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I’m painting away and as always, as I paint, I let myself be guided to different music for each moment and part of the journey of creative channeling. Right now, I’m vibe-ing high, listening to one of my favorites by Krishna Das, Om Namah Shivaya – a very powerful mantra. I just love to sing it and feel it at my core. For me, it feels like a celebration and honoring of life and the divine nature within all that leads me to my origins.

Literally, it means  “I bow to Shiva” – the supreme reality, the inner Self, the name of your true identity, and the consciousness dwelling in all.

Here is some insight from Wikipedia on the mantra: 

Namaḥ Śivāya is the most holy name of God Śiva, recorded at the very center of the Vedas and elaborated in the Śaiva Agamas.

Na is the Lord’s concealing grace, Ma is the world, Śi stands for Śiva, Va is His revealing grace, Ya is the soul. The five elements, too, are embodied in this ancient formula for invocation. Na is earth, Ma is water, Śi is fire, Vā is air, and Ya is ether, or Akasa. Many are its meanings.

Namaḥ Śivaya has such power, the mere intonation of these syllables reaps its own reward in salvaging the soul from bondage of the treacherous instinctive mind and the steel bands of a perfected externalized intellect. Namaḥ Śivāya quells the instinct, cuts through the steel bands and turns this intellect within and on itself, to face itself and see its ignorance. Sages declare that mantra is life, that mantra is action, that mantra is love and that the repetition of mantra, japa, bursts forth wisdom from within.

This is not only my favorite version of it, but also my favorite from Krishna Das, just because for me, it evokes a core high vibrational resonance and ancient, heart connection within me. I’m listening to it right now on my cd in repeat mode LOL. 


New Moon to a New You

Today’s New Moon carries with it the energy of new beginnings and clear vision. This is a perfect time to release ancient baggage that has been weighing you down, forgiving, and saying “buh-bye old, hello new!”

Last evening, after a long day, I made my way to the beach to watch the sunset and walk along the edge where the water meets the sand, as I held intention for things I desired to create. This always feels renewing, cleansing and recharging to me and felt perfect in preparation for the New Moon energy of today. I stayed at the beach until the first signs of twinkling stars made their appearance and enjoyed the stillness of communing with the ocean and cosmos in solitude with myself. The water was warm and inviting after a very hot day of sun at crazy high temperatures, which is only getting hotter today! It’s been an unusually hot summer along the coast here, but it made the normally colder waters just perfect to enjoy. Today it is going to hit 99 here, and I’m feeling the beach calling me again after some time painting today. It’s always inspiring for my work to connect with the ocean and I love reading at the beach, which I intend to do today, as well as to clear my mind, and set more intentions.

The New Moon is perfect to work on the energy showing up most prominently in your life and for putting into motion a new plan of action. It’s a great time to set intentions and goals and to creatively visualize and find clarity on the essence of what you desire, but then to actually take at least small baby steps towards those things to show the universe you are serious. This is a time to walk the walk, as words just float off on a cloud when we don’t anchor them in.

Perhaps you have had continuous nudges to do something you’ve always wanted, to leave unhealthy situations, to turn a hobby into a passionate career, or have received clear signs and messages from spirit that seem surprising to you, but you can’t shake and know speak to the heart of you and would be beneficial to listen to. Now is the time to get things a-rockin-and-rollin.

This is a great time to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start – kind of like a snake shedding it’s skin or a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon. Nothing holds us back but us. This is an opportune time to take the steps that lead you on the life path you are meant to live. Ask for assistance in cleansing yourself of the old toxic energy that has been blocking you. Fears have no power over you unless you allow them to. A great time to cut chords, lovingly forgive, and to move on and never look back. So many others are breaking through the veils of fear and this enables others more easily to do so and provides tons of support systems out there to assist and help keep the momentum of motivation going if you have challenge staying positively focused.

It’s a great time to shut off mass media, stop or cut down your television or news watching and reading, since these work on us in subconscious ways most aren’t equipped to handle and can affect us whether we think so or not. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt and create the reality you desire.

It’s a time to break free and to liberate yourself from everything that has ever been holding you back, conscious or unconscious. We can be ingenious at self-sabotage, but now it’s time to be master alchemists. Get clear with what you want – the most powerful way to do this is to be clear of the “essence” you desire from the things you want. This will attract in what best mirrors your highest good. Creative visualization is powerful. Living “as if” you already are or have what you desire, clear of fear and with complete peace and faith will support your manifestation of it much more quickly and magically. Use whatever method resonates for you – be it journaling, creating a personal mantra, a poem, making a painting, a vision board, holding a sacred ceremony…or simply just “be it, live it, do it.”

