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A Day With Wild Mustangs

mustangs10My time visiting Reno continues to be really nurturing and yesterday proved to be a most magickal of days and experiences for me – a dream come true in fact.

One of my favorite things about visiting my parents home is that it is set back at the foot of the Virgina Range with a view of the Sierra Nevada Range and behind some wetlands with a large wash that runs to the left of the house. This idyllic location provides a plethora of beautiful nature vistas and wildlife experiences that are always a treat. One of which are the wild mustangs that roam the Virginia Range and come down to graze in the wetlands. Some of the area they used to roam has been built up with new homes, but they still make their way through the wash, streets and paths to their usual stomping grounds.

mustangs16Every time I see them it excites me. And all the time I’ve seen them I hadn’t had the idea to connect with them anymore than parking my car next to them and talking to them through my window or standing by my car just being in their presence nearby. I’d always dreamed of being with wild horses in a beautiful and more personally and closely connective way (as horses have always been such a huge, integral, and important part literally and symbolically in my life), but it wasn’t until this trip that I actually tried it. It’s so funny how timing works like that and what you suddenly think to do and are ready for.

mustangs11 shares:

“Nevada is home to almost half of our nation’s free-roaming wild horses, and many of these elegant animals have decided to make the grazing lands around Reno their neighborhood.

Steeped in the history of the Comstock Lode, the ancestors of today’s Virginia Range herd were the motivation for Velma Johnston in her fight to gain federal protection for wild horses. This diminutive Reno secretary, who became known as “Wild Horse Annie,” is credited with the passage of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Ironically, the Virginia Range herd was not afforded federal protection because the Virginia Range is primarily private land. Responsibility for managing the herd falls under the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

The historic Virginia Range herd, over 1,400 strong, can be found living wild and free between Virginia City, Reno, Dayton and Carson City. When hiking the desert trails east of Reno or taking shade under a pinyon pine atop the Virginia Range, you’re likely to spot a group of young bachelors play-fighting as they grow to be wild stallions. Listen carefully and you might hear a wild mare calling out to her adventurous foal. Photographic opportunities are endless, especially if you’re lucky enough to find the herd enjoying a hidden watering hole.”

mustangs7However, these beautiful creatures have needed protection to ensure their freedom and safety from being rounded up, auctioned, and slaughtered. You can read more about that here: American Wild Horse Preservation

So yesterday my mom and dad returned from grocery shopping and shared that 8 young males were down at the wetlands along the street across from their house. It had been a while since a larger group had showed up. So of course I was excited and got in the car with dad to go see them.

mustangs3And the rest of what took place is captured in the photos you see in this share. It was such a memorable experience that I will cherish always. There are no words to describe the feeling of being with these magnificent beings and what a gift they shared with me. Even dad got in on the love giving and sharing a bit too. 🙂dad with mustang

I didn’t want to leave them, but did say goodbye after lots of love, Reiki, kisses, and “I love you’s” shared between myself and the horses, especially this one in particular you see in the photos.

I had to giggle when I posted the first photo you see at the start of this share on Facebook and my friend Lynne reminded me of the events this year for me. She first mentioned that it was the Year of the Horse and then added, “So far this year you’ve kissed a starfish and a horse.”

LOL! It’s true, if you remember my post, “I Kissed a Starfish“.

I can now add, “I Kissed a Wild Mustang”. 🙂

Another friend mentioned something very symbolic that stood out right away to me as well in that same photo. She shared, “that is a really beautiful archetypal image… so ancient and native feeling.”

As I look at it there is indeed some powerful archetypal symbolism coming through it and again, it reiterates energy I have been working with of recent. No coincidences.

reno wild mustangs (6)So, I did reluctantly return home and later in the late afternoon my mom and I went out to do some errands and visit the Crystal shop and the 8 of them were still in the same place, so we waved “hi” through the car window. And guess what? They were STILL there a couple of hours later in the early evening, so mom and I got out and connected one more time with them. This time I mostly just sat with them and this one that was laying down to rest. His eyes were closing as I talked with him. So precious!

What a special time!! Still buzzing from it. To be in the presence of such powerful, graceful, wild and free spirits is a blessing and leaves me invigorated and inspired.

Their message is the perfect reflection for me and where my energy has been focused.

I hope you enjoy these captures of the time I spent with my wild mustang friends. I’m grateful beyond words for the experience and significance in meaning for me on many levels.mustangs

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Seeing All 4’s – Symbolism of the Number Four and Its Repetition

I’m here in Reno and had a nice first day, yesterday, just hanging with the family and having some “do nothing” time, which was great. 

