Iceman, Otzi – One of the First Known Humans to Wear Tattoos

Otzi tattoosIn my book, Spiritual Skin, I included a little history of tattoos in my chapter, “Retracing the Origins of Tattoos: Evolution of Understanding.” One of the things I touched briefly upon, was the Iceman, Otzi, who is one of the first known humans to wear tattoos.

His body is carbon-dated at around 5,200 – 5,500 years old and has over 50 tattoos that can be clearly seen on his mummified body still. The parts of the body that the tattoos were found, correspond to stress-induced degeneration areas suggesting they may have been applied to help alleviate joint pain, which would mean they were therapeutic in nature. But there is also evidence that some may have served as a form of status marker.

Dave sent me this fun article by Andy Mills that has great close up photos of Otzi’s tattoos:

Otzi Confirms: Tattoos Have Always Been Cool

I thought you might enjoy perusing them and found it synchronous that the same day I got sent this article, I was also sent a spiritual tattoo video, as well as had the day before been talking tattoos with a girlfriend and discussing my past transformational experiences leading up to my latest concluding tattoo I just received is to come.

I also love the warning Andy posts at the onset:

(WARNING: the following contains an unapologetic pro-tattoo bias. If this upsets you, please complain loudly to Soren Wheeler at


But, seriously, what do Otzi’s tattoos point to?

That humans have been marking their bodies for thousands upon thousands of years, and even longer than our historical “written” records document, in my opinion.

And throughout the ages, tattooing has served many varying purposes – as adornments, status and rank symbols, devices for security and magical protection, symbols of religious belief and spiritual devotion, tools for therapeutic healing, sexual lures, and marks of fertility, symbols of rights or seniority, declarations of love, and even marks of punishment or status as an outcast, convict, or slave.

My book delves into an overview of other points of interest across time, and cycles us back around to a “present day resurgence” and how we are recapturing the ancient ways and infusing them with current energy and wisdom for how we can utilize sacred tattoos to create a more empowered life.

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