Whatever you feel called to do, when done with and from your heart and with intention it is always for the highest good of all concerned, this will draw in optimal results.

Happy New Moon!


1 More Day For Reiki Class Discounts – Applies To In-Person & International Classes

Don’t forget, if you’d like to take advantage of the current Reiki Class Specials the deadline to schedule your class and place a deposit of $100 to hold your date is tomorrow, 9/15.

If you want to attend one or both of the classes this weekend on 9/15 and 9/16, full payment will be needed today, 9/14.

There is currently a Reiki class scheduled also for the weekend of 9/22 and 9/23 that you are welcome to join as well.

Otherwise, feel free to propose any day, week or weekend, that would work for you and we can set up a personalized and private class that would be most supportive to your needs.

These specials can be applied to both in-person and International classes by distance via Skype, but you must schedule the class by tomorrow with a deposit. Once you do so, we can discuss a day and time, as well as your individual desires, to schedule a class personalized to you. I also offer super-accelerated classes that are taught in a shorter time, condensed  but just as potent, to accommodate individual schedules and full lives.

You may contact me at with any questions and to schedule your Reiki class. I look forward to supporting you on this journey.



Loving and Living “Your” Truth – Taking the Steps to Creating the Life You Want

Many are facing a sort of crossroads in their lives, be it with relationships, jobs, health, or the inner landscape of experience. There are no right or wrong answers, as all choices lead you to where ever you need to be. We can however be more discerning, conscious, wise, unconditionally loving and open with ourselves when making these very impactful choices. And when we listen within, we will discover a journey of rainbows constantly guiding the way.

A common theme I have seen happening with clients, friends and others I come in contact with, is that of choices and shifts with their “work or job,” which in essence speaks to life paths or missions, authentic heart callings…all of which affect every aspect of our lives.

It may seem you are confused or frustrated with deciding what road to take in terms of your work, but this really is a very core decision that runs far deeper than merely how your work will channel itself. It speaks in essence to who you are at the heart of hearts and how you choose to consistently channel that through every aspect of your life – work being ONE such channel.

Many are straddling the fence with one foot on both sides, but this can only go on for so long, as it not only drains your energy and life essence (creating a multitude of external mirroring challenges), but will never allow wholeness, fulfillment and progression with either.

So it really is about taking stock of what you value in totality, who you are at the core away from all enculturated conditioning, what your beliefs are and what brings you the greatest joy despite what anyone else would think and without comparing or judging it against what anyone else is doing. This can be challenging and will test us on every level, as we have to let go of ideas we’ve been taught that equate to this scary word – success.

What does success mean to you? When you can answer that question and it doesn’t feel like you are reiterating your parent’s, teacher’s, employer’s, society’s, or media’s words then you will have your answer. There is no right or wrong here. And perhaps another way to view this word success is to see it as what does happiness mean to you?

To me, happiness/success is feeling joy in every moment, feeling good about everything I do and share – knowing it reflects authentically, channeling the expressions of my heart in satisfying and harmonious ways that reflect my unique gifts for the highest good, feeling whole on the inside without need for external validation, knowing I have everything I need always, and simultaneously being able to do what I love in a way that is of service to others.

Sometimes we are so busy doing that we aren’t able to hear our inner voice that tries to get our attention. And if we don’t hear it, or ignore those gut instincts, it will speak more loudly in the only ways it knows it WILL get our attention – many times if necessary and in not so pleasant ways perhaps.

I used to be someone who was on the move always and working tons, or always out, or wanting to get to the next place. However, I also have always been a person of solitude and very comfortable with being by myself and cherish that quiet “me” time. I have a strong drive and can achieve things unhumanly possible, but I have learned to let that side of me relax and to step away from things. The thing is I love what I do as work. Rather, I would see it as play since it is joyous to do. I would view it more as a natural extension of me that I can’t live without and do because it’s a passion.

It is because of this that I have no concept of things like retirement, as to me that has this connotation of “I have to work hard all of my life doing things I don’t really enjoy, until I get old enough to stop doing that and relax and do what I want finally.” By this time you’ve used up 3/4 of your life doing everything but what you might have wanted to do, if you had known you could choose otherwise. I can’t fathom not doing something that I love always. If it’s your breath of life and no different than eating, sleeping and breathing, then why would that ever stop, unless you are in some way incapacitated? And even then, my belief is somehow I’d find some unconventionally, quirky, visionary, way to still do what I love in service to others.

