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Costa Mesa, California Reiki Levels 1 & 2 July 1st Summer Class


My Reiki sacred tattoo

Aside from the opportunity you still have to learn Reiki with me in Bimini over the 6/16 – 6/22 Summer Solstice Retreat, I have a class scheduled for Monday July 1st, just about a week after I return, for anyone who may want to join.

Since I am available to teach 7 days a week, depending on mutual schedules, week and weekends are always an option. You can always contact me to set up a private class to work with your schedule or keep an eye out on classes I post that you may want to join.

So if you have a flexible schedule, work from home, or happen to have that Monday July 1st off, or would like to take it off to extend your weekend (or July 4th celebrations) to enhance your life experience with a new spark, you are welcome to join the Reiki 1 and 2 class that I will be teaching that day.

As always, past students are welcome to audit for free, which can be especially beneficial if you are planning to teach yourself, or simply want a refresher course on the material, along with more practice.

The class will be held Monday July 1st from 9am – 3pm in Costa Mesa, California. Details given upon registration.

If you’d like to join please contact me at with questions and to register.

For more information on Reiki and the classes I offer, please visit: Reiki

Discounts available for 2 or more people who join together.

Dreaming the Dream Alive – Integrating Hare Symbolism


Hare from sunset hike – click on images to enlarge

Animal spirit guides always seem to show up when I’m out in nature, likely for many of you too, but I’ve been especially loving the animal spirit wisdom coming through recently and their synchronous timing.

Between the two Rattlesnakes (yes two, as Sunday a Red Diamond Rattlesnake this time was so sweetly coiled resting in the shade on the hike path), a celestial Swallowtail Butterfly on the same day just before the Rattlensnake that gracefully floated and landed on a flower infront of us while my friend and I were in poignant discussion,  and two bunnies last evening on a sunset hike – one a smaller Cottontail Rabbit that scurried off, and the other a magical Hare that boldly engaged us as long as we desired and was not afraid, I’m really feeling extra supported and connected to the nature of me, as well as realizing they all have a common theme running through them – especially that of transmutation, creative potential, and renewal.

hare2The Hare was especially memorable and I felt a strong presence of my beloved Nestor around and coming through. Nestor has Hare connections from previous lives and the way that this Hare engaged us reminded me of Nestor’s bold and courageous nature, unafraid of anything, wise, magical, and inquisitively endearing.

It especially felt powerful and worth noting because just the night before seeing the Hare and Cottontail, I had that very active dream sequence night with my Andara under my pillow, as I shared in yesterday’s post, and one of the dreams involved a Hare. So to have just dreamed of one memorably, and then having such an interesting dance of connection the very next evening with one, seemed to be trying to get my attention and/or awareness of the symbolism taking form in my life.

hare6It is also not coincidental that I had meditated and reflected the evening before the dream, and the next morning after, about some core themes that felt to be processing out and integrating, as part of that deep release we are all going through, and felt very collectively tied to something important in need of shifting. Just simply engaging the awareness and embracing its meaning was powerfully transformative. And the shifts are being represented through the manifestation of these symbolisms.

My dream was very involved, but part of it had to do with coming across a large Hare that was either injured or sickly, and it seemed to struggle until I came upon it and allowed me to gingerly scoop it up in my arms, as it rested in stillness, feeling completely safe, and cared for, and trusting I was going to help it and do no harm. I ended up carrying the Hare in my arms for the entire dream sequence, while I was engaged in many things in the dream. All along very conscious of this dear one in my arms, never dropping it, never ceasing to cradle it with care, and able to go on simultaneously with things taking place, as if I had more than two arms and the capability to actively be engaged with the Hare’s needs, while also supporting the things around me. I never once forgot about the Hare and it knew its needs were, and would be, taken care of and I felt a calmness in tenderness in being able to do so.

hare4A part of what I took away from the dream was of course seeing the Hare as representative of myself and an integration taking place symbolically of supporting the parts within me – that inner authentic child of the Universe – while knowing from this place I am able to support everything else and am of thriving service in wholeness in doing so. This is a common theme I’ve also been hearing/feeling.

Interesting to note also that the night before, the Hare in my dream was weak and sickly and by end of the day, the Hare I came upon on the sunset hike was alive, thriving, engaging, and partnering in an energetic dance with me. Not only does this feel to be symbolic of my integration of things, but directly a renewing symbolism that occurred with the Hare after my consciously tending to its/my needs. 🙂 The Hare also happened to show up at the very end of the hike (in which I’d been engaged in channeling very flowing communication of so much I have been processing lately into a collective message) very near where Sunday we’d seen the Red Diamond Rattesnake.

Hares are symbolic of rebirth, luck, prosperity, creativity, quick-thinking, self-sacrifice, high fertility, agility, receptiveness, and speed, to name a few things. They herald a kind of waking life resurrection and a realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life.

Creativity is also a form of fertility and of ripening, fresh ideas so Hares can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

Hares showing up or running can be symbolic of your experiences calling for agility or to stop over-analyzing things and over-use your mind for everything. Time to allow your intuitive processes to guide you.

hare5The symbolism as self-sacrifice is not as well known, but it stems from Buddhist tradition where the rabbit sacrificed itself in order to save a starving Buddha. This seemed poignant to my dream and things I was reflecting on, as well as specifically is connected to things in Nestor’s soul experiences.

If the Hare appears sacrificially or is thin/dying in a dream or real life, there may be a personal connection to your own feelings of being a sacrificial object or that the sacrifice is unnoticed and unappreciated in a hopeless cause of giving yourself away.

Synchronously, I have found this to be a recurring theme floating in the collective current processing and something many of us have had to, and are, learning to rebalance in our lives in a productive way. I know I have definitely had to integrate this in my own experiences, carried forth from past lives, and create healthy boundaries, as well as strengthen and cultivate my own aliveness so that what I give out comes from an authentic place that is part of a harmonious circle of natural giving and receiving.

hare8Remember, we each have to take the journey and only by being as thriving as you can be, do you actually help others.

I am still feeling remnants of yesterday’s Hare connecting. And am constantly being mindfully grateful of the messages being received.

From a past post, you’ll remember me sharing how Hares/Rabbits are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since Hares reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Hares are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.

I am grateful for my rabbit connection and choosing to live a conscious life.

Keys to New Experiences Do Exist – How Much Do You Really Want Them?

andaraMost nights I sleep with a crystal under my pillow – one that jumps out at me intuitively as wanting to join dream work time – and I have to say that the nights I sleep with my crystals provide a ton of clarity to my dreams, as well as recall, and are deeply rooted in current energies I am working on to support my processes – not to mention reveal some collective themes.

Last night I slept with quite a large one under my pillow and boy were the dreams interesting, so much so my crystal even transformed shape when I awoke. I love my crystal friends!

The crystal I slept with was one of my Andaras – a giant cosmic blue Andara Mother God channeling crystal. This also happens to be one of the crystals that joined on the last Bimini retreat in December and specifically wanted to come out on one of the dolphin boat days on the crystalline aqua waters that she mirrors in essence and color. (11:11 am here as I write this). I actually took her with me in the water while swimming, holding her in my hands so she could absorb the energies there.

It wasn’t until the Bimini retreat (pointed out by one of my very dear and intelligent friends) that I came to see her very clear, natural depiction of what appears to be Mother Mary to me with arm extended from her Heart Chakra, or it could be an angel with wings at her side, a cloaked Goddess, or maybe nothing to someone else.

However, if you click on the image to enlarge and look at the bottom, center to right area, what do you see etched into this crystal?

This crystal is full of peaceful, compassionate and unconditionally loving energy. She restores harmony, supports peaceful change, awakens work you’ve done long ago and helps integrate it into the now, and channels Divine energy.

And that’s exactly what she was bringing more of into my experience in deeper ways. Oh yes, we can continually expand our breadth of perspectives and feelings.

Not surprising, last night one of my dream sequences was about Bimini and the upcoming retreat in June. In part of this dream a few of us were arriving for the first charter and I clearly saw four people including myself getting ready to embark on the plane over to the island. My baggage was lost (seems I had left it behind on my transit to the airport, which in this dream was over the water – the planes were taking off from water, which all holds its own symbolism) and I remember I looked briefly for it, but was peaceful in not worrying and settled easily into that. I knew I had everything I needed and that everything would come when I did. The people with me were excited and two were dear friends that were supporting the energy of this trust and all that was to come.

