Auralite – Stone of Awakening & Regeneration

auraliteAs promised, I’m going to share a bit about one of my new Crystal friends – Auralite. I picked this powerful little one up on my Reno visit and as mentioned, I was already ready to check out with the Crystals I was taking home, when behind me something urged me to turn around and there I found 4 Auralite friends – the only ones in the store.

It was not a Crystal I was familiar with, and if one were going purely by their aesthetic vision, not a Crystal likely most people would be drawn to – at least in its raw version. I happen to love the natural and unique ones, but they aren’t on everyone’s radar. Indeed it calls out energetically to those whose frequency aligns, but upon more careful inspection in the light, you will actually discover how uniquely beautiful it is.

Its coloring is quite unusual with rusty red at the top of the Crystal and similar Amethyst coloring of purple, but has this undertone of green that comes through that makes it unique. And there are some layers of white or sort of a milky clear as well, and they are Crystals with structured layers of phantomed chevrons. These colorings are the result of a combination of its minerals and also being comprised of three base Quartz – Amethyst, Citrine and a rare green Quartz. The photos (which you can click on) in this post really don’t show the colors very well, but they give you an idea of its energy.

I found it calling out nonetheless and when I asked about it to the person helping me, they had no idea about its properties and none of their crystal books in the store had information on it. I knew it was coming home anyway and figured I’d either learn about it myself, or find more on it with some online research.

I got my cell phone out and did a quick web search, which immediately spoke to why I  had been drawn to it.

What I found interesting was that there were four of them in the store and when I shared some of the information, my mom who was with me decided to pick up one of them as a birthday gift for my dad. We both had immediately been drawn to one that felt right for me and for him, but then I said, “Wait a minute…there are four. I believe these are meant for our family.”

And what do you know. My mom was drawn to one, and the other felt perfect for my brother. So we each purchased one for self and one as a gift. And the interesting thing is, that the two for my parents were very similar and the two for my brother and I were as well. Perfection indeed.

And so Auralite has joined my Crystal family and the newest collection of discoveries that have only recently come into my experience, as well as are starting to appear on the scene more for the collective.

Here’s a little about this interesting Crystal from my research discoveries and personal experiences so far.

It’s known as Auralite, or as some call it, Auralite 23. Why 23? Well, because there are 23 minerals in its matrix that include Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite and Rutile.

It is a newer discovery, hand-mined Crystal found within the Boreal Forest of Northern Canada in what are known as the “Cave of Wonders” tucked far north of Lake Superior.

They are considered a “stone of awakening”, “regeneration”, and “rejuvenation”, on every level and are quite energetically powerful. I find their frequency to be really different from other Crystals I’ve encountered, as they seem to really be anciently rooted (helping to work with deep layers), but also very opening and expansive simultaneously. In this way they are quite the “bridge” workers between body and spirit, assisting overall healing integration on all levels, but also between worlds.

Auralite was formed during the Meso-Proterozoic Age (a time of emerging multi-cellular creatures) by Meteoric impacts about 1.2 billion years old. These impacts brought rare metallic ores to the Earth’s surface that were integrated into the structure of Amethyst Crystals that were growing.

Just being with these Crystals is powerful to initiate healing. Obviously, I felt it enough to have me turn around, when I was focused elsewhere and soon on my way to leave. But because of its powerful presence and energy, people share that it is a Crystal to work slowly with until you get used to it.

And it does feel different than some of the “lighter” crystals I know people are drawn to. Likely because it is a Crystal that reminds us that in order to expand and truly ascend, you will need to do the inner, deep work. So it brings you back into the body, while also keeping an anchor of guidance from Source within you. This helps to ground and integrate the physical (as your form will need to change along with your mind)  for a New Earth reality of the heart that unifies all of it.

So, it may take a little while to become accustomed to it because of its ability to help strip and release layers of energetic “debris” from your consciousness. And I’d have to say, this has been my experience, as when I hold it or sleep with it under my pillow there is a definite different energy I experience and my dream work is intense, but awesome, because it brings up some deeper and powerful dream processing that feels like I’m doing my own inner “mining”. And although the dreams don’t seem like these amazing magickal and light experiences, they in fact are exactly what’s needed and I do then feel lighter.