I also don’t have the concept sometimes of stopping my “work,” as to me it is so enlivening, so there is no distinction for me between it and life. I do however know the importance of just “being” and while part of that is being my authentic me expressing in the way it wants, it also means that I need to honor the authentic me that likes and needs stillness, being in the experience of listening, receiving, and breathing in the natural world – shutting down the mind, stopping the male manifestation of my creative action and honoring the female receptive and feeling action to flow in, as that is what fuels everything I am able to create outwardly.

Just because one goes inward and honors that peaceful place of “quiet” does not mean that action is not taking place. This time allows for us to recharge and receive what we then are able to give and put out. It allows things to percolate and for divine timing to work its magic. Without honoring both aspects of ourselves, we deny our wholeness and in essence live half the story. There is much to be heard in silence. Being present with self and others is a gift few master.

The more you consciously make this a practice, the more it naturally becomes your way of life without thought. Nothing feels separate. Everything is connected. And all of life – work and play – blends one into the other and life just IS. It IS an extension of YOU BEING YOU.

A lot of you are facing major changes in your life and I know that can be scary. Some are being offered higher paying positions, which equates to having more things you like to have or vacations you need to take away from what you don’t like, while it also means more time away from yourself and family and creates more responsibilities. And at the same time, you have these inner heart callings tugging you the other way that feel so exciting, natural and comforting to your soul, but carry with them no guarantees and ask of you to put your all into them – trust, faith, passions, energy, and love – with the potential for temporarily letting go of things you’ve gotten comfortable having that have appeased you and provided excuse for doing things that don’t make you happy.

Each has their own things to weigh, but the problem is, we end up weighing them from a place of inexperience and from the view on one side of the “known” fence. We are very well trained in the world we have been living, but the new we feel called to seems fresh and unchartered. There is no way to really “know” the new if we don’t immerse ourselves in it the same way we have the old. Our judgments are biased and have no place in the new realm. The new is navigated solely by heart and intuition – two things we are learning to nurture and allow full reign in our lives now, where before the mind and practical thought has reigned. In this way we shift the focus of the guiding forces, as well as the support systems, into a more efficient and magical partnership.

If you truly lived life from love – love of self, what you do, others, etc…what would be missing? When there is wholeness experienced, there is no feeling of lack and no need to acquire all of these things, or take a vacation away from the joyous experience you have daily. If you want  to buy something or take a vacation it is a choice and icing on the cake, but likely becomes just a natural part of your life that supports the expression of you, just as everything else would become natural and not done with a feeling of resentment or escapism, or something needed to counter-balance all the time spent in unhappiness or stress.

So, if you go to the new, it would need a whole new approach, but with the same amount of investment you’ve given to all else in your life. You can’t just expect that just because you make a decision to do it, that that magically means instant everything. All of your parts need time to get on board and become integrated, and retraining into what’s natural from what’s been conditioned needs to be put into practice, which will mean more happiness and freedom experienced, as well as greater potential for synchronous magic because you are supporting your authentic self.

It will take your loving patience, consistent support, and perhaps support and inspiration from other like-minded people and mentors, to provide positive motivation to you in cultivating what you love. It can happen quite rapidly when embraced in fullness, as things move quite fast these days in comparison to before. And when the Universe sees you support yourself, it is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Life changes, yes. And there will be times of fluctuating experiences, as with anything. But life will feel good.

The last time I held what would be considered a regular, office job was 2002-2003. I vowed never to go back. I went through many explorations with work and held 3 different office jobs in my life, alongside lots of other things, but the 3rd was the charm and was the amount that I needed to wake myself up with all the signs and hard nudges. Sometimes it just takes that one moment in time, that one epiphany, person, word, movie, book, quote, video, experience…to click things for you. And some times, it can also take not-so-nice experiences that we call up to get our attention.

It doesn’t mean that others aren’t meant to do office work or hold corporate jobs, as we all have unique paths and gifts, but for me, this was not most reflective of my soul. I was good at it, but that was because anything I made a decision to do, I would do to my best ability and well. That doesn’t mean it is natural or joyous. It’s just robotic and fell into things I was conditioned with and needed to let go of.

I had worked endlessly on myself since my late years of high school – going deep in my early twenties and on. So when I was faced with this decision to leave my last job, because of the self exploration and personal growth I’d focused on, I knew it was what I wanted to do, I knew where my heart was and wasn’t, I knew what was and wasn’t healthy, I had already put my focus into creating a side art business while working at my job (since I was so efficient with my work I developed my first artist website to start doing commissioned art and designs)…I just hadn’t had that last “click” take place that would push me over the edge to quit. There were those last remnants of fear, uncertainty, questioning, doubts…all stemming, I knew, from a place not authentic to me.

