October 2014 Energy Forecast ~ Lee Harris

Another wonderful and resonant forecast by Lee to kick off October. Everything he shares here is something I have been experiencing and I know others have too.

Some of the messages include a greater presence of support from the higher realms again that opens the sentient you to feeling greater connection, ability to manifest, and experience higher communication. I know this has been true for me, as I have been having so much communication in my dream time that has been increasing the last few weeks leading up to October.

And, even if you aren’t someone who feels and senses things as pronounced as others, you will still find that greater flow will come in your life provided that you follow certain guidelines without rigidity.

For example, when things aren’t flowing, it’s not a time to force things. Step back, cultivate patience, and realize that something greater may be emerging, or that what you thought you needed is not necessary or won’t give you the desired results. So by reflecting during the downtime, you can realign your intentions and/or be able to recognize timely opportunities for greater fulfillment, since you aren’t fixated on one thing.

As Lee shares, your destiny is an ever-evolving experience that changes and reforms on a daily basis and they are non-specific, can be experienced in many different ways, and are relative to each person.

Our multidimensionality is becoming more pronounced, embodied, and remembered on a mass collective level now and this tipping point is shifting the way we experience things. So, yes, you’re not crazy to feel all the different things that you are. 🙂

Lee uses an example of those of you who are stressed right now with all the different plates you have spinning in you life, but the answer isn’t to wish them all away – the plates spinning aren’t the problem – it’s shifting your relationship to them that will make the difference.

We are constantly needing to readjust, be flexible, adaptable, flowing, feeling…we are returning to who we really are – multidimensional beings. And you can’t worry about what others are doing, believing, thinking, or saying…you need to just trust yourself and your own relationship to this process. As I’ve shared before, your relationship to the experience you are having and what it means to you is most important.

Again, Lee reiterates that awakening is a full spectrum experience that involves your ability to feel so many more things than you’ve ever felt before, which is a full gamut of feelings. It’s not always an easy path the more you awaken and it’s not all “unicorns and rainbows”, as he shares. 🙂 I totally agree with him that it is “one of the great myths on our planet” – that awakening into greater consciousness is defined solely by fluffy bliss and ease.

Keys Lee says to watch out for:

  • Have patience when things aren’t flowing and wait for something else to emerge
  • If it feels like things are spinning too fast, go slower, step back, and change your relationship to the things spinning and decide what things you really want or don’t want to align with and rejoin
  • Watch out for mental desperation – the desperate thoughts that try to provide solutions to the challenges you’re feeling – ex: Are you somebody who is finding yourself currently saying, “I’m so unhappy and if I just had more money it would be solved, or if I just had that job, or if I just went to live over there instead of here…” It’s not going to be solved in that way. What you have to catch in those moments is this strong emotional density that you’re feeling and focus on that, rather than your desired external solution.”

Always work with the inner world to change the outer world. The changes in circumstance do not guarantee your no longer feeling how you do. The change in your emotions and relationship to them can change the circumstance. Your feelings won’t go away, so that’s where to focus.

I like this part that Lee shares, as I have directly experienced this in being around a lot of activists. To them, I may be a complete outsider, although they can’t see how we are working toward the same goal, but just in different ways that we are individually more effective in. A few years ago it used to be a source of challenge and I would get people wanting to bring me to their side of thinking, but once I grounded in the truth, embrace, and love of who I am and knowing my role, all of that subsided and I am able to be around anyone without there being any weirdness and nobody approaches me anymore:

“I see this a lot with people who are out there in the world wanting to make change. It’s a very difficult argument right now; because the new age is often accused of being people sticking their head in the sand. You constantly see people out there saying, “Well, if you just focus on love and light and your own energy, you’re completely missing what’s going on with all the problems in the world, and you’re not creating change.”

My experience and witnessing of energy is that the opposite is actually true. The more compassionate you become in yourself and the more you can ground your openness in the world, the more you want to make changes wherever you go. And it is a natural occurrence that begins within and emanates outward.

But none of us can deal with bringing change to every area of the whole world, for we are individuals. So if we as individuals step towards the areas that we feel we can bring change to, and we constantly check our own sense of energetic balance within our doing of that, then the energy we’re offering to an outside element (another person, group or organization) is one of balance.

You see this a lot with the anger that activists will throw at both the very thing they’re trying to change and also the people they are trying to encourage to be an activist with them. If you are somebody who is turned on by somebody’s anger about a cause they’re trying to get you behind, then you’re in the same dissonance energy that they are, and you’re running the same sense of dis-empowerment and fear; because anger has dis-empowerment and fear in it as an energy.

So that’s not me saying that you are un-entitled to feel those feelings. But what I’m asking you to consider, is to observe the feelings that you’re having and their density. As they will have an effect on your life circumstances.”

This is an example of multidimensionality at work here on Earth.

Here’s another good insight from Lee in case you are feeling a bit isolated and challenged with your experience of this:

“In the old world, we were taught to go into our lives as a multidimensional external force – you have a relationship with this person, you have a job with this person, you love going over here, but it was all externalized. It was, “I feel things in here in tandem to these people and engagement points I am focusing on.”

Now, it’s happening within you first. That is the opportunity. Create from the inner world first.

So this is why many of you will feel a bit bored; because you step back from everybody, because no one is making sense. Again, this phase will pass. You’re first encountering your inner multidimensional senses and when you’re more used to them, you will go back out to those people and have a very different experience of the same people and the same places.

So be as patient with yourselves as you can. This isn’t an easy process for any of us to go through. But it’s also filled with a lot of light at the moment and particularly in the coming months. 

So even as you see certain darker energies raising their heads and going through the battles that they’re going through around you, you will notice that if you keep focusing on a higher perspective in yourself and a higher perspective of the way that you’re working in the world, you will constantly upshift into more experiences of flow.

Then, rather than life being hard or difficult for you, you will be able to appreciate the things that you have and not try and run out into the chaos and become a part of the chaos.

Chaos is very seductive. It seems like it’s something to do, an activity to engage with, and the tribal impulse in us is to join the tribe. 

But as I’ve said for many months now in a row, joining the tribe is not going to be what most of you want to do; because you’re slightly on the edge of a large growing mass of people who are learning to live and feel in a different way and that takes time.”

Enjoy Lee’s full forecast here and be gentle with yourself as you open more expansively to your journey.


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  1. Thank you, Tania! This was just what I needed at exactly the right moment as I’m prepping to teach tonight’s installment of my “Embracing Your Multidimensional Self” class. Spot on. Love and hugs, Mary Mary Note Law http://www.marynotelaw.com author of the forthcoming book entitled: Heaven on the Line: The Inner Connection to God, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones

    Offering Dynamic Angelic Workshops & Services Mediumship & Angel Conversations certified cranial temple activation practitioner certified to run access bars

  2. Thank you introducing me to Lee. I have watched several YouTube video forecasts and most of them do not speak to me. His message is powerful yet easy to understand. His accent also is very pleasant, which is a plus. I have been noticing some dramatic changes in my energy the past few days and it is exciting but also scary. His advice is very helpful in allowing me to stretch my perspective and reframe some of my current challenges and decision points.


    • you’re so welcome! lee harris is my favorite – soul family indeed. 🙂 i don’t really listen to much out there, for the same reason you share..they just don’t resonate and i’m very particular about, and sensitive to, energy frequencies. thank you for sharing about your own shifts taking place. i’m glad that his share was helpful to you with all of this. namaste ❤

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