I did notice right away that the back of my head was throbbing  by being here, which has now subsided, but definitely the shift of energies and altitude was activating things. I have always thrived better at high altitudes and remember when I had lived at Lake Tahoe for 3 years and in Reno for a year, that when I left to return to California it was a huge adjustment to come back down to lower altitudes. 

Most people seem to have the opposite experience, where it is challenging to adjust to high altitudes, if ever they do. For me, I’ve been in very high altitudes, including in Peru, and didn’t have any challenges. If anything it has always been really comfortable and natural.

When I moved back to California it took me a few months to adjust and during that time period I had dizzy spells, vertigo, and just was completely thrown off with my equilibrium.

I also have learned that I thrive better in dry, rather than humid weather. Not that you’d consider California humid compared to really humid areas, but it is much more humid than Nevada. 

Needless to say it feels good to be here energetically right now. I love the nature all around, fresh air, mountain ranges in front and behind the house, and all the flowers and plants in the front and back yard. Every time I’m here I also find myself running through the house like a little Faery for some reason, as there are long halls and areas that just make it more fun to run through than walk. My dad was at his desk this morning and saw me running back and forth as I was getting my smoothie down stairs and checking out the views from different windows. We both laughed, as he asked me what I was doing.

And, the Angels seem to chime in with a welcome and assurance when I come to visit too, as both this time and the last time I visited, I received their 4:44 messaging to me upon arrival.

Last night, as I settled in bed in my room (while in expansion conversation with my brother), something directed me to look at the clock on the VCR and it read 4:44. The interesting thing with this clock is that it doesn’t work. It just randomly shoots out times and can’t be programmed to actually read the so-called right time. That, in itself, is interesting.

But most notable is that both this time and last time (about a year and a half ago) when I visited and went to bed in the same room, I looked at the clock on the VCR right as I went to bed and both times it read 4:44. Definitely a resonance on the etheric planes with me being here – a combination of the energy here for me, as well as the reconnection with my soul family and especially my brother. He and I engage in some deep conversations that I feel are powerfully necessary to Cosmic missions. 

But this 4:44 phenomena has been a continual occurrence for me (not the only repetitive number seen, but easily the most often), yet I find it especially interesting that it happens when I return here.

I also find it interesting that the blog I wrote on seeing repetitive 4’s has been getting a lot of traffic recently. So it seems to be a shared occurrence for many of us.

Because of this and its triggering my awareness, I thought I would reshare that blog for any of you also receiving this message. Seeing 4’s has many symbolic meanings you may find of interest. Hope you enjoy “Seeing All 4’s – Symbolism of the Number 4 and Its Repetition”

Tania Marie

444Since it has become more than uncanny how many times and at such poignant moments the “4 energy” keeps showing up for me the last several months (and increasing by the hour), I thought I’d delve into more than the simple meanings and symbolism I already was aware of for this number vibration and repetitive message, and see what else it reveals. Rather than just keep the information to myself, I thought it might be fun and perhaps synchronous for others to read some of this “just in case” you, too, have been experiencing this phenomena in your life – as it does always seem to be that our collective experiences are aligned 😉

While I also see many other repetitive number pattern sequences, like 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s, the 4’s have been very, very poignant and increasingly multiplying more than any other recently. I can’t begin to tell…

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You Are Not Alone

Sometimes the expansion you are going through can have you feeling off and like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, while everything is recalibrating and catching up to the activated growth happening within you. There may even be unrecognized resistance to the transitions, which adds to this.

It can be a bit uncomfortable, as a lot of things just don’t feel to fit in your life anymore.

The bright side is, a lot of new things DO, and these (although you’re only catching blips of them right now) will be so much more enriching than what you may be struggling with at the moment.

Try to find ways to make peace with the process and lovingly acknowledge yourself for having the courage to go through it.

You are not alone in what you are feeling. We are all going through shifts in different ways and at times some of you may be leading the way. If you can broaden to the bigger picture in times of struggles, this can help lessen the personal load you think that you are ONLY carrying.

We are in this experience together.

Reminder: I’ll Be Away Next Week


Me at Lake Tahoe

Just a quick reminder that I will be away starting tomorrow Monday, June 16th and will return Monday, June 23rd. I’m heading off to Reno to visit my family (so I’ll get some belated Father’s Day time with dad as well as time with my brother and mom) and spending some good immersion time at my beloved Lake Tahoe hiking and kayaking.