I waited for a sign while I kept working on things and started a couple of art commissions and one day had this inspiration to write a letter to a woman I’d never met, who was a good friend of my best friend at the time. She was very spiritual, conscious, had her own business doing what she loved, and was successful in terms of being able to make a comfortable living and living in joy. I did not know how she could help me. I only knew I should write her and share my story and reach out to ask if she had any words of wisdom. I mailed off the letter and didn’t hear from her for weeks. Until one day, after a series of signs at work, which was so stressful and I really was so unhappy at and didn’t like the employers I worked for, I came home and found a message on my voicemail from her.

Just that felt like the sign I was looking for. I remember lighting up hearing her voice and that she actually got in touch with me. I called her that weekend and we talked for a couple of hours on the phone. She never specifically gave me advice, but she told me her story…a very magical one indeed. She said the same thing I knew, that I would know when the time is right, as it will just feel like a click and there will be no fear, just clarity and peace.

And that is EXACTLY what happened in the course of our conversation and immediately after I got off the phone. I JUST KNEW. It was the click I had been waiting for to trigger within me and get all my pieces on board. And whatever fear was left had dissipated. It was more like she had mirrored myself, my inner voice, that knew everything she said was what would be for me, but I had to trust it utterly and completely and support it with all of myself. There was no room for doubt. I then embraced the moment and acted. I would not wait. The time was now.

I sat down and made a plan that night (it was the weekend). That I would quit my job in one month’s time and tell them so on Monday. I knew how much money I’d have, which gave me a little leeway with my rent for about 2 months and I then started on sending energy (at the time I did not know Reiki, but still worked with energy in my own way) to my employer who always made me feel uneasy. As I did a meditation and walked myself through the whole conversation, as it would happen, angels appeared in my vision standing behind him at his desk where I would talk to him, with their hands on his shoulders. I knew all would go well.

And it did. Better than one could have imagined.

I also told myself I would not say a word to my parents about it, this time. I knew that as a Pisces and a sensitive, I had very thin, to no, boundaries. This was something I had to do without anyone knowing, as I wanted to keep the integrity of the energy pure, authentically me, and not invite any one’s opinions in, not feel anyone’s energy influencing anything, and to do this completely on my own. I promised I would not tell them until after I’d already quit and I stuck to that.

When I did tell them, nearly a month after, I was so grounded and empowered, and believed with every fiber of my being, that even telling them was a piece of cake and was met with full embrace, support and excitement, mirroring my own. My belief created a reflected belief from them.

And that last month at work was a breeze and things started magically happening. I would meet people “randomly” and people would out-of-the-blue start talking about art – at the grocery store, coming into the office from outside, where ever I was – and wanted to commission something. Even the owner of the company I was working for commissioned me to do a mural in their lobby right after I quit my job! LOL!!!

It was one of the best times of my life. After I left the job, I enjoyed a very simple and happy life in my studio apartment, with my sweet Nestor, painting every day working on projects, getting up late, hanging by my pool just outside my place and spending time doing what I wanted on my own schedule. I never knew where my rent and bills money would come from and sometimes it would be just days before it was due, but I would always have some magical thing come through and all was well. I had everything I needed and I was emanating joy. It was also at this time that two of my most life-changing commissioned pieces came in that would shape the rest of my life as an artist and opened up deeper soul remembrances that shifted my experience in big ways.

And the rest, as they say, is history and has been a continually unfolding process of discovery, deeper connection, explorative learning, and evolutionary transformation that has taken me down many roads to uncover and release the authentic parts of me in the way they want to reveal themselves. Not having an end result in mind, but knowing each leg of the journey was integral to the bigger picture.

I share my experience of this transition briefly, in case it has any sparks or seeds that might provide that click for you. There is much that led up to this time period and much that has taken place since, but it marked a very big turning point in terms of making a committed soul decision that ensured I would not go back again. It was like drawing an imaginary line that I would never be able to cross.

I always love Shakti Gawain’s insights and perspectives. Her books are some of the firsts I read on my spiritual journey. She has some great things to share in her book, Living in the Light, on just this topic in the chapter, Work and Play. Here is an excerpt from that chapter to reflect upon. Many blessings to each of you as you follow the guidance of your heart in making the choices that will shape your life.

Work and play are the same. When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. Work is no longer what you have to do or play what you want to do. When you are doing what you love, you may work harder and produce more than ever before, but it will feel like play. 

