Roadrunner Medicine – Shifting with Grace, Ease and Agility

This weekend I was able to spend long days at the beach, while balancing my time working in the morning and evening, as well as giving myself good mental breaks from everything. One of the significant things that stood out from my time at the ocean, aside from some really powerful shifts from things I was reading, was seeing a sight I had never seen before – the mating dance of roadrunners.

I first saw a roadrunner on top of this structure on the hill that provides some shade over the benches. I mentioned that even they like to look out at the ocean, as perched up high there he could oversea the ocean ahead. As I walked, he jumped off the structure and went down the path I was going and disappeared. Then I came upon him again, but he was not alone.

He was engaged in a very unusual mating dance with a female. I’d never witnessed this before and found it really special to have them just feet away engaging in this sacred ritual. After a while though it seemed that the male got shy 🙂 and he went behind a bush and peeked out at us. It was actually really cute and then he went off in the bushes and the female who had been playing hard to get was looking around like, “Hey what happened? I’m over here!” and then scurried off to chase after HIM this time.

Being witness to this I felt, as I always do with anything I take notice of, to be symbolically messaging me. It reminded me that I did a post on the roadrunner medicine and that I had found a roadrunner feather not long ago, that sits on my altar.

After re-reading the symbolic messages that roadrunner has to share, I can see the significance and am grateful for this encounter with the two of them.

Here is the post I did on them so you can read about roadrunner symbolism and see if it speaks to you as well.

Tania Marie

The Universe speaks to us daily if we are open to receiving, which may mean upping our presence and awareness so we can catch wind of the whispering message. Many times the symbolism comes through nature, animal spirit guides, number sequences, things people say, encounters, our bodies, through challenges, or a sign you literally or symbolically receive.

I choose to see everything as symbolic and a message…that’s just my magickal way of living and it serves my life well.

I always see a lot of animal spirit guide wisdom when I’m out in nature and last weekend was no exclusion to this. Tons of dolphins, lots of Monarch butterflies, various birds -hawk, turkey vulture, seagull, roadrunner, quail, with newly hatched itty bitty ones, horned toad lizard, and toad. Some of these new in my experience, others, seem to be regulars. 🙂

But two really stood out and that was finding…

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