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Africa Under My Skin – An Epic Sacred Tattoo Design Journey

Sacred Tattoo DesignI just completed a very unique sacred tattoo design that not only reflected my client’s life, but took me along on his epic journey in heart and spirit. I’m filled with emotion right now as I write this, so this will likely be a short post on this very powerful piece.

It wasn’t until the design came to closure that I suddenly was hit with the energetic magnitude of it.

This happens often, as while I am in the midst of channeling, I am in that suspended place of receiving and bringing forth. It is at the end that all that came through and manifested, suddenly integrates into experience. And when I step back to take it in, all of the encoded layers really knock on my heart.

Interestingly, I received the request for this piece and read the story while I was in transit, traveling. Very apropos, as you’ll read why.

I also have found it very interesting that this is the fourth sacred tattoo design that is connected with Africa. I have recently helped co-create three designs for male clients who live in Africa, and one that has a very strong connection to Africa and had been traveling there while I was creating his design.

Again, I’m not sure what the full meaning of this is, but I’m honored to be part of these journeys and to be assisting energetically in supporting transformational shifts in that part of that world. I also understand there is meaning for my soul history in this region from things I know in my past, which is why I have felt called there at some point soon too.

Anyway, needless to say, this was a beautiful journey and here is a little about the symbolism.

I took in the energy of my client’s journey and incorporated the specifics he wanted in a way that would emulate the essence of his desires and more. St. Christopher was one of those elements, along with a map of Africa. In the process, I came to see how much St. Christopher is part of his life, and in many ways also symbolizes an aspect of my client. He has carried with him a medallion of St. Christopher since he was one year old, given to him from his grandfather.

A little about St. Christopher: He is the Patron Saint of travelers whose name means “Christ carrier.” St. Christopher is depicted as a tall, robust middle-aged bearded man carrying a staff and Christ child on his shoulders as he wades across a river. He devoted his life to carrying people across an impassable stream and one day a child appears who asks to be carried across too. Surprisingly, the child steadily increases in weight as Christopher carries him across until the point his tiny burden becomes almost too heavy to bear. He then asks the holy child why he weighs so much, to which the child replies that he carries the weight of the world’s sins upon his shoulders. As a reward for his service, Christopher’s staff is miraculously transformed into a living tree, and Christopher himself became the Patron Saint of travelers.

As mentioned, there were many layers to this design, including St. Christopher. The child carried also symbolizes my client’s son, along with aspects of himself…the child who was born in Africa, his inner child, and the child at heart that has returned to Africa – both integrating healing at this time. St. Christopher’s robe flows as the outline of Africa on the left, he looks up at the child, but also up and towards Africa. The child holds the Earth globe in his hands, as the future of the Earth is in the hands of our children, but also as they say, the child replies that he is so heavy to St. Christopher because he is carrying the world’s sins upon his shoulders. The fact that St. Christopher is standing in the water, to me not only depicts his carrying people across waters in travel safely, but also is symbolic of cleansing and renewal, which is what my client is experiencing on his journey and what he is assisting in support of Africa’s people. His journey of helping to link tiny villages and communities for assistance through the bridging of roads is supported and protected by St. Christopher.

Within the map of Africa  I also faintly made it somewhat topographic, but also the shadings could be seen as roads, as well as veins and muscle. I wanted Africa to feel alive and pulsing, the way my client explained her to be. So the way I drew it was to emulate almost a heart and veins and blood. I wanted to depict it as he felt it to, beneath the skin, part of him, and emerging out of from under his skin – and also creating in effect, an ancientness of his Mother country.

As my client shared, he feels Africa to be “under my skin and her dirt runs through my veins.”

He also explained that they have a saying there that the reason the soil is so red in Africa is because of all of the blood that has been spilled on her. He shares, “I believe this could be true, but I also have never seen kindness anywhere in the world in all of the places I have traveled to, as the kindness you will find in Africa.”

The whole piece is very “epic” in nature – passing down a legendary story of his life and a piece of Africa’s essence, through his spiritual skin.

As the title of my book goes, “Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep.”

This tattoo really emulates the spirit of this meaning. I am beyond grateful to walk with each soul on their journeys. It is TRULY an honor.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

New Spring Dates: April Reiki & Yoga Workshops in New Jersey

tree of lifeThank you for your patience while I worked out some new dates to reconvene with our Reiki workshop weekend in New Jersey. It took me a little while to gather everything and figure out which dates would be most supportive and work with everyone’s needs who had already registered, as well as be beneficial all around. I trust everything works out for a reason and while it would be great to do it sooner, we can only flow with what is in motion and embrace to our best ability the hidden beauty in it all.

What I do love about the new April dates is that they will kick off the Spring energy of the year in all that freshness and purity of new beginnings, life, vitality, and innocence. Perfect ingredients for our “Opening to Living and Giving from Your Heart” weekend and all of what this new journey is about for everyone who is embracing this next step along their path.

Spring is also the season of new growth, inviting change, renewal, rebirth, continuity of life and refreshing the cycles of life, optimism, lightness, fertile ideas, and creation energy. It’s considered a time for personal evolution, clearing out the old within and without, starting new projects and dream ventures, cultivating courage and faith, strengthening the belief in yourself and your power to achieve your desires, and taking risks, which all lead to new opportunity. With each longer and warmer day, you can choose to capture that sense of freshness and renewal so that it can be remembered, savored, and built on throughout the year.

What beautifully fitting energy for the life-enhancing and empowering essence of our Reiki weekend.

So, if you were unable to join us before, this seems to be another little Universal opportunity, compliments of Mother Nature.

Here is a reminder of the details and if you feel called to join us, you can register by contacting me at


spring Accelerated Reiki & Yoga Workshops ~ Opening to Living and Giving from Your Heart:

Enjoy a loving weekend of Reiki and Yoga with Tania Marie and Venus Banguela

Beginning the day with Heart Enlightening Vinyasa Flow will be a beautiful way to become present in your experience, as you synchronize movement and breath to create that sense of wholeness. A perfect way to ready yourself for taking this experience of Oneness to the next level with your Heart Opening Reiki training, as you anchor yourself in the experience of your body and soul in preparation. Each day of this weekend will be a heart-full way to experience the new and to open yourself to living, giving and receiving in empowering ways.

Registration deadline: Monday, April 1st

The Reiki classes I offer are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training.

In these workshops you have opportunity to be trained, initiated, and certified in Reiki 1, 2, and 3, as well as enjoy practicing with the group and receiving valuable insights and personal attention.

You have the option of taking the whole accelerated weekend or just Saturday’s or Sunday’s classes individually, depending on your desires and needs.



Infinitive Wellness Sharanam
Nutley, New Jersey – Location provided upon registration



Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Sunday, April 7th, 2013


Time and Schedule for Both Days:

9 am – 10 am Heart Enlightening Vinyasa Flow with Venus

10:30 am – 4:30 pm  Open Your Heart with Reiki training by Tania


Registration Contributions:

Reiki 1 and 2 classes on Saturday: $400 (savings of $100 off regular discount price of $500)

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Class on Sunday: $600 (savings of $66 off regular price of $666)

All 3 classes: $800 (savings of $200 off regular discount price of $1000)

Payment plan options available. Contact me for details.


Heart Enlightening Vinyasa Flow is optional at $15 for the hour long class that will precede your Reiki training. We highly recommend it to receive the fullness of intent and connection for this weekend from the gifts each teacher offers to your heart-opening experience on this journey.


Limited space left, so be sure to register early.

Please bring any snacks/lunch you would like and any particular refreshment needs. Tea provided.


Contact Venus at 732.6687480 or to register for Yoga

You can contact me at to register for Reiki

Secure credit card payments through Paypal accepted.


collective sharingIf you are interested in hosting Reiki Workshops at your studio or sacred space, have a group of people in mind that would like to receive teaching, or would like to co-collaborate on an event, retreat or weekend, you can also contact me at with your inquiries. For more information on this please see: Host or Co-create a Life-Enhancing Workshop Event in Your Home Town: Opportunity to Receive FREE Reiki Training

Read more about the power of Reiki Healing Attunements and Teaching Reiki (skills you will learn and experience) here: The Power of Reiki

Pieces of Peace – Discharging & Recharging Your Energy with Nature & Natural Creative Self Expression

Wherefore art thou my little crystal friend?

One of my new crystals I just posted about and have been working with has decided to go off into another dimension momentarily, literally disappearing in thin air. I’m getting that she will come back when we are both ready.

A couple of days ago (and I feel it’s partially tied into her disappearance) I had another of my power surge outages, but kind of big. Sometimes my emotions, breakthroughs, and shifts affect weather and Earth conditions, and sometimes they affect power. You know just what I’m talking about if you’re reading this and nodding your head. 😉

Instantly all the power in the house went out for about 40 minutes the second a surge of intensity hit in terms of me saying inwardly, “this is not happening anymore!!!” to a situation in the past I had felt powerless to. I guess I had a little too much vehement emotion behind it. Oops!

I called the power company and they said a big incident at a substation locally had happened with power out in the whole area. Not being able to do much, I got quiet and decided it was a good time for a Reiki healing attunement to assist, knowing I have the ability to shift my experience.

