Gem Faire Fun & New Crystal Friends

herkimer diamondsCrystal energy has been in an even higher gear lately and I’m so loving it!

Friday my heart was guided to journey over to the Gem Faire here locally, which comes into town every two to three months. Not only did I feel my friend there would have what I felt was calling to me, but I was also looking for a crystal/s for a friend that was in need of support and commissioned a Crystal Illumination painting from me just the night before to be of assistance to her sister.

I’ve become friends with one of the crystal sellers at the Faire who is local to my area and enjoy visiting with him and his high-vibed crystal friends when he’s out in my neck of the woods, which is literally 5 minutes from where I live. I always seem to be drawn to crystal keepers of a very particular energy and whom very pristine crystals find their way to, in order to move on to their new guardians. I’m so grateful for that.

My cosmic friend is also a Reiki Master Teacher, no longer teaching, but did for years back in the day. At 56, he is now focused on his role and path with the crystals. So we have a lot to chat about when we visit.

I so adore the crystals that find him, but especially the fact that “new consciousness” crystals make their way to him and these are always high on my radar when I see him. He’s always waiting to see if I’ll notice the new ones, and of course they are the first place I’m drawn.

As I shared with my students over the weekend in our crystal workshop, I’ve shifted quite a bit in terms of what I’m drawn to with crystal energy, as well as have become very discerning. So whereas I used to hear all the crystals calling out and eventually ended up taking so many home, literally recreating a crystal cave, I now no longer hear all the voices and only get drawn to exactly the ones that truly need to be working with me.

I still marvel at all of the other crystals and their beauty, but I have a very distinct energetic boundary that is finely tuned and focused. That took a while to develop, but both my pocket book and simplified home thank me. 🙂

But something Friday told me that my friend would have the perfect crystal for me that I was feeling in my energetic field. Little did I know there would be three. I had specifically known I was to find a special Herkimer Diamond that was on my radar (here’s a great link on Herkimers: Herkimer Diamonds).

So when I arrived I asked him immediately about his Herkimers, seeing them right away…and he showed me a special one in the case, some others in bags he did not have out, as well as later brought out one that was tucked away separate in a special place.

herkimer 2I had a tray to spread them out on and was tuning in. I had actually eyed the one in the case immediately and so while I was feeling out the energies of them all, I kept that one to the side, sensing it likely was the one.

Then he brought out the hidden rare one and I also felt a connection, placing it with the larger I first had seen. My energy shot through the roof as I held them and was heating up like fire. I was so hot and flushed, blood and energy flowing through me, that he ended up literally having to hold a fan up to me to cool me down.

After that I knew that the two I’d placed aside were the only ones needing further exploration, and handed him back the rest. Although they were so lovely and pristine in energy, they were not for me, and my pendulum confirmed that.

I still hadn’t decided though, and in the midst of this I’d been attracted to his latest find, which were Phantom Lemurian Seed Crystals (I’ll likely write more about them in another upcoming blog).

They laid next to the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals and I was quite drawn to them. They are very different in energy to the Strawberries, of which I have 3 cosmic powerhouses of my own. I knew one would be coming home with me and it was to be a companion to my Strawberries.

Interestingly, although there were magnificent ones and quite large ones, it was a smaller one that felt like such Divine Feminine energy and a perfect Trinity to my two sister Strawberries, that drew my attention. I discovered she was an Isis crystal, as well as a Record Keeper, and has this cosmic Goddess energy that is unassuming, but very pure.

Immediately I took her.

Then I was left with these two amazing Herkimer Diamonds. One large and filled with rainbows galore (you can’t see all these in the photos, but they are intense and throughout), as well as feels to be a Record Keeper with multi-layers of information to absorb, and the other a smaller pristinely clear one with water bubbles trapped inside – one of which moves (is alive) when you move it back and forth.

herkimer diamondThese Herkimers are 450-500 million years old, so imagine the water that is trapped in there and the messages it carries!

As the link above shares, these fluid inclusions are very rare and a Herkimer Diamond with a water bubble is a special healer to work with the emotional body and your deepest essence self. They work with and activate the Heart Chakra, illuminating and stimulating feelings of rapture, enable you to see in the darker parts within self, face fears, remove emotional and energetic chords, release old emotional patterns, and understand the layers of who you are in a core way.

Both have very small Herkimer Diamonds growing on them too, which is really awesome energetically for new growth, expansion, abundance, fresh opportunities, and rebirthing.

It didn’t take me long to know that the larger rainbow one was for me. I somewhat reluctantly gave him back the other, but hadn’t thought I was there for two Herkimers, nor had intended to put out that kind of money. So I felt good that I’d received what I came for.

