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The Gentle Way of the Heart

It’s been a very full experience for me lately and I am finally getting around to finishing some books and being able to write some well-deserved quick reviews amidst everything. I used to read an enormous amount as a child and in my teens and 20’s, but then took a huge break from reading for years, only to reach for a book and trust when opening that I’d be guided to exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

That said, in the last few months I had this sudden upswing of reading hit and have read about 30 or more books, which included some I’d been gifted from new authors emerging on the scene, as well as books I was divinely guided to.

Today’s share is from a wonderful man I met in Peru back in 2008 on a sacred journey, named Anders Nilsson. He and I loosely stayed in touch over the years, but I always remember him fondly and the special time we spent together in Peru like it was yesterday. We had a very small, intimate group of four of us, along with a Shaman and our host, so it made for really getting to know one another.

We remain connected regardless of time and distance between us and I can still see so clearly what I loved about him then, that he is such a child at heart that sees the magick in everything, yet simultaneously is extremely intelligent and wise. As a scientist who opened to a world of the mystical, he truly speaks to the bridging harmony that is possible with integration and bringing the best of both worlds together.

And its that voice from a Swedish scientist who works as a Professor of Photon Science at Standford University, mixed with this vibrant, loving soul that sees through the eyes of a child, that makes his book special. Anders has led many spiritual workshops in the States and abroad, and has a way of reaching to the heart of others in a gentle, loving way.

It was a lovely surprise to learn of his book, The Gentle Way of the Heart (Nordic Light Books) which I found to be as refreshing and pure of heart, as he is. After just finishing his book a few days ago, I felt inspired to share a review on Amazon, which is what I’m including below.

I’m a big believer in supporting creatives and visionaries, as I feel that we are in need of spreading the value of these gifts, as well as find that the more channels of expression and guiding insights there are out there, the more choices available to reach all the different people, minds, and hearts there are that will be drawn to certain frequencies that align with theirs. Since we are all at different places on our journey, we will be led to who and what is most supportively aligned with that.

Perhaps Anders Nilsson’s book might speak to where you are on your journey currently.

Anders book is a wonderful read for those just opening on their spiritual path, as well as anyone wanting to integrate living a life through the love of your heart.

Here’s my review:

“The Gentle Way of the Heart is a refreshing, clear and simple read that is written with a purity of soul and can easily be assimilated by anyone. Not only does it weave a full spectrum journey of the soul, but will lovingly guide you to find greater peace, love, compassion, connection, fearlessness, joy, and personal authenticity, as you discover ways to create “practical magic” in your life. You can feel Anders Nilsson’s own “gentle heart” in every word, as he guides you like a friend to discover greater awareness, richness, and wholeness in your life. Each chapter has simple exercises and meditations to help you to integrate the material discussed into your every day life. I love that this book is written by a gifted scientist who later opened to a spiritual journey and found a way to bridge the mystical from this balanced perspective.” 

And here’s a great review from Anthony Lund, Writer-Producer Through the Wormhole: With Morgan Freeman:

“Truth Seekers are increasingly looking to frontiers of scientific knowledge for physical evidence of their spiritual convictions. They inevitably come up empty handed. Here, a master of physics and chemistry takes an unexpected approach: spiritual truth exists exclusively inside our emotional selves. Anders’s insights throughout this work are surprising, thought-provoking, yet above all, humane.”

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