…When we follow the light, everything is fun, creative, and transformational. We make a contribution to the world just by being ourselves in every moment. There are no more rigid categories in our lives – this is work, this is play. It all blends into the flow of following the universe and money flows in as a result of the open channel that’s created. You no longer work in order to make money. Work is no longer something you have to do in order to sustain life. Instead, the delight that comes from expressing yourself becomes the greatest reward. The money comes along as a natural part of being alive. Working and getting money may no longer even be directly related to each other; you may experience that you are doing whatever you have energy to do and the money is coming into your life. It’s no longer a matter of, “You do this and then you get money for it.” The two things are simply operating simultaneously in your life but not necessarily in a direct cause-and-effect relationship.

In the new world, it’s difficult to pin your life’s work and true purpose down to any one thing. In terms of looking for a career, our old-world concept told us that when we became adults, we had to decide what our career would be, and then pursue an education or other steps to achieve that career. The career would then be pursued for most or all of our life.

In the new world, many of us are channels for a number of things which may come together in fascinating combinations. Perhaps you haven’t found your career because it doesn’t exist yet. Your particular and unique way of expressing yourself has never existed before and will never be repeated again. As you practice following the energy in your life, it will start to lead you in many directions. You will begin to express yourself in a variety of ways, all of which will begin to synthesize in some surprising, interesting, and very new, creative way. You will no longer be able to say, “I am a writer (or fireman or a teacher or a housewife).” You may be a combination of all of those things. You’ll be doing what you love, what you’re good at, what comes easily to you and has an element of challenge and excitement to it. Whatever you do will feel satisfying and fulfilling to you. It is no longer a matter of doing things now for later gratification: “I will work hard now so that I can get a better job later. I will work hard now so that I can retired and enjoy life. I will work hard now in order to have enough money and time to have a vacation where I can have fun.” It’s the fulfillment of what you’re doing at this very moment that counts. In being a channel, everything you do becomes a contribution; even the simplest things are significant. 

…It’s the same when you’re just being. If you walk into a room, feeling one with yourself, knowing who you are, knowing that you’re a channel, and expressing yourself in whatever way feels right to you, then everyone in the room will be transformed. Even though they may not recognize it or know anything about it consciously, you will be able to see the direct result of your channel operating. You will see proof of it in watching the changes in people. It is an incredibly exciting and satisfying experience. 

You can see that it is no longer an issue of focusing on one particular thing, although you may be led to focus and build structure in a particular area. You may choose to learn certain skills that you will use to allow your channel to function in a way that it wants to function. If you do this, you will be led to it easily and naturally. The process of learning will be just as much fun as the doing. In other words, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice in the moment so that in the future you will be able to have what you want. The learning process will be full of fun, joy, and excitement. You’ll experience it as being exactly what you want to be doing at that time. 

Conversely the work you do will be a learning experience…there is no difference between learning and teaching, just as there is no difference between work and play. It all begins to blend into one totally integrated and balanced experience.

Most people do have some sense, at least deep inside, of what they would love to be doing. This feeling is often so repressed, however, that it is experienced only in the form of some wildly impractical fantasy, something you could never do. I always encourage people to get in touch with these fantasies…There is truth in this desire. Even if it seems impossible, there is at least a grain of truth in the image. It is telling you something about who you really are and what it is you really want to be doing.

Your fantasies can tell you how you really want to be expressing yourself. Many times, I’ve found that people have a strong sense of what they would like to do, yet they take up a career that is very different from their desire. Sometimes they go for the opposite because they feel it is practical or will gain the approval of their parents or the world. They figure it is impossible to do what they really want, so they might as well settle for something else that comes along. I encourage people to risk exploring the things that really turn them on. 

International & Super-Accelerated Reiki Classes Designed for Your Convenience

International Reiki Classes Available by Distance Via Skype


I’ve always offered Reiki classes by distance to those that do not reside within close proximity to attend an in-person class. Due to more requests and questions about this, and perhaps it not being highlighted information on my website, I am making a point of sharing this option in its own post.

All three levels of Reiki can be, and are available to be, taught by distance no matter where you reside. This allows you to conveniently take the classes in the comfort of your own sacred space and done at your own pace. These classes are conducted via Skype and you will receive the same manuals given to my local students, sent to you ahead of our scheduled class talks.

This allows you to go over the material and digest it before we discuss the information and perhaps take time to make a list of questions you may have. Being that Reiki can be performed and sent via distance, there is no need to be in person. This allows for greater ability to support many in loving and empowering service to others.

The initiation attunements for each level will be done via distance either while we are connected on Skype or at an agreed upon time. You will receive your certificates in the mail upon completion of your classes. The powerful results are no different than if in person with me and you will receive the same personalized attention and support.

