Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Each Other – Lifting Humanity to the Next Level of Experience

Me and Jenn creating a mirror reflection, supportive bridge portal in Bimini

2013 – a year of community, harmony, peace, and divine love . What a wonderful embodiment of energy to set the tone for opportunities that can be experienced.

Now more than ever, as we consciously embrace a return to natural harmony within and without, it is a time to honor, respect, give thanks to, and support one another, our Earth Mother, her children – this very life we are gifted.

The way in which you treat yourself, reflects on how others will treat you and what experiences you draw in to mirror exactly what you need. And likewise, the way you treat others, is a reflection of how you treat yourself and how you do or don’t embrace and honor the aspects within you that they mirror. Since we are not separate, everything experienced is interrelated collectively.

This is a time to celebrate each other – to honor the gifts, unique talents and presence of energy each individual soul has to share. Having gratitude for the beauty each person emanates, seeing each other as amazing luminous beings, and celebrating the successes of our fellow brothers and sisters, becomes the foundational glue that will continue to lift all of humanity into new experiences of life.

When one person succeeds, it is a huge accomplishment for the collective, for these people have not gotten there alone, nor do their successes unfold solely. When one person breaks through fears, achieves a major soul evolutionary step, or creates an abundant manifestation in their life, they open the doorway and provide less challenging steps for others to follow in their own unique ways.

And for the ones who succeed, it is equally as important to recognize and remember the road traveled to get there and all who have supported you on this journey, energetically and otherwise. It is important not to forget what it was like on the journey, what you learned and the challenges you had to face, so you can then assist others both in unconditional compassion and in service.

Those that are truly great, know how to make others feel they are, and can become, great too.

We all succeed when others do. It is in our highest good to see that each person does, and not to judge where we are on our paths, as each place we stand is of significant meaning and power. One is not better than the other and it is all unique to each, as well as necessary for each. It is all relative and relevant.

It is not for me or you to do exactly as another does. This is NOT possible. It is a waste of time to even try to “be” as another and it is wasteful, draining energy to compare ourselves or to strive to achieve in the image of another.

Likewise, it is not for you or me to do or be all. Since we are part of the Oneness, we are each an extension of that and we celebrate and create as a collective. There is no need for one person to strive to perfect every possible talent. How exhausting would that be since everything is limitless? But also, how unnecessary it is since your brother and sister souls are another you. There will be areas that will jump out at you that reflect your specific expertise and talents, as well as your deepest heart passions. These are the areas to cultivate. Let others cultivate the areas that are their talents and then we become a beautiful tapestry interwoven in the fabric of co-creativity.

YOU have unique gifts and talents no other person has. The goal is for you to hone in on those gifts and empower them, for me and others to support that empowerment with love and gratitude and by doing the same for ourselves, and for you to then cultivate an expression of what you have to share, in a way that naturally embodies your individual and beautiful expression. We may do similar things under general, shared categories, but the way that channels through, and how that translates in our assistance to others, will be unique to each of us.

Your creative self expression is yours. No one can ever be you. So please recognize YOUR unique brilliance, as it cannot ever be duplicated.

Energy is constantly birthing in every moment. This second is nothing like the second that preceded it. We are each creative miracles of magickal power lighting up a magnanimously divine source together.

It is to our highest good to be in love with supporting and co-creating with each other. It is to our highest good to rejoice, not only in another’s accomplishments, but also for our own. No matter how small or large, all steps are productive and are powerful shifts in the cosmic totality of experience.

If every day we can remember not only to be grateful for all the things in our own lives we DO have, but to be grateful for all of the souls sharing this co-creative experience with us, and for all of their courageous evolutionary accomplishments and successes, we can strengthen the cohesive glue that binds our hearts in love and that forms the foundations we can continue to build upon in magickal ways.

There is no room for fear, competition, jealousies, resentment…in a heart that is full of unconditional love, compassion, understanding and unity consciousness. While all aspects of experience are part of that whole (not to be repressed or ignored, but integrated) and teach us our evolutionary lessons, they are just that…stepping stones to integrative healing and empowerment and once embraced in their fullness, become the way of alchemy.

We have a purpose for being and coming together – to learn from each other. There is no need to fight this or to blame one another, nor is there need to feel inferior or superior to another. Each person is part of the harmonious whole. There is a divine blending of energies as people work joyfully and lovingly together, supporting and encouraging each other in ways that are fulfilling and productive. Each individual pursues his or her activity and are drawn together to better fulfill each individual’s purpose.

You are the master of your experiences and being able to work in unison with the elements and currents that flow through you, will assist you in assuring their natural flow, rather than creating artificial boundaries that dam up the universal cycles in unnatural and disastrous ways.

Remember that the universe is limitlessly abundant. There is a continuous flow from this boundless source for everyone.

Me reflecting at the back of the boat in Bimini – photo by Kate unbeknownst to me 🙂

My hope and intent is that we all come to recognize the magnificence within and without…for yourself and your collective soul family. I know this can be challenging from the physical embodiment you reside in that houses the duality of experiences simultaneously, making it challenging to stay centered. Yet the more we practice it in action and go within to that stillness, the easier and more natural it becomes to see only with your heart and to understand the divine bigger picture with a fresh new perspective.

Look within for the source of wholeness and create your life in the reflection of this source that you embody. It all begins with you and right now, from the center of your “beingness.” Pause, reflect, and celebrate your own divinity that is not separate from that of another’s and realize that the creative power of the universe resides there awaiting you to give it flight.

Free will is a powerful thing that resides at the core of all existence.

The way you choose in each moment will change the world. How you love the world as your reflection, and your magnificence in its reflection, is the foundation of your experiences.

In Lak’ech (I Am Another Yourself)


Here are some words from others to reflect on:

Everybody and everything is unique and different and meant to be that way. If we are like other people, then we are not expressing our own specialness. ~Louise L. Hay

If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence. ~Barbara Cook

Herein, lies the key to love. Love builds bridges. Soul exists because God loves It. Soul equals Soul; no one Soul is greater than another. Experience the greatest love of all. ~Harold Klemp

And from John Lennon:

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as oneImagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

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