I loved the feeling when I awoke, and was reviewing all of my dreams I remembered, of releasing the “baggage” and of meeting the adventures and experiences ahead with nothing but myself and my heart full of courageous readiness and embrace, no matter what was to come. And I loved that trust that came over me that everything was perfect no matter how it appeared to me or anyone else, and that I could create what I needed, if and when I needed it.

Speaks insightfully not just to my own personal journey I am choosing to create everyday, but shares a collective message that when embraced fully, really makes a difference.

I really don’t care how often we hear things or your ego wants to say I know that already – did that years ago – etc., as from what I hear from others (and my own experiences), these messages need repeating over, and over, and over…until they actually take root and click! I can see how challenging it is to surrender to something you don’t want to admit, or to say, “you know, you’re right” and embody humble integrity of accepting what could be that key you kept telling yourself didn’t exist, because you tried everything there is to try.

This was just one dream, of several, that were providing messages perfectly aligned with things I was meditating on last evening before bed.

Did I mention I love my crystal friends?

This brought to mind how so many people are currently at a crossroads with their journeys. Even those that have been immersed heavily in spiritual practices and paths, finding everything turned upside down, shaken up and then turned back around while all the pieces are trying to find a way to integrate into wholeness again. This is leaving people both excited and frustrated, and also feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under them.

Some feel they have come to a place of doing everything they know how and ready to give up and give in to another more mainstream path. Some are discouraged altogether and find the shaking up shook up the pieces hidden that they have been avoiding…and may still want to avoid looking at. Some are finding pleasure in the shake up because they know it means something fresh is in the making and that creation of the new is up to them to rebuild to their pleasure and liking. And some may be feeling all of this simultaneously!

Perspective shifting is key and the willingness to accept your shadow. It is not the enemy! It truly is your friend assisting you to be all that you can be.

The thing we fear the most has the answer to who we are at our shiniest. ~Tania Marie (I truly believe this with all of my heart and have experienced its truth)

Ego will put up a good front. Oh yes. And convince you otherwise. It is afraid you’re close to realizing it doesn’t have to run the show, and yet doesn’t understand it will have an even more powerful partnership in its new role as the energy force behind the intuitive drive. But listen we must, not only to the wisdom within, but to that wisdom being mirrored to us by others when we can’t hear it inside ourselves. We’re all connected and only reflecting each other. So it doesn’t matter where it appears to be coming from, as it truly is coming/channeling from you even if shared through the mouth of someone else.

Does it matter what the “perceived” source is anyway, if in fact you end up where you want to be? Think about it.

Where ever you are, is perfect and relative to you. There are no right or wrong choices. Just choice…and choice will lead you to the next and the next. We simply need to keep the ball rolling and try not to get stuck and bogged down with things. Challenge our creative faculties to produce more and more from that unlimited well of Divine inspiration! This also keeps us engaged from the heart, as we “grow” out and expand the self-created boundaries walling it up.

There is always another perspective and treasure to uncover. As I wrote in a Facebook post this morning:

We get in our own way when we think we know it all or have tried everything. First off, this is not possible, as the universe is unlimited and it is self-deceptive to think you have explored all possibilities. You may have gone as far as your current perspectives are open to, but I assure you that they always have more room to expand…limitlessly in fact.

So if you find yourself hitting a wall, learn to love this wall, as it is there for a reason, take a break and allow your feelings and mind to refresh and let your subconscious percolate with the feelings and frustration for a while. When you separate from the need to have to get a solution then you work with and align with your energy instead of against it. It’s this embracing and love that will enable you to see more than one solution and from your heart you can find your creative power to create something new.

As always I start out in one direction and end up sharing a lot more. I share what is in my heart and like with anything it is relative to each of us how we interpret what we hear.

I know everyone is in a different place with their journey and I know timing for things is also relative. I also know that there are a lot of limitations being placed on how those journeys “could” unfold and that people tend to choose the paths that don’t ask much from them to give to themselves. Many times people spend their time, energy, and resources in every way possible other than targeting the bullseye, but haven’t yet understood how to more efficiently focus it all for optimization, nor have shifted the focus of resources to more optimal support.

It can be a challenging, self-sabotaging, and confusing journey at times, leading us in circles. We all desire relief and pleasure. The questions lies in if you would rather that continue being temporary or long-term? When you are ready to commit to answering that with action, you can make the choices reflecting your answer.

Again, it all is perfect to each person’s journey, but realize you are not at the mercy of the same ol’ journey unless you want to be. You really CAN choose differently.

And when you do, trust in the process you’ve chosen, being supported.

I’m always continually guided to offer support in the ways I can , which includes the services, writings, and creations I channel, as well as the free gifts both literally and of my time, offers of discounts, specials, and payment plans, etc…whatever would be assistive to those parts of people that may be timid to embracing more, or to support a variety of current life circumstances to help people get over the challenge, hurdle, block, or wall. I know many others also are lovingly providing doorways through what they offer in services so that people have ways to walk through and start living in the light of their truth and freedom.

That’s the only thing we can do, alongside living our lives as an expression of what we believe as optimally and consistently as we can.

There has to be an equal partnership and responsibility that comes into play with what you desire in order to create it. I know this personally that when you truly make that commitment on all levels, it really supports the shifts desired. Commitment to the process is the first part of the journey. Trust, doing what it takes, and be willing to embrace each piece uncovered will take it to the next level.

What you truly desire is reflective in your choices. So whatever we are seeing in terms of frustration, truly can be traced back to a root of a decision that has or has not been made.

I love each and everyone of you, but I can’t take the journey for you. None of us can for anyone else but ourselves and so it is important to create yours as optimally as you can. This will give you the opportunity for an amazing experience and will allow others the ability to tap into the same energetic well you’ve plunged into since we’re collectively connected.

You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be. ~Abraham Hicks

The Power of Creative Visionaries & My RAW Marvel Video Interview

tania marie

Love this fun shot from a modeling shoot back in the day meant to capture a bit of that Aquarian Age, futuristic, visionary energy. I happen to have Venus & Jupiter in Aquarius

I believe that creative vision has a power that can assist you in manifesting your dreams and heart desires. Exercising your unlimited creativity and funneling it through focused action, fueled by unconditional love, is the stuff miracles are made of.

As I wrote yesterday as a sharing on my Facebook page:

“Miracles are a reality that we each create. 

We are creators creating our experience with each thought and this happens whether wanted or not, as the thoughts being given attention are seeding effects as a result. You get what you give, as they say. You can see whether you are creating by default or choice, by noticing how you feel about the things you are creating. And when you are mindful of the originating thought process that created it, you can then choose to focus differently and shift your perspective to active participation in the molding of your experiences.”

If you consciously cultivate and water the creative power that resides innately as the embodiment of you, you not only start to see reflections of this in your experiences, but you also open to the flooding in of unlimited possibilities.

Visionaries actively and consistently create and then recreate again. They know no boundary and they don’t understand or entertain “can’t, shouldn’t, not possible, foolish, waste of time, or come back to reality,” as they are already off creating their own reality. And in doing so, are paving the way for others to do the same.

Visionary leaders encourage change and innovation and see life as a symbolic puzzle that takes decisive commitment to an alignment of elements. The results may not happen immediately, and that is alright in the visionary’s world, as they see the bigger picture and they are set up to bring experiences about with all of their heart and don’t stop short of that.

They take into account a synergy of all elements to alchemically produce something for the highest good of all, while accepting setbacks, delays, and challenges, as simply part of the developmental evolution of the vision.

Visionary leaders go to the root of things and create a new way from what they discover there.

“Visionary leadership is based on a balanced expression of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions.  It requires core values, clear vision, empowering relationships, and innovative action.  When one or more of these dimensions are missing, leadership cannot manifest a vision.” ~Corinne McLaughlin

This seems like a perfect flowing take off of yesterday’s beautiful sharing from creative visionary, Jennifer Helminski – one of the courageous souls creating from her heart in service to something of, and greater than, herself.

tania3As I shared in my post The Intrinsic Value of Creativity and Art:

“Creativity is love. It is a magical and powerful energy vital to exercise and cultivate as a channel of creation itself. It’s an exciting time for alchemizing our very existence. We are infinitely creative beings here to evoke the remembrance of what lies in our hearts. This is an opportune and timely alignment of energies for really bringing forth the authenticity of your heart and expressing it in its most beautiful light, outward to all from within.

Our creative energy is an expression of the boundless love of All That Is and it is essential in creating new realities of experience. Cultivating the imagination, dreaming, hoping, allowing and supporting vulnerable and passionate expression, utilizing creative visualization… is all vital to manifestation.

