July/August 2014 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

I SO have been experiencing this and was just writing a little bit about these very things that Lee shares in the July/August Forecast. I also found it synchronous to read his newsletter update and how he recently had a health check up and was needing to incorporate more rest and self-time, pulling back from things and part-time working. He mentions how it’s funny/crazy how it takes something like this to give ourselves permission to slow down as a human being.

I recently had been seeing the same in a few people around me and mentioned this to them, but it also takes a readiness to accept and that’s something individuals only can choose for themselves.

For myself, I know that because I used to do the same, I no longer wait until it’s gotten that bad in order to do something and make a change. So, with personal nudges I sensed, I have also recently decided to make some major changes in my own life and before anything DID come to pass health-wise, decided to do some precautionary health check-ins so that I can optimize and nip things before they progress into something more.

That said, there is so much rapidly happening and one of the things getting challenged, which most people would maybe have thought they had a handle on (at the least), or was easier to “control”, is our mental capacity.

Lee shares that our mental capacity is being challenged during the transmutational shifts we are going through, as we are bringing in new ways and energies.

As you open beyond how you’ve been trained and bring in the whole energy field, things are starting to change and the old brain is really feeling “odd” and things that come through you may not make sense, are jumbled, or people really don’t understand it anymore because it is coming from somewhere else that presently doesn’t mesh.

I have SO been experiencing this and finding challenge sharing things because what I’m sharing is “out there” and hasn’t anchored yet. I’m changing much of what I used to say, believe, and teach, and understanding things on another expansive level that really has me at odds at times in how to relay this coherently, let alone in any sort of terms that would be understood. So, it does make me more present and surveying the realm of perspectives and possibilities when I talk about something, which in effect creates a more compassionate, understanding, and less judgmental experience the more I open to exploring where it takes me.

So, if you’re feeling this too, just know that there are others like you, if not in your immediate circle right now, feeling the same as you.

It also helps in expanding our communication to be in our hearts more.

The brain is now becoming of service rather than a leader – a brain of the heart. So this speaks to why words jumble (which happens often to me) because it isn’t running ahead, but rather staying present and allowing feelings to speak through it. And this will take some adjustment time while the two find the rhythm of the dance together.

And as mentioned, like Lee, and likely many of you, I have been needing to pull back and slow down and readjust a lot of things and really focus on “me”. Everything needs to slow down, which is funny because so much is speeding up. Quite a paradox. 🙂

But don’t get caught in attacking yourself, as self-judgments are the “old way” of thinking too. We are interconnected and playing out or mirroring “bigger” things for the collective. This is why knowing yourself is crucial and realizing what your personal and natural frequency is in your centered heart and feeling space is so important.

Come to trust that things are not meant to work right now, if they aren’t. The old way is trying to understand a reason for this. The world isn’t ready for what you are creating yet. So be with yourself and allow things to integrate without pressures. Do what you can, right now.

I have experienced this so much and is why I have let go of things I used to do, in order for energy frequencies collectively to get there. But they still percolate in the background and are gathering energy momentum with everything I do and the collective does. I’ll  likely let go of more and can feel how I am being held off on other things as well. Acceptance and staying balanced/grounded will help. And when you feel yourself going off the deep end in one way more than another, don’t wait until you’re drowning to start swimming back to center.

People are spinning off their center A LOT. People are running and trying HARDER to MAKE things work rather than slowing down and coming into relaxing in trust.

Movement and change is constant and very rapid. Flexibility is necessary and sensing everything so that you can move with that, without attaching, is key. There’s still an adjustment time while we figure things out within ourselves first, then we’ll know how/when to share it with others.

You need to learn to exist within your Heart Center and FEEL EVERYTHING.

How to remain connected to yourself while connected to others is the focus being learned. And sunlight and nature will help you integrate the energies we are receiving.

Here’s Lee to expound on all of this:

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  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    With the onset of the 1st of the month arriving tomorrow, I felt inspired to reblog this post from July 1st, which shares the July/August Energy Forecast from Lee Harris.

    Indeed the same themes are flowing through from last month and a lot of what I shared in this post were themes that synchronously came up in discussions in Bimini last week on our retreat.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful journey with all that you are integrating.

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