The minute I centered into the attunement, the power all came back on. lol! And needless to say, so did my experience thereafter. I felt centered, balanced, and peaceful.

As I recently shared with a dear friend and client, “We are not powerless, but powerful!!”

So, I am trusting that my lovely Ice Quartz will show up too. Joy liked her as well. I had just that evening placed it on her third eye and she was absorbing her energy meditatively. I also had slept with her for the first time that night under my pillow. And the next day after having put her back where she goes during the day, she was gone.

Alongside a lot of amping up in terms of synchronous magick taking place, there have also been some more zany and powerful energy stuff going on lately indeed. I know I’m not the only one, as I have spoken with a few people experiencing similar things. All of it demonstrating our ability to affect everything around us and the importance of being mindful of what we are feeling and thinking (because it WILL manifest), knowing we are not helpless, but have the ability to change anything. It also demonstrates that nothing happens arbitrarily, as we are connected to every thread of life and experience around us, in mirror to what’s going on within us.

Even my computer has been daily absorbing tremendous energy and memory useage even when I’m doing nothing. Then it slows down or gets stuck and I have to manually go and control/alt/delete. I like to think of it as clearing and repatterning with each “End Process” I hit and a reminder to not allow over stimulus to take place so I can keep my eye on the focus of greater flow at hand.

My computer just seems to be “processing,” and “percolating” information in the ethers, just as I know I am doing in receiving and integrating  when not even conscious of it. Perhaps it is also connected to the fact my sweet little Russian Tortoise, Gaia, only hangs out at the base of the processing unit all day and night. She DOES love her binary codes and is learning to telepathically connect with me more. 😉

Needless to say this all brings me back to the consistent importance of finding the right balance, unique to each, that maintains that inner peace, or knowing how to always re-center in order to not allow over-stimuli to sneak up on us.

Nature, the natural, anything earth connected and creatively expressive of your heart authenticity will assist in making any needed energy adjustments. The more you can integrate these on a daily basis, in some form and way, you will find things to remain more level.

I’ve been noticing my spending a lot of extra snuggly connecting time with little Joy (my bunny) and was told to take out my treasures of nature connections and have them on or near me, when I’m not actually out in nature, in order to remind me of the natural processes and cycles, as well as to keep me tapped in to the root of who I am at heart. This will, and does, assist in helping to discharge and recharge.

I have an increase of energy moving through me lately and that I am channeling in my work and in the interactions with clients and others, that it has become increasingly important to find ways to maintain peaceful balance. One way is by my physically needing to retreat and be away from all external stimuli and another way is to be with nature, have it with me, or be creating naturally like a child.

I know that for me, creating and doing expressions that come from my hands in very natural ways, is a necessary component to being me, as well as to experiencing balanced health and joy. I don’t believe in there being any certain way to create from your heart. And it doesn’t have to be about you doing so as your profession, as much as it about you doing so for the greater good of your well being.

I love the times I can create like a vulnerable child, lost in my own little make-believe world where I enchant the creations and adornments I produce into life, with the vision of my heart.

Being in nature, natural, and infusing nature into my life is key for me and I know I am not alone. It’s something we all once knew how to be innately – in harmony with the Earth and cycles of Cosmic flow and life.

I was reminded to go to those places in my heart and mind, when I’m in the midst of over-energy, of my times spent on the beaches at Crystal Cove here, hiking in the hills overlooking the ocean, my snow time in nature by Lake Tahoe, and all the amazingly beautiful animal spirit guides that have been enchanting my life recently – the starfish, seagulls, pelicans, dolphins, hawks, chickadees, and owls. And specifically, I was guided back into the feeling I felt, while in Reno, as I intuitionally created nature/shaman adornments that captured the essence of all of this, as well as when I created a new painting there that was a gentle flow of the same element.

I felt like a little enchanted child in my world away from worlds and it is in that place I am able to rebalance in peaceful mindfulness of my energy flows.

hawk and seagull feather earringsAs mentioned before, I am no jewelry maker and do not intend to be, but I intuitively knew and received vision immediately upon finding them, that when I was gifted these three treasures of hawk, seagull, and a giant mussel shell that I would somehow interpret them into wearable adornments of nature art – more in the vein of a child from the ancient realms.

I did not want to do anything to take away from their natural state. I merely wanted a simple way to create them into something I could integrate into adorning myself with – reminding me of something a Mermaid or Native American Indian would have worn or created without anything overly fancy, and definitely in the vein of heart vulnerability.

In keeping “simple” it would also maintain their integrity of innately natural beauty and energy I wanted to have enhanced and threaded into my experience when worn. Plus, I would add a little “Tania-essence” integrated in. 🙂

What I created was a pendant and two earrings. All of which took no more than a half hour of child-like blissful fun.

Yes, you do have time in your life to do the things you love and want to do! 

Hawk and seagull feather earringsThe hawk earring is 9 1/2 inches long. The seagull earring is 8 inches long. I chose Swarovski crystal beads in the colors that most resonated with how they energetically make me feel, which were icy blues, pale aqua, light emerald and olive green, as well as golden yellow. I adore them and they can be worn alone or together, depending on the energy I want to embody.

The pendant I created is one that likely not many but myself would wear because it is so boldly big. I absolutely love it! It is nearly 6 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide! I have never found such a large mussel shell before and never one as gorgeously colored as this one. It was hidden under some rocks in a tide pool that normally isn’t seen, as the tide is usually out when I’m there. And it just happened to catch my eye as I walked by. The colors are so rainbow-vibrant and remind me of a peacock feather. I knew it was to be a pendant right away. It reminded me much more of an abalone shell though.

Mussel pendantWhen I found the crystals for the earrings, again, something happened to catch my eye. I saw this one large silver starfish clasp and given the magickal connection with them on the beach recently and my love for them, I knew it was for the pendant. I very much felt this pendant creation to be a mermaid/ethereal sea goddess energy embodiment and this adornment was perfect. I didn’t know how it would work, but I just knew somehow it would. I kept the shell in its natural state on the outside and to help keep the iridescent vibrancy of its coloring that shows up when it is under the water, I brushed it with linseed oil and let it dry. It now permanently has that glossy watery essence and deep coloring. The star fish clasp happened to be the exact fit to place the top of the mussel in behind it and I used a nontoxic glue to affix it permanently. It was so perfect and is my favorite magick piece to wear on a longer thick silver rope chain right at my chest.

The process of discovering, creating, and wearing these pieces of peace from nature is serenity of heart manifested. And in times of “power surges” or over-stimulation, I know I have several choices to seek solitude for rebalance either in physically going into nature, being with or wearing a piece of it, energetically supporting myself with a Reiki healing attunement, actively engaging in natural creative self expression, or tuning in to creative visualization to transport my emotions and energy into the realms of our harmonic Earth.

Mussel pendantI thought I’d add the symbolism of each of these for anyone who enjoys, much like me, the messages and medicine of these animal spirit guides.

Here is some information on the symbolism of mussels from Dreamtation:

Association: – Protection, – sometimes qualifying, sometimes protecting, – beauty of the form. Question: – Which feelings must I protect? Which structures do I appreciate?

Key words: Cover, – connection with the sea. Description: A mussel has served once a mollusc, a sea creature, as a dwelling. Mussels were estimated by people close to the earth always high and were used as devices, jewelry, in ceremonies as well as when currency. General meaning: Your connection with the sea, – your tools or useful devices, – what you estimate. Association: Female sexual organs, – any hard bowl. Transcendent meaning: A clear understanding of your own hard bowl.

Mussel pendantThe mussel can be seen as a magic symbol which rescues the strength of the transformation in itself. She owns the ability to protect, and is a sort of vessel by which she stands in respect with the female emotional side of the nature. It is a female sexual symbol whose form reminds of the Vulva. At the spiritual level the mussel in the dream is a miniature for the expiry of life and death. It is the picture of the grave from which the person will rise one day, a symbol of the fertility.

For more on starfish symbolism see: Exploring the Magick of these Star People

For more on hawk symbolism see: Hawk Spirit Symbolism

Here is some great seagull symbolism shared in Animal Totems: Dictionary of Birds by StarStuffs:

Seagulls are spiritual messengers that demonstrate that a higher communication with guides is taking place. He shows how to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider. Seagull shows a sense friendship and community and the cooperation that is needed for the whole to operate successfully. He teaches how to ride the currents of the mental, emotional and physical worlds. Are you going with the flow or fighting it? Are you cooperating with others? Are you open to your guides? Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being. It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action.

And here is some other interesting seagull symbolism:

The seagull is associated with Lir, a Sea-God in Celtic lore. Like many birds, the seagull flies between the earth and the heavens, bringing messages to mortals. Gulls are highly intelligent with a complex social structure developed partly to ward off predators. Gulls live in colonies and sometimes utilize tools. Gulls can catch a wind current and, without flapping their long, pointed wings, sustain a course that makes them appear motionless. What we like most about gulls is their gentle and quiet nature, although, when they feel threatened by a predator, members of the gull colony join forces to ‘mob’ the intruder. The gull’s highly developed social structure allows them to co-operate in this way. The larger species of gull are particularly resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent. The gull teaches us to emulate these qualities, and also how to ride the fickle currents of our emotional lives. Their message seems to be about ‘going with the flow’, since their aerobatics prove the advantage of seeking the path of least resistance. Native American cultures have made the seagull a symbol of the care-free attitude, and of versatility and freedom. Among seafarers, the seagull was thought to be the soul of a dead sailor, and for this reason it was never shot (remember what happened to the Ancient Mariner). A gull that settled on a ship’s rigging or gunwale was considered an omen for a happy journey.


