Sea Urchin Messages

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Ever since seeing Sea Urchins this past weekend, which is not something usual at all, (actually I’ve never seen them before in the wild since likely I was a little girl), they’ve been on my mind as I ponder their appearance. What I do know is that their appearance likely has to do in great part to the changing tide patterns since August 27th. More on that in a bit. But, as with anything, I always see deeper meaning when something catches my attention and take heed that it has a message to impart.

So, about the changing tide patterns – on August 27th the Southern California coastal beaches got pounded by the effects from a Pacific hurricane about 800 miles west of the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Being that I don’t follow the news and don’t watch tv, it wasn’t until I went to take a walk on my favorite beach the weekend after that I saw what had happened and heard about it by asking the lifeguard on duty. She shared the news about a storm that had hit the Wednesday before and how the waves were huge with surfers flocking to the notorious Wedge at Newport Beach to take advantage of the 20 foot waves.

The thundering surf caused minor flooding in some low-lying beach towns and literally changed the beach that I love from what it once looked like. The beaches are now much narrower, tide levels are higher, and the storm washed up a lot of things that weren’t there before including lining areas of it with rocks, but also unfortunately, with a lot of plastic debris from the giant gyres of waste in the ocean. 😦 Every time I have visited since, I’ve been picking up what ever trash I can. Every little bit helps.

If you believe that your doing a good deed won’t make a dent in the problem, you’re wrong.

If everyone thought that way, imagine where we’d be.

And if everyone did their part, imagine where we’d be.

Anyway, this all took place about a week after I returned from Alaska. The hurricane that hit was named Hurricane Marie. Hmmmmmm. I actually didn’t know this until today. I found that strangely ominous (sharing my last name) in many ways especially given my feelings of feeling foreign to the area when I returned and a sense of major, impending change.

But, back to the beach….I noticed that the tide patterns shifted the ecosystem and I was discovering a lot of things there that I hadn’t before, including interesting shells I’d never seen, and larger ones at that, as well as sea friends that were not around before, but had been churned up and transported from their usual, and more hidden hangouts. It all kind of reminded me of the very strangely mysterious, but magickal day that the pink and orange Sea Cucumbers showed up all along the beach ONLY on this one particularly interesting day, and never before or since.

So, this in fact was the physical reason for Sea Urchins showing up. I know there were tons more, but in a very short distance I walked, (not even a quarter of a mile) I found nine that I wasn’t actually even looking for. Even the number seemed important since it signifies the ending of a cycle into a new cycle, and my upcoming #9 Hermit Year I’ll be embarking upon come my February birthday.

Of the nine Sea Urchins I saw, two I felt compelled to assist and put into the ocean by deeper rocks because they were way up on the beach exposed to people, other animals, and the harsh, hot sun we’ve been experiencing. The rest were in tide pool areas and mostly were in process of transitioning or had already moved on, as their beautiful, fossilized shell bodies remained only.

I began to then explore further about Sea Urchins to see what messages might be speaking to myself, the collective, and the current energetic environment.

sea urchinI thought it very cool that Sea Urchins are related to Starfish, which of course you know I love and on my birthday last year got to kiss 😉 They both share bodies with a distinctive fivefold symmetry (hence share the sacredness and symbolism of that fivefold energy). They even have five teeth/jaws alongside their fleshy tongue. However, Sea Urchins have robust skeletons of calcium carbonate, which the Starfish do not, and this survives after they die and becomes fossilized.

Another interesting fact about Sea Urchins is that even without eyes, they can see through their entire body! Talk about a powerful message.

Interesting and perhaps odd side note, this brought to mind something I’ve shared before with people and I think it kind of surprised them. You know how sometimes people ask those hypotheticals, one of which is, “If you were told you had to give up one of your five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch), which would you choose?”

I think most people would likely not share my answer, as I have always said, “My eyesight”. Why? Because for me, while I cherish all the gorgeous sights and miracles around me I see daily, it is what I see in my heart that matters most, truly, and only.  Being that I was considered legally blind before I had lasik eye surgery done almost exactly 10 years ago, but for the previous almost 32 years I lived in a visual fog, I learned what to me the real world looked like. Other senses become heightened and intuition and telepathy, as well as slight energetic nuances are heightened when you don’t rely on your “eyes”, but see with your “inner eye”.

I “see” the most, actually, when I close my eyes. This for me, reveals the truth, and allows me to “see” without filters or get caught up in the superficial where many get trapped. I actually found it quite odd the first time I finally decided to get glasses in 4th grade…to see things like I never had before. And it took me years not to keep reaching for my glasses even after I decided to finally have the surgery.

For me, the surgery was symbolic of my being ready to face things head on and with clear focus (no hiding, running, and no blinders) but I must admit it still feels rather odd in terms of the way I see. I now actually have what people say to me is an “eagle eye” and I see everything visually, as well as non-visually. Go figure. 🙂

Anyway, reading about Sea Urchins “seeing” with their entire body, was very connective for me in how that is also how I would have expressed what it is like to truly “see”…. with ALL of you. And this brings a state of heightened conscious awareness that can not only help you to navigate your life, but to live in your rich fullness and truly experience others and everything in and around you on a whole other level.

