Breaking Through Fear & Living – November 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

Free Yourself and Live

Seems like just yesterday that the October Energy Forecast was here. How time keeps accelerating. So amazing! Things have really shifted in a matter of days and that brings us to this month’s themes of leadership and direction. One of the questions to ask yourself is, what can you do to support yourself?

One way to help keep balanced, Lee shares, is to continually bathe yourself in nature both day and night time as much as possible – yes, that means under the moon (which I know many of you were doing a few days ago under the Taurus Full Moon) and under the stars, as well as outdoors in the sunlight and getting your feet and toes mingled with the Earth. Synchronously, I just posted earlier today about John Muir and what he inspires and teaches about the value and importance of getting in touch with Nature as a way to discover your own True Nature aligned with the Universe.

Reflect upon these words Lee shares and savor their message: Embrace your fears. Do things and give yourself permission to do things you normally wouldn’t do. When you are alive you infuse others with this enlivened energy. We are all connected with each other and with everything around us. BE ALIVE and REALLY LIVE.

Trust yourself to lead and you will realize that the seeds of your childhood will emerge again. (I know I’ve seen and been writing about this myself as things have been returning to their origins in my own life)

And I love this message of Lee’s, as I have been sharing the same with several in my life, who had encouraged me to write a future blog on communication: If you express something that’s very much your truth, you give your friend (and others) an opportunity to feel his or her truth around yours. And then we all move forward into a different place together. But if you stay safe and you play it safe and you censor yourself, you and your friend are being held back.

You can listen to and read the forecast here: November Energy Forecast – Are You Living Yet?

Or simply view it directly here:


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    Lee Harris comes through as usual with lots of similar observations to what I’m hearing from clients, friends and family. Tania Marie also provides a nice summary, which you can read on her blog.

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