Ice QuartzNeedless to say, a lot of energy is shifting, old structures are releasing, old foundations are being uprooted and slowly replaced with stronger more authentic ones, and with all of this a lot of powerful and crazy energetic things can and will take place. But there are ways you can support the shifts, regain empowerment in the process, and maintain a healthy balance of staying conscious of your energy and consciously bringing yourself in alignment with nature and the natural rhythms within.

I received a lot of insight in my short time with my Ice Quartz friend and realize for now she is where we both need her to be.

To my sweet Ice Quartz friend:  May you know how valuable the deep inner peace and wisdom you have imparted to me is, which I hold in heart as you continue your journey. I look forward to your return in divine timing. Until then, may peace be the wind under your wings.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake! – Shed into Your Inherent Truth

I posted this “Year of the Snake” information a little over a week ago in a blog about this weekend’s Reiki workshops and particularly today’s Reiki Master Teacher workshop I would have been teaching, coinciding with the Chinese New Year. The workshops are being rescheduled due to the storm that cancelled all flights, but synchronously, not being there this weekend created a brief, but auspicious and magickal experience last night for me, alongside some other supportive unfoldings personally.

Red envelopeA very sweet man (I could feel his warm heart through his gentle eyes) walked up to me while we were out eating dinner with a friend at our local vegan restaurant – Native Foods, just a couple of blocks away. He immediately noted seeing my snake tattoo on my hand and wrist, which I have had many people stop me about, so I figured he was going to ask about it. However, he did not discuss the tattoo itself, but said that it was the snake that drew him over to give me something. He then proceeded to share how the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Snake was upon us and that if you’re given an envelope of money at this time, you will have an abundantly prosperous year in many ways. He then sweetly handed me this lovely red and gold envelope with two golden $1 coins.

I was aware of the Chinese New Year of the Snake and its symbolism, but I had not been familiar with this tradition of a red envelope exchange. The red symbolizes luck and traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters like happiness and wealth.

It was so magickal, but moreso it reminded me of a recent quote I posted from my morning Yogi tea:

“Goodness should become human nature, because it is real in nature.”

I remember pondering this and my feelings about it, as well as explored the implications. I also remembered a conversation I had on my hike yesterday (hiking or walking is where the best conversations and channeling come I have found) that revealed my heart believing that inherently there is good and kind-heartedness in all of us, just sometimes on its journey to discover it.

So it was a beautiful little universal gift to connect in that moment with this man and this belief-in-manifestation…one of those stand-still-in-time moments where I could see and feel the bigger and little picture, all at once. There was something about this man and this small token of generosity and giving that substantiated my beliefs, but also felt to be demonstrating an allegorical symbolism (something discussed on our hike).

Needless to say, it was a loving experience and I feel blessed and grateful, continuing to believe that there IS so much goodness out there and how important it is to keep cultivating it.

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a beautiful, happy, healthy, and abundant Chinese New Year of the Snake and pass along the good blessings, fortuitous experiences, love, and joy to each of you.

My sacred snake tattooHere is some symbolism about the energy of this year that I posted in an earlier blog:

Snakes symbolize cycles, rebirth, patience, fertility, creation energy, eternity, connection to the shadow worlds, secret knowledge, pointed focus, assertive power, primoridal life force, search for balance, eternity, cunning, intuition, awareness, healing, intellect, protection, solemnity, rejuvenation, transformation, the hidden or occult, knowledge, male/female duality, and kundalinin energy.

Water snakes, or nagas, embody the feminine aspects of nurturing, benevolent, wise qualities, in addition.

2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake. Changeability, mobility, and dynamism are the Water characteristics that the Black Snake will embody. The reigning color is black, which is the color of deep waters, space, and abyss and hence will carry the creation, visionary, and imagination energies, as well as the energy of the emotions, unconscious, spiritual focus in life, dedication to quiet introspection, interest in understanding the underlying meanings and mechanics of life, flowing, and pooling your resources together in readiness and strength so you are ready to make a move forward when opportunities present themselves.

This heralds a year of unexpected changes abound and the need for cautious, careful planning, while remaining as flexible and versatile as you can (like the Snake) in order to flow with the changes and strike at opportune and aligned moments. If you are able to ride the transformative waves by embracing the energies present, you can aid a return to balance and harmony, which this collective #6 year is about, rather than get caught in the imbalances and inconstancy that will be brought in with the Snake year – all to help you evolve and learn to “be” the energy of Water, which shifts in chameleon-like ways.

In summary, some other things the energy of the year will bring includes a time for deep transformation and healing, major out-of-the-blue changes, a time for reflection, going within, and withdrawing rather than being involved in tons of social situations, in order to focus on steady, methodical progress, details and serious responsiblity.

This will also be a time for “shedding” the very deep-rooted old in order to release and begin anew, realizing that hidden aspects may surface for your gentle integration. Having all of your senses on conscious-awareness-high-volume will aid you in not being taken by surprise, as well as assist in understanding the perfection of the unfolding. This is a great year for physical healing of the body as well as moving into a more spiritual way of life, if you haven’t already. Or, you will start integrating more of this into your life in deeper ways – having it become your way of being, rather than a novelty or side focus.


tangerine treeIncidentally, right after I posted this I felt called to go out and pick tangerines. Yes, it’s that time of the year again and our tangerine tree is ready for harvesting. I just got my first bag full (using some in my morning smoothie), but tons more to go (this is just a portion of the underside of the tree – got about 300 last year). I suddenly remembered just a year ago (only 4 days off actually) I posted this blog on celebrating the Chinese New Year tangerine style and their symbolism: Symbols of Luck and Prosperity and it seemed a bit synchronous and auspicious that I felt guided to harvest our bountiful tree right now, on the Chinese New Year, and after receiving my red envelope surprise last evening. As I expressed in my Facebook post earlier today, alongside a matching quote, I am happy to be a child that sees magick in everything. Life IS magickal – at least I believe so, and so it is!

Shape-Shifting Sacred Tattoo Design: A Shaman’s Magickal Journey of Emergence

Shaman Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie

Back in the sacred tattoo design energy flow again, with several powerful pieces emerging. So many of these latest designs are holding amazing shaman, animal medicine, and shape-shifting energy. I love it, love the energy of each of the soul’s they are channeling through, and I am loving how the visions manifest into being!

The shamanic energy really feels prevalent right now, as more and more people are revealing and honing in on these gifts in a focus of return to natural harmony with Mother Earth and the Cosmos as their powerfully integrated selves.

Today’s Spiritual Skin focus is just that – A Shaman’s Magickal Journeyof Emergence. I am officially claiming that I fall in love with each piece I have the honor and pleasure of working collaboratively on and with each I continually uncover the bountiful creative expressions of the collective heart.

This design integrates several powerful symbolisms that mirrored my client’s essence self along with her journey of deeper personal and collective opening in heart service and empowerment.

I always listen and allow myself to be guided to what best hones in on the particular energy in the now moment and that embodies most supportively what would be empowering for each client.

Many times I have much to draw upon and much that is shared beautifully in our interactive consulting dialogue, and so it is always important that I fine tune in to just which frequencies are sharing their music most prominently. Some times I receive images and symbols that are not shared and they become space holders for the new energy, are symbolic of parts of their essence they hadn’t been focused on, and/or end up revealing things my client had forgotten to share or had significance in ways at the time were part of their journey into discovery.

In the case of this one, there were stand-out images and symbolism that definitely came through and I loved how everything wove together like a fine and intricately beautiful web of expression.

Many times, like with this design, I receive images and visions before I hear specifics from my clients, or have read what they have shared. I love when they are reiterated literally or in energy through their expressions.

One of the images that hadn’t been revealed in consulting, but came into being with this piece was the swallowtail butterfly.

Aside from the swallowtail having the butterfly symbolism mentioned below they also are symbols of innovation, which in part came from studies on the reflection and scattering of light by the scales on their wings, which led to the innovation of more efficient light-emitting diodes – LED. Who knew?! They are also butterflies of fairly open country and wide ranges of migration – freedom adventurer travelers indeed. And, with at least 550 species, members of the family are found on all continents except Antarctica making them quite a collective and eclectic butterfly family. The family also includes the largest butterflies in the world, the Birdwing butterflies of Australia. Swallowtails are different in a number of anatomical traits from from all other butterflies, most notably, their caterpillars possess a unique organ behind their heads, called the osmeterium. Not only are they diverse, visionary, and adventurers, but they are highly unique beings with an extra bit of brain power! 🙂

Needless to say, butterfly medicine came through instead of some of the other literal image depictions that had been conveyed, in a burst of vision where a swallowtail unveiled its wings as the unfurling of my client’s “beingness.”

