Scorpion Wisdom for Deep Healing, Transformation & Limitless Perception


Attribution: “Mike” Michael L. Baird

Lately I have found my body wanting more rest to feel at its best and to allow for the shifts being processed, to integrate. I feel big transformation taking form and this calls for being mindful of creating the optimal environment for this to take place and making sure to get back to, and remain in, balance to support that.

So I’ve been staying in bed a bit longer in the mornings, doing more of what I need to do for me, as well as am experiencing very deep sleep and dreams. And if I have a busy week, get up before sunrise multiple times, or over-extend myself in any way with a lot of appointments, too much driving, am not feeling in the flow of a current project, or anything that pushes outside of my natural flow, then it will show up right away in telling me to stop, rest, and walk away from things for a while, so I can return refreshed and renewed.

Force and over-drive is simply not a reality I choose to create. That’s the old and I’ve been committed to repatterning back into following what’s natural, so I listen and implement the advice my body’s frequency emits to me right away. And I do love all the messages and encounters along the way that are beautiful guide posts and support, as well as confirmations to the process.

A couple of nights after the New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse we experienced on the 3rd, I had a very powerful dream that has stuck with me, bringing forth more of the prevalent Scorpio energy that I have felt in the collective frequency field, as well as in my own. Not only do I happen to have a lot of very significant people in my life that are Scorpios right now, but there is a great deal of alchemy to learn from this Scorpion energy that can be tricky for many.

Without going into detail about my dream, I was on my way to Egypt for another journey (which has its own significance), and upon arrival there and out walking, I came upon 3 giant, one to two foot Scorpions in my path. They were not threatening at all, but one did start to follow me, stopping when I would, and starting up again when I did. It stayed a distance just enough back to let me know it wasn’t in attack mode, but instead almost following like a friendly companion shadow, as well as protector, keeping me aware at all times what is there.

This is a good message to always be mindful of in life: being fully conscious and tuning into all of your senses, not to mention, to always be extra aware of the underlying energy within you and working with it in productive ways, rather than letting it run-a-muck.

The dream went further and had some beautiful meanings for me, but it also triggered me to share this post in regard to honoring the collective Scorpion energy to help shed some light in experiences you may find yourself in and that are taking place globally.

I have seen a lot of Scorpio energy showing up in big ways for people and in situations I’ve been observing. And this energy can carry mixed feelings and experiences for many, as it penetrates to the core of things and takes us very deeply through the dark, which ultimately reveals our light. This can sometimes be very challenging for people to handle, as the energy of Scorpio takes a bit of mastering to understand its beauty and not get stuck in the unproductive patterns that it can easily draw forth from you. They are brought up in order for you to integrate and transmute, alchemically turning the energy into something that can be of benefit. It does take some courage to go where Scorpio will take you, but very strong medicine it is, indeed.

Yet its intent is not to make things harder, but rather to support regeneration and teach you how to zero in on the core simplicity of you, under the layers of complexity. This can sometimes leave a sting as a reminder, but this temporary effect can lead to lasting, new and meaningful beginnings.

Scorpio is about your need for deep involvements and intense transformations. While we aren’t all Scorpios by astrological birth sign, we all contain within us each of the elements and energies of the 12 zodiacal signs that we are processing, integrating, and moving through in life. And, with different collective astrological influences we experience together, we will have to confront and learn to skillfully apply these energies, in our lives, in order to integrate wholeness.

Skillful application of Scorpio energy includes: regenerating, transforming, cathartic, giving birth, complex metamorphosizing, healing, renewing, musical, penetrating, probing, researching, joining, piercing, erotic, sexual, intense, magnetic, powerful, emotional, mysterious, occult, hidden, deep, complex, psychological.

Unskillful application of Scorpio energy can include: power-hungry, destructive, violent, annihilating, sarcastic, death-oriented, obsessive, fixed, extremist, excessive, overwhelming, lustful, desirous, jealous, possessive, resentful, revengeful, vindictive, cruel, secretive, nonrevealing, deceptive, paranoid, suspicious, distrustful, repressed.

I see the Scorpion as such a powerful symbolism for sweeping clean the inner landscapes to reveal your authentic guidance. Not to mention, is such an exciting and impactful messenger of transformative magick.

