Jon Rappoport ~ 297 scientists, experts sign statement: GMOs not proven safe

As this post shares, the science is NOT settled, NO consensus has been reached, and the questions about GMO safety are NOT closed. 297 scientists and experts reject these claims made otherwise. If you haven’t already been on board with people against GMO’s because of these false claims, this may be cause for alert. More and more truths are and will continue to be revealed about GMO’s, and more on the world scene. Thanks for the share Laura and Jon.

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Finally, scientists and experts have begun to push back against the manufactured “consensus” about GMOs.

297 scientists, experts sign statement: GMOs not proven safe

by Jon Rappoport

February 5, 2014

The statement was drawn up by the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility. It was released on October 21, 2013.

Since then, 297 scientists and experts have signed it.

Thus exploding the myth that “the science is settled.”

Exploding the claim that a consensus about GMOs has been reached.

You can read the statement and the signatories at

Here are two excerpts from the statement:

“As scientists, physicians, academics, and experts from disciplines relevant to the scientific, legal, social and safety assessment aspects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we strongly reject claims by GM seed developers and some scientists, commentators, and journalists that there is a ‘scientific consensus’ on GMO safety and that the debate…

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  1. GMO’s are awful….we have to engage people in their own communities to have their backyards filled with gardens of veggies and fruit and to trade with one another otherwise the govt. steps in…and takes away our choices…not only that but what about geo engineering with the weather and chem trails? There is Mercury in the air and now mercury in the light bulbs which will break and go into our lungs and then the air and then the ground…so many people are talking about these issues…and also believe HARP is controlling our weather…

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