Realities of Your Own Creation – My Reflections and Photo Shares from My Week Away

tania4When you begin to view life and all things having a divine order and purpose, which stems from a deep inner/intuitive knowing without the need to ego-comprehend it all the time, nor have a mapped out reasoning and proof always, then you begin to move rapidly through realities.

You make a decision every day to make something your source of authority. When you decide to stop listening to everything other than your intuitive self and decide that IT is the sacred source, then you will need no other validation.

No one will be able to validate it anyway because it is an experience that is yours alone to know.

There are many realities of experience available, which is each person’s choice.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this experience was a magnified version of your greatest opportunity?

meadow4While I was away this past week visiting family in Reno and my beloved Lake Tahoe, I experienced my own magnified version of greatest opportunity.

I believe that in every experience we have the opportunity to see what we want to see, and create what we want out of it.

I see magick all around, meaning, and purpose and even if others choose to see something different or think I’m off my rocker because of what I see and experience, it simply doesn’t matter. Worst case scenario is that I AM crazy, but guess what? I sure live joyously in the meantime and don’t seem to experience the challenges in the same way others do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own challenges, but because of my perspective on life that I’ve come to embrace, I’m no longer debilitated and can shift things immediately.

I spent a lot of time on my week off in deep, metaphysical conversation with my brother, reviewing a lot of things in my life, making new commitments to myself and my path, soaking in the powerful energies of this sacred area, explored a new area down in the South Lake Tahoe region of Echo Lakes, which includes Lower and Upper Echo Lake and others (you’ll see in the photos), refreshing in and being inspired by the mountains, forests, Crystalline water of the lake daily, and the medicine of the wild mustangs I intimately interacted with on three occasions.

I also picked up a couple of new crystal friends as gifts, but also a few for myself that include Nirvana Quartz (actually a male – white – and female – pink – pair that came together, which feels especially potent and poignant for balancing and activating wholeness), Black Tourmaline, and a special find I’ll share more on in another post – Auralite, which literally called out at the last minute from behind me.

trip4Spending time with the family is always powerful in layered ways. It brings out core reflections and patterning, gifts me with nurturing, and elevates and propels from the integration that takes place. Since being back I continue to integrate these shifts, but I do feel a tremendous transformation and further sense of knowing, expansion, peace, and focused understanding that is increasing as I move through things.

echo lake tania marieMore changes at hand indeed and I’m feeling even moreso on track with my natural self that continues to emerge with each layer I peel. It is also bringing about changes in my day-to-day and where my energy is feeling the need to be focused.

I know everyone is experiencing major transitions and “stuff” in a multitude of ways and within a multitude of realities. There truly is no greater gauge than yourself, but it’s helpful to have mirrors to reflect and help you to decipher who that “self” is. I know I was able to see and voice “me” even greater than ever this last week during conversations that in the past I would have been lost in or had other reactions to. It all helps me to not only have a better relationship with myself, but to also extend that enhanced experience in all relationships.

echo lake19Knowing something within yourself is the greatest comfort you’ll find. No amount of validation outside of that will make this experience better. The external simply feeds the same ego needs that want and need proof of everything always. Weeding out the influences you’re bombarded with and have come to adopt unconsciously will increase your self knowing and sense of sacred balance. This is determined solely by you.

I thought I would share photos of my time away this past week so that you might absorb the beautiful energy and perhaps receive a sense of inspired renewal too from them. They reflect a reality that lives within me and that constantly reflects its magick through the days of my life. Through these images you might also recognize a version of a reality you choose to create.

lake8Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite magickal places that always makes me feel suspended in a timeless “time out of time” space that is really high vibrational and clear. I always say it’s a “Crystalline Lake” and it’s no wonder as many of the Bays are named after Crystals – Emerald Bay, Crystal Bay, Agate Bay, Carnelian Bay – and there once was and still are many crystals in the area, which was and still is a sacred spot.

This last week was full of nature’s magick and many beautiful encounters with souls in animal suits, especially a variety of butterflies flying at and all around me and mustangs open to personal connection. While kayaking a mother duck (I’m not sure what breed) and her brood of 13 ducklings were sunning on rocks (you’ll see in one of the photos as well) and then all went for a swim, which was quite a sweet sighting and rich message.

reno backyardThe area my parents live in Reno is nestled at the Virginia Range foothills and between it and the Sierra Nevada Range that has a really nice energy and peace to it that is soothing, but potent. I love spending time in their Faery garden where we shared mornings and evenings relaxing and talking.