There has been a lot of “Scorpion-like” energy lurking in many forms for us to embrace. And these sudden “attacks” you may feel are merely triggers to remind you how to dance with Scorpion, rather than get stung. The trick is not to allow yourself to wallow or drown in the well of its numbing venom, but to understand how to dip your bucket in and retrieve just what you need to heal and cleanse you into a refreshing new perspective and course to take.

It takes your inner eyes and heart to see the beauty of what to others may seem foreboding. Scorpion’s complexity can truly be a wonder-filled map to your inner treasure.

Some of the symbolic meanings of Scorpion’s medicine include: energy, power, warning, mystery, healing, stealth, strategy, survival, protection, rebellion, attachment, aggression, retaliation, transition, mysticism, resilience, guardianship, self-defense, altered perception, boldness, dynamism, seduction, secretiveness, sexual energy, control, transition, passion, literal and symbolic death, transformation, transmutation, solitary – being alone, rebirth, regeneration, attacking from the rear, reflecting dark and negative energy back to its sender…. (all of these are without attachment to positive or negative, as it is within the context that you apply and use the wisdom productively)

A lot of people will focus on death, darkness, and treachery when thinking of Scorpions and Scorpio energy, but this is only the ego’s way of attaching fear and control to things that we would rather not vulnerably penetrate into, in order to receive the true pearl of wisdom at the depths of the ocean.

Scorpions are also associated with the Sun, so they will have qualities of energy, vitality, clarity, focus, and radiance (to name a few), as well.

Scorpion energy will also point to our need for protection (creating boundaries, which has been an important topic these days, seeing also where you may be over-protective, afraid to be vulnerable, are being controlling or feel controlled over), isolation (the need to have a balance of quiet and content solitary time, as Scorpions are very solitary creatures), and deep passion and honor for the beauty of our bodies and the sexual energy that is full of potent, creative potential. We can channel this sensual dance through us in many ways drawing it up our Chakras and igniting that Kundalini flow through and into manifestation. Our sexual energy is not something to fear, hide, repress, abuse, or be ashamed of, nor is it channeled in only one way. I have had extremely potent experiences of moving that energy through me while painting and it has created something amazing.

Some brief ancient connections about Scorpions:

In Samaria they are associated with the Sun and in ancient writings Scorpion-men would guard sacred gateways leading to ascension, pleasure and enlightenment. (I found that interesting in relation to my dream, as Egypt has been a huge symbol of these for me and what I experienced there, even in this life, has been the most profound of any of the transformative experiences at sacred sites I’ve had)

In Greco-Roman mythology the Scorpion takes on death symbolism. (Artemis used it to sting Orion’s foot, which led to his death and then later Zeus made it a zodiac sign in the stars)

In Egypt and Tibet the Scorpion, as omen, is made into a protective amulet and was a powerful guardian to them of what they believed sacred – soul evolution. Egyptians believed in life-after-life: one life’s end leading into another life in the Afterworld. And so the Scorpion was a symbolic sentinel of the mysteries of this Afterworld. The Scorpion was connected to the Goddess Selket who was a guardian of transitioning souls and protected the canopic jars and rituals associated with the mummification process that preserved things for the next life.

In Africa the Scorpion it is held as healing and its venom used for medicinal purposes. Because its sting was considered to have intense healing qualities, as well as was powerful enough with one sting to also be lethal, it was highly honored and respected. In African aboriginal lore, the Scorpion is associated with life and so-called death too and because of the hallucinogenic effects of its sting, it was seen as a symbolic catalyst for reaching altered states of consciousness. 

Scorpions, therefore, also carry the message of limitless perception and are shamanic creatures. And, as a master of survival, able to live in the harshest of environments, it becomes also a symbol of strength in adversity.

To me, physical death is not something I fear at all, but nor is it something I believe in the definition of what others have come to know it as. To me, it is simply a transmutation from one form into another – like caterpillar into butterfly. And so, the Scorpion showing up does not have to have that foreboding quality, as I mentioned. It all depends on your perception, how you will interpret the meaning into your life.

I know that having the giant Scorpions show up is hugely synchronous to my feeling major transformation taking place right now for me, among other things. I believe it is also tied into why I am seeing an extraordinary amount of Hawks daily, whenever I am out – no this has not stopped, but only increased. Definitely a time of transition from one phase of life into another, on all levels of experience, whatever that means and whatever form that wants to manifest as.

And so, the Scorpion can be a symbol of freedom in general and freedom from limiting beliefs on death and change.

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