The creative and healing arts are rapidly taking more of an essential role, as they once did, in leading the way to a new experience of life. Once again the arts, integrated with the other essentials aspects of wholeness, are and will be recognized as foundations that will bring us to a return to natural harmony and balance with the Earth, nature, and our very existence.

Cultivating the right brain back into balance with the left will help to anchor in new energies. This is why it is vital to support those in the arts and to cultivate those aspects within yourself that have called to you. Valuing the contributions that creativity shares, not only to the individual practicing their own expression of it, but to all those that are touched by their creations and services, enriches communities collectively.”

This is a great and insightful article on Qualities of Visionary Leaders that I find, from my experience, to share accurate qualities that visionary leaders embody. These include openness, imagination, persistence, and conviction. Read the entire article at the link for more.

tania marieI believe there is a creative visionary in all of us. Some may be actively exercising and cultivating it more, and in which case they become visionary leaders opening doorways for us all. However, we each are visionary leaders in our own right, and every day you step outside the lines, you are supporting a new paradigm for yourself and us all.

If you remember back in April, I had the honor and opportunity to be part of a fun “celebration of the arts” showcase event in Los Angeles on 4/11 that brought together some of the creative visionaries leading with their creative hearts.

The event was RAW: Los Angeles Presents MARVEL – an evening of eclectic talent and indie artists from a plethora of genres coming together in community to empower the movement of creative experience in life from which to create miracles from.

This is a short video interview from the evening, as I share about my pieces and my vision of art and creative visionaries:

World Bridger & Eclectic Creator – An Inspiring Interview with Visionary Intuitive Healer & Artist Jennifer Helminski

Today circles round to another inspiring guest interview from my series of creative and healing arts visionaries. I love seeing people overcoming and moving through challenges, integrating their lives, digging deep into the well of authenticity, and bringing that forth as a manifestation of their natural expression.

Everyone has a unique and beautiful story to share that many can relate to. While our stories are unique to us, we all process the same, collectively shared energetic themes. How they translate or feel are relative to each, but they all demonstrate the powerful resiliency of the soul and our capabilities of creating unlimited potentials when we align with our hearts.

I’m loving how more and more people are creating their own definition of what work to them is – an expression of love from within, shared out of joy, which becomes authentic service in flowing harmony.  And that can take on many continuously evolving forms that never need to, nor will fit into any box. Visionaries are sharing a new way, which is constantly expressing and sharing the abundant creative energy that we all are, simply because we know nothing else but to do so.

I’m excited about today’s guest, Jennifer Helminski, as she is such an eclectic soul who is creating each day by heart. I find a ton of similarities and resonance with her multi-faceted self-expression and the way she incorporates all of who she is into all of what she shares. In hearing people’s stories a beauty of connection is revealed and reflected that bridges our hearts. We come to realize how much we share with others and how truly connected we are – there is no separation, isolation, or loneliness in our experience. There are many kindred brothers and sisters all sharing this journey and all supporting one another simply by blazing their trail.

And blazing her creatively inspired trail, Jennifer is.

The world-wide web is an amazing place to connect with souls globally and it is this vehicle of communication that connected Jennifer and I a few years ago. It’s been a synchronous reflection and resonance since, and I have been grateful to reconnect with this sweet, magical and powerful soul. I’ve especially been enjoying watching her blossom and to see all the beauty that is flowing from her. I am also deeply honored to have been able to actually meet her in person for the first time last month to support her with her Reiki Master Teacher training. A beautiful activation takes place in these encounters of reconnections. It’s always never felt for me to be a hindrance to live distantly from the souls I relate to, work with, connect with, and love, but it is a beautiful thing when you do physically solidify that feeling into the flesh.

While you may not come to meet Jennifer in person, I do feel you will come to know and connect with her through her expressive sharings and feel a kinship to her mirroring journey of co-creating this experience with you. She has many beautiful gifts to offer and I hope you will explore and celebrate them with her, as we celebrate ourselves through her courageous reflection of personal truth and abundant collective beauty.

Jennifer Helminski Bio:

A North Jersey girl, Jennifer Helminski is a visionary intuitive healer and artist, trained and gifted in various therapeutic, complementary, and spiritual modalities. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition (traditional Reiki as founded by Dr. Mikao Usui), and is also trained in other energy practices such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Matrix Energetics, and Healing Touch for Animals. Jennifer is also an experienced animal caretaker and communicator, and has worked in zoos, veterinary hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and has been privileged to work with dolphins.

Combining compassion and wise, heart-centered communication, Jennifer loves working with people and animals in order to facilitate healing, growth, relaxation, balanced well-being, and harmonious relationships. She also creates various sacred artworks including paintings and crystal jewelry, as well as channeled writings and other spiritual services.

Jennifer is a cosmic creator of all things sacred and from the heart.

Whether you are already working in the healing and creative arts fields, are in process of cultivating your passions into service, or are starting to explore your heart desires and dreams for the first time, I think you’ll find resonance with Jennifer, as I do. I happen to be wearing my “Seva” tank right now, which basically means “Selfless Service.” Jennifer is a shining example of this way of living.

An Insightful and Inspiring Interview with Jennifer Helminski:

Tania: What are the first things you remember as a child that ignited your heart, how did that evolve for you, and do you find yourself incorporating those things into your current life and expression of your service?

Jennifer: So many different memories come to mind, and they make me smile! From my childhood, I have always loved being out in nature, in  connection with the earth and with animals. I grew up having dogs my entire life and, being an only child, they truly were family to me and some of my dearest friends. I was also guided to love and cherish nature by my grandparents who would frequently take me on “treasure hunt” nature walks (many prized pinecones and seashells were collected!) and who would also employ my help in the garden with watering plants and collecting vegetables for dinner! Many of my most magical memories are the ones that took place in their backyard, like learning about the flora that bloomed in their garden and playing with fireflies on warm summer nights. That simple sense of wonder has never left me, and those same things still feel the most magical, most connecting, and most invigorating for me. I feel the most at home when I am in nature, gleefully discovering winding streams and waterfalls in sun-streaked forests. I feel an instant awakening, grounding, and return to my true self when I connect with the earth, and I hope to integrate that power in everything I do, am, and create. Even when I was a child I found myself very drawn to sacred healing arts and to fairies (one of my favorite movies being Fern Gully, for those who remember that one!), fantasizing about living in a tree with my own herbal apothecary, masterfully blending healing potions with my mortar and pestle! Today I still have that fantasy, and am ntegrating more flower, herb, and plant-based healing into my service as I continue to learn about nature’s medicine and messages.

Tania: Have you always known what you wanted to do or has that been a process to uncover? And what, if anything, have you found to be the most challenging stumbling blocks to connecting with who you are at heart?

Jennifer: In a way, I have always known what I wanted to do. The tricky part has always been that I want to do everything! I have often found myself cycling through various facets of my consciousness and expression, and areas in which I feel drawn to explore and engage. One of the first things I ever wanted to be was a paleontologist (I was probably 4 years old when I decided this), but then I also wanted to be a veterinarian, and a geologist, and an archaeologist… Egyptology followed shortly after, and the list goes on. I even wanted to be a priest, and recall being miffed that women weren’t allowed to be priests in the Roman Catholic church in which I was raised. Nowadays, I want to be an astronaut! At my core, I have always been interested in the same things: the earth as a living being and our place in the cosmos, ancient civilizations, animals, crystals/gems, art, healing, science, and spirituality. One of the most challenging things for me has always been in trying to focus my energy and attention in just one area, or picking just one thing to pursue, and I’m beginning to accept that perhaps I am just not wired that way! I operate pretty intuitively, so it’s become a practice of going with the flow and engaging and creating things as they come up day-to-day. It has been a challenge to accept myself working and being in this way, because it doesn’t quite fit in with the norm or the way our society is currently structured. Growing up as someone who doesn’t fit the norm has certainly created its
own opportunities for me to accept and embrace myself for who I am, and being a beacon of that kind of unconditional love (both for myself and all others) is my main goal in this life. If I can manage that, I’ll consider life as Jennifer Helminski to be a great success!

Tania: Which of these would you identify with most if you had to choose – a calculated optimist or a hopeful pessimist? Why? Please share a new creative concept of how you see yourself or how you are working towards being and what you might call that and how that would play out
for you.

