The Moon & Egypt – A Commemoration of Wholeness


Earth by Tania Marie

As I was tuning in to the upcoming Full Super Moon in Aquarius on the 10th, I was also reminded of some Egyptian symbolism that I had delved into through integrative personal and collective work while taking my sacred journeys in Egypt and channeling one of the five paintings of my series, In Lak’ech – “Earth”. Likely the Egyptian influences that have trickled in a bit recently, are stemming from the Egyptian pendant I released into the Bimini waters on our retreat week – all that has been released is circulating in new, integrative ways.

But the Moon and Egypt reminded me of something, which has symbolic significance, and so this share stems from that.

It’s not that the literal symbolism is important, but the value lies in what we can take away from these stories to integrate into our lives. Whether myth or not, all stories have symbolic messages for us to decipher and expand through.

As you read the symbolism and brief stories below, see what personal messages speak to you that might be of value.

The Moon has played a predominant role in many societies and ancient cultures throughout history. Her energy is equally powerful to that of her more overt brother, the Sun, yet she works in mysterious and magickal ways.

To the Egyptians she was a symbol of rejuvenation, cyclical renewal, fertility, and growth. The Ancient Egyptians commonly referred to the Moon and the Sun as “the two lights” and interpreted these lights as the eyes of the Sky God, Horus. The left eye representing the Moon and the right eye representing the Sun, while the cycles of the Moon also relating to Horus’ phases of life.

The most predominant myth of the Moon relates its cycles to the battle between Horus and Seth over the inheritance of Osiris. The moment of the Full Moon was equated with the adult Horus declaring his true voice and joy, in victory over Seth, as he assumes control of the sky, rejuvenated.

The Egyptian Lunar Calendar is the most consistently followed calendar throughout the Dynastic times. It determined most regional festivals for the temples and marked periods for making offerings at tombs. While Lunar energy is viewed as feminine energy by the Egyptian culture (and in general), the phases of the Moon are uniquely embodied in the story of Osiris; a deity and important Lunar God closely associated with the different faces of the Moon.

His resurrection was recognized in the Lunar cycles, his body was equated with the Moon, and his dismembered body parts represented the days of the waning Moon.

In other areas of Egypt, his entire life cycle is related to the Lunar cycle, from conception and birth, to murder, dismemberment, and resurrection. Specifically, his dismemberment is mourned during the dark period before the next New Moon, his reappearance celebrated at New Moon, and his restoration commemorated with the Full Moon.

Another God associated with the Moon is the Baboon and Ibis God, Thoth. Thoth who restores the Eye of Osiris, is the wisest of the Egyptian Gods and is known as the God of the Moon, magick, and writing. It is thought that the Ibis has a crescent shaped beak, which creates its link to the Moon. The magickal powers of Thoth were so great that the Egyptians had tales of a sacred “Book of Thoth” that if read, was believed to allow one to become the most powerful magician in the world.

Hence, the Moon has great significance and ties with the Egyptians.

The symbolism of commemorating the restoration of Osiris, the true voice of Horus, and the magick of Thoth on the Full Moon, directly mirrors our own personal journeys to wholeness.

We come into the journey of life at different phases, individual to each, looking to integrate wholeness and get in touch with our inner truths. And as we make the journey, one by one we piece together our own parts and open to a wider, more expansive experience. So that by the time we reach the Full Moon of each phase of our lives, we conclude our journey; the bringing together of those parts symbolically resembling our own restoration.

In honoring the energy of the Full Moon and the Ancient Egyptian commemoration of Osiris, we honor ourselves and the wholeness of our being, as everything is but a mirror of our experience.

The Lunar orb  phases represent symbolic perfection of our Universal connection. The New Moon introduces enterprising beginnings and enhances the growth of new endeavors. It also represents the planting of physical “seeds” in the womb of time, which will come to fruition at the Full Moon – a time when the body is inhabited by the Spirit and Illumination takes place.

We have the opportunity to look at everything in life with greater depth and meaning. Everything is connected and everything is reflective for us, providing codes of life for us to interpret and activate once again.

Blessings to you for this Full Moon journey to wholeness.

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