I’m really looking forward to it and feel the energy will be the perfect recipe to my current needs. Excited to see what inspiration may emerge.

I’ll be able to answer emails and messages briefly, as well as provide some quick blog posts now and then in my morning hours, but am unavailable to provide services. Thank you for your understanding.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!


Father’s Day Celebration ~ A Daily Reminder & Reverence for the Divine & Sacred Masculine


Me and my Dad

We hear a lot about the Divine Feminine, but let us not forget her amazing partner, the Divine Masculine. We are all on a journey to remember, awaken, and activate our wholeness and this involves a Sacred Union within ourselves, as well as with each other. When we embrace this dance we empower ourselves into the grace and fullness that is our potential.

As we celebrate this day for all Fathers, or as I see it, for the Divine Masculine, let us remember that there are many ways to be a Father and many meanings for what a Father may mean to each of us.

I love this description by Anahata, Founder of Shamangelic Healing in Sedona for the Healthy Divine Masculine:

“The Healthy Divine Masculine is fearless, courageous and loyal.  “He” is our guardian protector.  When in balance, the masculine protector does no harm.  His gentle strength brings harmony and peace to where there was conflict and separation.  He knows his power but does not abuse or misuse it.  Are you using your power (words, actions, dollars and resources) in ways that unite or separate, create or destroy? He is a leader and is not afraid to speak the truth even if others disagree.  He is courageously fierce in standing for what is right. What do you stand for?  Are your choices in life reflecting this? The Divine Masculine is not afraid of the unknown.  He enjoys adventure and exploring new territory.  He believes in himself and knows he will succeed if his intentions are clear and actions aligned.  The unhealthy masculine is stagnant, stifled, afraid to fail or an overpowering bully.  When you heal those parts of “him” that are hurt, stifled or misunderstood and you team Him with the love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, the combination is pure perfection. When working in harmony, the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine can unite, heal and create ANYTHING!!!  The synergy created by this balanced union catalyzes the forces of creation into manifestation.  The love that is possible when birthed from this union is that of the unconditional sacred heart of Divine Source.  By balancing, healing, honoring and integrating our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, we write a new future for ourselves, humanity and this planet.”

And this is a really awesome article by writer Lori Ann Lothian for Elephant Journal that hits the nail on the head with practical understanding for engaging and embodying the Sacred Masculine in daily life. Lori does an amazing job at explaining ways for men to join the dance in empowered wholeness:

A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations from the Divine Feminine

I wish everyone a beautiful day in celebration and honor of the Fathers and Father figures in your life. It’s also a perfect time to take a moment to honor the Divine Masculine within and without.

“In each age there is a fundamental shift in the way the divine reveals itself. This shift has already taken place… What is being born within the soul of the world is a quality of consciousness that comes from a union of masculine and feminine. We need to reclaim the feminine so that it can unite with the masculine in a new way, through which a new consciousness can be born, a new way of relating to life, enabling us to have a fuller understanding of our true nature and purpose. Then the deeper meaning of the feminine can become visible, the hidden purpose of the masculine enacted.” ~Signs of God

To Help, Or Not To Help

No matter how much you would like to ease someone’s pain, think that you know a solution to their challenges or a better way you think their life should be, or would like to be of assistance because you may be able to see the potentials they still do not, you simply can’t make the choices for that person, nor can you force anything upon them.

If you try to force, it will not produce healthy results – period.

And ultimately, this need to force perhaps points to our own inadequacy we are feeling, fears, a sense of righteousness, or perhaps an inner martyr, savior, or victim energy we carry that is playing out.

Everyone has their own journey and if you truly want to help, letting the attachment go of “fixing”, “changing”, “forcing”, “bombarding” them with what you “think” they need, will allow them the space to actually decide authentically.

A choice made with fullness of heart, is more apt to remain for life, than a choice made out of fear, resentment, guilt, entrapment, and manipulation.

In the meantime, keep living your life fully and consistently to the beat of your truth. You’ll see magick take place when you embody this.

My Thoughts as Our Summer Retreat Nears

arc breakfast

The ARC welcomes you to Bimini

In just 5 and a half weeks we’ll be in the magick of Bimini again and the inner joy is building, as I envision the space being created for this gathering – not to mention I am filled with peace to return to a place dear in heart.

You are welcome to join us for our opening experience, which will be a daily indulgence of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection.

It’s a great honor and responsibility that I take to heart with gratitude, to be able to share in the journeys of each soul that allows me the opportunity to know them on deeper levels.