Jennifer: In general, I would have to say I’m more of a calculated optimist. I do believe that “good” outweighs the “bad”, and that love and light will ultimately prevail! I believe we are awakening and that humanity is evolving into a higher way of being, though the process of shifting takes time to play out. My shadow and light aspects, as well as my left and right brain, have an interesting way of dancing with one another, so I can find myself alternating between believing that I can easily achieve my highest expression, goals, and dreams – and then feeling somewhat defeated or “lost” when things don’t quite come together as I hope or envision. I am definitely working towards being fully accepting, approving, loving, and supportive of myself along my journey and believing fully, on every level, that I can and will live and weave and create the dreams of my heart and spirit! I feel like my current life path is of integrating the wisdom and experience of many previous lives, as well as connecting and harmonizing many different layers of being, so I might like to think of myself as a “worldbridger”, like my Mayan sun sign. Traversing, exploring, and integrating the various “worlds” within myself, worlds in which I have lived, the spirit world, physical world, other worlds in our cosmos, and on.

Tania: What is your greatest fear and how do you think it is supporting your evolution?

Jennifer: My greatest fear is of leaving this earth with my life unlived and my dreams unrealized. There is so much that I want to see, experience, do, and be, and I don’t think I would be satisfied if I didn’t make it happen! I feel like there is so much yet ahead of me that I just have to keep working towards, keeping my dreams alive in my heart and trusting that whatever is meant to be will be. I think the fear of my own life passing me by, and the fear of not actualizing my true potential, helps keep me motivated and moving forward when times get tough or don’t work out the way I hoped. We all encounter these setbacks and bumps on our journeys, but the important thing is to never give up or consider yourself defeated. It’s never too late to make your dreams a reality.

Tania: One of the things I love so much about you, besides your gentle, loving way, is that you are such an eclectic healer and creative soul – something we share. You have so many wonderful gifts (I don’t know quite where to start), can you share a little about the things you do and what you love most about them?

Jennifer: Well, both in my personal life and in my work and service, there are a lot of different things that I do and love. Many of my interests stem from the same core foundation: my love for nature and animals, my creative passion, my desire to return myself and others to our pristine Wholeness, and my thirst for knowledge and adventure! Lots of different things inspire my passion, and I try to connect to and integrate them all into what I do. Work-wise, I offer a lot of different services, and I usually blend them together – including energy healing (Reiki and other modalities), animal communication, channeled and intuitive artworks and writings, sacred jewelry… the list goes on! Lately I’ve taken on the added role of being a volunteer hospice caretaker, which is a true spiritual service for me as I am not only learning how to be even more present and compassionate, but also learning to embrace life and heal my own fears surrounding death and transition. I was searching for more ways to put my Reiki to use, and that is where I wound up. The Universe has made it unequivocally clear that it was meant to be, as well!

Tania: What would you consider your strongest gift and how does this express in your life and work?

Jennifer: Hmm… maybe my stubbornness! I know that doesn’t sound quite right, but I think my stubborn belief in what I am, and what I am meant to be and achieve, has kept me persistently moving forward and going after my dreams, no matter what happens. Perseverance is probably a better word for it! And I don’t just believe in the best for myself, but I believe in the best for others as well. There’s that saying about how we’re all just walking each other home. I think that’s true, and I also think we’re here to awaken and inspire one another, and to motivate each other to be fully present in our lives and actualize our dreams!

Tania: When did you first realize you had the ability to communicate with animals and what is your most memorable experience with this and why?

Jennifer: You know, I don’t think I really knew I could communicate with animals until I attended a weekend seminar on the subject with Carol Gurney of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication. This was a few years ago, and immediately followed my experience as an intern dolphin trainer in the Florida Keys. That weekend was full of surprising confirmation for me that I was indeed communicating with animals, something which still amazes me. There was one exercise in particular that really shocked me. We were working together in pairs, taking turns communicating with one another’s pets via photographs and looking for concrete information which could be easily validated, such as the animal’s name, age, etc. Well, when it was my turn to communicate with my partner’s Golden Retriever in the picture, I found myself struggling for the intended information. I remember getting frustrated with myself as, in my mind’s eye, I only saw abstract images of an ethereal purple butterfly, and the color green. Time was up, and I was so embarrassed to relay the outcome of the exercise to my partner, convinced that I had failed and couldn’t do it. However, when I told her what I had seen, she immediately became emotional and explained that her other Golden Retriever had recently passed away, and that her collar was green with purple butterflies on it. She used to refer to that dog as her “butterfly girl”, and felt like my vision was a confirmation that her dog’s spirit was still around and taking care of the new dog, who was a rescue. Carol caught wind of my experience and shared it with the  group, adding that mediumship was a subject that would be addressed in the more advanced levels of training. She later worked with me privately and had me communicating with her dog, Spirit. I certainly surprised myself with how much I experienced in that short weekend and I know it was only the beginning!

Tania: You are trained in a variety of different energy practices, but would you say that your training was merely a refinement of what was natural to you already? And if so, when did you first realize your natural healing abilities and are there any experiences you remember where you were doing things instinctively that created effective results?

Jennifer: Yes, I would say that rather than really implanting information within me that wasn’t already present, my trainings have instead given me tools and structures that I can utilize and integrate intuitively to channel what I already know in my core. I’m not sure exactly when I knew I was a healer, but I remember imagining and believing even as a child that I could heal with my hands and my spirit. I recall being young and placing my hands over a scar on my knee, closing my eyes and concentrating on fading the scar, and feeling like it appeared less conspicuous afterwards. Or, at some point when I was a teenager, I would sometimes experience intense feelings of having wings coming out of my shoulder blades. I took to placing my hands upon other people’s backs and focusing the energy in my hands so they could feel their “wings” as well. I also remember doing a telepathic chakra clearing and cellular restructuring for my mother, and she reported results to me the following day without knowing I had done it. As my knowledge and wisdom have expanded, my processes have refined themselves. I still operate
intuitively, and I integrate many different modalities and services to create what I feel is a custom-tailored, multifaceted approach to healing transformation which I feel is more fully supportive for the individual’s needs and goals, and has yielded highly positive results.

Tania: Do you find any one particular modality standing out for you in your work, or have you created something unique to you? Explain how this plays out please.

Jennifer: While I think I employ a pretty eclectic blend of services and tools, I use Reiki the most out of all the modalities I have learned. I feel as though it comes the most naturally to me, or perhaps it is just the most in-tune with my natural way of healing. I don’t have to think about how to use Reiki, I can just kind of invite it into my process and the rest just happens
automatically. My work in general is pretty unique to me, I think, as I blend a lot of different things together. My healing sessions typically include all of the following: a channeled energetic artwork for the client including several positive affirmations which are supportive of their
intended goals for the session; energy healing; sound healing (Tibetan singing bowl, tingsha, drumming, rattling, music); working with angels, guides, and masters; vibrational repatterning, releasing negative thought patterns and dis-ease and implanting the desired positive changes; creating unique crystal grids; oracle card readings, and more. I find that this multifaceted approach is more fully supportive for my clients and has consistently yielded excellent results and experiences.

Tania: Alongside all of the beautiful services you provide as an energy healer, animal communicator, oracle card reader, and Reiki Master Teacher, you are also a visionary artist of many hats. Please share about some of the sacred creations you channel and what you love most about this expression of you.

Jennifer: One of the things I most enjoy creating is sacred crystal jewelry. I have always loved crystals, and incorporating them into wearable spiritual tools and reminders is very satisfying for me. My intention, as with all of my creations, is to inspire people, and to remind them of the magic, divinity, and possibility within them and in the world around them. Another particularly
popular creation of mine are my “fairy wish bubbles” – clear glass ornaments filled with sparkly iridescence, glitter, feathers, hearts and the like, with a small scroll of ribbon-tied parchment where you can write or intend a wish or prayer for the fairies to answer. That was inspired by a vision I had of a new form of sacred play/prayer, where one could sit outside in nature, blowing bubbles and lightheartedly sending your wishes and prayers floating into the sky, trusting that the fairies would carry each one to the Divine. There are many other things which are in the process of being creating in the physical world, including healing stuffed animals, various channeled paintings, guided meditations, and more! I love creating in all these different channels because I can access my carefree, creative inner child who knew that everything she created would become real. It’s magical!

Tania: What inspires you the most and is there anything significant that really stokes your fire?

Jennifer: Feeling connected to others really inspires me. I always feel like there’s some kind of
magic that happens when you connect with someone that you really  resonate with, someone you feel mirrors you and that you can really  openly share with. But one of my all-time favorite things, and something that never fails to brighten my whole day, is when I have an unexpected friendly connection with a complete stranger. You know those moments that just leave you smiling and loving humanity; I always treasure those. Being out in nature, of course, always inspires and energizes me. Or being with dolphins – be still my heart!

