Gut Reactions, Shadow Work and Past Life Bleedthrough

This is a powerful share by my dear Laura Bruno that can really have life-changing effects if you are willing to really do the work. I have seen many people run and hide from others who bring up uncomfortable and challenging feelings, feeling they are in the “right”, but guess what? The shadow doesn’t disappear, unless you actively engage it in a dance of willingness to explore, integrate, and love it as a part of you being reflected in them. While you may temporarily pull within to do that work, it will be of benefit if you actually do it and not just decide to avoid the person because it will come up again in someone or some other situation nonetheless. I see all things as gifts, and that includes the really uncomfortable, “icky” stuff. I can’t tell you how working with my shadow has benefited my life and changed everything. Thank you Laura for the insights on shadow, past lives, and one valuable tool – The Blue Room.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I see this pattern a lot during sessions, but having recently experienced the empowering and liberating results in my own life, I wanted to explain a bit here. Many people assume that if they feel instant aversion when meeting someone new that it indicates some unresolved past life issues or a huge warning that the person in question is really a no good meanie out to get them. “Always trust your gut!” In general, this is good advice, but not always. The more reactive our first impression, the more it indicates complex interplay. Inexplicable aversion does not validate a black and white world. It does, however, beg for our attention.

While the body provides us with visceral feedback, our interpretation of such information is not infallible, especially when we throw in complicating factors like past lives. Sometimes an instant aversion does indicate that someone really screwed us over in a…

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