the levels of training that resonate with your current life desires.

It’s been a while since I’ve traveled to Canada and never to Montreal, so I was grateful for the opportunity to come teach in the area and am very excited to share some quality time connecting with you there.

Thank you to my amazing friend, Eric Lavallee, who will be our gracious host and will also assist with some French translation if needed. I will be teaching in English and because my mother was born in France, I speak a little French and understand it, but Eric will be present at all times to assist as our official English/French expert for the weekend! :)

The Reiki classes offered are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training. Each level takes this knowledge to a much deeper and more refined level and frequency that will help align your heart with the Universal heart.

This offering is provided with intention to support you to help yourself and to learn how to support integrative healing for others (whether people or animal companions) towards compassionate goals, intentions and worldwide healing and change. Reiki is a perfect antidote to stress relief, more peace, balance, clarity and overall well-being that can transform and help support your chosen path in life. Reiki can also help to empower your goals and more efficiently come from a heart-based place in attaining desired, harmonious results for the highest good.

reiki-practiceYou will receive training and certification in Reiki 1 and 2, which will be offered together on Saturday August 3rd, and Reiki 3 Master Teacher training will be offered on Sunday August 4th. There is the option to join for one or both of the days. See details below on pricing.

Pre-Registration is necessary since I will be traveling from California to support your journey with this. 

A non-refundable deposit holds your place. 

I’ll be coming from out of town and have travel expenses, so we hope you understand and this is also why we need to know official head counts for the Reiki classes ahead of time for the preparations it involves.

Payment Plan Options Are Available. Please Inquire If You Need Assistance With This



Montreal, Quebec – Location provided upon registration


Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Time and Schedule for Both Days:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Reiki training with Tania Marie

Pre-Registration Specials (Payment plan options available & secure Paypal credit card payments accepted):

Reiki 1 and 2 classes on Saturday: $300 (savings of $200 off regular price of $500)

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Class on Sunday: $500 (savings of $166 off regular price of $666)

All 3 classes: $750 (savings of $250 off regular price of $1000)


Please direct all inquiries to me at or message me here on facebook.

Looking forward to connecting with you all. I also likely will be traveling with my Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina, (and any other crystal friends who decide to join) so it is sure to be a powerful experience. I have several friends in the area and so I may end up spending a bit of time in and around Montreal and Toronto. I’m looking forward to meeting up with some very dear and long time friends there, some of which I haven’t yet met in person. Excited for what the Universe has in store!

Costa Mesa, California Reiki Levels 1 & 2 July 1st Summer Class


My Reiki sacred tattoo

Aside from the opportunity you still have to learn Reiki with me in Bimini over the 6/16 – 6/22 Summer Solstice Retreat, I have a class scheduled for Monday July 1st, just about a week after I return, for anyone who may want to join.

Since I am available to teach 7 days a week, depending on mutual schedules, week and weekends are always an option. You can always contact me to set up a private class to work with your schedule or keep an eye out on classes I post that you may want to join.

So if you have a flexible schedule, work from home, or happen to have that Monday July 1st off, or would like to take it off to extend your weekend (or July 4th celebrations) to enhance your life experience with a new spark, you are welcome to join the Reiki 1 and 2 class that I will be teaching that day.

As always, past students are welcome to audit for free, which can be especially beneficial if you are planning to teach yourself, or simply want a refresher course on the material, along with more practice.

The class will be held Monday July 1st from 9am – 3pm in Costa Mesa, California. Details given upon registration.

If you’d like to join please contact me at with questions and to register.

For more information on Reiki and the classes I offer, please visit: Reiki

Discounts available for 2 or more people who join together.

New Jersey Summer Synergy – Reiki, Yoga, Crystals, Meditations & More

The Reiki workshop portion of this weekend has been postponed. Will keep you posted when new dates are confirmed. The event portion will still be taking place. Contact for details. 

Join us for a pre-summer celebration of you as we join together again for another high-vibed weekend of energy flow and fun that will leave you feeling enlivened.

If you missed our marathon fun, high vibed New Jersey Reiki & Yoga weekend last time, now’s the chance to catch it again, but with new fun events added for a chance to jump in on a life-enhancing experience that will support that inner glow from the inside out.

We will begin each day anchoring in the experience of Unity with Reiki training by myself, which will support you to open yourself to living, giving and receiving in empowering ways and support a fresh new journey. And we will have a fun event that will bring in the synergy of offerings from Yoga & Reiki Master Teacher & Holistic Health Coach, Venus Banguela and Intuitive Artist & Healer & Reiki Master Teacher, Jennifer Helminski.

Reiki 1 and 2 will be offered together on Saturday June 1st and Reiki 3 Master Teacher training will be offered on Sunday June 2nd. There is the option to join for one or both of the days. See details below on pricing.

Pre-Registration is necessary and will help dictate how the weekend unfolds and the rest of the fun events we have planned. 

Deadline to Register is: Monday April 29th

A non-refundable deposit holds your place. I’ll be coming from out of town and have travel expenses, so we hope you understand and is also why we need to know official head counts for the Reiki classes ahead of time for the preparations it involves. 