Tania: Are there any dreams you have that you are either intending or are currently in process of creating that you’d like to share? Do you feel it is important to dream and what would you say to others who feel hopeless and discouraged?

Jennifer: I believe dreaming is essential to the human experience. We’re born curious, we’re born hungry for discovery, adventure, and greatness. Dreams are what ignite our passions, they motivate us and awaken our drive to achieve incredible things. And you can’t dream too big. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Don’t let anything convince you otherwise. We’re all born as these unique configurations of consciousness and experience, and the things your yearn for and envision are also unique to you. You have a one-of-a-kind song to sing, so please share the music living within you. Even if you’ve struggled your entire life, it’s never too late to start. Among many other contributing experiences, I lost my mom to a decade-long battle with breast cancer when I was 19, so I have spent much of my life dealing with depression and feelings like hopelessness, disconnection, frustration, etc. and all I can say is that those experiences do not bar you from happiness, they do not bar you from fulfillment or living your dreams, or feeling loved. As alone as you might feel, you are not. As futile as every effort might seem, it is not. I know how hard it can be as you try to hold it all together, or make something happen, and things just seem to fall apart. Just keep breathing, reach out for support, and keep moving  forward each day, even if just in baby steps. Aim for patience with the process and a positive mindset, and trust that it does all work out in time.

Tania: What do you feel is one of the most valuable and integral keys to living with continual passion and aliveness?

Jennifer: Staying open. Humans are creatures of habit, and it is so easy to feel like we stagnate or get stuck in a rut, stuck in patterns that don’t serve us, situations and relationships in which we aren’t happy and fulfilled, and so on. It is essential to stay tapped into what turns you on, what excites you and makes you hungry for life, experience, adventure, connection. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, just start trying new things! Put yourself out there and feel like you are in the flow of life. There is no end to what we can discover, learn, create, achieve, and more, so there’s no good reason to stay bored or dispassionate for very long. Make sure your heart is open. Forgive the past and allow the future to be limitless. Live and love freely. Dive into the adventure of life!

Tania: How can others reach you to acquire your services and sacred creations?

Jennifer: My main website, which continuously evolves, is at There you can read more about me, the services I offer, schedule sessions, and also get news about things like upcoming events and workshops. I am also active with my Facebook page at, and sell many of my
various creations through my Etsy store at Luna Luxe

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your sacred heart with all of us. 

New Found Freedom in Your New Found Absence of Resistance

treeThis is a powerful and beautiful inspirational message (shared with me this morning by a dear friend and fellow co-creator – thank you David Nelson) from Abraham Hicks set to a backdrop of stunning trees and one of my favorite songs, “Now We Are Free.”

This is one of those messages to linger with and let it resound throughout your beingness daily.

Everything is shifting dramatically. I am feeling this celebration exponentially. And it is freeing and fresh, full of rich, connective, creative, thriving, potentialities.

“New found freedom in your new found absence of resistance.”

“There could not be greater love or appreciation focused at you than now. There could not be more recognition of the worthiness of that which is you. And there could not be more eager anticipation for the manifestation that by law must follow as a result of what you have accomplished vibrationally.”

Enjoy You:

Abraham Hicks – Now We Are Free

Faery Stones & Crosses – Staurolite, Star Bright….

faery stonesThe first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Like the nursery rhyme, enchantment is ours for the wishing and with the heart-full wishing comes the experiencing.

Two of my magical finds last weekend at the Gem Faire, were connected with a realm I live and love – the Faery Realm. I’m constantly amused with the synchronicity of crystals and stones finding their way to me and their beautiful timing.

My two finds are what are known as a Faery Stone and a Faery Cross (Staurolite). These two new friends are bringing extra enchantment into my experience and are making themselves at home while we reacquaint ourselves. They are enjoying my mini Quartz Faery Wand from Sedona (which doubles as a pendant) and the three of them are conspiring to bring more magic and fun into the next phase of things here for me.

hummingbirdThey are already playing their tricks, as just when I started writing this, my computer connection went out and I had to jump the connection back up. Another fun experience was when I went outside to photograph them in my Faery yard and immediately a hummingbird appeared fluttering right by the hummingbird post in the ground and when I placed my wand on the small Christmas tree we have potted in the yard, a crow appeared overhead on a post and cawed down at me. I turned for an instant back at my wand to place it on the branches, and then turned back and the crow was gone.

rv2And interestingly, this morning, right across the street was parked a lovely, large RV and this has to do with a vision I have for when the timing aligns, to be living and traveling around in one. So that was quite synchronous, as it has never been there before and its blank white outer shell felt like a blank canvas to create from. 🙂

Anyway, the yard here receives tons of small bird visits daily, hummingbirds, crows and ravens, as well as insects like fuzzy centipedes, spiders and butterflies, and earth worms abound. I found a beautiful web today on one of the Star Jasmine that was perfectly cosmic.

yardThe yard has completely transformed into a sweet enchanted haven amidst suburbia.

And these Faery friends are enchanting my experience and office right now, as I write, sitting perched against my rose heart frame of Nestor with my wand right in front of me. (Keeping them close by creates a powerful positive energy) She and I have journeyed much in my meditations and beyond in the magical realms beyond the veils.


My Faery Quartz wand

I always love to share about the crystals and stones I find, embodying beautiful vibrational presence for the energies and experiences we are having, and this lovely Faery Stone and Cross are no exception.

I hope you enjoy learning about them and perhaps you might welcome one into your life as well, as I find them to assist in charming your life.


Staurolite, also known as the Faery Cross, when it naturally occurs twinned in a cross formation, is known to be a talisman of good luck, supports stress, anxiety, fear, and depression relief, and connects and balances between the physical, astral, and extra-terrestrial planes. They can occur as more angled x’s or can embody a perfect cross – the crosses are more rare and therefore more valuable (even for such a tiny one as the one you see here). Interestingly, they are thought to be associated with the astrological sign of Pisces.

As you can imagine, their energy helps you to connect with the Faery and Devic kingdom, nature spirits, elemental beings… as well as to the energy of the Earth, nature, and all of her wonderful creatures, helping you to gain greater appreciation and sweetness for all of life. Historically, Staurolite crystals have been used for white magic to empower alignment with natural energy and are very healing, calming, centering, and spiritually grounding (as they help you connect with the electromagnetic field of the Earth). They are excellent for support with addictions (especially smoking), cultivating conservation (making you more aware of your actions and how you treat the Earth), increasing relaxation and peacefulness, helping to move energy down through the Root Chakra to the Earth Chakra and Mother Gaia (leaving you feeling safe, less fearful, and protected), soothing to your emotions and overall well-being, helpful for finding lost objects and using your time more wisely, negates a tendency to overwork and to over commit energy, enhances and strengthens rituals, and assists treatment of cellular disorders and growths, increasing assimilation of carbohydrates.

Having Staurolite with you can also benefit those close around you, as it fosters a connection to the natural world in anyone who feels its resonance.


Faery Cross – Staurolite

Staurolite are found in Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and the USA. The one I have comes from Russia – seems fitting with my Russian rooted name Tania. They vary in color depending on where they come from – ranging from red brown, dark brown, or brownish black in color. They are prismatic and I find mine to have a sparkly sheen. The meaning of the name comes from the Greek word Stauros, which means cross, but they don’t always form clear crosses, yet the vibration is the same regardless if it embodies a perfect cross or not.

There are many very old stories and historical tales about Staurolite and how they have been used over time. Historically, they are known to have been in use since at least the time of Christ, but to others much longer. 🙂 One story says they were used in the Crusades to aid Richard the Lionheart to heal and another says that they were first formed when the faeries cried when they heard of the news of Christ’s physical death, which is why they form in a cross.

Tales, or truth, the energy of these stones is known to be helpful for anyone who would like to work more with beings of the natural world, and to contact other beings here on Earth, including animal and plant spirits – and of course faeries, hence their name.

Interestingly, stories tell that they are also known as a symbol of Christ because of the cross within the stone and thus can help you to embrace the gifts brought through this Christ Consciousness. So they cover both sides of the spectrum of the magical and faith realms.

I love how they emanate a strong Heart Chakra energy and so they resonate deeply with bringing more unconditional love for all of life.

