A Turning of the Tides – Multiple Stations at the Pisces New Moon

Here are some great insights to support navigating this Pisces New Moon and the next weeks’ waters. Thanks Laura Bruno for sharing this and Emily Trinkaus for writing it. You might also enjoy Mystic Mamma’s article on the Pisces New Moon energy as well, which you can explore here: New Moon in Pisces March 1st, 2014. Both offer valuable information to help you to understand the energies of the current field of experience. Remember, to make the most of what you read and study, it becomes essential to actually put it to practice, integrate, and actively implement with the wisdom gained. As a native Pisces, this energy is very familiar to me, but even us fellow Pisceans know our areas of challenge, so it’s always a good reminder to have things pointed out, especially since Pisceans can easily morph into that dreamy unity state and easily get side-tracked or not realize we are avoiding. Part of having those two fish as our symbol, is to learn how to balance out our energies and not go off too deep in any one way, even though it feels really good. That is the illusion to be careful of – not to drown in escapism, addiction, overwhelm, and denial (as Emily so well points out). The imagination is a wonderful and powerful tool, but we need to learn to use it for actualization, rather than retreat from things. Happy Pisces New Moon! Refresh yourself, your principles, and intents, revisit the pains you’ve blocked so you can open more vulnerably and powerfully, release, and renew into a more expansive experience that Spirit guides from the core of you.

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pisces Saturday’s New Moon in Pisces (12:00 am Pacific) is punctuated by a pile-up of planetary events, a major shifting of energies . Four planets (appear to) change directions within a week, and the rare abundance of stationary – apparently motionless – planets recommends rest, reflection and retreat.

Mercury was the first planet to make the switch, from Retrograde (backwards) to Direct (forward) early this morning. Since February 6, Mercury Retro invited you to rethink your future vision, re-inspire your imagination and reconnect with your intuition. Perceptions and ideas that were submerged beyond the reach of your conscious mind now erupt into awareness – instant intuitive downloads, changes in perspective, and new possibilities for moving forward.

The Pisces New Moon is a time to re-source yourself in the deepest truth of who you are – infinite, eternal, divine. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, where everything dissolves back into…

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