Butterflies are messengers of powerfully transformative healing and regenerative energy and symbolism to the indigenous peoples across time. They symbolize the precious miracle of life, hope, love, transmutation, magick, joy, reincarnation – to the Maya, butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality and have a very earth and cosmic bridging connection (ex: the galactic butterfly symbol – Hunab Ku powerfully broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy), resurrection, transition, communication, celebration, lightness, time, soul, unquestioning embrace, freedom, keeping the faith, grace…phew!…it felt to be speaking to another aspect of my client in this greater expansion sense with her shifting work, community sharing, spreading of her wings in deeper ways of service and heart-deepening, more and more.

I also love this sharing about Native American Butterfly Legends by Denise Handlon titled Butterflies – Symbols of Life and Hope:

“Some tribes in the Native American culture believe that butterflies can take one’s wishes up to the Great Spirit. Capture a butterfly, whisper your wish to it, and release it to the heavens. It is believed that all wishes will be granted in gratitude for the freedom of this delicate creature. Other Native American stories include the story of the ‘Children who refused to walk’. In order to get the babies to move from four legs to two a handful of pebbles were thrown into the air and as they scattered they changed into beautifully colored butterflies. The children were so delighted they jumped up and began to chase the butterflies.

Some people believe that the Fancy Shawl Dance, as exhibited in ceremonial Powwows, is believed to have been derived from the ‘butterfly dance’. It is the story of a young butterfly whose mate was killed in battle. After removing her beautiful wings she wrapped herself in a drab cocoon and isolated in her lodge. Family and friends stopped by to console her, but she was wrought with grief. Not wanting to be a burden to her tribe she took her wings and medicine bundle and journeyed far and wide.

As she travelled across field and streams, she stepped lightly on each stone, her eyes downcast. It was in this way that she spotted a beautiful stone and her grieving heart was healed. Filled with gratitude for a new life of joy and renewal, she shrugged off the cocoon unwrapped her wings and began to dance a joyful dance.

When she arrived back to her tribe she told her People of the journey she took and the healing stone she discovered. In celebration, the People danced to celebrate a new beginning. To this day, the butterfly dance is danced using brightly adorned shawls in The Fancy Shawl Dance.”

The butterfly that emerged in this particularl sacred tattoo design also portrays that  integration and centeredness with having one foot in each world of physical and nonphysical and setting the heart a-flight with the way my client is bridging with her work and travels.

Depicted is a Native American Indian shaman/medicine woman shape-shifting collectively as all of what she embodies and portrays, but remaining individually unique simultaneously. I created her to look somewhat lion-like in facial featuring, as well as brought in some of the deer power animal essence through her facial energy, which had been another aspect of this client’s guides. She wears feathers, perhaps of the eagle or owl in her hair (again more of her guides), entwined twigs and leaves of Mother Earth, and her caped shawl with lion main emerging reminds me almost of the furry bear garments of the Native American Indians (bear and lion both also guides). But the stand-out was the lion and he emerges from her heart and throat chakras –his main and her hair and shawl all merging and integrating, his face doubling as the curvature of her neck and breast, and as the support system of the shoulder area and upper body standing in strength.

At the solar plexus a lotus essence almost like ethereal fire, emerges atop the butterfly with energy integrating into the lion’s mane, her hair and shawl. The swallowtail at the lower 2 chakra areas being released and freeing its creative abundance and joyful breadth of life-giving. Her hands are embracing of letting go within the power of knowing all is within to work alchemy as the magician, shaman and medicine woman that she is.

I see the depictions of all the elements here of earth, fire, air, water and spirit in symbolism.

This sacred tattoo was seen as energetically most supportive on the back – in that upper back area of the heart, higher heart chakra, just below the base of neck to really open and deepen those energies being shared in service and emanating at heart and soul.

I like to let the image reflect to each person what they receive from it, as there is so much more that unveils over time and to different eyes and open hearts than what I could possible share or see. I am in sort of channel trance of receiving when creating so I don’t always piece it all together until it actually manifests. I merely hold the essence and visions at heart until then. My service is to be a conduit for the image to come through and to integrate and weave it into its symbolic form as Spiritual Skin.

This piece of course is hugely rooted in shamanism, centeredness, balance, groundedness, empowerment, expansion, opening, releasing and honoring, as well as deepening emergence. Always so many layers that are much “more than skin deep” images.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

High Vibrational, Transformational, & Awakening Quartz Crystals – Five New Crystal Friends “Lighting Up” My Life


Angelic rainbow hexagon orb sunset that greeted me upon arriving home in Reno – reminds me of crystalline energy and their rainbow light body frequencies of illumination – click on photos to enlarge for detail

Crystals have been a prominent part of my life for years and even when I was a little girl (not having been exposed yet to “crystals”) I was always drawn to specific precious gemstones I had seen on others for their energy, as well as constantly collected Mother Earth’s treasures of stones, rocks, and natural crystals I would find in nature. The unique, emanating, hidden and sparkly beauty of the natural gifts of the Earth were tickly pleasures to my heart.

Today, I can happily say that crystals and stones are my dear friends and I know I’m not alone in that affirmation either. 😉

I go through energetic phases of what I’m drawn to that matches my current frequencies and supportive needs. I’ve had periods in my life when crystals were coming at me from all directions and I couldn’t act fast enough to bring them all in to heart and home. And there are the phases of particular crystals, small crystals, very large crystals, and families of particular crystals.

It was hard to quiet their chatter, as I was such a receptacle for receiving their messages. I had times I couldn’t shut out their calling to me. Times I couldn’t differentiate who really needed to come home and who just wanted to come home, as there IS a difference. And of course, as a crystal keeper and bridge worker, there were ones I was merely to foster until their rightful keeper would show up – in which case I would be the channel for their journeys onward.

Luckily, I have learned to make that distinction and to only open my energy fields to who I could best support, alongside their supporting me and others. I also learned when it was time to give heartfelt bittersweet goodbyes to dear friends, thank them, and release them on their way.

To block the energy of a crystal on a mission of service, is just as stifling and sad as doing so to ourselves and each other. I also get sad when certain crystals have sat in waiting and haven’t been utilized and worked with, as they so long to assist and be recognized for the valuable gifts they have to bring into our lives.


Rainbow hexagon orb sunset – Reno

Crystals are here as our loving companions – gifts of the Earth infused with the etheric and Cosmos – much as we have animal companions and dear friends and family of flesh and spirit. Everything is alive and emanates an energy frequency we can learn and grow from. Crystals are sages of time, past, present and future, all in the now.

For a long time no new friends were entering my life, as I had reached a state of wholeness energetically with the family that had come to me. So it was interesting to me when suddenly new friends had arrived, of course exactly mirroring of where I was now at, and equally loved how they were crystals I’d not previously known about (and in some cases were crystals I normally wasn’t drawn to). I love how new discoveries are constantly being made and there are so many surprises around each corner.

I had a small surge of new crystal friends come into my life over the last few months, as well as said goodbye to many that had been with me through thick and thin, now ready to assist others on transformational paths. Like the cycles of life, change is always a thing to embrace if you desire greater flow.

While I was away in Reno I had opportunity to visit one of my favorite crystal shops, Stone Age, with my generous coupon they sent me in hand (as I wouldn’t have gone otherwise at this time) for some birthday friend home-comings (my small pre-birthday gifts to myself). I felt that probably one new friend was awaiting me, but instead I was surprised with four and so inexpensively too! Indeed gifts await when we are ready.

Recently, I’ve been united with a family of 20 Andaras, received in love-filled gifts of gratitude. They have been powerfully transformative and I usually sleep with, and take one with me, each night and on certain outings. Where I had mostly been attracted to large crystals, I now discovered my resonation going back to only the ones I could hold and place in my pocket or a crystal pouch to work and meditate with at any given time, utilize in my sessions and classes (as I find holding one helps me to channel more flow and clarity – you’ll often see me lovingly rolling one in my hands during Reiki classes), and place under my pillow to sleep with.


Gorgeous rainbow orb sunset – Reno

So, I wondered what specific crystal energy would be calling to me on my visit to Nevada, as I never have any specific in mind. I just allow the energy to speak to my heart and soul. Interestingly, the four I was drawn to were all within the Quartz family, very close in size, and mirroring in their icy hue. At the same time, one of the crystals in the collection of friends I had acquired to pass along to others, had declared its wanting to stay with me as well. This made five (my favorite number) all closely resembling each other and all of very high vibrational energy perfect for my current focuses and this year of shifting reflections.

I wanted to share a little about each of their properties, as I find that crystals I am drawn to usually have resonance with others on similar paths and so it’s a way to familiarize with their energy, if you haven’t already, or would like to know more. Three of them are new to me and I didn’t find out about their properties until after I took them home. I only allowed myself to be drawn to whom ever was perfect.

I hope you enjoy some insights into these lovely beings. I have found them to be amazingly powerful and look forward to my continued journey with them.

Ice QuartzIce Quartz – also known as Nirvana Quartz, Lemurian Scalar Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, as well as Growth Interference Quartz (because they do not grow in a normal way):

This is a high-vibrational Quartz crystal from the Himalayas. So interesting that I was drawn to three crystals connected with the Himalayas (since that region and Tibet is my personal sacred journey destination this year)

I love this information from Healing Crystals for You:

Nirvana Quartz is a variety of quartz that was only discovered in 2006 when the Himalayan glaciers began to recede due to global warming.