Faery Stones:

faery stone

Faery Stone front

Faery Stones are another beautifully magical friend that are native to northern Quebec, Canada. These “natural sculpture” calcium carbonate stones are made of fine argillaceous sand with limestone cement and were formed in permeable layers of a basin created by receding glaciers, where water, laden with carbon dioxide flowed through the rock and dissolved the limestone it contained. Then under different pressure and temperature conditions the lime deposits left in the lakes from the receded glaciers were sculpted by the waterway flows into rounded pebbles and abstract forms of natural art. They are then carried by the water and deposited along the shores of lakes and rivers – one of the main rivers where Faery Stones are found is the Harricana River (second longest in Canada). Some have small traces of prints left by microorganisms, miniature worms, or organic remains that were fossilized millions of years ago.

These smooth pebble-like stones (so inviting and comforting to hold) are each very individually unique and to the Indians that first came up the rivers and discovered them, looked like biscuits. This is the reason for the river’s name, “Harricana,” which means “river of the biscuits” in the Algonquin language. The Indians have called them Faery Stones and often carried them as lucky charms on their expeditions and the most beautiful of these stones were offerings between lovers. The biggest specimens were seen as protective and sacred and so they were given a place of honor in their homes.

Faery Stones are said to “adopt” you and act as a little helper to assist with taking care of details and providing safe, nurturing energy in your space where you can work freely both spiritually and practically. They also have a strong connection to the Earth and impart consciousness about caring for her and all living beings.

faery stone

Faery stone back

Healing properties of Faery Stones include bringing good health, prosperity, protection, peace and calming, grounding, ease depression and loneliness, release stress, dispel negative energy, thoughts, anger and jealousy, are excellent for radiation and chemotherapy patients, reduces heat from fever, helps to balance water and hot flashes in women with menopause, balances calcium in the body, helps heal wounds, bruises, and reduce inflammation, encourages friendship and love between parent and child, and lovingly helps bring back the inner child in us, making us feel happy and joyful, and focused on cherishing precious moments.

The sweet little Faery Stone that “adopted” me, to me, looks like a round little cherub with wings to the left and even seems to have a smiling face on the front along with tons of markings all over it. 🙂 And on the back, I was taken with all of the impressions left in it that look almost like Runes and encodings that are almost map-like or creating a diagram and formula.


Jenny’s Chrysocolla

This one seemed to jump out at me in the pile I was looking in, having been hidden under all the others. And came to me when I had returned to the Faire a second time on impulse, with only 20 minutes left before closing and left with just this and a spectacular, perfect Chrysocolla piece that is for my dear friend Jenny in Bimini, who had asked if I ever see something for her to get it. That had its own synchronous story including a Poseidon-looking man I purchased it from.

I love following my heart.

And I LOVE my new Faery friends. If you ever come across these sweet Faery stones, perhaps you too will welcome their enchantment into your life. A beautiful way to create more peace and Earth compassion, not to mention invite some magic into your daily experience.

And of course, healthy, organic practices and creating your own nature sanctuary, even if just a small area of a window sill, balcony, area of your room, home, decorated potted plant, or yard and garden if you have one, can be a way to invite the nature spirits into your life and help you tune in to that Earthy connection that supports overall well being. You will also welcome animals, birds and faeries when you create organic beauty, while keeping the environment clean and our Earth and bodies away from harm.

Sacred Journeys & Sacred Healing – Bimini and Beyond


Me in Egypt 1st of two times 2007

What is experienced and integrated into your life from a sacred journey is priceless. Having experienced many sacred journeys in power spots across the globe, I can personally attest to how empowering these experiences can be and they continue to work their magic in unforeseen ways, long after the experience itself.

Bimini, and the surrounding area, is one of those magical places that lovingly supports you into integrating and being more of who you really are. With its Atlantean connection it is no wonder that many are drawn here, especially the visionaries, healing arts missionaries, and creatives of the world. It can reawaken potentialities from deep within that you have struggled with or desired greater enhancement towards.

This is why I’ve been led to offer supportive experiences to others in the form of retreats in sacred areas, so that others may also have opportunity to benefit from, receive, and activate their own integrative healing that is enhanced in places like this. I’ve always felt that once I have experienced and been able to process the energy available from one of these enlivening and power spots on Earth, that I am then able to better facilitate and be there completely for others upon returning to do collective service.


West coast of Ireland 2008 at a stone circle

There are layers to my soul history that have been uncovered and activated by my journeys across the globe. And these have continued to integrate and process through my life and the work that I do, upon initiating the triggers through downloads of energy and awakening remembrances on my trips. The effects of sacred journeys continue long after the initial visit. Although can seem most profound initially, the vibrational resonance keeps on vibrating and rippling out. 🙂

And for some, the initial experience isn’t as dramatic, and then it evolves later or subtly so that you do in fact transform, but it is in a way more suited to your individual needs.


Chichen Itza 2nd of 3 times 2006

We all have different experiences, relative to us. And it all is in Divine unfolding always. I have many varying stories of my experiences from all of my journeys (could fill a few books) and how they have supported the tapestry of my life, and there will continue to be more when I venture to sacred areas I haven’t in this life yet reintegrated. One of which will be in a few months in the sacred area of the Himalayas.

It’s not that we have to journey to these areas in order to integrate energy. Since we are all connected, then when one soul taps into an experience and potential, that experience and potential becomes available to us all. Plus, some of us know how to “journey” to these places telepathically and remotely. However, there are some of us that can greatly benefit from “physically” experiencing the energy and the tremendous shifts it can support that is like no other tool explored, and some of us who are meant to do this kind of “experiencing” and work to assist the collective.

The more areas I work with, the more journeys of this kind I am able to offer in service to others. It’s not that we can’t venture to these areas on our own, but I have found that a lot of powerful things can be triggered and to have a support system and someone who understands the experience and energy, can really help the process.

The most powerfully transformative Kundalini experience took place for me in Egypt the first time I was there and I was grateful to have the two experienced hosts (one of whom was a sound healer) along, as well as my parents and ex-husband at the time who had all been attuned to Reiki 1, coincidentally “just” before the trip and were able to support me through it. The most powerful turning point of that experience, however, was uncovering a soul and key part of myself through my own sound healing that literally overnight integrated my healing into renewal and rebirth.

I will continue to support others in power spots I “have” ventured to as long as I am guided collectively to do so. New journeys to be announced shortly.

me-reflecting in bimini

Me in Bimini 2nd time on the water reflecting 2012

Until then, the collective heart leads me back to Bimini this June for the Summer Solstice – a place that more and more people are being drawn for their own reawakenings, and the powerfully transformative and loving retreat experience we have to offer at The ARC lends exponentially to that.

We’re only about a month away now from embarking on another enlivening journey in Bimini, Bahamas. It’s the kind of experience that forever stays in your heart and forever transforms you in the most positive of ways, not to mention connects you to a new soul family of like minded brothers and sisters.

Bimini is one of the places that holds a strong energetic and heart connection for me. It has a very prominent place in my soul story and the service I have committed my heart to is encapsulated in experiences of my times there, so I love to share its magic with others and to support a journey of awakening in one of the most powerful energy spots across the globe.

That’s why I follow the energy of the collective needs and intuitively create a mirroring experience that reflects current needs of the group that will join. And this is true for this next journey there – it is unfolding daily, as I watch and feel what is going on collectively and challenge deeper parts of myself to come forth for the process, so that I can help to support the same for others.

Alongside the aqua waters, sunshine, sand, wild dolphin swims, snorkeling, Atlantis Vortex trip on Summer Solstice, yoga, raw food, fun, and relaxation, I am guided to bring into this summer’s retreat experience, supportive integration via the doorway of Reiki, but going beyond.

On our 6 night and 6 day retreat I will be supporting each person within the group to a deepening and expanding of the Heart Chakra through attunement to Reiki Level 1, which will be a shared experience of teaching and learning, gaining an understanding of and experiencing the Reiki energy, receiving an initiation, and becoming certified. This will help you begin the journey of more gracefully creating harmony and peace in your daily life and in your interactions to help center you more in compassion to be able to assist yourself and others. Once we have, then we will be gently journeying into deeper levels.

You will have access to any support I can provide during your time on this retreat with personal attention to meet your desired goals. We will also participate in global and personal healing intentions and sessions that will take you on a life-enhancing and empowering new path.


Machu Picchu Peru 2008

I believe that integration is a key point to supporting us to the next experience of life that we desire to have. I feel that doing the deeper work really makes the difference and helps you to understand the continuous triggering taking place and supports you to move through the frustrations of wondering why things are not improving when you are doing so much spiritual stuff already.

