Dreaming the Dream Alive – Integrating Hare Symbolism


Hare from sunset hike – click on images to enlarge

Animal spirit guides always seem to show up when I’m out in nature, likely for many of you too, but I’ve been especially loving the animal spirit wisdom coming through recently and their synchronous timing.

Between the two Rattlesnakes (yes two, as Sunday a Red Diamond Rattlesnake this time was so sweetly coiled resting in the shade on the hike path), a celestial Swallowtail Butterfly on the same day just before the Rattlensnake that gracefully floated and landed on a flower infront of us while my friend and I were in poignant discussion,  and two bunnies last evening on a sunset hike – one a smaller Cottontail Rabbit that scurried off, and the other a magical Hare that boldly engaged us as long as we desired and was not afraid, I’m really feeling extra supported and connected to the nature of me, as well as realizing they all have a common theme running through them – especially that of transmutation, creative potential, and renewal.

hare2The Hare was especially memorable and I felt a strong presence of my beloved Nestor around and coming through. Nestor has Hare connections from previous lives and the way that this Hare engaged us reminded me of Nestor’s bold and courageous nature, unafraid of anything, wise, magical, and inquisitively endearing.

It especially felt powerful and worth noting because just the night before seeing the Hare and Cottontail, I had that very active dream sequence night with my Andara under my pillow, as I shared in yesterday’s post, and one of the dreams involved a Hare. So to have just dreamed of one memorably, and then having such an interesting dance of connection the very next evening with one, seemed to be trying to get my attention and/or awareness of the symbolism taking form in my life.

hare6It is also not coincidental that I had meditated and reflected the evening before the dream, and the next morning after, about some core themes that felt to be processing out and integrating, as part of that deep release we are all going through, and felt very collectively tied to something important in need of shifting. Just simply engaging the awareness and embracing its meaning was powerfully transformative. And the shifts are being represented through the manifestation of these symbolisms.

My dream was very involved, but part of it had to do with coming across a large Hare that was either injured or sickly, and it seemed to struggle until I came upon it and allowed me to gingerly scoop it up in my arms, as it rested in stillness, feeling completely safe, and cared for, and trusting I was going to help it and do no harm. I ended up carrying the Hare in my arms for the entire dream sequence, while I was engaged in many things in the dream. All along very conscious of this dear one in my arms, never dropping it, never ceasing to cradle it with care, and able to go on simultaneously with things taking place, as if I had more than two arms and the capability to actively be engaged with the Hare’s needs, while also supporting the things around me. I never once forgot about the Hare and it knew its needs were, and would be, taken care of and I felt a calmness in tenderness in being able to do so.

hare4A part of what I took away from the dream was of course seeing the Hare as representative of myself and an integration taking place symbolically of supporting the parts within me – that inner authentic child of the Universe – while knowing from this place I am able to support everything else and am of thriving service in wholeness in doing so. This is a common theme I’ve also been hearing/feeling.

Interesting to note also that the night before, the Hare in my dream was weak and sickly and by end of the day, the Hare I came upon on the sunset hike was alive, thriving, engaging, and partnering in an energetic dance with me. Not only does this feel to be symbolic of my integration of things, but directly a renewing symbolism that occurred with the Hare after my consciously tending to its/my needs. 🙂 The Hare also happened to show up at the very end of the hike (in which I’d been engaged in channeling very flowing communication of so much I have been processing lately into a collective message) very near where Sunday we’d seen the Red Diamond Rattesnake.

Hares are symbolic of rebirth, luck, prosperity, creativity, quick-thinking, self-sacrifice, high fertility, agility, receptiveness, and speed, to name a few things. They herald a kind of waking life resurrection and a realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life.

Creativity is also a form of fertility and of ripening, fresh ideas so Hares can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

Hares showing up or running can be symbolic of your experiences calling for agility or to stop over-analyzing things and over-use your mind for everything. Time to allow your intuitive processes to guide you.

hare5The symbolism as self-sacrifice is not as well known, but it stems from Buddhist tradition where the rabbit sacrificed itself in order to save a starving Buddha. This seemed poignant to my dream and things I was reflecting on, as well as specifically is connected to things in Nestor’s soul experiences.

If the Hare appears sacrificially or is thin/dying in a dream or real life, there may be a personal connection to your own feelings of being a sacrificial object or that the sacrifice is unnoticed and unappreciated in a hopeless cause of giving yourself away.

Synchronously, I have found this to be a recurring theme floating in the collective current processing and something many of us have had to, and are, learning to rebalance in our lives in a productive way. I know I have definitely had to integrate this in my own experiences, carried forth from past lives, and create healthy boundaries, as well as strengthen and cultivate my own aliveness so that what I give out comes from an authentic place that is part of a harmonious circle of natural giving and receiving.

hare8Remember, we each have to take the journey and only by being as thriving as you can be, do you actually help others.

I am still feeling remnants of yesterday’s Hare connecting. And am constantly being mindfully grateful of the messages being received.

From a past post, you’ll remember me sharing how Hares/Rabbits are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since Hares reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Hares are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.

I am grateful for my rabbit connection and choosing to live a conscious life.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Looks like the guys in our yard! They are HUGE! xoxo

  2. I saw a snowshoe hair today at dawn.. first far across the yard, hoping once twice, which drew my eye..and then she ran up the forested hill darting so quickly I almost couldn’t believe my eyes were privileged with such a sight.

    Thank you for the beautiful words you’ve written, they speak to my heart.


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