Only 3 More Days of Bimini Discounts! – Hear What Others Are Saying About Why This Is A Retreat Not To Miss

BiminiMore and more people are discovering the magic of Bimini through the powerful and loving retreat experience we have to offer at The ARC.

We’re only a little over 2 months away now from embarking on another life-enhancing journey in Bimini, Bahamas. It’s the kind of experience that forever stays in your heart and forever transforms you in the most positive of ways, not to mention connects you to a new soul family of like minded brothers and sisters!

Bimini is one of the places I feel a strong energetic and heart connection to, so I love to share its magic with others and to support a journey of awakening in one of the most powerful energy spots across the globe.

It’s a place that really has been transformational for everyone who visits, especially when they join in the loving and supportive environment we create at The ARC.

Here is what some of our past friends and guests have shared about their time with us and their experience of the retreat I offer:

our evenings

Evenings at The ARC

“If you have the opportunity to work with Tania Marie, jump at it!  Although I had been following her online posts for some time before joining her in Bimini, Bahamas for a 12/21/12 transformation and Reiki training, I didn’t truly understand what a shining star she is prior to spending time with her in person.  I believe the things Tania has to teach have to be transmitted in person, and even though she is a great writer, words don’t suffice to explain what her energy transference feels like or how it can change your life.  As a former litigator, my left brained skeptical side is awfully well developed, but Tania helps you reconnect to your heart and its deepest desires.  She works true “magick” and I feel blessed to know her.” ~Kate Ladd, Newport Beach, California –

“Tania Marie is a beacon of light and love inside and out, shining brightly on a moment-to-moment basis.  From my first interaction with her online, to phone conversations, to meeting her in person, I felt safe, secure, inspired, and energized.  Genuinely and naturally connecting with others with her affable, personable nature, from student to client to friend, Tania is a very effective teacher, guide, and practitioner.  Though my Reiki certification was in an accelerated manner, I felt my sensitivities to learning this new practice were supported by Tania.  She relayed information at a pace that worked for everyone who was part of the training and made sure individual attention was given as needed.  I always felt like I was in good hands (pun intended) and am excited to incorporate my newfound practice into my daily life and Life Nutrition Coaching business.  The Cosmic Activation Reiki Retreat at the ARC in Bimini was exactly the life-enhancing experience I was looking for – and more, in fact.  I have to thank my Reiki Master Teacher, Tania Marie, for coming into my life when she did – to inspire, motivate, support, and provide the opportunity for me to grow and expand spiritually and energetically.  My childhood dream of swimming with dolphins in the wild came true on the very first day and set the tone for an expansive and connective week. Jenny, Philip, and the team were gracious hosts and hostesses, and the ARC allowed me to live, eat, and just be in such a simple, raw, natural state; I achieved a full physical, mental, and spiritual cleanse during my time in the Bahamas and returned home with a deeper, fresh perspective and presence.  Highly recommended to anyone and everyone, whether for vacation or a trip of self-exploration, discovery, and growth.  I look forward to future retreats at the ARC – who knows, maybe I’ll host my own someday!” ~Steven Todd Smith, Life Nutrition Coach, Ahimsa Life Coaching, Los Angeles, CA


Conversations at meals

“Thanks Tania for organizing and leading an unforgettable trip to Bimini.  The group dynamic was incredible and enriching for all.  Your Reiki classes were great, and I am glad to have had the attunements.  I have been doing Reiki self-healing frequently since the trip.  So it was great new friends, raw food, Reiki, yoga, wild Dolphins and watching the sunrise at the beginning of the new Mayan long count calendar.  Thanks again for making it happen. Love and light” ~Don Trapp, Orlando, FL

“The time I spent in Bimini was one of the most magical and transformative times of my life. To be surrounded by such shining, unconditionally loving people was in itself such a gift. Each person who was called to join carries so much wisdom and light to share. One leaves knowing what it is truly like to be surrounded by like minded soul family. It is nourishing, it’s uplifting, and it will  transform you, as each person holds trigger keys to your soul’s evolution. Having Tania there to teach and support the collective journey is truly a gift. Tania has a graceful strength and quite wisdom that gently facilitate whatever intentions one may have in a way that feels so safe and loving. She is a very powerful, intuitive woman who exudes the ancient mysteries and unconditional love in service.” ~Cassie Margraf, Sonoma, CA – Crystal Eden

arriving in bimini on the water taxi

Arriving in Bimini on the water taxi

“It has been more than a month since I went on Tania’s Atlantis Rejuvenation Center retreat. Words can still not describe what I experienced during those 6 days on Bimini – it was truly priceless. I feel an abundance of pure love, peace and gratitude radiating from me every day as a result of the journey and I have formed nurturing friendships for life. For that alone I am forever grateful for Tania’s retreat. Her Reiki attunement has changed my life and I feel love, comfort and joy in her presence. Tania is an inspiration and leads by example and is a genuinely caring and giving spirit…I am so thankful to be walking on the path with her and when the time is right, I look forward to going on another one of her retreats!!!” ~Melissa Bradley, Laguna Beach, CA – Bradley Communications & Wellness Coach with Herbalife

“Tania – thank you so much! I feel an abundance of gratitude in my heart for finding you, Jenny and the wonderful people in our group. It was a profound experience and I am eternally grateful for your kind, loving guidance and wisdom. You are a rare gem indeed. You facilitated a wonderfully safe environment to learn and grow and I’m excited because I know there will be more journeys with you in the future!!” ~Yvonne Lopez, La Habra, California

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the symbolic light of our consciousness shining more brilliantly in our awareness, as we attune to the rhythms of the natural world and learn to flow with and feel the cycles of our “nature” within. All of this will be taking place over the Summer Solstice while being daily immersed in a week of the revitalizing energy of Reiki, high-vibrational, gourmet raw vegan food, yoga, our beautiful dolphin brothers and sisters of the ocean, the mysticism of Atlantis, and more.


Register on or before Friday April 12th, 2013 and receive $100 off your retreat package price.

Bring a friend or loved one with you and you’ll each receive $100 off your retreat package price.


Register by 4/12/13 AND bring a guest along and you’ll each receive $200 off your retreat package price!

All details about the upcoming retreat can be found here:

Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat – Bimini, Bahamas

Some more new updates to follow in the next couple of weeks about the week’s focus of experiences to look forward to.

Contact me at with questions and to register

Don’t miss out! I’m so looking forward to the next adventure and to connecting with the new family that will be joining.


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  1. “Tania Marie is a beacon of light and love inside and out, shining brightly on a moment-to-moment basis” – Love this quote and totally feel it exuding from you Tania.
    Would love to Magically be able to join you in Bimini….spirits connected in the meantime!

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