This type of crystal is also known as ice quartz, as many of the pieces have strange shaped forms and resemble pieces of ice.

They are very high vibration crystals with strong metaphysical properties which help you to move towards that state that is known as enlightenment.

Using them may help your spiritual awakening, as they have a powerful crystal energy that is easily felt within the higher chakras… and in particular at the third eye, crown and soul star chakras… as well as at the heart and thymus chakras, and at the lower chakras, if you choose to use them there.

They have a pleasing vibration… that helps you to make a strong connection with the loving energy of the heart. They are excellent to use in meditation… to aid you to create a deeper spiritual connection… that will move your spiritual growth forward in a profound way.

The word Nirvana comes from the Buddhist religion, and relates to reaching a state where you are able to let go of those things that bind you in the perpetual state of living life after life. It may also relate to the desire to experience a state of bliss, when you have released karmic debts.

It is said at this time you reach a state of enlightenment… and achieve a new level of existence known as Nirvana.

These crystals lay under the glacial ice on the Himalayan mountains in northern India, until the ice melted and they were exposed for the first time in thousands of years.

Most of the Nirvana Quartz that are found in that area of the Himalayan mountains, are either clear, white or pink… but there are some Himalayan Ice Quartz crystals that have tinges of purple or green in the stones.

These crystals are unique in many ways, as they will help you to move to a state where you can more readily stop thinking when you are meditating… allowing you to embrace a state of complete inner silence. At this time you may become conscious of your ability to connect with the flow of the powerful spiritual energy of the Divine mind.

Ice Quartz

Ice Quartz – with rainbow inclusion – reminds me of the Andaras

Nirvana Quartz crystals help you to gain an awareness of your spiritual destiny, and aid you to confirm, trust and accept your soul self. This may help you to distinguish more clearly between reality and imagination… allowing you to discover whether what you experience, feel or believe, is really true… and to recognize if your beliefs are truth or wishful thinking.

It is believed that the appearance of these high crystal energy stones at this time in earths history, is no coincidence. This was part of the Divine plan to aid you to achieve your destiny. These crystals may have come to the attention of spiritual minded people, so that those of you who would like to work with them can discover your future potential… and the reason for your existence on the earth at this time.

These crystals are powerful to use to make contact with spirit… and the best and most powerful way to use Nirvana Quartz is definitely in a crystal meditation. These crystals are powerful to move you quickly and easily into a state of inner silence, perfect for quiet contemplation and connection with the spirit world.

These crystals may help you to make a very strong higher chakra connection. This can allow you to make contact with both the beings associated with the individual crystal that you are using… as well as with other beings in the higher realms. This crystal may be used alone or with other crystals, and either color of these crystals will connect to both the higher chakras, as well as to both the heart and thymus chakra.

It is powerful to use the clear Nirvana Quartz at your third eye chakra or crown chakra, and at the same time place one of the pink crystals at your higher heart chakra… also known as your thymus chakra or at your heart chakra.

This may clear the energy and create a powerful flow between the heart and the soul star chakra. This connection has been described as heart-brain synergy… and may lead to immense spiritual change.

One of the well known results from this is for powerful psychic visions to come through. You may find that your clairvoyant abilities may quickly begin to strengthen, and you may receive visionary messages more clearly.

These feelings of bliss and deep inner peace are a quite common result from using these lovely crystals, and this is clearly why they were named Nirvana Quartz.

This energy can also help you with developing intuition of a deeper and stronger nature…. as it has a quite intense action to bring intuitive messages to your attention. They are excellent stones to aid you with finding your spirit guide… as guides may more easily make themselves known to you… if that is what you want.

An interesting affect that you may find happen, is that after you have used them a few times, you will feel a movement of energy in your brain. When it happened to me, it felt similar to the action of Golden Herderite.. which opens up new channels in the brain. It is like an alertness to what is happening in the world, and it feels like you can perceive more of what is occurring around you.

More than most other stones, it is important that you must ground yourself after meditating with these stones. Often when you are ungrounded you can feel your head spin, but you may not… and can be blissfully unaware that you are not fully present on the earth plane.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz:

I actually have one other Tibetan Quartz (just a little over 2 1/2 times the size of this one), which is a staple in my daily life. I have found it to assist in channeling clearly and receiving through my third eye. I also often hold this crystal in while teaching Reiki classes.

Tibetan Quartz crystals have been found in Tibet and have been transported “on the back of a Yak in a sack” 😉 to the China border for distribution. They occur as both double terminated and singly terminated crystals in the clear quartz and smokey quartz compositions.

In addition to the qualities of composition, the Tibetan Quartz crystals have been used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user.

They have also been used to facilitate fasting and abstinence from that which one chooses. In addition, healing and meditation have both been enhanced.

Wearing Tibetan Quartz has induced total centering of the self and has, when accessed, produced an energy conducive to channeling.

The crystal tends to contain and exude the very sacred and powerful “OM” vibration of the Universe, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and can radiate the energy and verity of the higher-self.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz – hard to capture but this one has delicate pastel rainbows and light emittance at that top

Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of color and can hence be applied to all energy medians for stimulation and cleansing, as well as be used in the healing of all energy centers.

Tibetan Quartz provides protection and purification, and are perfect crystals for cleansing and sanctifying a healing or meditation room. They expand the aura, raising the vibrations such that the physical body can attune to and assimilate the full spectrum of light. Tibetan Quartz stimulates clairaudient abilities when placed over the third eye.

They can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of disharmony in the energies of the subtle body. Tibetan Quartz can assist when treating dis-ease of the nervous system.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz:

Susan Sullivan of Howl at the Moon shares:

Seer Stones are Quartz that have been naturally tumbled in rivers. Depending on the area where they are found, they can also be in forms of Quartz like the Amethyst, Citrine, Rose, or Smokey varieties. Most that are found in the U.S. are Clear or the Rose Quartz varieties. These crystals are found in riverbeds, rounded by the water and etched on the outside, and a portion is sliced off to make a window. Seer Stones (Quartz) are created when river-washed crystals have a face cut off and polished so that you can see inside the crystal. The outside of these crystals look as if they have been sand blasted by the river.

Their appearance is a frosty white outside that may seem insignificant to an untrained eye walking a river bed. When they are cut and polished on one end, these faces or “windows” show their clear inside. The most wonderful specimens are coming from Brazil right now. They are found along the Ema River, they have become known as Ema Eggs. These are some of the clearest.

These crystals are good for scrying/gazing. Seer Stones allow access to the knowledge of ancient civilizations. You can also focus on a certain era and area to connect to this knowledge. These crystals allow you to remember what you were given to learn in this lifetime before you came into this body. It can also help you to see your soul’s pathway after “death”.

Being naturally tumbled in rivers seems to add a very earthy, warm energy to these stones. When held, you not only feel a great connection with the earth, they seem to offer a broader connection to the heavens as well. Using them during meditation is very enlightening. They seem to stimulate a remembering of ancient knowledge and remind you that you still have much to learn.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Some interesting history: Historic accounts share that Joseph Smith used Seer Stones for much of the translation of the Book of Mormon. He described it as two stones set in a silver bow and fastened to a breastplate and referred to them as Urim and Thummim. One of his revelations describes the earth as becoming a Urim and Thummim to all those who live upon it when it is sanctified after the last judgment. A white stone will be given to the faithful which will function as a Urim and Thummim to each individual that receives it.

The term Urim and Thummim does not always refer to one specific instrument it seems. Apparently it can be the name given to different objects, but each seem to accomplish the same purpose. The names in Hebrew mean “lights and perfections.” The plural nature of both words had led some Biblical scholars to believe that Urim and Thummim refer to the “process” of divination rather than an object. The use of the word in Mormonism though seems to be singular and indicates a device through which revelation is received.

Melody, in her book “Love is in the Earth,” is of the opinion that when used for gazing, they provide access to sacred text of the ancients. There are references to Seer Stones in the old and new testaments in the Christian bible as well.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Susan Sullivan on Seer Stones: “It would seem to me that the use of stones in this manner has been occurring for a very long time and has been accepted across all spiritual paths. While the messages seem to be interpreted in many ways, there seems to be a common spiritual connection. For myself, I have now learned to listen when the stones speak. There are many times the message makes no sense to me but has been enlightening to the person I pass the stone and message along to.”

Rainbow AnandaliteRainbow Anandalite Quartz from India – New Stone of Transformation and Awakening (Also called Aurora Quartz or Iris Quartz):

Anandalite is a healing stone with a frequency that connects to all of the chakras. It stimulates and activates the entire chakra column, allowing the awakening of the Kundalini energies. Their vibrational frequency helps to activate your “light” body and stimulate your energy fields. It opens the third and crown chakras to help you tune in to your true nature, as well as allows you to feel connected to the group collective consciousness of the Universe. Anandalite energy acts on the heart chakra to produce emotional release that brings about feelings of divine joy and bliss.