Some of the ways integrative healing work can be facilitated is not always in linear processes, but can be accessed through vibrational experiences that penetrate at the core, regardless if you understand or are conscious of what is taking place. Think sound healing, energy, mantras….This is some of what you will “experience,” alongside practical tools and meditations. I like to be guided by the moment and the energy needs of the group to see where it takes us in flow so I look forward to what may transpire, all the while 100% being there to support each of you. I’ve already received guidance that crystals, healing art, and my unique sound melody healing may make an appearance to support healing and empowerment from the inside out. We will play it by heart…

All details about the upcoming retreat can be found here:

Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat – Bimini, Bahamas

Contact me at with questions and to register

Kaleidoscopic Lotus Star Sacred Tattoo Design – Recreating Potentialities

sacred tattoo designGrace is beauty of form under the influence of freedom. ~Friedrich Schiller

Another amazingly magical and powerful sacred tattoo journey came to closure and yet it is also, simultaneously, just the beginning of the journey for this dear client and all that she is welcoming into her life.

I find that the energy is continually deepening and expanding for everyone, the collective, myself, and in turn, the sacred tattoo design process. The complexity of symbolism and layers that I am being challenged to convey are exciting to say the least and as I shared with my client before embarking on the creative journey of channeling her essence into manifestation,

“Whenever I have a really involved design to create, I always am like how the heck is that going to happen? And then I just say, shhh, it always does.”

This is a concept that has been with me since I first originally started professional work as an artist and designer and has increasingly grown. My very first commissioned pieces were extremely complex things I had never done before (in this life at least) and were commissioned by extremely left brained professionals (I do like to challenge myself), but I approached it from the get-go with confidence and trust that the ability to do anything was there within me and I needed only to engage and allow it through. I believe it is this way for us all.

For some reason there has always been this innate trust in this aspect of myself, regardless of what my mind might think otherwise, and I have chosen to go with the trust rather than the fear. Which is interesting, as usually the unseen and intangible can be the challenge to trust and things that are more logical and tangible are what we fall back to relying on. However, for me, it is my creative process and intuitive trust that has taught me how to extend this trust to other, and all areas, of my life.

That is how I approach life in general now, after experiencing my evolution through this.

And quite an evolution this magical piece is. The synchronous and interesting journey from start to finish, the timing, the story, and the personal things each of us, me and my client, were experiencing each step of the way. There could be a whole other book on these journeys, and yet I could never capture the magic even if I tried.

With each journey, my clients will share things they have as intents, things that are meaningful or desired to incorporate whether literal or abstract, and then I draw upon these and tune in to which feel most supportive for current empowering, what other things may be supportive, and how to have these things portrayed that will optimally embody the energy intended.

As I always share, there is so much to each design and everyone sees and receives differently from viewing them, which makes them personal and collective. Things always seem to reveal themselves in fullness to me “after” I complete the design. I only trust what I’m being guided to create when I’m creating, getting abstract essence hits on the meaning, but it is when I am done with a portion of it, and then again when it is completely done, and I sit back and look at what has channeled, that I receive that a-ha moment, smile, chuckle, shake my head and say, “Wow, I get it.”

Here’s some information about this piece’s symbolism, which I shared with my client. Sometimes I delve deeper to help people see what is possible to incorporate in complex layers embedded within these sacred designs, while other times I let them speak for themselves. This is one of the deeper times. 🙂

The main elements incorporated into the design are Tara, Hummingbird, Butterfly, Bee, Stag, Sea Shell, and Lotus. The way in which the style came through was a combination of ethereal, star-like, and an integration that creates an organically cosmic essence both anchoring and ascending, emanating, yet very centered, balanced and all emerging from the wholeness at core.

This portal of her spiritual journey I created comes through the center/heart center of the Lotus, which almost spirals and creates etherically and organically, as it constantly blossoms and emerges, with new petals continually recreating themselves. The Lotus itself I also created as a Lotus “Star” (cosmic flower), almost like an Infinity Star, and also has the quality of the life giving source of the Sun with its energy emanating in powerful grace. This came into play with a special name my client had been given that personifies her and her constantly evolving journey with it and is the core essence of this piece. And so too the Lotus is one that is constantly creating itself the way I designed it…think a kaleidoscope and peering in to see the Lotus transforming. That’s how I was seeing it and capturing it in a drawing.

The Lotus itself is a powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential. The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower. It is often used as a mandala, or circular symbol, but any way you use the Lotus in a spiritual practice, it will provide a resonant field that reinforces the concept of resurrection. Human mistakes and challenges are the fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus shows us. Born in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure. Use the Lotus as a reminder that “this, too, shall pass.” Be assured that all fertilizer nurtures a beautiful new life. In the greater world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of conflict has resided. Using this symbol on water invites a balance between humility and pride.

Each of the animal spirit guides are at the corners of the Lotus and because they are emerging as spirit guide wisdom are there supportively when needed as a presence that moves in and out of dimensional existence. They came through more ethereal and with creative energy, so you see them as uniquely designed to represent that creative power to come through abundantly and manifesting from nothing into vision and like energy just emerging into creation. The Bee I did a bit more tangibly, as I felt that some of the elements are in process of creatively materializing and some are materialized, and others just simply are present always in essence.

The Deer spirit guide came through as a Stag and its design is almost cosmic in nature. It is in the right diagonal bottom corner. He is graceful and confident, looking up and beyond. Deer symbolism includes, but is not limited to love, grace, gentleness, kindness, compassion, innocence, peace, beauty, fertility, femininity, humility, swiftness, acceptance, regrowth, renewal, creativity, spirituality, psychic power, subtlety, higher connection, awareness, abundance, benevolence, watchfulness, and is associated with the moon, the dawn, and the easterly directions. The stag in particular symbolizes the same, but includes masculinity (which brings balance), regeneration, guidance, healing, connection to the Earth and forest, alertness, pride, independence, purification, strength, and nobility.

Then there is the Butterfly at the top right above him. It came through in an Asian motif emerging from the Lotus. The Butterfly is a symbol of joy and longevity as well as are messengers of powerfully transformative healing and regenerative energy and symbolism to the indigenous peoples across time. They symbolize the precious miracle of life, hope, love, transmutation, magick, reincarnation – to the Maya, butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality and have a very earth and cosmic bridging connection (ex: the galactic butterfly symbol – Hunab Ku powerfully broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy), resurrection, transition, communication, celebration, lightness, time, soul, unquestioning embrace, freedom, keeping the faith, grace.

Then there’s the Hummingbird at the top left corner emerging. It came through in a henna-like, mehndi design. The Hummingbird symbolizes timeless joy and the Nectar of Life, as well as a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.

At the bottom left corner is the Bee, which symbolizes understanding female warrior energy, connection to the Goddess Diana, reincarnation, communication with the dead, helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place (work that you have been involved with that has been challenging energetically), concentration, prosperity, fertility, and sexuality. The Bee is also a symbol for accomplishing the impossible and anything you put your mind to, as aerodynamically its body is too large for its wings and should not be able to fly. The Bee reminds you to extract the honey of life (that empowerment of fun, joy, opening your heart to the epitome of love and life and to life fully and uninhibitedly). The Bee also makes our lives fertile with ideas, creativity, and productivity with the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams. Its honeycomb, a hexagon, is the symbol of the heart and represents the sweetness of life found within your own heart and is also the symbol of the sun and its energies. The Bee reminds you to savor the honey of life, do all you can do to make your life fertile and examine your life to make it more efficient and supportive. The Bee also is a strong symbolism of the circle of life and balance that they create, as such an important part of our ecosystem.

Interestingly, this last weekend while hiking (during the process of channeling this design), we had come upon a bunch of bees and were watching them amongst the flowers, as well as a bunch of ants that were traveling across the trail carrying things to their nest. It made me ponder about the powerful symbolism and message these little beings have for life that we could learn from that would assist in creating a new paradigm. I reflected on the way they live with no concept of definitions between work and play, just “being” and with the focus of the greater good through every act they do on their own. It is all connected and they don’t see any separation. And I watched as they helped each other and all was about supporting the Source, building together, nurturing and being part of the collective tapestry.

So there is a lot of balance in the design, not just in the above and below balance you see with Tara and the Seashell, but also with each of these four corner animal spirit guides and anchored at center, within, and at each outer edge, without.

There is also a mixture of eclectic exotics with the Asian Butterfly motif design, the mehndi Hummingbird, Hindu/Tibetan Tara, cosmic and organic qualities.

