Sacred Journeys & Sacred Healing – Bimini and Beyond


Me in Egypt 1st of two times 2007

What is experienced and integrated into your life from a sacred journey is priceless. Having experienced many sacred journeys in power spots across the globe, I can personally attest to how empowering these experiences can be and they continue to work their magic in unforeseen ways, long after the experience itself.

Bimini, and the surrounding area, is one of those magical places that lovingly supports you into integrating and being more of who you really are. With its Atlantean connection it is no wonder that many are drawn here, especially the visionaries, healing arts missionaries, and creatives of the world. It can reawaken potentialities from deep within that you have struggled with or desired greater enhancement towards.

This is why I’ve been led to offer supportive experiences to others in the form of retreats in sacred areas, so that others may also have opportunity to benefit from, receive, and activate their own integrative healing that is enhanced in places like this. I’ve always felt that once I have experienced and been able to process the energy available from one of these enlivening and power spots on Earth, that I am then able to better facilitate and be there completely for others upon returning to do collective service.


West coast of Ireland 2008 at a stone circle

There are layers to my soul history that have been uncovered and activated by my journeys across the globe. And these have continued to integrate and process through my life and the work that I do, upon initiating the triggers through downloads of energy and awakening remembrances on my trips. The effects of sacred journeys continue long after the initial visit. Although can seem most profound initially, the vibrational resonance keeps on vibrating and rippling out. 🙂

And for some, the initial experience isn’t as dramatic, and then it evolves later or subtly so that you do in fact transform, but it is in a way more suited to your individual needs.


Chichen Itza 2nd of 3 times 2006

We all have different experiences, relative to us. And it all is in Divine unfolding always. I have many varying stories of my experiences from all of my journeys (could fill a few books) and how they have supported the tapestry of my life, and there will continue to be more when I venture to sacred areas I haven’t in this life yet reintegrated. One of which will be in a few months in the sacred area of the Himalayas.

It’s not that we have to journey to these areas in order to integrate energy. Since we are all connected, then when one soul taps into an experience and potential, that experience and potential becomes available to us all. Plus, some of us know how to “journey” to these places telepathically and remotely. However, there are some of us that can greatly benefit from “physically” experiencing the energy and the tremendous shifts it can support that is like no other tool explored, and some of us who are meant to do this kind of “experiencing” and work to assist the collective.

The more areas I work with, the more journeys of this kind I am able to offer in service to others. It’s not that we can’t venture to these areas on our own, but I have found that a lot of powerful things can be triggered and to have a support system and someone who understands the experience and energy, can really help the process.

The most powerfully transformative Kundalini experience took place for me in Egypt the first time I was there and I was grateful to have the two experienced hosts (one of whom was a sound healer) along, as well as my parents and ex-husband at the time who had all been attuned to Reiki 1, coincidentally “just” before the trip and were able to support me through it. The most powerful turning point of that experience, however, was uncovering a soul and key part of myself through my own sound healing that literally overnight integrated my healing into renewal and rebirth.

I will continue to support others in power spots I “have” ventured to as long as I am guided collectively to do so. New journeys to be announced shortly.

me-reflecting in bimini

Me in Bimini 2nd time on the water reflecting 2012

Until then, the collective heart leads me back to Bimini this June for the Summer Solstice – a place that more and more people are being drawn for their own reawakenings, and the powerfully transformative and loving retreat experience we have to offer at The ARC lends exponentially to that.

We’re only about a month away now from embarking on another enlivening journey in Bimini, Bahamas. It’s the kind of experience that forever stays in your heart and forever transforms you in the most positive of ways, not to mention connects you to a new soul family of like minded brothers and sisters.

Bimini is one of the places that holds a strong energetic and heart connection for me. It has a very prominent place in my soul story and the service I have committed my heart to is encapsulated in experiences of my times there, so I love to share its magic with others and to support a journey of awakening in one of the most powerful energy spots across the globe.

That’s why I follow the energy of the collective needs and intuitively create a mirroring experience that reflects current needs of the group that will join. And this is true for this next journey there – it is unfolding daily, as I watch and feel what is going on collectively and challenge deeper parts of myself to come forth for the process, so that I can help to support the same for others.

Alongside the aqua waters, sunshine, sand, wild dolphin swims, snorkeling, Atlantis Vortex trip on Summer Solstice, yoga, raw food, fun, and relaxation, I am guided to bring into this summer’s retreat experience, supportive integration via the doorway of Reiki, but going beyond.

On our 6 night and 6 day retreat I will be supporting each person within the group to a deepening and expanding of the Heart Chakra through attunement to Reiki Level 1, which will be a shared experience of teaching and learning, gaining an understanding of and experiencing the Reiki energy, receiving an initiation, and becoming certified. This will help you begin the journey of more gracefully creating harmony and peace in your daily life and in your interactions to help center you more in compassion to be able to assist yourself and others. Once we have, then we will be gently journeying into deeper levels.

You will have access to any support I can provide during your time on this retreat with personal attention to meet your desired goals. We will also participate in global and personal healing intentions and sessions that will take you on a life-enhancing and empowering new path.


Machu Picchu Peru 2008

I believe that integration is a key point to supporting us to the next experience of life that we desire to have. I feel that doing the deeper work really makes the difference and helps you to understand the continuous triggering taking place and supports you to move through the frustrations of wondering why things are not improving when you are doing so much spiritual stuff already.

Some of the ways integrative healing work can be facilitated is not always in linear processes, but can be accessed through vibrational experiences that penetrate at the core, regardless if you understand or are conscious of what is taking place. Think sound healing, energy, mantras….This is some of what you will “experience,” alongside practical tools and meditations. I like to be guided by the moment and the energy needs of the group to see where it takes us in flow so I look forward to what may transpire, all the while 100% being there to support each of you. I’ve already received guidance that crystals, healing art, and my unique sound melody healing may make an appearance to support healing and empowerment from the inside out. We will play it by heart…

All details about the upcoming retreat can be found here:

Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat – Bimini, Bahamas

Contact me at with questions and to register

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