Taurus Full Moon Energy Invites You to Responsibly Re-Evaluate

full moon novWith tomorrow’s energy of our beautiful Full Moon in Taurus already being experienced, you may be feeling the extra nudge to re-evaluate your life and core values on all levels, including root beliefs, that speak your heart’s truth. Taurus is a very grounding friend that will herald us to embrace authenticity and face the reality of what our self worth is reflecting in our lives.

This energy can help you to align yourself more with what is important to you by bringing illumination to what needs to be shifted for that empowered experience to take root.

And it will draw attention to your feelings towards abundance, including financial, and what is most representative of your fears or beliefs surrounding this.

Once again it’s about living authentically and committing to you, having the dreams and goals you desire align with your truth, realizing the way to create the life you want and how to change the things you don’t want, hearing what your inner world is telling you and lovingly integrating your shadow, finding lasting value rather than instant gratification, taking stock of your inner and outer resources and putting them to productive use, investigating the fears holding you back, cultivating more gratitude, and in general discovering you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – yes it’s you who will unlock everything for you.

I’ve found myself in a more solitary and internal place the last few weeks, myself, exploring much of these things, being very observant to what is in my life and how I feel about it all, where my energy feels drawn, and what is wanting to be cultivated more. I’ve shared how dreams and sleep have been deep and powerfully symbolic, and even in my waking experience, I can feel SO much energy percolating and processing simply because I have invited this conversation with myself.

This in turn allows for the perfect messages, guidance, insights, experiences, etc. to come through and not only to simply come through, but to do so with full partnering awareness and responsible commitment, on my part, to what is showing up.

I may not have an answer yet (or at least the kind of answer some people may believe they need to have), but I am confident that everything is weaving a perfect tapestry, moment to moment, and what needs to be clearly seen is and will continue to be as more things align. There’s no rush. I simply do all that I can and know it will unfold beautifully and perfectly as long as I keep showing up responsibly at each twist and turn.

I wasn’t always like this, as I do know how easy it is to be anxious to get to the next step and the next, or to want to speed up to some sort of end result (which there really actually never is). But over time, I’ve learned to step back and realize each moment for the powerful “present” that it is.


yesterday at the beach

Yesterday, as celebration for one of my projects completing and feeling the ocean calling, I ventured to Crystal Cove Beach by myself. The timing was perfect, as when I arrived the sun had just set and the last of the surfers were loading their surfboards in their cars and driving home. This left the beach all to myself and without a soul around so I could be in the stillness of this space I created out of time and space of the realities that are not mine.

It was such a perfect evening where there was still a glint of sunset hues, but the nearly full Moon had also risen and it was that perfect in-between time of dusk. The water was unusually warm – warmer than days I’d been there this past summer – and the air was perfect and without chill or wind. It was just me and a few seagulls that flew overhead to join and a couple of sandpipers gliding across the water’s edge.

beach5I walked a bit, but mostly stood where ocean meets sand. And as the water glided over my feet I felt its softening effects and it was this that I took away from some of the messages received…not only did I feel my heart soften more, but I understood this to be a consistent experience to keep embracing.

I also found myself receiving the reiterating message of the importance of responsibility, as well as commitment and consistency. I was given glimpses of experiences that had affected me in the past and saw them with a deepened sense of realization that it had been my responsibility that had wavered and not about anything or anyone else, as they were playing out and learning merely from my example.

There’s not a moment to forget that responsibility. And yet also to not get down on yourself when you are human, realizing it is all unfolding perfectly for what everyone needs. While we learn to forgive ourselves and others for our realness, we also at some point realize in the bigger picture that there is really nothing to forgive. We need to forgive only because we first judge and start identifying our story with anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy, etc.

beach2I believe that if you are wanting to create something new and in a bigger way, that the theme of responsibility will start to show prominently in your experience. To me, this also goes along with the Taurean energy of this Full moon. Since what we are working with these days is calling for the utmost authenticity, depth, and commitment, if you are asking for something more, than you will also need to give of yourself more. I feel that equates to greater responsibility to self and the collective, as well as opening more of your heart, daring more of your vulnerability, expanding your unconditional compassion and love, embracing more consistency in action of your words, courage to go where you haven’t, and to support your personal integrity fully.

I also believe it is about letting go and fully walking through a new door without any of the old baggage and perhaps even temporarily or permanently moving away from something you “thought” you wanted to do, but realize something more is where your focus and energy are better put to use for greatest fulfillment.

As the water and sand merged and sculpted softly around my feet by the water’s edge, I understood that the only thing separating my feet from the water was my beliefs. And when I softened the focus and opened the doorway wider to my perspectives, I was gifted expansive freedom that flowed limitlessly.

The evening grew dark and I sat for a while by moonlight receiving.

photo-1Then last night I had a magickal dream where I was again at the ocean’s edge and a group of luminous mermaids emerged and joined me in the shallow water on the sand. There was something gifted in this exchange symbolically and I remember a bracelet. I believe it came from the mermaids and was a combination of four rows of stones/crystals and smaller beaded crystals woven into the copper-like metal around the outside. When placed on the wrist you could feel a surge of energy shoot up and through you. The stones were none that I have ever heard of with unusual, seemingly made-up names, except for one – Tiger’s Eye. Then there was something called Emerald “Ferth” (which appeared like Green Quartz) and two others that had longer unusual names that were almost made up of sounds that could have been mermaid ways of communicating. There was a long name in front of Opalite for one of them and another was a long sounding name with a lot of “O’s” in it. The four stones were set in lines on top of one another. Tiger’s Eye first, then the ….Opalite, then the Emerald “Ferth”, then the “O”sounding-named crystal.

(Update: After I posted this, my dear friend Mari brought something to my attention that I feel holds significance. She mentioned getting a connection to Ireland and Scotland from reading “Emerald Ferth” saying instead of “Ferth”, it may be “Firth”, and Emerald suggesting the “Emerald Isle” – Ireland. Interestingly, I had wondered if it had been a play-on-words like my dream about “glean/gleen” that I posted on. I didn’t know what either “Ferth” or “Firth” meant, but there is actually a word “Firth” which means “a narrow inlet of the sea or estuary”. My friend shared that the area around Scotland and Ireland is full of “firths”. By my sharing it as I had seen it, this led to my friend’s gift of interpretation on that part of the dream. My sense is that the mermaids may have been from the waters around Scotland and Ireland and connects with that magickal faery portal there.)

I’m not sure what it means, but perhaps the bracelet is an ethereal “gift” I can tune in to and use.

Needless to say, I am softening more and more in to my home frequency and truly understanding the value, importance, and meaning to live naturally and responsibly from this place. Things are no longer concepts I once learned, but becoming embodiments of my “being.”

How do you embody your values and what one thing can you do, today, to soften your heart and act with more responsibility to your chosen path?

Then, feel how that softening opens a space within and around you so that manifestation takes place in flow and mirror of your being like the miracles in nature. They receive just what they need because they do not try to take more – always knowing they are showered in abundance.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. this is beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  2. Raphael's Legacy by Barry Hardy

    Great work and powerful journey you’re working on, with and through, very big thank you for sharing your insights, sincere regards, Barry

  3. Just PERFECT! Quel bon post Tania! Merci! ❤

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