I created a leaf and vine design extending up and around Tara from the Lotus and Hummingbird and Butterfly in a Yin/Yang effect of flipping the design on each side for balance. There is some good general information at this link that you can read about Tara: Tara, Goddess of Peace and Protection and especially certain aspects jumped out at me, after I had created the design. Here are some snippets from the link:

“It is told that Tara first appeared rising from a lotus blossom in the lake that had formed from Avalokitesvara’s tears of compassion, tears that fell when he first beheld the scope of suffering in the world.” – interesting how I instinctively depicted Tara rising from the Lotus.

sacred tattoo design 2

Another image of the design that was captured near midnight when I had finished it. I loved the “golden” ethereal quality that came through this image

Besides being the Mother Creator, “in Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother, and The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protectress.” – goes along with the Starseed essence, the Lotus Star, and the powerful Divine Feminine Goddess Energy that is integrated into all of this that was desired from my client.

“Tara embodies the feminine strengths of great caring and compassion, the ability to endure stressful and even terrifying moments, the acts of creation, and the source of sustenance and protection. Demonstrating the psychological flexibility that is granted to the female spirit,  the goddess Tara,  in some of her human forms, could be quite fierce and wild. Refugees fleeing the horrors of the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese armies recounted numerous stories of the Green Tara that protected them during their torture and guided their flight to freedom. In other of her forms, such as the White Tara, she embodied inner peace and spiritual acceptance. She symbolizes purity and is thought to be part of every good and virtuous woman. Tara is an archetype of our own inner wisdom. She guides and protects us as we navigate the depths of our unconscious minds, helping us to transform consciousness, our own personal journeys of freedom. It is the goddess Tara who helps us to remain “centered”. The myths of the Goddess Tara remind us of our “oneness” with all of creation and the importance of nurturing the spirit within.” – speaks for itself and how she is anchoring the “above” part of the Lotus, guiding and centering the journey and holding that connectedness to everything.

At the bottom is the Sea Shell (a very beautiful, graceful and delicate conch) anchoring in and drawing the energy in balance to the Earth and into the depths within and through the lower Chakras. Sea Shells are symbolic of femininity, birth, regeneration, renewal, expansion, fertility, water, life, love, the Moon, a journey across the sea of life (pilgrim of life), and the Universal matrix (because of their spiral shape) as well as infinity. In China they represent good fortune and good life in the afterworld. In Buddhism the conch represents the voice of Buddha and is said to awaken one from ignorance. In Islam, it represents hearing the Divine Word. In Greece and Rome the conch shell is a symbol of the sea god. In Hinduism it is a symbol of Vishnu as lord or the waters. The Mayans associated the conch with waters and with the sea gods as well. The Sea Shell also represents the unconscious mind and so in its position it helps to uncover, listen to and heart the messages of our shadow parts that are deep within to be discovered and integrated. My client has a connection with the ocean and ocean beings, as well as communicates with the animal world, but for some reason the depiction of a dolphin or whale, did not feel to come through in a literal way. The Sea Shell to me was speaking more loudly and seems to embody and personify all of the beings of the sea, while connecting with the Earth and beyond and is a form of connecting with our inner voice, telepathy, communicating with animals and other beings and people, of sound and sound healing, and the importance of listening within – as when you hold a conch shell to your ear, you can hear the ocean and many messages through it as a way to dial in to the deeper parts of yourself. So the Sea Shell is a way to harness that communication skill at levels only detected by the inner ear.

All of the four elements of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Ether/Spirit are symbolically personified and conveyed, as well in the design, and in some ways many of the images overlap with their symbolism, representing more than one element. And the Lotus is like a flowering star and emanating Sun, while also connects that deep feminine divinity of Moon quality essence as well.

There is a passion and fire that comes through etherically in the life giving, creative energy that is pulsating gently and intentfully from this.

The design, in totality, also holds the message of life having infinite possibilities. That you are connected to all the power, wisdom and potential there is. Everything is accessible to you. All of it. Right here and right now. Sometimes we forget this truth and stop dreaming, but this is a reminder of everything that is available to you and awaiting you. A constant reminder of the beauty, power and limitless energy that flows through you to make your world what you desire it to be. There’s something magical about it that empowers you to reach toward your full and unique potential. You are powerful beyond measure “All that is” is within you. The Lotus portal star in center, is the center of wholeness that is you (my client and each of us) and from within you, all things are possible and you are always connected to the abundance of creative potential and Divine Love that is You and All Things.

This design is about 10 1/2” tall by 71/2” wide including the emanating light shaded energy coming off of the design.

I so enjoy being challenged by each unique soul and energy that is coming through. The evolution of designs is mirroring the evolution of energy shifting. I can observe this transformation when I look over the designs I’ve created, seeing the personal and collective changes simultaneously taking place in terms of what we are tapping into.

I really enjoyed worked with the quality of energy from this piece and how it came through in depiction. It is definitely unique, which may seem redundant, as each person’s energy IS different, but this particular vibration was a new octave to tap into. Its organic cosmic essence in a kaleidoscopic depiction of wholeness within constantly transforming creation energies that are perfect in their individual evolution and yet eternally unified in connection, was exciting. And bringing in the Sacred Feminine that is at the heart of our integration potentialities in this way with the essence of something that is shifting and always recreating itself while centered, peaceful and balanced – quite the energy!

If you’d like to see an example of another vegan tattoo conveying a message of compassion, you can find it here: Vegan Sacred Tattoo Design. This design is available if it calls to your heart. 

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

Blooming Celebration

flowersCelebration…that is the word of today and a valuable daily practice for our lives to be mindful and present with. Yes, every day we take another breath on our beautiful Earth is a day of celebration. Even when things feel challenging, discouraging, frustrating, tormenting, and futile, these are buried seeds awaiting discovery and cultivation into miracles.

I can’t help but live from the place of believing in all possibilities and knowing that all things are in Divine order regardless of how the trained mind would prefer to judge them otherwise. Yes, even when I’ve been in my darkest hours of experience, there is this connective knowingness and innate trust in a promise of a new beginning that never fails to wake me out of the spiraling slumber.

“You are full of unshaped dreams…You are laden with beginnings…There is hope in you… ~Lola Ridge

Yesterday ended the 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal and Miten with an added bonus 22nd day today to complete the journey on the note of “Celebration.” For those of you who joined the last 3 weeks of life celebration and honor of your wholeness and divinity, I hope you are feeling more empowered and realizing a little bit more each day how miraculous you are. I hope also that you will continue to incorporate your favorite mantras into your life, or create a mindfulness of sacred time and space daily in some small way.

“A mantra is something like a seed to be allowed to go deep into your being so that it can send its roots to the sources of your life and finally to the universal life. Then its branches, its foliage will go high into the sky, and when the right time comes, when the spring comes, it will be filled with thousands of flowers.”  ~Osho 

We can always easily find reasons to fuel whatever feelings we are being attached to in the moment – sadness, anger, resentment, etc. But we can also always choose to find reasons to foster gratitude for the gifts that we are blind to when we are allowing our thoughts to stand in the way of their light.

There is no right or wrong in what we choose, but if you are finding yourself not feeling the way you would like, ask yourself if you’re truly willing to do what it takes to transform it into something more pleasing to you. It could be as simple as gently accepting the hand of your Higher Self and allowing it to guide the way instead of being triggered or tugged at by the hurts of your ego.


Our abundant Kumquat tree

Every day I have a choice in how I would like to approach my experiences. And today is another day to water my inner garden…and then I can truly grow.

Right now so much is in bloom or in process of blooming in the yard (and in my life), including the Kumquat tree and Star Jasmine. I posted about the beautiful Star Jasmine that have begun to bloom in the yard just a few days ago, and since that post they have blossomed exponentially. It’s amazing what can evolve in just a few days – and sometimes over night. The same goes for us.


Our blooming Jasmine at sunrise this morning

When we provide ourselves with all the supportive ingredients that feed the heart and soul, when we are mindful and present with our choices and openness, when we commit ourselves to cultivate an integrative experience of unconditional love, we nurture blossoming potentials that turn dreams into realities.

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.”  ~Osho 

I was eating a succulent peach just yesterday and as it squirted in juicy bursts in my mouth and on my face, I literally came to embody the symbolism of experiencing the “nectar of life” as I felt it wash through me and over me. It profoundly reminded me of how each moment of life can be a choice of surrendering to my aliveness.

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you started living the wonder?

I celebrate the “All That Is” that I am

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