This provides the opportunity for you to have classes in case it is of challenge to find a Reiki Master Teacher locally near you, or to find someone you resonate with in general.

If this is of interest to you, you can contact me with any questions you may have and to find out more details and pricing regarding International Reiki Classes at


Current Reiki Classes Available Locally and Special Discounts Deadline

Don’t forget, if you’d like to take advantage of the current Reiki Class Specials and would like an in-person class, the deadline to schedule your class and place a deposit of $100 to hold your date is 9/15. If you want to attend the scheduled 9/15 and 9/16 Reiki Classes, full payment will be needed by 9/14 (the day before).

There is currently a Reiki class scheduled also for the weekend of 9/22 and 9/23 that you are welcome to join as well. Otherwise, feel free to propose any day, week or weekend, that would work for you and we can set up a personalized and private class that would be most supportive to your needs.


Convenient, Super-Accelerated Reiki Classes for those with Full Schedules

As things keep speeding up and people’s lives seem ever-more full these days, I’ve seen and been responding to this need by adapting classes to every person’s individual needs. Whether that means private vs. group, personalized intuitive themes and approaches geared towards each person’s path and needs, or getting the most out of classes in an efficient way for those who have limited time, but the same strong desires, I’ve come to see that because I’m so flexible and my schedule and nature allows for me to provide this that this has become a personalized specialty that I can offer others – that of supporting the needs of others for a highest good.

Being able to provide access and support in any way I can I believe is a valuable service that can assist all those transitioning, shifting, and really wanting to start implementing and opening to more in their lives, but may find it challenging to incorporate due to their present circumstances.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice those inner heart callings. If you have felt called to Reiki, or a more service-oriented, healing, spiritually-focused, empowered, heart-based, and intuitive experience of life I can structure classes to fit your needs both in terms of time and intents.

Super-Accelerated Reiki Classes means just that – classes taught at the same degree of care and attention, and receiving the same benefit, but condensed into a shorter time period to enable you to still incorporate it into your life.

These can also be done via distance in the same way.

Contact me with any questions and for more details about how to schedule your Reiki Class at

Bitter Sweet Journeys – The Last of the L.O.V.E. Seeds Move On

We just connected and are about to send off our last 3 magical Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. These amazing crystal friends have been such a joy for us to help find new homes for. It is sort of a bitter sweet end seeing our very last ones off, being that we have nurtured these little ones to prepare and support them for their missions. What an honor it has been to facilitate their journeys.

It has been the same for each of the crystalline beings that we have assisted on to their new keepers. We see them moving on quite rapidly in this time of shifts. Another piece that was quite moving for me to assist to its new keeper was the giant Smokey Quartz I have posted before.

Giant Smokey Quartz

I was both excited and teary-eyed to see off the giant and most amazing Smokey Quartz (which many were not only drawn to, but received healings and openings just by his photos) to his new friend just this Monday. I know that he is going to an amazing soul to do some extraordinary work, and that fills my heart with joy. At the same time I was saying good bye to a beautiful friend, seeing him off on his next adventure! Full circle giving and receiving is the bestest!

And when we are in our hearts always, this naturally takes place.

Having one each ourselves of the L.O.V.E. seeds, Allison and I are ecstatic to be connected with the whole collective family of 50 friends we started off with. It’s been such a beautiful experience all around. Thank you to all who have honored the calling and for welcoming these powerful beings into heart and home.

Each crystal has their own unique energy resonance and are equally as powerful in their own way. It is best to let your intuitive heart guide you in choosing, as aesthetics do not necessarily mirror what is for your highest good.  

If you are in love with the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds we do have a limited quantity of them available as pendulums. For those taking our Pendulum 101 class on 10/21 you may be interested in purchasing the one you work with during class. You can order your L.O.V.E. Seed pendulum here: Pendulums

Much love to all who have shared the journey with these 50 amazing Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. 

Change of Date for Pendulum 101 – A Fun Intro to Pendulums & Trusting Your Intuition

A quick update on the upcoming October Pendulum 101 class. The class date is shifting from Saturday 10/13 to Sunday 10/21. I hope this will be more supportive to those that are interested in the class.

All of the details can be found about this fun and empowering class here: Pendulum 101

The class times will remain the same: 10:00am – 12:00 pm with an optional lunch outing after to a local vegan restaurant

The class can accommodate 14 students only and there are currently 12 spots still left!

Even though there is a little over a month away still, don’t hesitate to sign up if interested, as space is limited.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at


Dolphin Magick

Lavender Jade Dolphin –
It is super sparkly magickal when the sunlight hits it!

