Seeing the Forest for the Trees – July Energies to be Mindful of

One of my favorite trees I found up in Big Bear on the bike path, with a special orb gift 😉

It’s been a while since my last post and this one will be on the shorter side, as I was away on a little vacation in the mountains and forests of Big Bear, which started off with blowing out my computer and cell after receiving some powerful messages and insights – including a download received by connecting via third eye to third eye with my beloved Joy (rabbit companion), while she went into trance, receiving a channeled message via her from beyond.

Everything leading up to the trip, the trip itself and after, have been extremely transformative  and continue to expand in interesting ways. A revealing of much depth, inner truth and connection, seeing with greater clarity and understanding, messages coming in many forms. All this leading to a time of much sifting through of everything, as I seem to be in the Hanged Man position (like in Tarot) allowing for new perspective and temporarily in this unique perspective, in a place that can’t be explained to anyone’s satisfaction of understanding, but ultimately doesn’t need to be. This is a time for breaking from all old by choice, to achieve a higher good from this period of major transition. An opportunity for expansion in committing to what is in our hearts and coming to master the knowingness within to create a new reality mirroring of that.

Sounds and feels like many are experiencing much the same in their own ways relative to each person’s path.

“To thine own self be true.”

I was unable to post Lee Harris’ Energy Forecast for July, as I was away and without computer access. But the messages he shares I feel to be powerfully transformative and helpful to that change of perspective and coming to empower and honor yourself in a way that supports a loving, higher good.

My favorite thing Lee shares is this:

I sometimes meet those on the spiritual path who believe that the revolution on Earth has to be a ‘certain’ way. That a certain tradition or practise which they follow is superior to all else. If any of you are holding that energy, now is the time to closely look at it and ask yourself why you feel so convinced of what the rest of the world needs? How could you possibly know what will work for everyone else? The greatest knowing you will ever be able to master is the knowing you will come to inside yourself. Whether you call that knowing God, or your higher self, or just knowing you.

So honour and love your own practise but deeply commit to it for yourself, without distracting yourself by needing others to join you in it. Remember, several routes, same destination. So whenever you catch that need for others to do it ‘your way’, recognise how your energy is externalising onto others. Projecting your belief outward, rather than deepening inward with your belief, thus losing your own energy.

Judgement of the ways of others, feeling superior to others or believing you are more advanced than others are the evident traps in the spiritual community. None of these thoughts or projections will help the ‘others’ you are viewing that way to evolve. It will just dim your own energy to create the good you are capable of creating, and puts back out into the world further seeds of war energy, thus encouraging others to contract in fear rather than expand in love.

~Lee Harris

There are many valuable things in Lee’s message, but I will let you explore them through your own heart by listening to his words here:

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