Payment Plan Options Are Available. Please Inquire If You Need Assistance With This

As mentioned, we will also be offering a fun event of gentle and empowering spiritual offerings that will leave you feeling blissful, either in the evening on one of the days or on Sunday afternoon in place of Reiki 3 Master Teacher training. This is also why early registration is necessary, as I can only schedule things based on need.

Once we receive all registrations we will announce the official event times and day, and specific details, but to give you an idea, this event will offer an eclectic mix of short sessions including:

  • A Reiki share (where all new and already established practitioners and teachers will offer Reiki healings together – all new students encouraged and welcomed to join in to practice)
  • Empowering Reiki Healing Attunements will be offered by the Reiki Master Teachers (Tania Marie, Jennifer Helminski & Venus Banguela)
  • A specifically focused yoga session with Venus Banguela
  • Guided meditations by Tania Marie
  • A talk on Crystal energy and get a chance to see some of the beautiful crystal jewelry creations of Jennifer Helminski
  • Other offerings will be available as well – more details to come!

You are welcome to come just for this event as well, if you can’t make the Reiki workshops in the day. 


Infinitive Wellness Sharanam
Nutley, New Jersey – Location provided upon registration
Vegan lunch and beverages provided, but please bring any snacks, lunch or beverages that you may desire


Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Time and Schedule for Both Days:

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Reiki training with Tania Marie

Summer Synergy Event – To be determined (either starting at 5pm on one of the days or will replace the Reiki session on Sunday) – This event is $5 to join and covers your food. Reiki Share, meditations and talks are FREE. Other services and offerings will be available during this event for purchase.

Registration Contributions (Payment plan options available & secure Paypal credit card payments accepted):

Reiki 1 and 2 classes on Saturday: $400 (savings of $100 off regular discount price of $500)

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Class on Sunday: $600 (savings of $66 off regular price of $666)

All 3 classes: $800 (savings of $200 off regular discount price of $1000)

Contact Tania at to register 

Activation and Acceleration – Our Magical Marathon New Jersey Reiki Weekend

tania marie

Me all excited and vibed up before Reiki 3 Master Teacher training

One three-letter word about sums up this past weekend….WOW! As you know, I was off on the East Coast teaching accelerated Reiki workshops in partnership with Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach, Venus Banguela, who added to the weekend with her beautiful yoga practice. Saturday began with yoga and ended with a full day of Reiki 1 and 2 explorations. And Sunday we jumped right in with Reiki 3 Master Teacher training. Everything unfolded perfectly from start to finish in terms of what we all needed to support the highest good.

The energy was so vibed up and powerful that I’m still feeling the effects and have heard the same from some of the students who were in attendance. It’s kind of hard for me to call them students, as they truly are my friends and are powerful souls that have been and will continue to light up the world in big ways. Everything really is a process of remembering and calling back up the Divinity that you are already. I’m grateful to be able to help facilitate some of that process.


Our group the first day at completiong of our marathon training with an orb appearing directly above

Everyone who was part of the weekend, including Venus, was someone I had never met in person before (although in a couple of cases had already created and been aware of strong soul bonds with), except for Anne, who I had previously met in Bimini on my last retreat where I had taught Reiki 1 and 2 (she was now completing her Reiki journey with Reiki 3 Master Teacher training), and yet it was like we were all a family picking up from where we left off from the last time of our togetherness.

Teaching wasn’t something I thought I’d ever be doing, especially given how shy I was and how stressful speaking in front of groups always had been. Interestingly, that’s not how I came into this world, as when I was a little girl I used to sing in a choir from age 3 -5 in front of hundreds of people, dance and star in ballet performances at the same age, and perform with my brother in front of any guests my parents had that would watch. :) It wasn’t until my family moved and I started kindergarten at a new school that things showed up for me that were a combination of carry through from other life experiences and conditioning. This began my process of integration and evolution to where I am now.

tania marie teaching

Practicing Reiki 1 and 2

And now, teaching is one of my greatest joys with the one heart intent of empowering others. I shared about this in a blog: The Power of Reiki Healing Attunements and Teaching Reiki

This past weekend was invigorating in many ways and I am very grateful for the unfolding perfection that took place. It also was the longest marathon of teaching ever in my experience thus far! LOL! Everyone was so enthusiastic and open to whatever the day unveiled and I was happy to support that, especially since it’s not every day I am there and wanted to make sure to provide what I could while I was. Plus, we were having so much fun and fun is what it’s all about, after all, isn’t it?

tania marie teaching

Practicing Reiki 3

It was so beautiful to me to know that everyone was so ready for this transformational experience, even if they had started out questioning some things. I saw the transformations take place during the class and we even took photos at the start and end that revealed the energy shifts people had gone through.