Every day I find more and more to be grateful for and the depth increases with each consciously present moment.

I hope you enjoy the photo collage of these beautiful energies.

Sending love to everyone as you journey through new potential realities of your own personal creation.lake tahoe reno 2014 (9)

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Lake Tahoe looks so beautiful, I loved my little visit via your blog Tania day, maybe I would so love to see for myself x

  2. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    More gorgeous photos from Tania Marie’s visit to Reno/Tahoe. Having lived there twice, I can attest that she has perfectly captured the energy and spirit of the place. Just beautiful!

  3. These pictures are so special Tania. I see so many things in them. First of all they look other worldly. I’m very familiar with that area and it is beautiful. These pictures capture a magnified beauty that you captured. Love all the stone people. I could see so many moving and powerful images of faces, bodies and animals. Of the land and of the water. I love the angels in the sky that some would think are clouds and the various rays of light showing up in besutiful ways with rainbows. The ducks, the fish, the lizard , the butterfly. You captured my heart. Thank you for sharing these magical images. It brought to mind time I have spent in Yosemite as well when I was living in Sonora. Much of the same energy and I describe beauty. Oxoxox. Dawn

    • i’m happy you enjoyed viewing them dawn. it truly is such a magickal place. those stones you mention are my favorite too at the lake. so many beings in them as you pointed out and they are so ancient. there are two photos that were taken of me (i only posted one of these) where right above in the sky there appears something odd) maybe a ufo. the only reason i noted it, besides that i always am looking at all the details like you do in photos, is that those photos were taken in a series of like 3 or 4 and the photos directly before and after do not have that object in the sky. πŸ™‚ needless to say there are so many special places on earth (not to mention earth itself), but this is definitely a dear one. i have yet to visit yosemite, but am planning on that soon. love you! xoox

      • You are so right. There are so many exquisite and magnificent places on our Mother Earth. Everywhere we look we can find beauty if we choose to. It is there isn’t it. ;-). I think I found what you were referring to. Is it the first picture in your post. I do see it right above the buoy. I love surprises like that. Thank you again for sharing your trip and the many phases and processes you experienced. Hugs. Dawn

      • i agree! and the loveliest beauty is right in the mirror too πŸ˜‰ yes, that first picture is one of the two i was talking about. the other one i didn’t post, but it has a similar thing right above me in the sky. i always love scanning photos for that stuff! xoox!

      • Love the in the mirror reference. You are so right! πŸ™‚

  4. So so so so beautiful! Your pictures, of course, are simply stunning (what is that yellow flowerβ€”do you know? I love it!). And then, there is the message of your words…so powerful, and open and true. “Knowing something within yourself is the greatest comfort you will find.” Amen. Thank you for sharing your journey, and your vision. β™₯

    • you’re welcome and thank you so much diana. i am not sure on the name of that yellow flower. it was so interesting to see the variety of beautiful blooms that grow at the different altitudes. these yellow ones were plentiful and like a carpet at this level, but not at others. so amazing to see nature’s miracles. i’m really happy you enjoyed the images and share. ❀

  5. Robbi Jo in Lake Tahoe

    I came here from Laura Bruno’s site. What lovely pictures. The yellow flowers are Mule’s Ear as the leaves are shaped like a mule’s ear and soft like a mule’s ear. I’ve lived in North shore most of my life and it’s a very magickal place.

    • thank you so much robbi jo! i used to live in incline village for 3 years, myself. thanks for letting me know the name of these flowers/plants. they DO look like mule’s ear. i have a favorite plant in my garden at home that is lamb’s ear. wonder if they are related in any way? although the lamb’s ear is like thick, plush velvet. i didn’t feel, nor see that same velvety thickness on the yellow flowered mule’s ear. happy to connect with you and to share such a magickal beloved place in both our hearts. ❀

  6. I shared with my first grade class room the pictures of the wild mustangs and wanted you to know that the faces on them were priceless. Especially the ones where you were on the ground with them…I am an aide but I have brought so much joy through your pictures such as these…breathtaking and lovely…thanks once again

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