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Santa Ana Art Walk

How did you create your own sacredness around yesterday’s New Moon energy? What intentions did you set and what commitments to your unique expression have you made?

My experience was, for me, the perfect, integrative, and intentful way to put closure to the weekend and to celebrate initiations of the new. I found another layer of clarity to my own focuses and welcomed more awareness all around. The day started in a morning hike and ended in four hours of sacred music for the heart and soul.

This weekend was also a very full experience of observing things that ran the gamut from simple to layered complexities, from the natural to the out-of-balance, and from experiencing sacred creativity, authenticity and community to witnessing duality, separation, illusions, denial, and fear.

I observed people’s choices reflect to them the stories they have chosen in what would be considered by some to be nice and not so nice experiences. I watched how easily illusions can consume people into addictive, hidden patterns that are slowly destructive, yet soulfully chosen for exponential growth opportunities. I also saw raw courage, vulnerability, connectivity, and instant transformations as result of responsibly embracing the learning provided in choice, which all created a fortified field of mirroring reflections to unfold.

In either case, the truth is, it all just IS. I can analyze it and attach a judgment or I can observe and move in and out, being honoring of “free will,” which knows exactly what it is doing in the grand scheme of things.

And such is life…a unified tapestry of wholeness that we can either choose to stay stagnant in the story of any one thing without taking personal responsibility, OR realize the fluidity of life and that all experiences are inherent in coming to understand the depth of creation itself, the perfection of what it is you have created to teach you, and perhaps doing so without staying stuck in victim or bully roles.

I choose to create what is a reflection of my truth and when not in an environment reflecting that, will hold the space of my heart’s authenticity and use the experiences playing out, as a way to further expand and deepen.

And even if the moment moves me through varying degrees of emotions and thoughts, in the end I am always left in grateful awe of how divine everything plays out. It truly is a masterpiece in creation.

That being said, it is a powerfully transformative time (as this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio gifted) presenting opportunity for major change and new beginnings, if you truly desire it and have the courage to go deep into the heart of you.

guruganesha band

GuruGanesha Band

There were a lot of beautiful celebrations this weekend of visionary creativity being shared that I would like to bring back around the focus to.

Saturday night’s Santa Ana Art Walk Showcase with Orange County Creatives was the first of the collective, co-creative community celebrations. It was great to see friends that came out to support. I enjoyed talking with people that were interested to know more about crystals and my pieces and I loved talking with the other artists, viewing their work, and holding the energy of that co-creative space with them.

But it is the young artists putting their work out so courageously (for the first time) that I especially enjoy connecting with, as I love to support them in their passions and help to inspire them to continue to follow their dreams. That is a huge part of why I do what I do. I know what it feels like to be out there on your own in many ways, and yet there is so much value to that journey.

The life of a creative visionary is a gift that will bring a full circle of experiences, including the ups and downs in extremes at times. It is my hope to help keep the train chugging along the track they have chosen and to help lesson the down time.

“When we feel passion for something, it is because we are remembering what it was that we came here to do. The more passion we feel, the more in alignment with Source we are, allowing this energy to pour through us with no hesitation. This is the way it was meant to be.” —Karen Bishop

Sunday brought a gathering of vegan authors at the Animal Advocacy Museum’s Vegan Book Fair celebration, which was a wonderful showing of new authors sharing a wide variety of topics from natural health and global recipes, to the economics of the meat and dairy industry and the truth behind food labels. Again, another community supportive event promoting things of benefit to society through expressive means.

deva premal & miten

Deva Premal & Miten

And, as mentioned, the Solar Eclipse New Moon evening ended perfectly at the gathering to celebrate sacred music, love, peace, and connection at the Deva Premal & Miten and GuruGanesha Band Escondido Concert. There was a ton of love in the concert hall of 1500 resounding hearts together in sacredness. One of the beautiful highlights was when Miten invited all of the men to stand and sing to the women. This was such a powerful experience of nearly half the participating gatherers standing in the power of their Divine Male in full honor, vulnerability, and integration of the Divine Female. Singing sacred chants, feeling the power of silence, and dancing in community creates a resounding vibration that has profound rippling effects.

Yes, the creative arts of all genres hold an intrinsic value that has meaningful impact, individually and collectively. And the younger and older creatives, alike, are helping to form a new heart, body, mind, and soul, collective experience.

More can be found on this topic in my past post: The Intrinsic Value of Creativity and Art: Cultivating Your Inner Artist

If you are on the brink of bringing forth your creative passions, I highly encourage you to keep firmly committed to that path, as it will reward you tenfold, not to mention will have far-greater impact than you can possibly try to foresee right now. Even if it’s not about creating a career out of your passion, your creative life force energy is so important to cultivate in terms of just shifting your entire vibration more into the abundant authenticity of you. And this will, by default, be an example to others to mirror that natural flow you embrace.

I want to thank my visionary musician friend, George, for sharing the passage below with me. Although it speaks about singers and musicians, I would say it is talking about ALL visionary creatives creating through ALL of the mediums and formats available – be that word, image, form, sound, movement, and any sensory and extra-sensory expression.

And if you are currently a creative artist or healing arts visionary, replace your modality in the following passage, but do not allow yourself to be replaced, as there is no other like you and YOUR creative expression is much needed in the world. YOU are much needed in this world. And in our unique, creative self-expressions, TOGETHER, we create beautiful music that holds the key to shifting paradigms.

You have a song to sing. It is why you are here. Don’t let someone or something silence your beauty, as your beauty will help inspire another’s.

visionary artists

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