Rainbow Anandalite

Rainbow Anandalite – this one looks like a flower and has tiny rainbows all over that are hard to capture in photo

Robert Simmons shares: The stone known as Anandalite is without doubt one of the most amazing and powerful stones to emerge in the past decade. The word Ananda means Divine bliss, and this stone certainly lives up to its name!

Anandalite is a variety of Quartz found in central India. It occurs as clusters of small points arising from grayish chalcedony base. The points vary from carpets of tiny sparkling druzy crystals to clusters of points up to 1/2 inch long. Most of these clusters are white, grayish, or colorless. A small percentage of these, known as Rainbow Anandalite, display iridescent reflections of multiple colors from just under the surfaces of its crystal points. The colors range from green, blue and violet, to yellow, red and orange. They are not the same as the “fracture rainbows” we are used to seeing in Quartz and other crystals. These colors flash in ways similar to those we see in Angel Aura coated crystals, but reliable Indian suppliers have assured us that the colors of Rainbow Anandalite quartz are completely natural.

Rainbow AnandaliteShell Alys Anwyn of Solstice Stones shares: Anandalite is a very special luminescent variety of druzy quartz, displaying beautiful spectral colours across its surfaces.  Its opalescence is suggestive of the rainbow sheens seen on lab-made “Angel Aura” quartz, however in Anandalite, the effect is entirely natural and subtly emanates from deep within the crystal.  This adularescence is caused by light refraction across thin lamellae with trace inclusions of titanium (not rhodium, as previously suggested).  Holding the crystal, one can easily see the magnificent iridescent play of colors under the light. These lovely crystals form as clusters, stalactites, and rosettes in basalt, and are a new find from Maharashtra, India.

Anandalite is a stone of deep peace and spiritual awakening.  It works with and aligns all of the chakras, bringing the body’s subtle energy systems into a balanced and harmonious state.  It lifts heaviness and distress from the aura, clearing energies which manifest in the emotions as depression and anxiety.  Anandalite has a calming and centering effect, and provides a gentle reassurance during times of upheaval.  Warming and firey, Anandalite stimulates artistic expression and dissolves fear blockages that inhibit creative growth.  Past-life memories are awakened, lending awareness to soul-purpose and a greater sense of the Self.  It is felt that Anandalite gently initiates the activation of kundalini energy, illuminating the path of one’s spiritual development.

apophylliteApophyllite: (The crystal that wanted to stay with me)

It’s presence in a room enhances the energies as it is a powerful vibrational transmitter. It enhances clear sight, stimulating intuition. This is a stone of truth, bringing recognition of one’s true self. It reduces stress and releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns. It overcomes anxiety, worries, and fears. Facilitates out-of-body journeys and spiritual vision. Best stone to assist in Reiki healing by taking client into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness. Good for respiratory system and asthma attacks. Neutralizes allergies and promotes the regeneration of mucus membranes and the skin. It rejuvenates the eyes.

Love and Light Reiki shares: Apophyllite is in the zeolite family, and is typically either clear or green in color. It is connected with the crown and third eye chakras but it can assist with other chakras too. When placed on the heart chakra for instance, it creates a profound sense of well being. When used in the crown and third eye chakra it helps to open those chakras and bring in a connected state of being.

Apophyllite is an excellent Reiki stone because it takes the client into deeper receptive states and moved the healers ego aside so transmission of energy is pure.

Apophyllite is an attunement stone, it creates a conscious connection between the physical form & spiritual realm. Apophyllite is an excellent meditation tool that will help with perceiving the connection of all things in creation, as well as your role in balancing the earth’s energies.

In meditation with Apophyllite, focus on entering the stone itself. Once you get in the stone, you can travel in all directions of past, present and future lives and knowledge.

Apophyllite has been used in astral travel and assists in providing a clear and definitive connection to the physical body during astral travel. This is one of the stones that allows one to remain fully conscious while astrally traveling and helps one with reading the akashic records, past life experiences and exchanging communication with the spirit realms.

Apophyllite clears ones vision and psychic abilities. It can enhance the clarity of remote viewing and connection with other dimensional beings. Aside from other spiritual beings Apophyllite is an excellent stone for used in a healing
sessions where spiritual understanding is necessary in order to recover from physical imbalance.

Apophyllite is also helpful for those that have seemed to lost their way in the light and need an extra boost to find their ways back. It can assist one with courage and purpose to find their way back.

Important Update: New Jersey Reiki & Yoga Workshop Weekend Being Rescheduled

Snow Angels

You can decide to stop being affected by the outer world and, instead, to affect the world around you with your peace.
Inner peace comes from within, not from without.
~Orin through Sanaya Roman

Our weekend of heart-opening Reiki & Yoga workshops is being rescheduled. My flight out has just been cancelled due to the big storm that they are saying is going to hit tomorrow and over the weekend.

Apparently, all flights into Newark and other surrounding areas are getting cancelled and they say it’s supposed to be a huge blizzard with white outs, drifts, tree limbs downed, and power outages. Better everyone is safely at home and not out on the road either and hopefully this will create more beneficial circumstances. I know that the dates hadn’t worked for some of you and that that others were under the weather, so perhaps the shifts are more supportive to the greater good.

I was very much looking forward to this weekend with all of you, but Mother Nature seems to have other plans for us to embrace. I feel there is good reason and more opportune energy will support the next time.

There were a lot of synchronous things among myself, Venus, and a couple of the students attending that pointed to our intuiting a shift was going to happen. And voila! Peace within creates peace without, no matter the circumstances. Everything is always in divine perfection and flows as such for a reason. It’s up to us to embrace it with our hearts.

We are likely looking at March or April dates, but I will keep you posted in the next day or two, once everything gets on the calendar officially.

For everyone who registered, I sent an email to you each for rescheduling. For everyone else, I will be posting the updated dates for this weekend as soon as the new schedule is set.

Perhaps this will assist anyone who wasn’t able to make it this weekend.

Stay tuned for details shortly and thank you for your understanding.

Gentle Repatterning ~ Permission to Transform Your Fears

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

A lot of new energy and experiences came away from my time this last week in Reno and Lake Tahoe. Some things are still percolating as to how they will manifest, some things still need my focus to receive full clarity, and others have already kicked into motion. I love how every moment continually creates anew and is opportunity to embrace the flow of that.

Having come to realize over time that the magick lies within my own capabilities and understanding in order to learn the intricacies of self-transformation, I constantly engage myself to be more and more conscious of my individual processes and triggers. In being more present and mindful, there is the opportunity for a bit of self-alchemy. You can become just as masterful in your abilities to transform anything in your life, as you have been masterfully agreeing to allow things to transform you, up until now.

The more you practice the discipline of being lovingly in the moment with yourself, having curiosity, and are gently willing to be vulnerably honest, this can assist you in discovering the roots of your fears and the keys to transforming them. You can start to walk yourself through repatterning in steps and timing that feels natural and safe for you, and in ways that will produce the most beneficial results for you in mirror to that. If this is a challenge to do on your own, there are many tools and support systems that can assist you in uncovering these innate gifts that lead you back to your empowerment.

I’ve been practicing how to retrain myself into being my most natural me. Sounds kind of ironic and silly that we actually have to relearn how to be ourselves, but it’s not too hard to understand how little babies and children that receive teaching and support in certain ways, or in lack of certain ways, will undoubtedly become some sort of product of those upbringings. Things get compounded over time with societal influences, etc. and before you know it, the real you gets lost. Yet, this is all part of the beautiful story of you and what is gained from the soul growth opportunities that these experiences provide.

The good news is that what is lost can always be found. The right circumstances and supportive energy will help it to reveal itself.

What I’ve learned is how to become quicker at spotting my processes and how to modify my approach to myself depending on the magnitude of the fear and/or timing in my life. Some times I am able to flip a switch, remove all safety nets, and just provide no out for myself, but to move forward, and this works beautifully. BUT, it doesn’t always work with all things in my life and I’ve been honing in on when some fears need a more methodical, gentle, and consistent repatterning to make it a more natural process again.

Switch-flipping isn’t for everyone, nor should it be, and sometimes if you scare yourself into something too soon, or if the reprogramming doesn’t go to the core, it can pop again so that you can make sure the new foundation is strong and will hold what you’re building long term.

The beauty is, fear doesn’t need to be fearful to process and while consistency and devotion to your personal cause is essential, the work can be loving, gentle, rewarding, easier, and less painful. When you realize that you aren’t at the mercy of anything, decide that fears no longer are going to keep you from the natural, loving soul that you are, and give yourself permission to love yourself back into wholeness, you can consciously take the steps forward into transforming those fears into empowering experiences.

This last week while I was away visiting my family and spending recharging time in nature in Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Reno, I had the opportunity to face one of my fears that is deeply rooted far past the surface of what it looks like (more than what I can share in this post). I was able to put into action, processes I had learned, and learned new processes at the same time, that were supportive of my particular challenge.

Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows

The fear stemmed around skiing and yet the root was several layered. About 5 1/2 years ago, while married to my now ex-husband, I took up skiing for the first time. Skiing was his favorite sport and wanting to share in that, plus having a love for the snow and nature, combined with my usually natural sporting abilities, it seemed like the time to learn. My usual processes with things were to attack them fully, push, and go for it. I had always been an achiever and pushed myself beyond human limitations – and had a knack in past lives to continually drive myself, or let myself be driven in order to perform.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that with all of this I would likely hit a breaking point in this new venture.

