Full Moon Illuminations

full moon eclipse by lynne day

Full Moon Eclipse October 2014 by my friend, Lynne Day

“We are powerful beyond measure, and so deeply vulnerable at the same time. This may seem like a dichotomy, but it isn’t. We have misunderstood real power. It has been something assertive, non-surrendering, pushing on through. This is not real power. This is simply willfulness. Real power is something else – – receptivity, openness, the courage to keep your heart open on the darkest of days, the strength to feel it all even when the odds are stacked against you. Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve and absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life hidden behind edginess and armor. The art of enheartened presence. Now that’s power.”

~Quote by Jeff Brown, which to me captures the Full Moon energy now, and beyond.


I woke early again to the dark night sky, but this morning it was illuminated by the beautiful Full Moon. As I connected and tuned in, sending out energy to the collective, Earth, and intents, I felt a glow in my heart expanding and deepening in trust. I looked at the rabbit in the moon, now upside down this morning, thinking of my dear Nestor and Joy (my rabbits in this life).

lady bugLast night before bed I took a walk around the neighborhood by the light of the Moon and the sea cucumbers came to mind again and their message. As I was brushing my teeth upon return I noticed a Ladybug on the ceiling of the bathroom scurrying along.lady bug2

I thought that to be quite a magickal little sign out of nowhere, as I got up on the counter to scoop her up and put her outside in the Moonlight.

If you don’t recall, I posted a couple of photos of sea cucumbers yesterday that I saw on Sunday, with a brief caption mentioning the uncanny connection I made to the sea cucumbers I’d seen last year at the same time.

It felt significant to make mention of again, so I’ll go with my intuition on that to do so.

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, or didn’t read the captions on the photos, what I’m drawing attention to is the discovery I made about the appearance of these sea cucumbers and their timing. I go to my favorite beach very often, each week in fact, and I’m quite observant to anything that uniquely appears or isn’t around that normally is.

This last weekend I came upon two pink and orange sea cucumbers after walking the full length of the beach up and down. I was excited to see them, as I have only once before come upon them, which was last year. That time I’d seen 100’s of them. Sad to now only see two, perhaps reflecting Earth changes, tidal patterns, the result of harmful effects, or a personal message, but I was also grateful to see them, as they are so enchanted and sparkly like stars.

Yesterday, as I searched for my post of last year I stumbled upon the date and title: Reflections on the Current Intensities & Today’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries October 18th, 2013

blood moon by lynne day

Full Blood Moon from last night/early morning taken by my friend Lynne Day at the Total Eclipse


It was almost exactly one year ago (by 13 days) that they’d appeared, but also between last night and this morning, we revisited a Full Moon Total Eclipse in Aries again, along with a Blood Moon. There is an obvious connection with these particular sea cucumbers and this Moon phase, and it was drawing my attention to re-read their symbolism and the insights I had shared last year. It felt significant.

And this is what I reflected on last night while I took my Full Moon walk.

This morning as I gazed at the Moon, I was reminded.

But as I read last year’s post, there was also another uncanny connection, which I’m only now making this morning.

Last year, also at the same Full Moon Eclipse time, my rabbit Joy had been deeply affected. She had gone into a very deep, reflective, and inner mode, not moving for most of the day and not wanting to open her eyes. I remember being worried about her, but also realizing her sensitivities to energy and connection with the Moon cycles. She pulled out of it slowly by night and by morning after, she was back to herself.

Well, not only did the sea cucumbers return this year around the same Moon cycle, but Joy also went through a very powerful, energetic scare Monday afternoon, right before the Full Moon, but still in connection with the intense energies that are being felt around this time period that lead up and continue after. She was hit really hard by frequencies she was picking up that were foreign to her and causing her great confusion, panic, and painful discomfort. So much so that she backed herself into the fireplace to hide and wait it out for a good portion of the day. I moved into the living room to work so I could be with her and I’m happy to say she also pulled out of it by evening and the next day, yesterday, was back to herself again.

There is definitely something about the energy of this Moon cycle and a connection to be made. Couple that with all of the other influences abound: Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014 and you have quite the intensity.

I’ll keep open to insights, but there feels to be a cosmic opening and ancient rebalancing in order.