And each of the initiation attunements held beautiful experiences for everyone, including new experiences for some and in one case reconnected an Atlantean life shared with myself that resulted in an activation and integration into the now, what was then.

reiki practice

Practicing Reiki 1 and 2

We ended up having about a 12 hour day on Saturday and a 10 hour day on Sunday, which also included delicious, healthy and grounding lunches prepared by Venus (and taste-tested by me), yoga on the first day to kick start everything, and supportive conversations that arose from what was triggered in the process of learning. And when we weren’t engaged in the energy of all of that, it was laughter until we were crying and a lot of sharing. Nonstop energy and fun! I was so spoiled by Venus with all the good food she was making us and me (quite the treat to be taken care of!) and apparently she was trying to find a way to keep me too. LOL.


Venus sneakily talked me into doing a headstand (only the 2nd I’ve ever done) at midnight

We would sit at night talking while she prepped the food for lunch the next day, which I got to give the taste approval on, and she even cooked us a late dinner and juiced for me after Saturday’s long class, kept me hydrated with coconut water with chia seeds that she made us, and together we discovered making yummy dishes like coconut quinoa – YUM! I also received a lovely gift goody bag upon arrival (little did we both know that we had one for each other) and on our first evening together and our last celebratory night, enjoyed two delicious Thai restaurants. She even had me doing a hand stand and the splits at midnight and laughing all the way through. OMG! And on our last day I provided bindis to all the women and we were like a group of little witches gathering in supportive love and power with one another for our Reiki 3 Master Teacher training.

coconut quinoa

Coconut quinoa – soooo good


Veggie pasta with drizzling of Saba and edamame on the side

It was a fully packed, non-stop weekend that left us all feeling the magic. Sure glad we were eating healthy and what for me was grounding foods, that I stayed centered in my heart, and that I’ve been so immersed in spending hours in nature all of the time preceding this (following my inner guidance as to what is good for me and what isn’t), as a weekend like this would not have been energetically possible otherwise. Those are the kinds of things that keep me balanced, grounded, and from blowing out my energy when it is so high. Because I have been so diligent and listening to myself and keeping my balance, I was able to maintain the same level of energy the whole weekend through even with the marathon teaching days. Yes, I’ve learned and am putting to practice what I know of my processes now.


Celebratory Thai dinner out with the girls

While a weekend like this can be a lot, the beautiful souls that were there were so ready for it and I believe that the nurturing environment Venus and I were conscious to create for everyone really supported this process to happen as it did. I’ve been thrilled to hear about several of the people already kick-starting everything in high gear since. Some have gone out and gotten their massage tables or are looking into finding one, getting all their promotional material ready to get their own practices started, and were already practicing on others and doing all of the leg work to move forward with incorporating Reiki into their life and service. One beautiful and dear soul sister already has a position lined up for her at a holistic clinic and we were able to support her with the last energetic pieces and tools to move that into being. I see and feel each of them having thriving experiences as they continue to cultivate their practices.


The beautiful souls before Reiki 1 and 2 class

And for myself, all of this energy has continued to fuel all that I am engaged in right now, giving me the ability to thrive in a time when I have a ton of things going on all at once and returned from the weekend needing to prepare for my upcoming art showcase tomorrow in Los Angeles.

reiki 3 master teacher training

Completion of Reiki 3 Master Teacher class – yay!


Reiki 3 practice

It was a magical and accelerated weekend all around. Teaching Reiki 1 and 2 together has become pretty much the norm in my practice, as it provides people the tools for empowerment and the ability and opportunity to expand and deepen, as well as integrate things further, which is needed now with the focus on healing integration. It’s not something I had set out to do, but with the acceleration of things and following the guidance received in mirror to the needs of others, it has developed into being. I still offer them separately if so desired, but 99% of the people that come to me have opted to go this route. Doing an accelerated weekend of all three levels is also an option people have if they feel ready. It’s not something that happens often, but I do provide the option, as it’s a personal choice as to what someone is ready for and wanting in their life.


Venus and me at the end of Reiki 1 and 2 her first day. She rocked all three levels this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who showed up this weekend and embraced the personal journey of accelerated activation, each in your own way. I honor your courage and am grateful for you shining your light ever-brightly. I look forward to hearing about the empowered creative process you are choosing.

The way to activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you activate vast human energies and resources, which otherwise go untapped. ~Robert Fritz

Activate yourself to duty by remembering your position, who you are, and what you have obliged yourself to be. ~Thomas Kempis

venus-and-me3It’s looking like we’ll likely be setting up another round of Reiki training workshops in New Jersey, so stay tuned. In the meantime don’t forget there’s the upcoming Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat (pre-registration discounts end this Friday) where I’ll also be providing Reiki training in the magic of the Atlantean energy of Bimini, Bahamas. And as always, if you are interested in Reiki classes I’m available locally for both private or group training, or you can set up a workshop where you live. Details can be found here: Host a Reiki Workshop Event in Your Home Town and Group Discounts for Locals

You can contact me at with any questions and to discuss the class choices available so that you can better choose what would best be supportive for your personal journey.

I look forward to continuing to support this empowering process and to teaching more workshops in the future.


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