Dolphin energy has been showing up prominently lately. Perhaps others are experiencing this as well? They have always been big in my life, but more in cycles. Recently, they seem to be continuously around.

I can think of many reasons for their showing up as much as they are, in mirror of the energies currently pervading our experience of the now.

Nearly every time I go to the beach dolphins have shown up in the waters (which around here, in Southern California, has never really happened much for me), playing in the waves, or following in unison with me walking on the beach. Being a Pisces, this cetacean energy is very much home to me and often I work with dolphins in my Reiki sessions, as well as have channeled them in two of my paintings, Water and Visions of Atlantis. I wear their energy in several Larimar (dolphin/ocean energy) pieces of jewelry I have (yesterday I just realized that Larimar is the most prominent stone I have in pendants and rings – 9 pieces total!), and have cherished my time spent with them in the wild, on a previous trip in Bimini, swimming and communing with them.

It is no wonder I was drawn back to Bimini to offer a retreat there this coming December over 12/21/12 – Cosmic Heart Activation with Reiki, Raw Food & Wild Dolphin Communion. Right after making the arrangements for this, I was greeted by dolphins at the beach the next day. Such beautiful confirmation.

And equally beautiful is this lovely Lavender Jade Dolphin (pictured above) that was gifted to me upon my partner, Allison Jacobson’s  return. She was in Hawaii with her husband for vacation and transformational openings where she had the opportunity to swim with dolphins for her first time off the Big Island. I was excited, yet not surprised, to hear about her heart-opening and empowering experiences. I knew she would fall in love and consider it one of the best experiences of her life – and indeed she did! Since she will be joining the Bimini trip in December in assistance with the retreat, with her husband, this was a lovely introduction I felt and she is ever-more excited for her continued connections with the dolphins to come! So much so, that like myself, she feels her next sacred tattoo design will be of a dolphin. I have twin dolphins on my lower back that I got maybe 8 years ago, long before my Bimini trip, in honor of my connection with them and the beautiful love and harmony of partnership and collective connection they represent.

I loved the backdrop of this painting in our house. It felt like a beautiful environment for this lovely dolphin and perfect with the full moon, since Allison’s trip in Hawaii was over the Full Blue Moon, where she got this for me.

Synchronously, I remember the first day Allison went out with the dolphins in Hawaii, I simultaneously during the time she was out swimming, heard dolphin whistles/clicks, as they make when they echolocate. I hear their playful, almost giggly sound quite often and so clearly and loudly in my inner ears. Dolphins are not only connected to the waters of Earth, but to other worlds and entities, including those of extraterrestrial origin. They were prominent and sacred in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis – times when telepathy was the natural means of communication and the people could communicate in “dolphin codes.”

Needless to say, their showing up so much lately is a beautiful sign to me and I embrace their presence, support, love, and wisdom.

For those wanting to know a little bit about what dolphin wisdom imparts, here is a little insight to reflect upon:

Dolphin wisdom includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, communication skills, contentment, freedom, trust, friendship, community, generosity, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magick…to name a few. The protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of the dolphin is a message of well being to the pure of heart. 

Dolphins can express a need to embrace more playfulness and joy of life into your experience and to be in balance and harmony with yourself and others while reaching to connect more vulnerably and share of yourself. They are masters of the water element and hence, speak to the emotional and intuitive aspects of ourselves and to hone those energies more in order to create balance with the intellect and mind that is used more often…flowing, feeling more rather than over-analyzing. This trust of emotions takes practice, but will reveal where your heart’s joy and gifts are leading you.

Thank you my sweet and amazingly brilliant dolphin friends for your loving support and guidance in these times we are moving through!

Express Yourself by Guest Blogger Rhonda Simpson

Rhonda Simpson

We continue our guest blog spots today with a lovely post by Rhonda Simpson – another visionary in the field of creative and healing arts.

Rhonda and I are friends on Facebook and she happened to see Denise Sheehan’s guest blog post and my welcoming other visionaries to share from their hearts.  This synchronous timing was just the inspirational nudge Rhonda needed. Rhonda has her own blog, alongside her vast healing arts offerings, but had not written for quite a long time. When she saw my post it instantly reignited the flame within to consider putting herself back out there and sharing with the world again through her writing – something she has loved doing and does well at sharing from her heart. She has wanted to start a new series offering tips and tools on “Shifting into Mastery” and feels that perhaps this is the prompt she needed to jump-start this with a whole new and fresh outlook. I hope her experience is encouraging to others to listen to what calls to your heart and to, as Rhonda puts it, see “how prolific and profound synchronicity can be.”