But to keep things a bit more manageable, you can read my last year’s post about the sea cucumbers, Joy, and the insights on Libra/Aries energy that this Full Moon brings to a head for us in the day-to-day, at the link above.

If you don’t make it there, these are the parts that stood out from it to repost today:

Sea Cucumbers symbolize heightened communication, emphasizing hormone levels along with unconscious signals and nerves. Sea Cucumber demonstrates an attention to emotions. Ability to change from rigid to soft by utilizing emotional balance. She shows how to remain firm in tight or delicate situations. Great movement with minimum amount of energy. Watch for potential symbiotic relationships to form. Do you withdraw and retract yourself when you feel threatened? She will teach you when to guard your emotional self. Is it time to create a tough exterior? She will show how to build up your defenses, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

And the sea cucumbers we saw were all hardened, since they were out of the water and in “delicate situations” of being out of their safe and comforting natural surroundings. They seemed to be mirroring that call to tend to our deepest emotions and to understand their resiliency and capability to adapt and shift, when we allow them to flow naturally and maintain that balance. We’ve heard the message before that it’s crucial to get very intimate right now with vulnerability and yet understand how to shift and adjust our boundaries, knowing we have the ability support ourselves when need be.

Needless to say, all of this relates to the energy of this Full Moon – a culmination period that promises fullfillment of what was intended and begun at the New Moon. It is also a heightened time of emotions and this particular one also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse, which places an added potency. And since we have the Libra Sun in opposition to the Aries Moon, we are being asked to look at how we balance these polarities of “self” and “others” – our needs and their needs.

Libra asks us to look at “relationships” and that includes the one we have with ourselves, while being present with the authenticity of who we individually are. This is a challenging one, as Aries likes to self assert and Libra is the expert in compromising. And neither are to be neglected, so this Full Moon initiates invitation to exercise the practice of emotional balance that honors both responsibly.  This will take some time, but right now there is likely a lot of personal build-up that is either getting ready to burst, or is in process of releasing already, as you do need to express what you’ve been holding in and on to.

The beauty is that the more we practice allowing expression, the more we find it can be a graceful dance between autonomy and sharing. At first it may not yet be rational, so taking extra care at this time so nothing super explosive happens, may be wise. Everyone is going through their own form of crisis or transformative shifts, so realize that what others say and do is coming from the same place of needing to express a lot of old stuff that has nothing to do with you and yet in every way has the ability to provide you with everything you can utilize for self-growth and supporting growth in others.

Like the sea cucumbers, there are a lot of emotions and unspoken needs that are coming to light right now and that can create that fine line between hardening ourselves permanently for fear of what others might think or in reaction to how they react, or seeing ourselves in the other and challenging that extra depth of courage and compassion, knowing they are just as frightened as you.

This is that place between Aries and Libra that you can ignite.

Things may be challenging, some things may fall apart, but this temporary chaos is the onset of lighter experiences ahead.

If you’re feeling that deep sense of needing to break free, then this is time to open yourself fully to ALL possibilities for how that can come about without attaching to a particular outcome.

Eclipses are extremely potent and they can help support the perfect life-crisis needed and in line with your path of choice, to help you to make the changes you deeply want. So in this way, it’s not to fear the Eclipse, nor to fear change, but to realize the silver lining and positive energy that can be harnessed by something that is created in line with and for your highest good.

The “lunation” illuminates things in a way that can seem sudden, but in fact have been ongoing in a repressed way. So when hit with that seeming “out-of-the-blue” crisis, the reality is we are the ones precipitating the change because our Higher Self knows we need it and will only stand by for so long. Deep down, we know that change is necessary for growth.

Lunar Eclipses are more relationship-oriented and that includes with others, with ourselves, and as well with our work, health, bodies, etc. Their effects can also last longer – some astrologers feel Lunar Eclipse effects can last 3 – 6 months. However that is, there is the potential now that you may have been, or are experiencing a sudden state of heightened awareness surrounding everything in your life that is calling to your attention a lot of the flaws and things you are not happy with. But because of the heightened emotions, decisions are best to be made with presence and reflection.

Breaking free is something we all would like, and yet we can do it in a balanced way so as not to create temporary relief or new challenges.

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