March 2013 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris – Opening to Your Multi-Dimensionality

We’re moving speedily along with this year and along with us catching up with timelessness, we are also speedily moving through a ton all at once. I just finished teaching a beautiful Reiki 2 class and synchronously the topics that Lee Harris shares in this month’s energy forecast were EXACTLY the topics we were discussing today and that I was supporting, and exactly things I have recognized shifting in my own life. So when I just listened to Lee’s insights I was nodding my head and smiling at the collective shared pool we all draw and receive from.

If you’ve been feeling challenged by the current energies and wondering how to support yourself through your experiences at present, then this forecast will resonate with you and offer different perspectives that can help to shift your reality and to help you be more gentle with yourself along the process. Lee also offers a good physical re-grounding and centering exercise that would make a good daily practice to keep you balanced, present, and help you integrate your experiences.

Below you’ll find Lee’s video forecast that weaves together these key things for greater understanding. I always like to note important points he makes, so you have something to go back to that triggers a reminder:

  • ‘Awake’ is a key word this month. How awake are you feeling recently?
  • Rapid filtering is an experience we are all in right now.
  • …regardless of what you are choosing to focus on, we’re all in the surrender of this filtering and upgrading process.
  • …symptoms repeat and cycle through us. But what you should notice is that you should be changing through your experience of the symptoms.
  • So if you feel long-term stuck, then it is likely that you are stuck. The question is what do you do with being stuck? And I know for many of you, what you would do with being ‘stuck’ is to beat yourself up and question what is wrong. Try and see that now as the old paradigm.
  • It’s not about forcing yourself to change or kicking yourself because you’re not changing as fast as you’d like. It’s actually just allowing the possibility of change and not letting the voice in your head tell you what is or isn’t happening. Because, that voice in your head is very small – very, very small.
  • The reason many are vacating their minds now, is that it is very over stimulating up there. We’re opening more into multi-dimensionality as people, and so what’s happening is our mind is revolving faster than ever before with great intensity through a process of filtering, organizing and assessing what is going on in us and for us.
  • So what I would ask you guys to do is to allow yourself to release the stuckness.  And all you need to do to begin this process is to say “I allow myself to release this.”
  • Physical illness is slightly different to feeling emotionally or psychologically stuck. It’s not immutable, but it’s a slower process. The body is slower in general than your energy field, your thoughts, your emotions. And once something has become embedded in the body, it can take time to work through the physical healing process. So if you are physically ill, don’t beat yourself up and see that as a failing. That’s what you’re choosing to experience right now in the bigger form of life – the soul perspective.
  • Here is the caveat though: if you find yourself saying “I just want to change everything about my life, I just want to change myself.” Why, is the question you have to ask yourself? Because what is wrong with you? You’re a beautiful human being doing the best you can every single day to have the best life that you are able to within your circumstances. While also giving what you can to those around you, honoring those relationships and being part of the wheel of life on this beautiful and sometimes crazy, volatile planet.
  • So be good to yourself.
  • Remember too, that most of the methods of stimulation around us, whether it is the internet, the media, or anything that is informational, uses words to convey energy. It’s time that you decide for yourself what each piece of information is energetically telling/sending you. What are you ingesting and how does it feel?
  • If you can simply learn to trust what’s happening in you in your life, you will naturally go through your own spiral of evolution and keep expanding.
  • And this can be tricky sometimes, because it may mean that certain things you previously judged yourself for, you will now be asked to not judge yourself for.  And that is often for many of us the final doorway before release.
  • You may want to say inside your mind, “I love myself, I love this world.”
  • In March, keep slowing down; keep slowing your life down. Keep going as slow as you possibly can. If hearing that suggestion makes you scared, recognize adrenaline and fear is driving some of your speed. And deal with calming or moving the fear/adrenaline to lose the power in the fear thought. If my suggestion makes you feel delighted, good – keep slowing down.
  • The month of March is going to be very much about this – stabilizing and grounding yourself in order to create. The second half of March my instincts tell me is going to be intense in a way that we haven’t experienced in the last few weeks. And the sense around that is externals in our world will be the focus of the intensity.
  • That is why the multi-dimensional self is now starting to become more aware of everything going on at the edges of (and beyond) your energy field, rather than just this localized self. Awakening the localized or ‘smaller’ self involves resolving and purging parts of yourself that you took on, or compressed, in response to other experiences. And until that awakening happens, the multi-dimensional self can’t fully open.
  • Just keep breathing everybody. The new-world birth continues and you can look at it in a long-range way and you can say we are in a shift and you can see years ahead and you can see years back. Or like the birds, you could find yourself, in any single moment, experiencing the sensory nature of your life and reawakening those inner senses, so as to reawaken your multi-dimensional self.

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