Yet, always the perfect group is divinely orchestrated and I’ve been getting a sense of how things are aligning with this one, as I observe the dance of energies that have been maneuvering to create the perfect mix for this time and space of coming together. It’s always like a game of Chess, where people make strategic decisions/moves that then dictate decisions/moves by others – all soul-based of course. It’s quite the dance too and I find it fun to observe, as Divine synergy takes the lead.


Magick underwater with our dolphin friends

And there’s been a lot of maneuvers with this retreat. I’ve seen some last minute, pretty drastic events take place in people’s lives that are really interesting in terms of their ability to join or not. I have found that what goes hand-in-hand with things that bring along transformational shifts on new and increased levels, is truly a choice in readiness to embrace or not.

And timing will take its part in when and how that unfolds for each. This happens every time I teach a Reiki workshop, and have heard the same from my teacher as well. You never know who is actually going to be in the day’s workshop, until the morning of it.


Dolphins and Sea Turtles in the Bimini waters await

So, that being said, I’m not going to make predictions, as energy constantly shifts daily, but I am receiving a loud nudge about how things are evolving with this group and timing, which will play out in the experiences I set up for us. I am seeing a very intimate soul group family that will be delving deeply. And I honor this time and the souls that are choosing to join in with me in this really powerful vortex that supports and enhances activations.

All experiences are special, but there’s something different taking place for this gathering and I’ll enjoy seeing it through to its fullness once it unfolds.

I’ve only touched briefly on the types of things we’ll be engaging in, as truly I would rather people be drawn in by energetic resonance than knowing every little detail. It’s a soul knowing that involves just choosing if its for you or not.

It’s simply impossible, anyway, to provide all details, as I constantly flow with where the energy is and this is what brings about the specific experiences we’ll encounter along the way. Plus, it will also depend on the people who are part of the group.

meditating in Bimini

Meditation and activation in Bimini

That said, there are some unique things in store for whom ever hears the call, as we explore and access deeper levels of ourselves through a variety of channels including:

  • Sound and movement flow from the depths of emotions
  • Activation through expansive exploration to open and challenge your perspectives and have you experiencing more multi-dimensional awareness
  • Connecting more with your personal frequency and authenticity that provides a clearer connection for conscious channeling
  • And all this while you deepen your connection with your new Crystal friend

People who are drawn to my retreats and workshops are not people wanting to learn structure, rules, and dogmatic approaches. But they are people who are wanting to delve into the discipline of “unlearning” in order to unleash their true gifts and flow more. They are ready to explore the nature of their own uniqueness through the different modalities and perspectives available, and come to create their own journey through the process of remembering and awakening what is within. My role is to gently guide this process and facilitate experiential activation, which takes place in subtle ways simply through the energetic exchange we share.

quartz crystals

New Quartz Crystal friends

All who join will be receiving a FREE Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has chosen to be of service and there is still opportunity to receive a free print of my painting, “Visions of Atlantis”, as well as receive an in-person Reiki session with me in Bimini. Your Crystal will be an active part of our week’s journey.

To see if this is where you are called to be this Summer, you can let your heart explore the possibilities here: July Bimini Retreat

Please contact me at for more information, to help with questions, and to register.


Musings for this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th

Wow! We’re already at another Full Moon. This one really snuck up on me and feels extra accelerated in the way we arrived here. But HERE, we ARE. And, it’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius! My natal Moon, so I’m liking this a lot. Interestingly, during this period in between work, I’ve been working on my travel plans – pretty fitting for a Sag focused energy.

And I do have to say that I’d rather have been traveling than doing the planning, as it’s a lot of work and I found myself getting very antsy in the process of focusing on details, especially when I have other things at hand I’m involved in. It was feeling confining when all I wanted to be doing was either exploring or channeling my energy more flowingly.

Good thing I have a very magickal and flowing sacred tattoo design I’m working on currently. So that is providing me the perfect outlet to journey into other realms. I also spend time journeying with my music and been dancing kangaroo style on my rebounder – all with little miss Joy staring wide-eyed in wonder and amazement at what mom is up to when I do. LOL

So, yeah, I’m definitely focused on the inspiration to expand and have been talking non-stop about taking big risks and just going for it all.

It’s interesting to have this expansive Full Moon during a Mercury Retrograde. But I’m definitely exploring the possibilities that feel right and the Retrograde can be a good time for disciplined exploration to the depths within. One need not have to outwardly make a journey, as the inner journey is truly the most valuable. This time period, if you take advantage of it, can help to really cut to the point and unearth what the heck is inhibiting your growth in all ways you feel restricted. And when discovered, these treasures of information can help you to align with your authentic and deepest soul self.

