The Value of Exploring

beach“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~Mark Twain

I felt a strong impulse to share this post today about the value of exploring and having the courage to embrace change. After all, in order for growth to happen, there must be change. And beach25change will happen despite us partnering with it. Nature reflects this to us in the changes of season, weather patterns, and the cycles of life. Human “nature” is aligned with this, however we do seem to try to unsuccessfully prove otherwise.

But back to exploring, as this is another big theme that is valuable to embrace while we are being asked by the energies abound to excavate to the core of our experience.

beach12The seed of this post was planted Sunday while at the beach, and I knew the inspiration would follow, as I always see the symbolism in everything). After my solitary, dusk time on Friday there, I returned to my refuge of Crystal Cove with Dave and we took a walk. On this day, the tide was out further, beach29particularly in one area that has always been an endpoint of the several mile walk beach3available on this beach. Because of this, all of the rocks at this usual end destination point, were not immersed in water and crashing waves, providing a perfect entry point to what lied beyond. This was the first time in the 2-3 years we have been exploring this beach, that we had hit a day that enabled this.

The rocks are jagged and steep and you couldn’t see what was on the other side unless you actually climbed them. And so we did. No one else seemed eager to do so that was around, and didn’t.

beach2We discovered a very cool, small, hidden cove on the other side of tons of tide pools, normally under water, and more of the amazing ancient rocks and caves that you could see on its sister side that had easy access from the beach always.

Of course this was a playground for the child in me and we spent time individually exploring. I found so many little treasures along the way (as you can see in the beach15photos of this post) of seashells, beautiful sea anemones, sea snails, and secret caves and inlets to wade through to get to them. It was really magickal.

The two seashells you see together in my hand that were a bit more aged than the sole seashell in the other photo, I felt were to be an offering and gift to the ancient cave spirit there, in honor of the Divine Feminine I felt it to embody and as gratitude for revealing her beautiful gifts on this day. (You can see the two shells I placed at the very deepest point within the cave)

beach19Had I not followed the explorer in my heart to climb the steep rocks (which at first had me take a pause due to wearing slippery flip flops, likely like the other people had felt) to what I could not see, I would not have been able to receive the treasure experience on the other side.

I always feel that each time at the beach I will see something amazing and alongside what we discovered on the other side of the rocks, we also found a sole starfish. Starfish are not beach23easily or usually found, as the tide has to be out far enough, and you have to be observant and/or lucky to have them reveal themselves to you. (You can read about starfish symbolism here: Starfish Symbolism: Exploring the Magick of These Star People)

beach14A couple of times we had seen many. A few weeks ago we saw two. And this day, one. It was very far out however, so it was amazing we found him. So I had to wade through the water and rock pools pretty far to catch a closer glimpse of him resting in his refuge, hidden under the rock away from the sun light.

I’m always grateful for any experience I have and the extra goodies that show up are icing on the cake.

However, it is my naturally explorative heart that is always excited to discover and uncover. Even if that means going through some challenging things in order to get to the gifts. beach6This can mean facing fears, having extra courage, being tenacious and understanding your resiliency, be willing to feel a little “ick” to get to the “weeeeee”, as well as open to vulnerable transparency, honesty, and responsible commitment.

beach18I AM a pilgrim of the Universe, and that includes the outer and inner one, as they are one in the same. I have and will continue to explore this Earth and travel the world, both far and near to help bridge boundaries that have been artificially created worldwide. I will continue to dig deep and discover what is beyond the hidden rock walls both within and without, as I know that with every courageous step I experience the expansive possibilities and collective unity available to each of us.

beach13I revel in the journey and let go, with trust, into the unknown.

I believe we all are pilgrims in our own ways, as we would not be here if we had not once been ready to explore this experiential Earth – the fun and not so fun. Some of us may explore in different ways, but we each have the ability to beach5explore what is right in front of us in each moment – be that your backyard, your neighborhood, the streets you take to work, the people you walk by and stand beside each day, the animals and plants that share this life with you and provide beauty, as well as are integral to the circle of life, trying something new, a good book or movie that makes you think, or your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

beach22Embrace your inner child at heart who loves to be curious, inquisitive, and explore. There is so much available. So many opportunities…so many possibilities…and so much more love to feel.

beach8The more we are willing to explore outside of our comfort zones the more we bridge what fears and isolation have separated us from – ourselves, each other, all of life, the Earth and Universe at large.

If you are willing to make the loving effort, something loving will take place.

beach20I so LOVE this song (you have likely seen me post it more than once somewhere since it is a favorite of mine). And I just came across this video, by “chance” beach28(I just hit 1111 word count as I wrote “chance”). It perfectly reflects the energy of this sharing today and had me in deep, joyful tears and chills several times, especially when the ducks appear.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the footage around the 2 minute mark of the mother duck and her babies – so precious and fearless all at once. I won’t give it away (in case you haven’t seen it), but I hope you will watch it and you’ll see how they demonstrate what I wrote above when I said:

“I revel in the journey and let go, with trust, into the unknown.”

“Cling to” or “release”? The quality of each moment is most important…not the end result.

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  1. Marie-France Aycaguer

    Quelle lumineuse jeune femme tes-vous Tania Marie. Mille penses d’amour Marie

  2. wow….thank you…treasure that place….Sherry

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