Voice of Divine Grace ~ Throat Chakra Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignIt’s always a good challenge to work with a smaller design and within a time constraint, and yet create something potently reflecting the energy desired.

For this latest piece we were focused on creating a simple design for the back of the neck/Throat Chakra that would be supportive of a particular energy my client desired, which she stated as wanting to assist as a “Divine Love filter” to help in expressing herself with greater softness and grace, as well as keep her centered and balanced with her communication. She is also focused on her role as a loving mother, which is most important to her, and wanting all of her relating and communicating through her teaching and relations to be from this Divine place.

Hence the design is a reminder, as well as an energetic imprint to assist a frequency shift for integrating her desires.

As I’ve mentioned before, these designs are quite an intense process for me, as well as my clients, and I have also come to see how their incubation and birthing always mirrors some collective timing of things taking place (astrologically, numerologically, Full and New Moons, seasons, global transitions, etc.).

Not to mention, they have had an effect on others who see them, mirror collective shifts taking place or energetic support collectively needed, as well as have created actual physical portals here in my home where I create them and magickal appearances and experiences that chime in with what I’m drawing as confirmation, as well as tangible evidence of the energy being opened.

And then I’ve later learned of experiences, shifts, visions, and feelings that my clients had while the channeling was underway and when it was completed that mirrored the process and energy.

It’s fascinating to say the least and yesterday’s creation process of this “seemingly simple” little design, was no exception.

It’s all about the intentions and energetic frequencies that are imbued into each part of the drawing, while it is coming to life. So yes, it’s like an encoding of vibrational energies that is happening – much like the dream sequence I described in my post “White Conch and a Dream“.

Anyway, yesterday as I was drawing this, I began my session with some aligned music, which kicked things off and got the drawing underway. Then, something suddenly reminded me that my dear friend Jenny in Bimini was being interviewed on a blog talk radio show and I quickly turned it on to listen to (feeling the energy would be aligned) while completing the design. I thought I’d missed half of it, but I actually tuned in as the host was still warming the show up and was getting ready to introduce my friend.

What happened next was quite interesting. She began talking about Atlantis and the energies connected, as well as her remembrance of things near the end and she then apologized that she was starting to have throat issues and that it wasn’t a surprise given the energy she was talking about – no surprise to me either as Atlantis and Throat Chakra issues are quite common. She then actually had to take about two to three minutes to gather herself, as all you heard was her coughing like crazy in the background. I literally didn’t know if she was going to be able to continue the show, as it was some pretty serious coughing, which I’m quite familiar with.

During this, I was just continuing to draw away and had actually just been working on the Throat Chakra symbol and finalizing it. She was finally able to get herself through the coughing and came back on and managed the rest of the show without anymore coughs. She did bring mention to it again later, but her throat had stabilized.

I thought that was quite an interesting synchronicity, given what I was working on. But this synchronicity continued about 2-3 hours later. As I was getting ready for bed I suddenly was hit with a coughing attack. Now, I am quite familiar with this kind of cough, as for me, it is tied to something I ate that my body rejects and attacks like an allergy. I try to avoid these things, but sometimes like when eating out or if I’m more lax about it, it just happens. And I’m pretty good at knowing which things will do that. But last night I could not pinpoint what it could have been that I ate. So either it was something new starting to affect me like other foods, or it was simply energetic and tied into this design and the energy accessed.

Needless to say, I was wheezing and coughing like crazy for the next 45 minutes to an hour to the point of coughing up stuff and dry heaving – just like what normally happens with a food reaction.

It subsided after what sounded like me dying, lol, and I was able to peacefully get to sleep, only to wake in the middle of the night to the thought of this “throat connection.”

Empathic? Yes I am…or it was an energetic cleansing in my own throat chakra…or some may say it was just coincidentally a food reaction.

Whatever it was, the timing of it all was very interesting to say the least.

I find it so amazing what can symbolically be imbued into something that “appears” so simple.

At just under 3 inches all around, this design carries a pure, sweet energy that integrates simplicity and potency. The symbolism came to me as I was tuning in to my client and her desires. There had been some things my client was drawn to, but I did not feel that those images and symbols worked for her and her energy. I immediately shared what was coming to me and she instantly shared the synchronous connection she had to the images I was seeing and many stories about how what I’d felt would be good, were so perfectly connected to her life. She hadn’t realized this until I brought up the imagery.

So, we went with the inspiration that had channeled through and she trusted my choices, which ended up matching hers.

The design then came to include a Dove, three Cosmo Flowers, and the Throat Chakra symbol.

I created a Trinity of energy with the Cosmo flowers that not only create the energy of the Triple Goddess and the three phases of the Moon, but the number three is also the Empress card in Tarot – the archetype of feminine power, mother, healing, water energy, creation, creativity, abundance, intuition, emotions, passions, productive action, nurturing, love, harmony, union, sensuality, continual growth, all things beautiful and lush, and Mother Earth.

The three Cosmo flowers create a soft triangle, pyramid, or even a temple-like effect around the dove, illuminating and anchoring her energy. Cosmo Flowers symbolize peace and tranquility, as well as harmony, wholeness, love, order and modesty.

Triangles of course are also about creativity, clarity, a doorway to the extraordinary, higher wisdom (attained by balancing thought and emotion), magick, harmony, balance, ascension, manifestation, illumination, and one of my favorite words – integration (the alchemy of polarities combined that create a new opening). The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, and unity consciousness. In this way it helps you focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice.

We had discussed the possibility of another flower added, but it felt like it was better to keep these all Cosmo Flowers in energy since they are like parts of her in different phases (pieces of the whole).

All of them being in full bloom holds the space of her wholeness as she integrates it and of her continually opening to all that she is. Since their name feels “Cosmic”, like the Cosmos, they can also be like stars..the shining aspects of her that she is allowing to emanate from within the vulnerability of her strength. That “Cosmic” essence also integrates the Divine with the now experience within Human “Being”.

The Dove symbolizes nurturing and is considered a symbol of motherhood actually, as well as maternal energy and instincts. Doves are associated with mother figures such as Mother Mary and symbolize care, devotion, purity, and peace, as well as promise, hope, and salvation. Not to mention of course love, grace, divinity, holiness, angelic presence, ascension, purification and are messengers. Aphrodite and Venus, both goddess mothers of love, are often shown with a dove symbolizing higher love that sees right into the heart of pure potential and views all things and everyone with the lenses of unconditional love.

Doves also have enchanting melodies that they vocalize, which would add to the sweetness of the words that come through her own voice in a gentle, loving and calm grace. This could be very powerful to have such a sweet presence and an actual beautiful and sweet melodious bird in this throat area. Doves are always symbolic of the end to a “war” or conflict, hence assisting in that inner turmoil she feels when expressing and communicating things.

The Dove’s wings are spread to ignite a greater ease, grace, flow, and freedom to be her most authentic self. I added subtle spirals on the inside of her feathers for flow.

And then the Throat Chakra symbol I overlayed on the body and tail of the dove in a way where they feel connected and integral to each other rather than just placed above, below, or not feeling a part of the piece. Both Dove and symbol are at center…to stabilize her in the core of who she is and to help her to return to her peaceful and harmonious center…a reminder. And sitting at the back of her neck/throat, it speaks to clarity and courage of creative self expression from this divine, graceful, gentle, peaceful center.

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