August Inspired Special – The “Dream” Challenge & How You Can Enter

dreamsI have a feeling that August is going to speed by, which is more reason I’ll be savoring every moment. It’s a busy month and being that I am going to be away for half of it, this month’s inspired special is going to be a challenge instead – one that you can enter and not only further your own personal dreams, but be supported and rewarded for it.

What is the Challenge? And How do I Enter?

The theme of the challenge is, “Dreams” – something I am focusing on myself this month especially while I’ll be away, as I reassess my own new dreams and begin implementing them.

I feel the focus of personal dreams is a big one right now for everyone and that we are stepping more into identifying what our hearts desire so that we can shine our lights brighter and embody our essence more. In so doing, we are examples for others and living in service from the authenticity of who we are.

The way to enter the August challenge is to send in a short email to me at describing one personal dream you have currently and how you intend to bring that dream into being.

You might include your fears around it and any blocks or resistance you have about it.

You must send it to this email address so I have them all in one place – please DO NOT message your dream in the comment section of this post.

There will be a group challenge gift and an individual drawing gift.

This is a way to vocalize your dream out loud and to sit down and actually ask yourself, “What is my dream? What do I really wish to create and have in my life? What has my heart been longing to do?” – questions not often asked and questions I’ve found many have difficulty even asking themselves, let a lone answering.

Often it brings up a blank and this is something that indicates fear and/or neglect of self love and worth.

Yes, you are worthy of your dreams. But the first step is in actually acknowledging them and then embracing your value to have it as your experience.

I’m hoping this will open up your own personal dialogue, help you in assessing where you are in life and what you truly want, and reflect on things you value and have been neglecting. Putting this into writing is powerful and when you actually spend the time to reflect and state out loud what your dreams are, you are then initiating it into being.

You can’t expect a dream to come true, if you can’t even say what your dream is, let alone follow it.

So, your share will involve, as stated, the dream you have right now. It does not have to be some ultimate end result you think you need to have for life, just simply a dream you wish for right now in terms of maybe a new job you want to create, changing jobs/life’s work, a project you’ve always dreamed of doing, starting up, or being involved in, living in a new location/home, creating more time in your life for your creative passions, having more loving friendships or relationships, etc.

This also involves sharing the step/steps you are going to take and then actually taking that step or as many steps as you can within this month. So, likely I won’t be receiving your emails until the end of the month, but for sure until at least AFTER you’ve actually taken a step toward creating your dream.

This makes beginning this process at the start of the month perhaps even more important, so that you have time to implement and maybe even might have some kind of amazing share involving how your dream is already in process of manifesting, as magickal things DO indeed happen as you start stating what you intend and desire, start embodying the changes, and start living as if the dream is actualized.

No matter how small or large the steps are, any step forward is effective to bringing about what you desire.

Everyone Is a Winner – What Will I Receive If I Enter?

For anyone who wishes to take this “Dreams” challenge, all entries will be placed into a group pool that will all receive group distant Reiki support from me toward supporting your dreams and helping to remove the blocks and fears behind them.

So EVERYONE who takes the time to write to me, following the guidelines above, will receive a group Reiki distant healing attunement from me (this is a $55 value), which will take place on September 1st.

So you will need to include in your message to me with your drawing, your full name and the city, state, and country (if outside the U.S.) that you reside in.

One Person Will Receive a Special Gift/s….How does that Work and Who will Receive it?

Although everyone will receive group Reiki support, ONLY 1 person will be the recipient of the drawing.

The way the drawing will take place is this:

Since any step is a courageous step, and is relative to each person what courage may mean, as our fears are individually experienced, I can’t assess who took the most courageous steps. So, the way to review these would be by the individual results achieved through steps taken.

So, for the person who achieves within this month, the most results as a direct reflection of their courageous steps taken, they will be the recipient of the gift/s. Results indicate what you have been able to achieve in direct relation to your dream based upon what you have implemented.

For some this may be greater ease and release of hindering blocks that are getting you closer to your dream. For others it may be part of the dream in stages coming together and pieces setting up into place. And for others it may actually be the dream actualized into its beginnings of birthing forward. This is relative to each person, but for each person, the changes implemented will be viewed as to how much the steps have changed you and your experience over the course of this month.

From the entries, I will be thoroughly reading each and choose based on this.

What Will I Receive if My Entry is the One that is Chosen?

This is a very good question…and I almost was going to write in the gift/s received, but then it hit me that sharing this might then be the only factor driving someone to enter.

Hmmm, does that matter? If something motivates, isn’t that productive nonetheless?

Well, yes, it is.

However, I love the idea of doing something without knowing what you will receive, sort of how life actually is or how I feel life was meant to be…you do things just because its an extension of your heart and support of what you find there.

You do things without expectation, needing approval, without attachment, and without the hope of a return. This creates the greatest return, but it comes when you are simply always doing things as the breath of life that fills you. With ease, naturally, and because you know no other way of being.

So, after considering this, I’ve decided that you at least know you’ll receive Reiki support toward your goal, but the individual gift will be revealed to you only upon your receiving it.

If this isn’t motivation enough, then I suppose you might not enter.

If the mystery and surprise of life when you follow your heart and extend your courage just a little bit more IS enough, without expectation and attachment to a result, then I welcome your entries.

I look forward to reading about your dreams and feeling the energetic vibration rise in the collective, as you take those courageous steps toward them!!

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Tania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, Sound Channeler, Visionary Artist, and Author. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania inspires people globally to embody their essence, access creative empowerment, expand into more conscious awareness, and to harness their magick and imagination to create alchemy for living in harmony.

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    Healing means letting yourself Dream again

  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    Don’t forget this month’s Dream Challenge!

    Do you have a dream? If so, sharing and working toward it this month is something I am supporting.

    There will be a group challenge free gift and an individual drawing free gift.

    Learn how here at the post below.

    I love the entries that are rolling in with some great dream shares and courageous steps being taken. Keep believing and actualizing!

  3. WooHoooo! Tania this sounds amazing. What an excercise! Can I try it with you?

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