Some Time in the Faery Realm & Violet Ray – How I Spent Sharing Gratitude Yesterday

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful day yesterday sharing and experiencing it in the ways that mean the most to you.

For myself, I choose, in heart, not to celebrate the traditional “Thanksgiving” that most do here in the U.S. I don’t believe in the true roots of what this day represents, nor support the misleading information surrounding it.

What I do believe in is the value, power, and beauty of gratitude. And while I join with others in supporting the richness of gratitude on that day, I am much more interested in fostering eternal gratitude and having it extend to every day and every part of life.

My most memorable and favorite “Thanksgivings” or “Gratitude Day,” as Laura Bruno prefers to call it, actually were with Laura when I used to live in the Tahoe/Reno area and she lived in Northern California. I would make the 3 hour drive over to spend a beautiful, eclectic, and extended faery celebration with her. We enjoyed our non-traditional day together feasting on raw vegan food at Cafe Gratitude in the now-closed Healdsburg location, with some additional, magickal fun. Memories……

Entrance to The Inn of the 7th Ray in day light

Yesterday, in honor of those faery celebrations, Dave and I, and family (including baby Violet) made way to the woodland restaurant, and one of our favorite spots, The Inn of the 7th Ray. This lovely restaurant nestled in Topanga Canyon and considered by some to be “L.A.’s most romantic restaurant” is like traveling to another world where you find mostly all organic foods and grains, coming from local farms when at all possible, and a menu arranged in esoteric vibration order. Topanga Canyon itself has lovely eclectic, artsy and high-vibe spiritual energy that makes it the perfect home for this “other-worldly realm. ”

5 course vegan menu at The Inn of the 7th Ray – click to enlarge

While not 100% vegan, The Inn of the 7th Ray (representing the violet ray or flame of the 7th Chakra) is a place where vegans will find themselves valued and in bliss, as well as is a place to indulge in “the purest of Nature’s foods” and a little bit of “Esoteric Nirvana.” Yesterday on the day of celebrating gratitude, they hosted a phenomenal 5 course vegan meal that was beautifully done and more than faery-tummy filling.

View from our table in day light


The setting is that of an enchanted forest where there is dining creekside under a canopy of trees decorated in white sparkly faery lights, as well as an inside room with floor to ceiling windows in what I’d call faery cottage dining style, complete with fireplace for cozy evenings and seasons.  Stone staircases wind down to the main patio, lined with heating lamps for the wee and delicate faeries like myself 😉 and special tables along the perimeter in raised areas, including a raised gazebo for special dining – each surrounded by beautiful foliage for privacy and extra magick to your own making. Our table was one of these private areas graced by a lovely statue of Mary, which I have remembered over the years of coming here and sat by or directly in her sight many times.

Goddess statue and book offering from The Spiral Staircase

There is even a charming new age store, The Spiral Staircase, at the main entrance before you descend into deeper enchantment for your dining experience that carries a great selection of spiritual gifts.

Fountain statue God

Giant Buddha at the entrance

It’s very much like stepping into a page from the Lord of the Rings and you can feel the elementals playing and watching from all around you. The color purple can be found from linens to flowers – mirroring the energy of the 7th Crown Chakra and spiritual awakening.

Read here for more about the history of The Inn of the 7th Ray and their vibration-raising food philosophies that include esoteric knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom: About The Inn of the 7th Ray.

View from our table in the twilight

Entrance in the twilight

Wanting to be present with those with me, the energy of the moment, and the celebration at hand, I did not take photos of the gorgeous dishes that graced the table. I did, however, get shots to share of the atmosphere and some of the beautiful statues and fountain deities that watch over this Faery Realm as they shifted from day to twilight hours over the extended 3-hour merriment. It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed and was grateful for this celebration amidst a realm that feels more like home to me and simultaneously connects me with those special memories.


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Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    Beloved – I did not know such places as this existed. Of course, in the realm of my spirit-flights but to actually see pictures and to imagine the high spiritual nature of the place – I am called, again and again, over and over and over – to come. And I am getting ready. Such a thrill! I have butterflies knowing I am coming. — This is yet another calling to my spirit and body and being. – I will say that I already know you are wonderwoman, sort of, for no mortal woman could do all that you do. if you have a family, which you never ever mention – of course! it is Private! – then you are even wilder than I imagined. how wild is it to be engaged and involved on so many different, so many energy realms of so many people. i am in awe of you. just fucking jaw-dropping awe. i mean, jeez louise. but that’s besides the point – thank you, my beloved sister, for sharing this beautiful and living story.

    I, too, do not celebrate the holiday as usual any longer. I say, “Happy Day!” to people which is from my heart. I am so in agreement about the solidarity of people standing for justice against injustice and most importantly – speaking up about it.

    I cannot wait to come to a state, my heart – California – where I can live my truth and be at peace. Thank you for being a beautiful energetic ray – a purple energetic ray through the ethers to reaching me — and touching me truly.

    I honor you. I am honored to be anam cara with you, my sister. Happy Day!

    peace and love,

    • you are welcome! i’m glad that these sharings continue to fuel your intents and passions you are moving toward mari! very exciting!

      LOL!! you are so adorable and keep me smiling. perhaps i’m just not from these here parts. 😉 i resonate with other origins but adore my beloved gaia. indeed i do venture staying on the more intimate side with some aspects of life, choosing to share as a weaving of what is pertinent in timely manner and to be of most service.

      looking forward to your arrival, when timing is aligned for you.

      peace, love and hugs to you mari! i honor your courage always.

  2. Aw … blast from the past! I miss our Cafe Gratitude adventures. Actually … all of our adventures. Big hugs and much love!!

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