Tom Lescher/Kaypacha ~ Astrology forecast for November 13, 2013

Uh huh! Feeling this too, Laura. Deep, deep change, slowing down (at least on the outside), going within and wanting solitary time, opening bigger, going through the layers to make important shifting decisions to go all out in different ways, feeling the death and rebirth process, deeper and longer sleep and tons of personal and collective dream work symbolism playing out. This brings to mind a dream I just had a couple of nights ago. I’ll let you interpret it in your own way from what I share. It was a collective dream and in it, there was a large group of people traveling in a foreign place in what seemed like open tram buses of some sort – the kind you would be on like at Universal Studios or Disneyland. And then the tram was stopped and a large band of people outside of the group on the buses, approached. The first reaction of everyone was that they were threatening robbers/bandits of some sort and the first thing everyone thought was that they would be after their purses, wallets and money. In their fear, people just automatically got out their wallets and purses when the people approached them, one by one, and offered them what was in the purse or said, this is all I have (desperately)…take it! Some were not happy to give up their money, others wanted to save their lives, and others lied about the money they had on them. But the peculiar thing is, the “bandits” did not want the money. And instead they symbolically dug inside the purses and wallets and pulled out one or more pieces of very deep information that was a subconscious root issue each of the people hadn’t dealt with. And rather than take from them the obvious, superficial thing at the forefront of their minds (money), they delved deeply into questioning the people with unrelentless inquisition that forced them to talk about and move through the repressed, denied, or forgotten feelings because they were fearful for their lives. I found this very interesting…and goes along with the Pele Report forecast, especially Tom/Kaypacha’s mantra: “Like an insect trapped in a spider’s web
I only have so much time.
The value and meaning of my life,
Death urges me to find.”
Much love to you as you birth anew.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Another right on Pele Report! I love how synchronized so many things have obviously become. He even mentions bees. 🙂 I’m definitely feeling that Pluto energy these days — very deep, root changes, moving at a slower pace than this Gemini usually likes. Somehow, it all gets done, and for these kinds of deep changes, you really can’t rush them. Tom emphasizes the big decisions about: money, commitments, time, and contracts. Let go. “Bring through the Spirit, and unite the Spirit with Matter.” His comments about all the hooks and “what is stopping me?” also remind me of this potent article by Soren Dreier.

“Like an insect trapped in a spider’s web
I only have so much time.
The value and meaning of my life,
Death urges me to find.

“You don’t know what you can do until you do it. You don’t know how much you can give…

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  1. Very cool dream! Right on target, too. I have been feeling so sad and frustrated with the glazed over look and kind of ego assumptions and projections of people when confronted with an imminent need to change. It seems like there’s a lot of willful self-deception happening, and the intensifying energies encourage moving through that, even somewhat forcefully. Interesting times of many, many layers of decisions. Much love, and I pray for so many of those who have stopped their own journeys, convinced they already “get” it and know better than anyone attempting to point out the looming things they haven’t acknowledged or addressed. To each his or her own journey, though … the energies and those with love in their hearts can only point the way. It is up to each of us how much we are or are not willing to take on, leave behind and/or move through…

    • yes, it felt to be a super potent dream and love the synchronicity of tom’s mantra, you pointed out, that spelled out its symbolism.

      i know what you mean. and as you said, it will play out as each person chooses. it’s tough for people to see stuff and yet it’s coming to a point where the choice to do so will no longer seem to be available in the same way it has been.

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