You can make plans, but being flexible to the surprises that come along will help you to keep full of vibrant vitality, as you won’t be trying to force something or stay stagnant – constant evolution!

We keep hearing about freedom and truth and this is just another illumination of the importance these are to realize, access, and embody. Higher consciousness, higher heart, and higher mind…all focusesnow, but are accessed by fully embracing and being willing to journey into the body and emotions. There is a sacredness within our very sensuality of senses that reveals to us our ancient truths and memories.

By birth, I was born with an abundance of optimism and hope…it’s seeded in me and and supported by my Sagittarius Moon, but it also supports some really fiery emotions that can be felt to the extremes. I do know how this can feel and it has taken most of my adult life to finally get to a place of balance with this, and understand how to get back on track so I don’t blow out one way or another and don’t have to be afraid of the depth to which I feel.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an emotional outburst. Yet, I share this because during these Full Moons when things are heightened, and especially with all of these other influences, Retrograde, and Sag energy, there can be a lot of emotional reactions and erratic behaviors.

So just be tuned in to this and figure out ways to channel your energy if you feel yourself building inside. Allow yourself to explore what you are feeling and the inspirations nudging you. These blow outs remind us of things to look within about, as if we truly engage ourselves vulnerably, we won’t be adversely surprised or experience the physical ailments that creep up on us as manifestations, simply to remind us.

It’s definitely a great time to be looking at how everything you are doing, who you are…is all aligning with the bigger picture. There’s always the need to narrow and widen our vision, expand and contract, when working with the whole macro experience of you.

Let’s get those emotions flowing and those ideas expanding. Explore the possibilities and challenge yourself with wider and deeper perspectives. Be ready to expand in ways you never have. We’re stretching and exercising our energy centers so that we can more fully activate their potentials.

And you, me, we, are magnificent potentials just barely realizing the possibilities.

I’ll be tuning in with you all this evening, but joining a Full Moon celebration on tomorrow’s Friday the 13th.

In the meantime, I thought this blog post was pretty cool from Sky Maiden Musings (I somehow oddly came across) and loaded with super in depth and magickal musings indeed on the energy of the 13th, Celtic and Pagan insights, and this coming Full Moon. Included is information from the 19th Century Astrologer, Seer, and Clairvoyant, Charubel, whom I had not heard of before. Never seen such detail and interesting insights on a Full Moon. Wow!

You can read Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor, Dikki Jo Mullen’s article in its entirety here:

Full Moon on Friday the 13th – Friday, June 13th, 2014 

Until then, tonight, let’s dream a little dream and as Dikki Jo shares, “expect the unexpected.”


New Dates! – Crystal Magick and the Journey Within Workshop Rescheduled

aqua (1)As promised, here is the updated information on the Crystal Magick Workshop. If you recall, I was in process of rescheduling and have now confirmed the new date, along with a Fall date for anyone who can’t make it this Summer.

Since there was a mix of people who could make one of the proposed dates and not the other, I am choosing Sunday, August 24th (when I return from my last Summer trip away and before September’s busy month away) for the rescheduled workshop – Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy.

Pre-registration for August’s workshop is the next Full Moon of July 12th (7/12).


Energy Exchange for August’s Workshop:

If Registered by July 12th’s Full Moon: $275 (savings of $50)

After July 12th: $325

If you Register with a friend: $500 ($250 each – savings of $75)


pendulum***** Manual, Crystal & Crystal Pendulum Included with Registration (you will get to choose your own new friends during the workshop) *****


If August’s Workshop date doesn’t work for you, the next Crystal Magick and the Journey Within Workshop is scheduled for Saturday October 11th for anyone who can’t make the August Workshop. For that Workshop, the Pre-Registration date is September 9th’s (9/9) Full Moon. The same Energy Exchange tier above applies. 


Details can be found in the event info here:

Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy


If you have any questions and would like to register, please contact me at 

Finding Yourself

tania marie (1)Do you live your life for your parents, partner, teachers, friends, society, culture? Or are you living an authentic and alive life that is true to you?

You may be spending time searching for a life purpose, when in fact you are simply searching for yourself.

Each day, ask yourself what you can do to feel more alive, be more genuine, and do more of what you love.

Then start doing it….as this is the greatest service you can provide as example for others, through loving and expressing your creative free will and stepping into your personal frequency more fully and aware.

As you come to love and embody your uniqueness, you find yourself honoring and loving the limitless creative expressions around you, understanding everyone’s search for the same.

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