Join Me & Fellow Indie Artists April 11th for RAW: Los Angeles Presents MARVEL

RAW natural born artistsThere’s an awesome “celebration of the arts” showcase event coming up in Los Angeles on April 11th, 2013 that I’m excited to be a part of, as I really believe in what this is all about. This event is RAW: Los Angeles Presents MARVEL – and it’s sure to be a fun evening of eclectic talent and indie artists from a plethora of genres coming together in community.

How fun is that? Multi-faceted artists and art all under one roof at the same time is a recipe for inspiration and “raw” excitement if nothing else, but that’s a lot!

For those of you not familiar with RAW here’s a little background. RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. They are a community made up of creative individuals across the nation – 54 cities across the U.S. and Australia and this year will be launching in China and Europe – that host monthly showcases that spotlight indie talent.

It all started when a small-town girl graduated high school and moved to the big city of Los Angeles, CA with a wish to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a fashion designer. After pouring her heart, soul, sweat and tears into her work, she started to think, “there’s got to be a better way to get my work out there.” This kick started her taking matters into her own hands and in 2005, Heidi Luerra threw her first multi-faceted showcase in Los Angeles and discovered her calling – to create a platform to support and share the works of all the talented people out there.

RAW’s mission is to provide support to independent artists to inspire and cultivate creativity and they encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.

RAW is a multi-faceted arts showcase that handpicks and spotlights talent from various sectors within the artistic realm: independent film, fashion, music, visual art, hair design, makeup artistry, modeling, DJing, photography, performance art and all creative arts. The RAW season runs from February to October. They provide a platform for independent artists of all creative expression to be seen, heard, and loved. RAW executes this through two main avenues: grassroots arts showcases which spotlight one artist in each of the categories, as well as through the exclusive web community. They serve as a link between the arts community, industry professionals, press and like organizations, aspiring to—with the help of many of its supporters—connect and unify creative individuals.

I love their devotion to supporting the creative arts, as I feel it is such a vital aspect to our lives, just as I shared in this post: The Intrinsic Value of Creativity and Art – Cultivating Your Inner Artist

Needless to say, April 11th will be a fun evening and a chance to see some really talented up and coming artists, as well as enjoy the entertainment, all while supporting the arts!

The line-up of artists is only JUST starting to come in, as they will have upwards of 60 individual and unique artists at this event. So you can keep checking out the line up online, or just stop in and be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of talent that will be in presence. As the event approaches more information on the artists, lineup and this specific showcase’s details will be available. I’ll keep you posted as they come in.

Tania MarieIf you’re in the Los Angeles area, I would love to see you there in support of the creative arts. And even if you can’t make it, or are not in the area, ticket purchases go to supporting the independent artists who are sharing their valuable creative expression with the world. So you can still be a part of the art, by supporting from your heart.

I’m still feeling out the eclectic mix that I will be sharing at the event which may include pieces from my Universal ARKitecture and In Lak’ech series, some of my fav originals,  AND more than likely some fresh new creations that I’m in process of receiving, plus more!

Tickets can be purchased here in advance at $5 discount: I AM RAW

You can either click on the link that says “Buy a Ticket for this Artist” or click on “Marvel April 2013”

My RAW Bio and Profile can be found here as well.


Here is the information for RAW: Los Angeles Presents MARVEL



April 11th, 2013

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm



Belasco Theater

1050 South Hill Street, Los Angeles



Cocktail Attire

$15 Advance Ticket Purchase

$20 At Door (Cash Only)



I am looking forward to connecting with the community of artists here in Los Angeles, helping to keep the creative arts alive and thriving, and to see you there! Thank you for realizing the value of art and for supporting its cultivation. 

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  1. Natalya – My friend, Tania, is an artist who lives near L.A. She sometimes sends info on creative events in the area. I think it’s fun to read about them. She has some beautiful paintings of animals – notably the elephant and the Panda. If you have time, you can go to her blog and view her work. You may find something of interest and fun.


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