Awakening A Fairy – Iron Fairy Magick

faeryA whimsical post felt in store for the light-heartedness of today and the energy we’re moving more into. I recently made a new fairy friend, named Brook, and her magick and mystery is already casting a lovely aura of enchantment into my life.

So who is Brook, you ask? Well, she’s a beautiful cast iron fairy sculpture that I brought to life, gifted to me by a dear friend as a Christmas gift.

I guess my friends know me well. 😉

Although fairies are very close and familiar to me, in the literal sense, I hadn’t heard of these “Iron Fairies,” as they are known, but am now quite enamored by them.

Iron Fairies are magickal, old-world charm, cast iron sculptures created by Australian artist, Ashley Sutton. Each is hand made and unique, given a name, with her own individual personality, the wings of a certain insect, and comes housed in a sweet tin, along with her own special Magic Fairy Dust (a different colored dust for each fairy), and a poem on a scroll about her to describe the kind of fairy that she is. Apparently the Blue Fairies are considered to be naughty ones, but eventually they all will develop a pretty patina of natural rust, adding to their charm.

I was prompted to look more into these fairies and their story and this led to Ashley’s story.

A little background on Ashley Sutton:

Ashley is a unique and eccentric character who once worked as a miner in the heart of Australia’s northwest, deep down in the dark world of the iron mines doing back-breaking labor in difficult conditions. Longing to escape the daily grind of this work, he created a fairy tale for his own freedom.

“I longed to escape the monotony, tedium and gloom,” he recounts. “So I created this fairy tale in my mind to help set my spirit free.”

The Iron Fairies are based upon the original story Ashley wrote and illustrated where he takes readers on a magickal journey into his underground world. He shares real life experiences reflected in the enchanting, very moving, and often lonely “little” people living in the mines and describes how he and his work colleagues started making little iron fairies.

Ashley created a world where communities of little miners lived underground, unnoticed, for hundreds of years, toiling away in the darkness, building their strange machines from the rare red ore of the Pilbara. And one day, unbeknownst as to why, the miners started making the fairies and placing them in the gardens above their labyrinthine tunnels. It is said that the little fairies remain in a state of “suspended” animation, until they’re brought above ground, sprinkled with magic fairy dust, and touched by the first light of the morning sun to awaken them from slumber. It is then that they are set free, alive with their enchantment, to roam the world and help make wishes come true.

faery3According to the story, each fairy had a brief life span of 3-6 years before slowing turning back to rust. It’s said that in the final diary, two miners created a perfect formula, however, and this is what is available to each of us.

So now, when you bring home, or are gifted an Iron Fairy friend, you must follow the instructions provided with each, by using your small vial of Magic Fairy Dust to set your fairy free from rust. This will awaken your friend and the fun begins!

It’s like opening a little portal of mystery, mischief, and magick!

The books Ashley wrote are a series of three journals that make up The Iron Fairies Trilogy that take you on journey of the story behind these magickal beings and their creation, and includes some of their descriptions and even sketches of machines and cave systems in the mine, as well as a secret Blue Fairy Code that the naughty blue fairies have drawn into the miner’s journal and apparently has a secret you can help solve with the key provided. 😉 Fun!

The fairy I was gifted is named Brook – Fairy of Bougainvillea. Brook was born circa 1905 and made from ore pit 1,2 and 3. Her personality is happy, easy going, and likes to have many friends. She lives and plays in the Bougainvillea tree and has wings of dragonfly lava. And I brought her to life with her sparkly light green Magic Fairy Dust.

And this her poem:

Look! I’m Brook! Can you see when I play?
come with me, I’ll show you the way.

Hot pinks, purples and apricot shades,
surrounded by beauty that never fades.

Big sharp thorns that protect me at night,
From bugs! And critters! And things that bite!

So visit the Bouganvillea tree,
open the flowers and you’ll find me!

With this Fairy Brook
you will never feel alone,
She will bring much happiness
To you and your home.

faery2Being one that follows the fairy codes, I immediately followed the guidelines provided with my fairy on bringing her out of her slumber and into waking life, the moment I took her home. Rather than simply sprinkling fairy dust, however, I intentfully and lovingly spread fairy dust on her wings, over her heart, solar plexus, crown, third eye, face, and body, and then placed her on my desk to await the morning sun. And now she sits (still sparkling with her fairy dusted magick) on my shelf in a realm of crystal and other enchanted friends. I even gave her my mini fairy wand that felt like the perfect gift to welcome her with and seemed meant for her. 🙂

Since she has come, I indeed feel a shift in the energy here in my office and have already received a couple of gifts and wishes. Thank you Brook!

Whether or not you believe, these little fairy friends are pure joy and will tickle the inner child in you. And even if all you experience is a smile each time you look upon one, that is their magick at work, warming and opening your heart a little more each day.

What a perfect gift and friend to embark this new year of adventure and expansion with! I’m so grateful.

Yes, the “bell still rings” for me.

Make a wish, hold to the integrity of your heart, and watch your wishes come true…..

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Oh….how magnificent …the whole story of your Australian fairy….when my son who lives in New York city and my daughter Brooke went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I asked to myself if fairies existed because of all the traffic and people…a few blocks from the museum there was a monument to a gentleman and I got the urge to photograph this area. When I made a print of the photograph…there were two bright lights and one had wings on it…a cobalt blue and the other a bright pink/purple color …it was my answer. Fairies do exist, I felt them but did not see them until the print. I am able to photograph light plasma, ufos, and fairies. They are easily accessible to me because I am sincere and aware of their life form with respect. I want to make a book of this…proof. Keep believing…it is all there and all we can imagine 🙂 Love you…Sherry PS On New Years even my andara with angel/mother mary is going to a meditation group….and lovingly programed …..hugs

    • beautiful! yes, our belief is the door opener indeed. look forward to your book!! 😉 i’m happy you are loving your andara and will be partnering with her on new years. hugs and love to you sweet friend.

  2. Sweet and lovely, just like you! We have some cast iron faeries and gnomes, too, although ours didn’t come with pixie dust and poetry. We got them at a little faery garden shop in Illinois. Enjoy your sweet new friend! xoxo

  3. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    Sharing this blog post again, as Miss Brook has been very active and so have the magickal energies. Awakening a fairy is like awakening the innocence within. This is Brook – Fairy of Bougainvillea whom I brought to life and set free a little over 3 years ago by following the fairy guidelines and sprinkling her golden green magick fairy dust she came with. I gifted her a fairy wand and fairy portal so she can travel in and out of realms and bring other friends along too.

    You can read all about her and the story behind the Iron Fairies in my blog post from three years ago. Perhaps the number “3’s” symbolism has something to do with this coming up again as well.

    Everything in my life reflects the integrity of my heart and the wonder that remains there, regardless of what others think.

    If you’ve lost the wonder perhaps this share might spark a twinkle of joy or hope for you.

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