Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals Now Available

strawberry lemurian 1 (1)

#1 -SOLD

Well, what do you know! You’ve read about them, you’ve seen mine, and now these powerful beauties can be a friend to you as well.

Yesterday I was guided to share about Time Link Crystals – The Past & Future Made Present, which ended up bringing back our magickal Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals into the limelight again. I mentioned that I felt called to journey to the Gem Faire yesterday, feeling some Crystals were calling in terms of upcoming workshops they’ll be part of.

And in fact everything I saw in my mind’s eye, materialized and came home. 🙂

Of course I paid a visit to my friend, who is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and has high quality, “clean” Crystals. He was the first one to introduce me to the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals and I was blessed to have been able to choose from, or rather be chosen by, his first family that he had procured. He is very particular in the Crystals he will pick up and assured me he had brought the best he found from the first dig.

Three times I looked over his first group and this is how my three and a couple of others I procured for my friend, arrived.

strawberry lemurian 1

#1 -SOLD

When I first met up with my Crystal friend again yesterday, I asked if he had any more Strawberry Lemurians and he said, “Why yes, actually I have just received a second new group that was found.” And once again, he told me he picked up every single one that felt energetically pristine and had the most unique qualities.

I immediately started exploring them and three ended up coming home with me by end of my time there. 🙂

If you’ve missed reading any of the information on these magickal Crystals, you may find this article I posted to be of interest: Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond.

So, needless to say, it was a lovely surprise to be able to connect with another group of these lovelies, and I actually did end up being the first to purchase some from this group. I didn’t have intention of any more Strawberry Lemurians, but makes sense since I was focused on their energy yesterday, that the prompting was likely a hint that some more were on the way.

strawberry lemurian 1 (2)

#1 -SOLD

That all being said, I have checked in with the three new and have received that they are for me to make available to other Crystal Keepers and Guardians since many of you may not be able to get a hold of these rare, “new” finds, and in the meantime, they will be prepared for their new homes.

I’m posting images of the three (three of each) so you can see if any call to you.

I have not explored them fully at all, so all I can say for now is that two of them have Time Links to the past, two have Keys, one I get is a Master Crystal with tons of Record Keeper Pyramids (Record Keeper Crystals have clearly etched pyramid shapes on a side/s that hold imprints of all that has gone before and are portals for spiritual wisdom and catalysts for growth. They can help you to access personal/collective past, inner knowledge, and receive evolutionary insights by meditating, putting pyramid over third eye, or rubbing with finger to “open the portal or book” so to speak.), each have tiny rainbows inside, and so much more to discover!

You can feel their energy and figure out more about them just from the photos, which speak volumes themselves.

If one or more of these very rare and powerful Crystalline Beings speak to you, you can contact me for more information on purchasing and welcoming one into heart and home at

These will only be available via my blog site. When inquiring, please let me know which one you are interested in. I’ve made it easy by labeling them with numbers to reference them by – 1, 2, and 3.

strawberry lemurian 2

#2 – SOLD

My role with these is to help steward them to the right homes where they may be of service to the highest good of all concerned. I offer them at cost, however a processing/handling fee will be added, along with shipping.

I don’t know that I’ll have more in the future or not, as I only pick up Crystals, as I’m guided and not sure when another family will emerge from the Earth. I also only see my friend on limited occasion.

strawberry lemurian 2 (1)

#2 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 2 (2)

#2 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3

#3 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3b

#3 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3b (1)

#3 – SOLD

So, if you really feel drawn to one of these, I’d suggest bringing it home. It’s undetermined how many there are of these, as they are a new discovery.

These three are truly spectacular and would also make a nice threesome, like my own Trinity, especially since they come from the same family group that were found together – just like my own.

NOTE: Sorry all three of these are SOLD and have gone off to loving homes already. If I get anymore, I will let you know.

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  2. This Crystal is very intriguing to me. How much are you asking for it?

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