September Special & August’s “Dream Challenge” Results

august september

For those of you who do not receive my newsletter updates, I’m including the results and updates from August’s “Dream Challenge” along with this month’s special in today’s post.

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If you recall, August hosted a “Dream Challenge” where I encouraged you to share your dreams with me and the active steps you are and will be taking toward actualizing it. And there was a beautiful on pour of messages that came in that were truly amazing. I loved reading and sharing in on the energy of each of your dreams and thank you so much for courageously voicing them and reaching into your heart to make them a reality. Not only is this a beautiful gift to yourself, but also to the collective as an energetic ripple that will have profound effect.

As shared, all entries will receive group distant Reiki “dream” support from me simply for having the courage to share and take the steps. This is scheduled for tomorrow, September 3rd at 11:11 am my time (West Coast, California).

If you did not receive an email from me, please contact me at for details.

From all of the entries I also said that one person would receive a special gift/s from me, which would be based on individual results achieved on any/all level(s), not just in terms of the dream manifesting, but also personal shifts that took place.

And with that I’d like to announce that this month’s “Dream Challenge” recipient is: Mari Braveheart-Dances (I think her name speaks for itself) 

It was SO hard to just pick one, as I was seriously impressed by everyone, and so I just had to choose three more! 😉 And they are: Kate Ladd, Sheri Hanna, Shay

I hope that everyone who was part of the challenge, and even those of you who may have been doing it from afar, or are just reading this now, will continue forward with the steps you are taking to creating your dreams.



This month is feeling like a Reiki inspired month to support the continuation of dreams into being, releasing blocks and fears, and activating self-empowerment. And so it will be all-encompassing in the realm of Reiki.

Reiki Distant Enhanced 20-Minute Sessions: 2 Sessions for Only $99 (Regular Price of each is $75 = Savings of $51 or 75% off 1 Session) 

Reiki Certification Training: Receive $75 off any level of training – Reiki 1, 2, or 3. Receive $100 off all three levels if purchased together. For Regular pricing please visit:  (local or distant training available) 

Reiki Retreat in BC: Receive $100 off if you register by 11/11/14. For all information and Retreat pricing please visit:


Contact me at with questions or to schedule and register for any of the above.

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