I took only a one hour private lesson in Vermont and directly after, skied the beginner run only a few times and was whisked off to advanced runs immediately at the encouragement and promptings of my ex, ex’s younger nephews and family. They were so excited to have me skiing with them, and me to also please and prove my ability, and since I hadn’t allowed any fears to surface, along with not knowing what to expect, I just went with it. They said I was a natural and I actually did think I did do good for someone never having skiied before, and based on what was being conveyed with all the positive words of encouragement. Without having anything to compare it to or what to expect, I just accepted the advanced runs, the falls, and looked past or pushed down any fear that came up. (But truth be known, deep down I was frightened out of my wits each time I saw those steep slopes and went speeding out of control)

I then went on to ski at Sun Valley, Idaho doing amazingly well in my ability to perform when need be, and again receiving lots of encouragement this time from people outside of the family and even from couples where husbands and boyfriends were teaching their partners – having them watch me as to how to approach their own skiing and fears of the steep slopes. So I thought I must be doing well. However, I actually only likely skied about a total of maybe 6 -8 times. And it was the last time at Mt. Rose above Lake Tahoe, that did me in for the next 5 1/2 years.

I’d been only skiing more advanced runs, but this time when we went directly there, it was a completely new experience – but more the mirror reality of what I hadn’t dealt with. The other times I had not let fear be shown or to stop me. I DID love being in the snow, it WAS fun to flow down the mountain, and there WAS a magick in the whole process. These along with the encouragements and promptings, as well as my “achiever” and performance mentality, made it easy to not deal with the fear or my natural ways and desires.

Needless to say, I got to the top and everything kept going wrong. I had no control of my legs, feet, nor my emotions. And nor should I. My breaking point in life was hit on this one and I created a situation to get my attention to do something about it.

I kept falling, crashing, straining and hurting parts of myself, and I intuitionally knew, “Tania, if you push this, the worst IS going to happen.” Suddenly something came over me and I embraced this knowingness, acknowledged enough was enough, let go of all the emotions that swelled inside, and I burst out into uncontrollable shaking (which happens when I have a major transformational shift take place sort of like a kundalini experience) and tears, as I sat myself down at the top of the mountain and said,

“I will NOT do this and it’s OK.”

Previous to this display, my ex-husband had lovingly tried to help direct me back on path and steer me into doing things to get my skiing back on point, as well as encouraging me I could do it. Nothing worked, as once I hit that breaking point and everything suppressed was released, there was no getting “back on track,” what ever that means. Yet, the minute he saw me crying, sitting down, and stating what I did, knowing me, he knew I meant what I said and supported my decision. I then took off my skis, handed them to my ex-husband, and shimmied down the whole rest of the steep mountain slope on my butt, as I refused to get up and try anything further. I confidently did so without embarrassment, even when everyone stopped to ask if something was wrong. I just didn’t care, as my well-being was top priority from that moment forward.

At the point, I felt a huge release that freed me from the saddle and bridle I’d been wearing and being directed by for SO long and I didn’t ski again due to this realization and scarring fear, until this last week, 5 1/2 or so years later.

In the meantime, I of course have processed through many a fear, small and large, and continue to consistently put into practice what I learn of my unique self in terms of fears 🙂 and how to best support their transformation into the innately powerful gifts that lie beneath. I have come to see that the things I fear the most, or the root of the fears, and the things that bring me greatest challenge, actually are the things I excel at, hold the core foundations for powerful and productive experiences, and/or naturally (if left to my own defenses) are things I love and are part of my path to share. They just need to be translated and molded back (by me) and channeled into the mirroring form of who I am naturally and uniquely.

Fear and Love are flip sides of the same coin and when you master the alchemy of understanding and integrating this, you have yourself  a powerful tool with the ability to empower challenges that presents themselves.

There is of course more to this, but when you come to understand the foundations of things, the details kind of naturally take shape with continued and mindful practice.

Needless to say, when I returned to the mountain to ski, there was some trepidation (having not put to practice specifically in terms of skiing, the things I had learned). However, I was committed to honor myself in any given moment, above all else. And that made the difference in knowing I was here to back myself up and support “me.” Nothing else was going to dictate or control the experiences.

When the vulnerable parts of you feel safe and can trust you will be there for them, they are able to reveal themselves and take more risks because they know you will not abuse them anymore.

Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows ski lift

I decided I would start from scratch and as if I’d never skied. I embraced being a complete beginner and the fact that I was “ok” if that was all I might ever be. There was nothing to prove, nothing to achieve, and nothing to push myself towards. I was there to be one with the mountain and myself and to experience my mindful practice of repatterning my fear.

It was decided that I would take a 4 hour lesson and then see where I was at after that. This was a great move, as I ended up in a private lesson, even though only paid for a group one (everyone else was matched with other instructors), and I got the best lesson and very conscious and gentle instructor that far exceeded anything I’d been told previously. Timing and readiness created a perfectly supportive situation. (Thank you to Alan at Alpine Meadows for such a great experience and for being such a great instructor – highly recommend)

I shared all of my feelings with my instructor and he took me through things step by step. Being someone that learns by watching and following by example, he shared that I was an ideal student. And so things went very well, he was very impressed and happy with how I was doing, but most importantly I was enjoying the process.

After lunch however, I got struck again, but I knew it was merely a testing point to see if I’d really learned.

My instructor took me up one notch to a little more intermediate run and suddenly things went awry. I started experiencing all the same things of nothing going right, falling, and fear taking over in the process. I knew that was it. I could tell he noticed this right away too so when I said to him at that point, “I have hit my limit of how much I want to push today and I feel that returning to the other slopes would aid my process of learning and establishing a foundation of comfort and trust that will better support my skiing abilities, but most of all my enjoyment of it,” he was completely tuned in on the same channel and instinctively knew what to do to support me getting down the rest of the way.

(Fun REALLY is what everything is about right? Well, it should be, if it isn’t. 😉 )

Anyway, he agreed and was happy to see me acknowledging myself and knew just as I did that pushing was NOT the right thing for me. At that point, rather than shimmy down on my butt again, he skied backwards while I held both of our poles, and he directed my skis with his hands to help get me down the mountain safely while still learning. This was really great of him and actually helped me be conscious of how to process some of the fear.

What I found is that when I only looked directly in front of me (as I had to do while looking at just him, my skis and listening to his directions), not way out ahead, I was able to be more present in the moment and only work with what was right there in front, rather than trying to let my mind wrap around all of the stimuli AND the steep angle of the slope. Since my mind can process a ton at once and is multi-faceted, it needs in a case like “fear” to be very single-minded, present, and focused only in the immediate, otherwise anxiety, stress, or fear can take place. I’d understood this before in other things I helped myself work through like stress, but to have it actually visually and physically put into action, and not just mentally and emotionally experiencing it, really drove the concept home. I am one that likes to process and experience on all levels, as it helps me learn the best. What a find!

I returned to the less challenging slopes and things went good again. I had learned a lot of pointers from him in the physical sense, but also had fully honored myself, and in mirror he honored me. I accepted that the only goal was to enjoy myself in the way that felt good to me and to create a new foundational experience of comfort, support, and joy by gently teaching myself to experience this in a way natural to “me.” Not to what anyone else was doing, or some ideal I had to reach.

So, by the next day, I was ready to ski again AND for the first time ever, I skied alone. I stuck to the runs that felt right to me and just kept repeating them over and over in order to really connect with myself, put to practice my processes, and to continue to create that comfortability and trust – which all equated to pure joy and having fun! I really enjoyed skiing now for reasons real to me and without compare to what anyone else was doing or how they chose to approach their skiing. I had no need to do anything other than be with where I was at in the moment.

And when ever something felt to be out of control or fear started to kick in if I went too fast or something was more steep, I gently inner dialogued with myself reminding myself the things my instructor taught me that helped me to focus and repattern old waves of thoughts. This helped keep me supported with a guiding voice to instantly reprogram the fear postures and stances that took place when I stopped being purely in that moment, so that I could just focus on the connection with the snow, mountain and that instance of conscious choices.

Perhaps some of you may be similar, but I know that for me, I naturally have a broad sense of being able to take everything in and know my connection with all simultaneously to my own experience. But, in an instance of fear, it is best for me to go within myself and cut out all external stimuli in order for me to return to calm and be able to better make decisions, choices, and take more responsive actions.

So for sake of repatterning and processing this fear it was, again, more important to pull into the very now moment that only lied directly in front of me (only three feet ahead), rather than try to conquer the whole mountain at once, and take everything in one small step at a time in talking to myself what to be mindful of. This assisted me in not seeing the steepness of the entire run ahead (as heights are challenges for me too) and to not over-process what that stimulates in my mind in terms of over-bearing fears that become too overwhelming, causing me to lose ability to function and think clearly.

I also assured myself I had the ability to correct anything at any given moment by listening to my inner guidance of instructions that had my best interests in mind – joy, comfort, and safety – not achieving or proving. Still understanding my connection with everything, and yet in order to support the fear of seeing the steep slope and all that happens in reaction to that when my skis then get out of control, I needed to step back into myself in order to step forward.

