Exciting Announcement – New Crystal Creations and a New Partnership

Tania and Allison

Today I just wanted to share my excitement and elation over the new crystal healing pendants that are in birthing process as I speak. New Joyful Earth Crystals are on their way and I’m so grateful for the synchronous perfection of the partnership that has evolved through my patience. I have been holding on to my crystal friends and design ideas for a good 3 years + and these crystals have patiently awaited the right timing and collaboration. We have gone through quite the journey and process together. But alas! The timing has come and I’ve already seen the amazing results of my determined patience and wow! I know people will be amazed at not only the energy of these new crystal pendants, but the spectacular, etheric grace and organic beauty that is a cosmic home run!

As I shared before, Allison Jacobson, craftsman and designer extraordinaire, as well as Reiki Master Teacher (whom I was so honored to teach and attune) has joined me in bringing these new lovely crystalline beings into creation. Couldn’t have dreamed of a better match made in heaven. We can’t wait to debut the first of the new collection at the upcoming Circa 92 Runway and Tania Marie Art Show: http://www.facebook.com/events/349083525115934/

This will be a sneak peek at some of the new pieces with tons more on the way. There will be two lines, which include Joyful Earth Crystals and a new fun line Allison will be developing. More on that soon. We have teamed our gifts for some supercharged pieces. And I’m also super excited about a brand new collection that I have been intending for a few years as well, to include some very spectacular and unique head pieces (the first piece will be one that I’ve been waiting to create for myself and I will model it off when it is complete).

But like with anything, all good things come with patience, as we aren’t wanting to skimp on quality or energetic timing and making sure that each piece receives its love, refinement, programmed energy activation, and intuitive and thoughtful devotion.

It’s quite the process and I have had to learn to never become attached to the crystals that have specifically come to me for the intention to go to others. Allison and I were just discussing this the other day, as it can be challenging when you put your love and care into something like we are, to not want to keep them, as these crystals emerge dazzling. But it’s something I have come to understand in my service work with them that they call to me for different reasons and I had to become good at discerning which that was – to move through me so that I can get them to their proper keeper, or to stay with me.

Allison and Tania as Alice and the White Rabbit - Magick from the Rabbit Hole!

So I keep it in mind always and experience it is a joy to create and pass these on to their new friends, as the crystals recognize those that are the channels to move through. They also know who are the ones that can help to reactivate them. It’s like we are the gate keepers or crystal baby sitters, if you will, for them to go to their guardians – the conduits for them to move through and to become empowered once again once we find them. We give them love and programming and then they are activated into their full empowered loveliness once again.

It’s like the crystals go to the crystal spa crystal when they are with us, where we revitalize them to go back into the world to do their work!

I LOVE this process and fully enjoy and embrace the journey with our crystal friends and am grateful to now walk the path with Allison.

Stay tuned! New crystal pendants on the way very shortly. Will post some likely this week!

As always, custom requests are welcome. You can contact us through the site: http://taniamarie.com/crystaljewelry.htm

We will be announcing a lot of new changes to my company Emerald Bridge shortly, including new services and fun stuff!

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