October Energy Forecast with Lee Harris – New Strength Born of Vulnerability

It’s that time again for some empowering insights from Lee Harris. This month’s forecast is called New Strength Born of Vulnerability and it covers two main themes for the month of October – vulnerability and deepening.

I feel these to be “on point” with the current energy patterns emerging of deep internal reflection and accessing that power inside for the journey. Allowing that vulnerability to feel safe and truly deepening within to the core, will take things to a whole other level of experience that would benefit everyone, including those feeling they are on a spiritually enlightened path. As Lee shares, these equate to exploring how you feel about vulnerability and how that expresses for yourself and for you out in the world and the deepening you allow yourself to go to with the challenges you face in your life. See how much you can lift yourself out by burning the old emotional off.

Lee also talks about liberation and freedom in terms of relationships we have with others and that the liberation allows you to integrate everything those connections taught you to be in a new relationship with self and if you choose, with that person as well.

Some other key notes were how before people would seek awakening in different and outward ways, but now we’re in a world awakening and it happens within.

I agree with Lee’s perspective that while changing thoughts is powerful in terms of changing our experiences, that there are missing pieces in this process and it’s not just about the mind. Lee explains one of the aspects not to forget, which is the body. Attending to your physical body by providing air (breathing), good nutrition and exercise is beneficial because the body moves slower than other parts. Getting in touch with deep vulnerability and survival, while ensuring you feel safe in the process is essential. You can listen to the video below for more on all of this, but Lee provides one powerful exercise you can practice:

Breathe in and say to yourself “I am safe. I allow everything.” And then release your breath and all with it.

Lee addresses the importance of saying what you feel and expressing yourself truly and authentically. This will naturally allow you to be moved to those you’re supposed to be around and they to you, while others will move away on their own. It avoids harboring unhealthy feelings, repressing, denying, or telling half-truths.

I also agree on standing by the goodness of people and Lee shares the importance of strengthening community ties.

The last few points are about anger, judgments and broken trust. Remember if you’re angry that’s a sign of your fuel around something and if you look within and recognize the root of it you can find the answers and turn that anger around into positive effects to channel that energy. The same goes for broken trust. Look at yourself rather than pointing fingers and ask yourself where did you lose trust in yourself? Keep in mind to be gentle with yourself and realize that your judgments are largely society-programmed. Keeping an awareness about that can help you get in touch with yourself.

And lastly, take time to yourself. If you feel to be quiet, do so. If you feel to be active, listen.

Thank you again Lee for laying a framework of support to be mindful of.

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