But research at University of Gothenburg showed that Sea Urchins are in fact not sightless without physical eyes. They see with the help of their body as a whole, as they have many light receptors found on the end of the feet that cover their entire body. The experiment was done by placing two dark disks (6 cm and 9 cm in size) in brighly illuminated areas with 39 Sea Urchins placed near both. All 39 Urchins ran toward the 9 cm disk with little to no response to the 6 cm disk. From this they were able to measure their visual resolution, which revealed that they can see larger objects more easily.

Sea Urchins are spiny with a prickly exterior/or “thorny disposition” so if you have this kind of “tough” exterior protecting a “softer” inside, you may want to monitor your defense mechanisms. This can speak to an outer, protective and potentially harmful shell with little regard for “other” and their environment that hides a more delicate, vulnerable underlying. It can also potentially speak to someone that lashes out and who is always feeling the need to be on the defense or explain themselves, or the need to be guarded with boundaries to protect the sacred within, revealing that which is of value to only those who are willing to meet you at the same depths.

They reveal to us that there is more than meets the eye to anything and not to judge a book by the cover. This is why energy will speak louder than appearances and words spoken. When you are sensitive to all of the energetic nuances and tapped into that inner eye, you can discern things rather quickly and detect the smallest of anomalies in the “seeming” air of fluff.

Sea Urchins also are blessed with tiny adhesive tube feet that assist them, making them able to maneuver in difficult terrain.

I found it interesting that they also symbolize crystal energy and the power of crystals. Hmmm…

I also came across this fascinating information – Charbonneau-Lassay (Christian symbolist on a spiritual quest) wrote that fossilized Sea Urchins brought back from the Crusades were “reverently collected” because of the multi-layered symbolism attached to them as a symbolic image of the Cosmic Egg. And most commonly in Christian symbolism was noted as representing rebirth. To add, he shares that they were also believed to be snake’s eggs, little balls of dough shaped by Christ as a child while playing during his mother’s bread-baking (implying the transformation of bread into flesh), Emblems of the Word, and the Sea Urchin’s mouth compared to Pythagoras’ Pentagram. Wow!

Sea Urchins teach discernment, assisting with mastery of getting to the depth of the real issue at hand. And they do this with patient, methodical, steadfast determination, and unrelenting belief. This speaks to the message of everything being possible, which Sea Urchin will teach, along with balancing your tough and tender love responsibly.

The medicine Sea Urchin provides is also a good dose of new energy, which catapults a time period of immense evolutionary metamorphosis and emerging of fresh doorways of experience developing. This includes teaching ways to be able to extract the important and valuable information and insights of your daily mental debris and the mundane that seems to perpetuate, in order to help you to find the pearls of wisdom that are always there awaiting your recognition and embrace.

sea urchin2They speak to a need to tend to your feet, physical movement, and grounding energetically.

Sea Urchins can be purple, green, white, brown, black, or red in color, and it is their color that you should also listen to, as it will help you in understanding the message.

All of the Sea Urchins I saw had purple spines. The fossilized shells were both very pale lilac to a more purple hue, as well as some green mixed in.

Needless to say, I am grateful to my Sea Urchin friends for all of the wonderful reflections and messages. Not only do I see the perfect symbolisms for myself in their showing up (4:44 pm as I wrote that), but also for the people I have been hearing from around me. Always a treasure to be found every day.

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  1. Beautiful and so informative post Tania. I learned so much about the sea urchins and you as well. Thank you so very much.

    • you’re welcome! i really appreciate that dawn. it’s really so cool how everything has so many layers to teach us and i find it fascinating to keep delving into deeper learning about myself too with the reflections things bring up for me. xoox!

      • I’m also reading between the lines of new changes in store for you. I look forward to hearing more when you are ready to share. Reflections are for us everywhere. I learn that more each day. Your post underlines that so well. Much love

      • you got it!! 😉 you would know too, since we’re so connected. i look forward to sharing with you once i anchor it in…in process of being the change right now and as if it already is 😉 tons of love to you too!!

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Gorgeous post from dear Tania Marie

  3. I completely do understand. Anchor that puppy. I totally support you in love, beauty and expansion sweet friend

  4. Hello fellow seer Tania! This morning a large amount of sea urchins washed up on a Cornish beach in the UK and naturally I pondered on the spiritual message. I found your delightful blog and was especially fascinated by the Crusades connection you discovered. So enlightening that sea urchins see through their feet and whole body as should/do we. I have shared your message/blog on my facebook page and look forward to seeing more!

    • such a lovely message jane! thank you so much for connecting and sharing of your recent experiences with the sea urchins. i couldn’t agree more with your thought on full body seeing being invaluable for all of us! i’m glad you enjoyed the post and i hope you’ll find something of value in different ways, ongoing here. much love ❤

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