So I would agree with what I’ve read about Auralite that it really reveals where things are off, your shortcomings and weak points, but then it empowers you with knowledge and the inspiration to know yourself more and to teach you about who you really are. Anyone can really feel the power of things happening when you have this Crystal with you, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself sensitive to Crystals.

Definitely a stone for personal development and that fits wonderfully with current re-focusing back on the self, as this is where the real change takes place.

auralite2It’s said that Auralite 23 takes Super 7 to another level. As we accelerate, so too do the friends, tools, and knowledge accelerate in mirror to this. We will always call to us the perfect supportive guidance to reflect where we are and this will be a constant evolutionary process.

And having a Crystal (many of which are Elestial) that embodies so many minerals, but especially the rare existence (not seen until now) of Gold included in Quartz, let alone the Amethyst variety of Quartz, is bound to bring about some astounding effects.

And they ARE even stronger than regular Amethyst. Not only will Auralite really open and activate the Upper Chakras such as the Crown and Third Eye, but as mentioned, I truly feel how they draw you deeper within at the same time, so you aren’t taken to a place that resides outside of the body, but into an embodiment of very inner focused body and heart awareness experience that takes you into account all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

YOU become the sacred temple that you are and your Divine Blueprint – or nature of your consciousness – is activated.

They bring a sense of calm and tranquil harmony, but all the while bringing you into greater awareness of your true self and spiritual purpose beyond the day-to-day world that preoccupies your mind. It is then up to you to accept and integrate the energetic link it provides and when you do, higher awareness and telepathic connections will get stronger.

A lot of personal growth, rebalancing, and spiritual healing is possible with the assistance of Auralite and this includes an inner purification process to cleanse what is hidden and trapped within so you can come to love yourself.

Auralite has many things to share and teach including: release of old patterns of anxiety, fear, judgment, self-defeat, resentment, depression, and dissolution, brings rise to solid new potentials, optimism, and hope from the lifting of these veils, increases intuition, psychic sensitivity, and ability to see truth, supports integration that leads to release of chronic problems within the body, activates balanced kundalini awakening, stimulates eternal now awareness, telepathy, telepathic viewing, soul travel, lucid dreaming, past life regression, opens to angelic realms, good for meditation, emotional peace, karmic release of patterns, teaches the Oneness of All, opens the mind and spirit, helps release time restraints and expectations so you can relax, decreases stress, nervous anxiety, tension, and panic attacks, uplifts and comforts spirit, teaches the law of attraction, cools down anger so you learn to think before speaking/acting, and helps you to put into action the knowledge you have.

Auralite really supports all of the energy centers of the body, but especially resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, helping to integrate their wisdom through the body in deep and practical ways. It has the ability to “read” into your soul and acts as a highlighter that will reveal where you’d benefit from clearing and improvement, and then guides you to ways to assist this.

In so doing all of this, Auralite is like a Twin Spirit to its keeper, always having your best interests/well-being in mind, and always willing to tell you the truth from that place that knows the benefit sometimes of tough love to teach you true self love and responsibility.

Auralite is one of the Crystals that truly embodies the essence of the New Consciousness, supporting each of us who feels called by it to awaken and activate the sacred way of being that this is reflecting.

I’m excited to keep working with my Auralite friend, who seems to be not male, nor female, but a union of both in wholeness.

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  1. Beautiful!! Thanks, dear One!! Always enjoy your stories and your teachings!! Blessings and much love!!

    • thank you so much jim!! i’m glad you enjoyed this. i know you are a fellow crystal keeper and friend, so i’m happy to share with you something that’s dear in heart to both of us. love and blessings

  2. This was so exciting. . .I opened your email last night and saw the crystal but did not have time to read about it. . but it kept popping into my mind so today I could not wait to expand the picture, sit with it and then read all about it.
    Wow. . .what an experience. Thank you sooo much for listening to it calling you to bring it home, I have no doubt that it knew full well your generous nature.
    Much Love and Gratitude, Suzanne
    ps. I think it will assist with the ‘denied feelings’ too 😉

    • aw thank you so much suzanne. so happy you enjoyed this crystal sharing and energy. it really WAS so perfect how it came to me and i do really love it.

      p.s. i think you’re so right! 😉 ❤ and hugs to you

  3. I have heard of these….they are not in my area stores…so I will have to search on the internet….I recently have been given though another Andara…golden yellow…with white tiny stones on and inside it…very interesting….

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