A Little Message of Personal Gratitude that Pervaded My Day

tania-marieThis is just a short little post of some extra love and gratitude in my heart that’s been flowing through my day. I almost was going to post this on Facebook, but I felt guided, rather, to document it here on the pages that mean very much to me.

My day since this morning has been unfolding beautifully and magically, including some encounters with others at a few stores I visited after my session, and continues to carry forth into my design time right now.

Today was yet another reminder to count my blessings and deepen my gratitude.

As I was supporting a regular client of mine in an in-home Reiki session today I was feeling the Divine reflection of the relating and connection, and after, I had to take a moment in the car before driving away to regroup, so to speak, feeling choked up, and to reflect on how much I love what I do and am grateful for the honor and opportunity to do it.

The opportunities to connect with and support so many souls in such a profound way, from all walks of life and from all over the world, there simply are no words for, to share how beautiful that is. Whether it’s sending support by distance, through an email, in a brief exchange at the grocery store, or in some beautiful spot on the globe, the feeling is the same. It just overflows in warm, precious rainbow bubbles within the heart.

I know that many of you teachers and healers know what I’m sharing.

Today’s session with a spiritually open man in his early 70’s, an Australian native living in the hills of Laguna Beach, where we connect in an empowering way to support his challenges and to help him to move into a new phase of his life, is one of those priceless moments in my life.

After providing the session, done with the backdrop of the ocean view through the window, I could only say:

“Thank you for the honor of being here with this soul, at this time. There’s no place I would rather be. And at every moment, I am exactly where I need to be, where ever that is. All is truly Divine in the world.”

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I can totally relate 🙂 So lovely to hear about your magical day! Your blessed Reiki recipient felt some healing magic I am sure!! I will message you soon, I too had a very special session today. I have experienced the same overwhelming gratitude that has no choice but to overflow! Love, kisses and hugs my friend, meet you in spirited flight 🙂

    • hi sweetie! so awesome that we were sharing a similar experience today. it is such a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? i look forward to your sharing. until then, always in heart. ❤ love and xoox!

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