I just continued sticking to the runs I felt comfortable with, over and over, to really create a deep and new foundation for myself and will continue to do so until it becomes natural and if I feel to try something else. I have no particular goal, as I mentioned, other than to honor my joy and comfort with this experience. There is no ladder I am striving to climb. I feel that I will naturally get where ever I want to go if and when I want to. For now, I will have my own kind of fun, and use the experience as a tool to learning repatterning techniques I can integrate into other aspects of my life that are similar and to supporting my vulnerable parts with the loving, gentle trust it deserves, and that’s OK.

One small, gentle step forward at a time, IS a step forward nonetheless. And suddenly, as with all things so far, I’ll look back and say, “Wow! Look how far I’ve come,” and be amazed at the whole beautiful and perfect process.

Me feeling really proud of myself as I get on the lift up to ski by myself

This really shifted my entire experience with skiing, but more importantly shifted my relationship with myself, this particular fear, the old programmings that the fears were based on, and is helping to transform a not-so-nice experience into a nice one by slowly and gently erasing the old stuff. There was no need to force anything or do things in huge leaps.

Tender care, patience, and devotion to conscious personal growth will support forward movement. And in the end, you discover as the tortoise does, that you still arrive where you need to be with persistent and methodical steps. That’s not to say I don’t have some rabbit in me 😉 , but I am learning when and how to pull out their individual wisdom at the appropriate times and situations.

Learning to understand your individual process and how best to support it in every different situation (as I know many of you are quite complex like me and will have different ways of processing those unique treasures) will help you to adapt your transformational skills into personal alchemy.

You are worthy of fully experiencing your divinity and to love yourself as the Universe loves you. Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to transform your fears in honor of that self-love, rather than have your fears control your life?

Here are some quotes to reflect on:

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. ~Marcus Aurelius

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. ~James Stephens

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out. ~Karl Augustus Menninger

A warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that a warrior has to ask, mandatorily: ‘Does this path have a heart? ~Carlos Castaneda

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would like to see you living
In better conditions.


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Hawk Spirit Symbolism – Gaining New Insight with Visionary Empowerment

Mountain Chickadee

Me and one of my Mountain Chickadee friends

Recently I have had a lot of bird spirit guides show up including an owl (which is so rare here in Southern California) that hovered and soared over the front of my car while in traffic on the freeway saying to myself, “the winds are wise” just moments before. And while I was away in Nevada, visiting my family and spending time in the Sierra Nevadas and at Lake Tahoe, I experienced one  amazingly magickal day with some Mountain Chickadees (they flew all around us, landing on us like trees, singing and brushing our skin as they flew by, and coming to sit on my hands and fingers when I put them out and called them), but it was the Marsh Hawk that prominently showed up each day.

Even before embarking on this trip Hawks were showing up here and there, including finding a Hawk feather on a hike, which I felt to bring with me to Reno to turn into a pair of earrings with another feather, coincidentally. 😉 However, every day there was one or two beautiful Marsh Hawks that were there to greet us in the morning and evening, Hawks that showed up on snow shoeing hikes, and graced the highways on the way home. The Marsh Hawks really got my attention and I was fascinated with their beauty and majesty and every day looked out for this particular one that enchanted me.

Marsh HawkHe would look penetratingly right at me when I would slowly drive up to it and get out of my car, but would only stay long enough to catch my eye in soul connection and to make an energetic impression. I tried to get clear photos of his beauty, but as if he knew, he would allow me one photo only from afar each time and then soar majestically off over the marshland. Having to zoom in beyond my camera’s clarity capabilities, I could not capture his grace and beauty in detail, but am sharing the photos I did get, nonetheless for sake of imparting his energy. I was able to also one day get one photo of a friend of his who shared this marshland with him. Nonetheless, he made a deep impact on me and we had an interesting energetic partnership over the week on an energetic level of exchange that I knew had meaning.

Full MoonDuring this week I also spent a lot of time in nature, on the mountains, in the snow, and by the lake, recharging my energy, receiving the gifts that awaited me, reflecting, and intentfully inviting the shifts that this experience held for me. I had no idea that the day of arrival was on the Full Moon and had even forgotten until I looked at my calendar, that not only would we be celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday, but that we would also be there in the place that Nestor had transitioned on what would have been her 10th birthday – February 1st. It was a powerful energetic time period in many ways for me.

Full MoonHaving been greeted by a spectacular rainbow orb sunset display (which I’ll share in an upcoming post), mustangs on the hill, a full moon sky of clouds that mirrored a bird and feather-like wings, and lastly a clock that didn’t work properly, displaying December 4th, 4:44 am when I went to bed that first night, I knew the angels were guiding and supporting the journey ahead.

Marsh HawkMore of what culminated in terms of shifts and experiences to come later, but back to the Hawks and their symbolism for now, as they feel to be of significance not just for me, but perhaps for many of you also experiencing them either in waking or dream time. Their symbolism and medicine feels very potent and on point for things right now and even in terms of a lot of the shaman and medicine energy sacred tattoos I’ve helped co-created recently and am currently working on.

I decided to look them up in greater detail than what I knew limitedly of them, as I felt there would be a message in their showing up as signs so much. I stumbled on some information immediately that completely mirrored the exact things I had just gotten finished stating out loud in terms of what I was experiencing, processing, and reflecting on for the shifts I felt were upon me.

I hope you enjoy this insightful information from All Totems on Hawk Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem: (view link for more details and information)

Hawk Spirit Symbols: Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Maneuvering, Leadership

Hawk Meaning and Medicine: The spirit of hawk brings with it many different meanings. If the hawk totem has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages:

  • Awareness, Perspective: Do you feel like you’re moving forward in life blindly, or simply going through the grind? If the hawk totem has recently entered your life you may need to stop and take account of your situation. Observe the minute and fine details of your surroundings because it is likely a juicy morsel of information is hidden in the high grass. The spirit of hawk represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences and will help you to become more observant. Many of the messages Hawk guides bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that allows Hawk people to survive and flourish.
  • Insight, Vision: Are you lacking confidence in yourself, are your bottling up your creative ideas and going unheard? Hawk medicine is both insightful and visionary. Stop doubting your ideas and assert yourself. Trust in your instincts and feelings and have confidence in any bright ideas that have recently come into mind.
  • Initiative, Decisiveness: Are you hesitating or procrastinating about something important in your life? Are you avoiding someone or something out of fear? Hawk totems wait patiently to strike at their prey, but when the time comes they strike with both speed and precision. If you stand by too long, any opportunities that have presented themselves will slip through your grasp. Take some initiative and seize the moment!
  • Caution, Maneuvering: Have you become reckless and impulsive? Do you often find yourself being outthought or outmaneuvered in life? Hawk spirit can alert us to those times when we should NOT take action because we do not yet have all the information we need. For example, someone is thinking about becoming involved in a relationship, personal or business, yet they get the feeling that something is “not quite right”. This needs to be heeded and Hawk’s spirit sent forth to gather the appropriate information to help the person make the best choice. Trust in your intuition, Hawk’s meaning may be telling you to steer clear for very good reasons! Be patient and fully examine the breadth of your decision making, once you have enough information Hawk will guide you to implement this knowledge to your advantage and steer you towards a more favorable path.
  • People with Hawk Totem are…
    • Observant
    • Cunning
    • Decisive
    • Visionaries
    • Leaders
    • Creative
    • Strategic
    • Messengers

Marsh HawkHawk’s Message: The hawk is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness, it is also about visionary power and guardianship.  Hawk’s meaning teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from the universe.  The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk awakens vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for there are symbols buried in everything.

Marsh HawkHawk in Dreams: To see a hawk in your dream, denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You need to proceed with caution. Alternatively, a hawk symbolizes insight. Consider the phrase “hawk’s eye” to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds of change.

Cultural Symbolism:

  • Native American: Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of messenger guide, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware. Many Native American tribes admire the hawk for its speed, endurance, perseverance, and sharp eyesight.
  • Celtic: In the Celtic tradition Hawk empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive (so that it may be integrated into a person’s life) and that which is limiting (so it can be released). Tradition is only worth honoring when it supports joy and fulfillment in one’s life! In this tradition Hawk also supports the solar side as stated above, helping a person to move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.
  • Greek: In Greco-Roman mythology, the hawk is the ‘swift messenger of Apollo/Mercury,’ and is associated with the sorceress, Circe.
  • Chinese: The Chinese associated this bird with war.
  • Christian: In early Christian symbolism, the wild hawk represented evil; the tamed hawk signified the convert; and the hooded hawk symbolized the Christian hoping in the Light of Christ even though surrounded by the darkness of earth. Because of the hawk’s swiftness in darting down and grasping its prey, this animal is a symbol of death, injustice, violence, and those people who prey upon the weak.
  • Egyptian: In ancient Egypt, the hawk was considered a royal bird and a symbol of the soul (ba). Isis is said to have shape shifted into a Hawk to save Osiris. Horus also carried Hawk medicine which allowed him to see the “unseeable”.
  • Indian: Gayatri is the Hindu hawk who brought an intoxicating drink of immortality known as ‘soma’ from heaven. He is also a vehicle of Indra.Hawk
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