The Essence of Number 5 and its Repetitive Symbolism


Like many of you, I have specific messages that show up in a variety of forms and ways, but numbers are definitely one of them. Whether a specific number, number sequence, or repetitive numbers, it seems that these attention-getters are prevalent.

I’ve written before on the symbolism of 4:44 and 444 showing up, as it was appearing so very often for me. It still does, along with many of the other time repetitions at synchronous moments, but of most significance to me has always been 5:55.

The number 5 has been my favorite since I was a child. It was later in my mid-teens, as I started studying numerology, that I learned of its connection to my favorite color (blue, but more specifically aqua), its connection to my birthstone and one of my favorite crystals, aquamarine (it’s also connected to turquoise), as well as connected to themes that were at the core of my being – freedom and change.

I also learned that it is connected to the energy of the butterfly, which I received in a meditation when I was beginning my conscious journey in my late teens, as a symbol for my life’s path. After that butterflies showed up in every way, in every moment, and eventually showed up on my skin as my very first sacred tattoo.

Not only is the number 5 one of the most powerful magickal tools, it is also a transitional number that is all about welcoming change and expanding your boundaries. It also encourages discarding the old for something unusual and new, which is more reflective of your personal truth and unique voice. And perhaps surprising, it is connected also with grace.

The planet of communication, Mercury (also ruling Gemini and Virgo) is connected to this radical 5 energy. That connects with the butterfly symbolism, as they are also messengers and emblems of communication. I happen to have Mercury in Pisces, which means I am very self expressive and do so creatively, from the depths of my emotions, imagination, and intuition and soul all combined.

And to dig deeper we discover that the spiritual meaning of 5 is associated with things in constant motion, fluidity, travel, adventure, unpredictability, at times instability, and often very radical change – all things prevalent in my own life and things I love or learned to love when I let go of trying to fit into the mold I saw all around me, and settled more into what I was naturally drawn to be.

When you learn embrace of peace within chaos, and find your center and natural frequency, all of this is simply like flowing water and you thoroughly enjoy the journey, welcoming and trusting the shifts, rather than fearing them.

The spiritual meaning of 5 also encapsulates the “wonder of life”, energetic vibrancy, the wild, primitive, and sometimes erratic vibrations, and journeys both physical and etheric. To me, it feels like a connection to our vibrant inner child.

People who are born with the life path of 5, or who have deep resonance and connection with it, are people who are full of curiosity, inspiration, versatility, sometimes contradiction, and pursue freedom. They will feel like a caged bird if bounded and confined.

I know that to be true for myself, as it is often that I have experienced this clipping of wings and soul suffocation if I am not able to be who I am. Mostly that stems from my need to explore the world and beyond, to express myself, and to constantly recreate myself. I also often say that I am liking a walking dichotomy.

Getting a bit more esoteric, shares how the number 5 is the symbol of the human microcosm – the human being – with the endless pentagon representing the human form with outstretched legs and arms. The pentagon symbolizing perfection and circular power. The pentacle symbolizing the whole, the elements (fire, earth, air, water and the quintessential spirit), and its center – the meeting or bridging of heaven and earth with the four cardinal points. The five pointed star is also connected to individuality, higher education, and spiritual aspiration.

Of course there are also the 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) of the sensual human experience. also shares some unique cultural references for the number 5, which include the quintessence in Alchemy, represented by the five pointed star or five petaled flower, multi-layered five symbolism for the Chinese to encompass the five elements, atmospheres, conditions, sacred mountains, emperors, powerful charms, cardinal virtues, blessings, etc., Buddhist belief in the heart having four directions and the center/universality making five, as well as five Dhyani Buddhas, five crocodiles of the Nile for Egyptians….and the list goes on with five showing up in very pronounced ways in Christianity, Graeco-Roman, Hindu, Islamic, Parsee, Pythagorean, Hebrew….

Also to note, the name “hamsa” is derived from the Hebrew word “hamesh”, which means five. And this five fingered talisman (the divine hand said to represent the most sacred principles and beliefs within a culture/religion) is thought also to symbolize the five books of the Torah.

The symbolism of 5 continues, but let’s turn to the repetitive symbolism of seeing multiple 5’s and the clock messaging 5:55.

As mentioned, this happens quite often for me, but became of particular significance when my beautiful Nestor transitioned. She started messaging me immediately with this time on the clock, as my life took a huge transition itself.

I remember finding my lovely Lake Tahoe view apartment, just a couple months after she departed and I moved out from a life that no longer supported my expansion. The clock on the stove, which did not work properly, showed 5:55 on its digital display when I walked in. I knew this was the place she had chosen for me and indeed it did end up bringing me great pleasure and support in my own transitions. The clock thereafter stayed stuck on 5:55 the entire time I lived there.

It seems that my life is in constant flux 🙂

And these repetitive 5’s continue to make themselves known at purposeful times. It’s been a while since they were showing up a lot, but that started again, just in the last few weeks. And it is over and over. So much so that one evening before bed, during a particularly shifting energy I’d been feeling, I noticed the filter reading sitting on my Athena water ionizer as pictured in the photo.

When 55, 555, 5:55, or multiple repetitive 5’s show up, it heralds a very clear and defining sign of huge and very positive changes that are taking place in all areas and levels of your life experience. It is a dynamic, versatile, worldly, and changeable force like no other. Usually it means you are already in process of change and that these major shifts are going to continue to unfold for you.

But along with the change, it’s a message of trust and not to worry or fear the approaching change, as you are being supported from the other realms. It’s simply an acknowledgment of your awareness to the change, so you can take an active and conscious role in partnering with it and keep yourself balanced, while seeing the silver lining, as things will eventually manifest in very desirable ways.