Rhonda shares, “This is a special part of me that you have touched by your invitation and on a soul level, I thank you.”

Thank YOU dear Rhonda for embracing this opportunity, for sharing from your heart and for courageously standing in the grace of your unique beauty and gifts you have to share with the world.

Rhonda Simpson is a Spiritual midwife who specializes in helping you rediscover and reconnect with your Highest Self as she guides and supports you throughout the beautiful transformational journey of re-creation and assists you in remembering and reawakening the treasures that are nestled within you that will give you the courage to find the strength and perseverance along the way of your path and reach for what you most aspire to create. Rhonda offers Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Guidance, Chakra Balancing and Cell Memory Clearing, and a variety of other tools as she compassionately guides you back home to your self and supports your rebirth into the world. She is also a writer, artist, mother of five, and a facilitator of Creative Empowerment Workshops and Retreats, Women’s Circles, and Rite of Passage Ceremonies for all ages. Rhonda enjoys teaching what she’s learned and continues to learn along her own journey, traveling to and exploring new places, creating art, creating life, and drinking in the beauty of nature. Rhonda lives on the site of a future Retreat/Healing Center in North Carolina, with her five children who inspire her in every way.

If you would like for Rhonda to teach a workshop or lead retreats in your area, contact her for more details. You can connect with her at and while you’re there, discover all the many other services she offers too.

If you’re interested in reading more of Rhonda’s inspired messages, you can visit her at her blog-site, It is her honor to guide you to find your passion and purpose and rediscover your Truth along the way.

Be sure to check for more details soon about the new and powerful upcoming “Shift Into Mastery Program,” an elevated journey through the winding roads of what keeps you from moving forward and a reminder of the Truth of who you are. In this six-part series, you’ll learn valuable tools that will help you to understand yourself (in all aspects), deeply, as well as to reclaim your values, your integrity, and your passion, and valuable tools to support you in self-mastery so that you can become the master of your life and wield your power, your love, and your gifts with force.

“Knowing others is intelligent; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” -Tao Te Ching

Be well and be Blessed,

Express Yourself by Guest Blogger Rhonda Simpson

In every moment that you follow your heart and express yourself freely, you are opening the door for others to do the same.  You are showing them a window into their own soul and stirring within them that part that says “Hey, I want to be me!”  You are, through your own expression of freedom, of authenticity, an inspiration. And how many you will affect through the simple acts of being and expressing YOU, you may never know, but in the essence of authenticity, you are honoring the spirit of truth in all.

So, the next time you doubt, or turn away from honoring yourself- think of your child’s watchful eyes and the little one that’s learning either to be something he’s not or shine in full-glory truth.  Think of your neighbor, who really needed “permission” to bust out of the box and be full-color.  Think of that certain someone that fate brings your way through perfect synchronicity who really needed that message more than anything that day- the one that said “You are so beautiful exactly as you are, and the more you shine, the more radiant you are for all to see.”  And know that through your expression (through letting your own self shine) you are activating, liberating, and penetrating the wall of illusion within others, and (in your own small way) just by being you, you are setting them free.

Sometimes we hesitate most in doing things for ourselves – we self-sabotage, we can tend to be our own worst enemies –  yet feel called to do for another and are more generous of ourselves in this way.  And so, I offer this as a bit of insight that provides somewhat of a detour to get where you’re going – to get to the other side of yourself and to go around that part of you that stands in your way.  Because, more often, (at this stage anyway) we’ll do more for others than we will for ourselves.

Ultimately, it’s all about self-love, about choosing from a highest place in order to honor your self, in order to walk with God, and that absolutely ripples out.  But for now, if it inspires you more to know how powerfully you can (and do) affect others through your doing/being and you are motivated to shine in the name of leading the way, in the name of all of the ways that you will liberate the world around you each time you do, then bring this forward as a truth and allow it to set your own soul free as you go.

So, just by doing this one simple thing today, just by being you in your own unique and special way, you could inspire a thousand soul smiles! Think of the ripple effect and how each one you affect, affects 20 more.  What if that’s what life is really about?!

Be the FLOW!


Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.    

September Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

As always some great and on-point insights from Lee Harris for the energies of September shared from his Colorado location. Thoughts to reflect on for finding the Source inside yourself and how that translates for you. What needs to change to mirror this in order to create the new and what fear-based patterns is it time to let go of?

“Find what you need for support. Find the love inside yourself, for yourself, and for life. Have gratitude for what you have and what you are experiencing…the people who’ve blessed your life. These are all qualities that really raise your chi.” ~Lee Harris

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