The changes can seem harsh, abrupt, and confusing, but ultimately are helping you to align more with your essence. So with this knowledge, you can gently let go and lovingly release the old so that you create ease rather than challenge and struggle with the changes taking form. It’s a time to recognize and redirect attention on the unlimited possibilities, only focus on the moment, and take active co-creative part in the change being guided and supported.

Remember that you are always provided the strength and ability to handle whatever change is upon you. It is never more than what you are capable of and in fact will stretch you to evolve more fully into your power with support of your angels, guides, and Source at large.

When the message of the 5’s appears, it is a reflection of the inner work you’ve been doing that you’ve now drawn to you. It’s as if you call it in BECAUSE of the changes you’ve been making and desiring, whether in one area or all areas of your life. And now is a period for the transitions that will need to take place in order for the physical world to mirror the inner changes you’ve been manifesting.

555 has been known as the “highest death” – a transition – occurring and unless you’ve been consciously engaged in the process, it will seem like someone pulls the rug out from under you. If you aren’t on board with the changes in play, then you’re being messaged that your path in life has been set on a different course and now is the time for you to embrace and embody this. These periods are not defined by time, as some changes may take longer to implement. As long as you are present and engaging in the co-creative process, then things will continue to move forward smoothly.

It’s simply a way that you are notified, or rather, notifying yourself of the visions you’ve desired in essence. Changes, opportunities, realignments, and new doors are being created along the way to assist this process toward a new future of possibilities that may still be hidden from you to fully see as of yet. So it’s important to just allow things to shift and you’ll be guided to each step in every moment.

These changes are likely answers to your prayers, and if they don’t feel like it that simply means you have not be present, honest, and conscious with yourself, as nothing happens without your agreement on some part. Your essence knows before you might, what is best to support you into your highest path and good.

To those who have not actively participated with conscious presence in their lives, all of this change will seem like a bad dream and you’ll likely kick and fight it the whole way.

It’s inevitable to take place, whether you cooperate with it or not. And if not, then change will require you to move in not so nice ways until you jump on board of your beautiful evolution.

555 is about the expression of personal freedom, so any temporary confinement and “force without choice” you may feel, is simply you’re rebellion against your greatest expansion. Sometimes breaking free can hurt before you release into the ease and fullness it promises. And you simply can’t see how that will be right now, but it always is.

555 when reduced creates the number 6, which carries the energy of harmony, humanitarianism, idealism, service, home, simplicity, and grace, while focuses on the material in life and daily needs, reminding you to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. So in essence, when this change takes form, it will manifest all of this in your life.

The unique essence of 555 then is the balance of both the pursuit of sensuality and adventure and “family”, home, and idealism (responsibilities), accompanied with explorations of, and release from, firm beliefs of what is right and wrong.

So this is quite a powerful mix where one is being led on a journey to feeling harmony in home accompanied by a sensuality and curiosity with all new experiences.

The 5th card in Tarot is the traditional wisdom, beliefs, knowledge, and ideas of right and wrong of The Hierophant….the 5th house in astrology is about creative self-expression, passion, romance, pleasure…

Remember that the “right” thing is what is right for you. That said, there may be tension between YOUR own idea of spirituality and self-expression and the ideas that others have or that you were taught. This can weigh on your challenges with how you are embracing the changes that ultimately you want and need.

While 5:55/555 is a wake up call, it also is not meant to be about suffering or reckless abandon.

Perhaps your energy has been blocked and so through “responsible indulgence” you activate and free the flow from your Root to Crown Chakras to create a holistic experience.

When you get in touch with what is at the core essence of you, things will begin to make more sense and the changes will start to flow more gracefully in your life.

As with anything, there are always personal messages that you have for yourself, and in connection with your personal guides that may speak to another layer of this. And that is something you learn to interpret for yourself.

I know for me, all of the symbolism shared here has held true for me, but I also know that when I see 5:55 it is also simultaneously a loving nudge, acknowledgment, and embrace from my dear Nestor who wants to chime in with her support in that moment.

Change is in the air indeed with this message. How you choose to engage and embody it, will be the journey.

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  1. I am out of words – You have powerful speech in your blogs!

  2. Yes the 555 have returned for you and for me too. It had been 444 for the last six months but a couple of weeks ago or switched back to 555. I always smile when I see that. I know you do too. Much love and thank you for all the 555555. Low down

  3. Wow, this is most explicit and laid out explanation that I managed to find on these numbers and I know that I’ll have to keep reading and reading this until I fully accept and believe this is my fate. What started it all were the horoscopes. At the beginning of this year, I was surprised at literally every Taurus horoscope I read was positive, more positive than any other ‘Taurean’ horoscopes read in previous years
    Also, some months ago, I bought a digital clock and placed it on my bedside table. I did not pay any attention to it until I saw articles on the net about triple/repetitive numbers. Then I noticed most times when I walked into my bedroom I would see the triple ones, twos but mainly fives.

    The thing concerning me though is that as I move towards the big 60, I wonder if it is not too late for me. I have to remember that horoscopes/triple 5s are not just meant for me but for a lot people, younger than myself. A great article!

    • i’m so glad you found it helpful. i tried to compile as much as i could here for others, as i know how hard it is sometimes to find what we’re looking for. i’m not surprised you’re experiencing so much synchronicity…it seems to be a collective experience. i believe it’s never too late…we can start anew at any moment we choose to take that step through the door. thank you so much for your comment and reading! ❤

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