And after finding what I needed for my friend’s piece, I was off.

However, after walking out of the building something started to tug at me. I went and sat on a bench outside for a bit reflecting. Did I get all that I had come for?

My energy started to shift, but I decided it was as meant to be.

But as I got to my car, once again I sat there for a while and was really starting to feel off and sad, and energetically pulled. That other Herkimer with the water bubble was really not letting me leave. I thought to myself, I will just go do my errand and see how I continue to feel. The Faire is on for the weekend so I can return if necessary and know if something is meant to be it will be there.

As I drove away and did my errand, the tug grew. It made me feel literally sadly sick. And that was it. After I got back into my car I said I just have to go back and get the other one. The two of them need to be together and to be with me.

This hasn’t actually ever happened to me before. One other time there was a crystal I had neglected listening to in a shop, which now ends up front row and center on my desk and is one of my most prized for channeling my cosmic family. However, with that one, he was not going to alert me…it was I that had to wake up to the call on my own. But other than that, I hadn’t felt such an immense heart and soul tug.

And once I made up my mind I was headed back for my crystal friend, I felt this great excitement. As I was reflecting on my joy, I then made my way to get back on the freeway ramp near my house, and looked up and what do you know…my Hawk friend was perched right there peering down at me. I knew it was a sign and Divine confirmation of my listening to my inner guidance, as I haven’t seen my Hawk friends here for quite some time (I’d missed them actually, as it’s been so long) and it wasn’t there before when I first had gone to the Gem Faire.

I excitedly made my way back in. The guy recognized me and let me re-enter with my original parking pass and off I went to my friend’s booth. He was surprised to see me and I said I just had to come back, as I’d been called. He figured out which I meant had called and said, “It’s funny because I hadn’t put it away yet. It’s just sitting right here, out.” – which for a rare piece, isn’t something you just do.

He then went on to share how the larger one I originally took he had for about two years, which has never happened. The crystals usually move on quickly, but that one just had never found itss home. He was quite happy it would have a good one now with me.

We then spent some time looking at the smaller one through his loupe (high powered magnification – at least 10x that of magnifying glasses) exploring it. We also then began a conversation that created a time bubble around us, placing us in another reality than everyone around us. We discussed some cosmic things, his being a cosmic traveler, my sharing recent experiences and where I was energetically with this, as well as talked about parallel and multi-dimensional realities.

To say I was happy I returned, is an understatement. And he was quite pleased, as he said it’s so good to talk to someone that understands and doesn’t think he’s crazy. His wife is also quite magickal in her own way…perhaps more elemental in her nature. She was not there today, but there was another assistant with him that was interesting.

Somehow my age came up and I told him I’d be turning 42 soon. He said, “Well, you are well preserved my friend (lol, I found that amusing), as I thought you must be 30”.

We both discussed how energy work, otherwordly and cosmic “origins” surely play a large part in that. He even mentioned that when he used to be engaged in his Reiki practice constantly, he noticed how “light” he used to feel…and that he feels a difference now being away from it – a bit denser, although is always around crystals.

There is definitely something to be said for channeling energy.

It was such a lovely time warp of us being in our own little bubble in the middle of quite a high energy and bustling space. I look forward to venturing back in December on 12/12 with several of my friends/students from the workshop that are interested in exploring the Gem Faire.

I was so happy after that and when I left I no longer had that tugging sadness I was feeling.

crystals sandAnd yesterday, my two new Herkimer Diamond friends wanted to join me at the Crystal Cove, so I took them along. My new Phantom Lemurian Seed Crystal wanted to stay at home to connect with her family of Strawberry Lemurian sisters, so off we went. I immersed my new friends in the sand, burying them, and letting them absorb the crystal flecks.

crystals in swaterThen I took them to the ocean’s edge and let them swim a bit in her energy.

crystals on rockI then laid them on the rocks to take in that energy, and let them bask in the sun…crystalsa way to activate, cleanse, and charge them, along with the Reiki and love I provided.

crystals and seagullEven a Seagull seemed very taken by their energy, venturing close and hanging out to see them.

I also spent time simply holding them, as I went into my own experience, receiving and giving as I sat on a rock by the water’s edge.

I’m just so happy and when I explored my larger one at the beach some more, I discovered she actually is a Key crystal, which was such a lovely surprise. That means she will be assisting in unlocking some deeper mysteries to self and beyond.

I know I will continue to find more surprises and enjoy the splendid journey with these new friends.

A lot shifted energetically when these lovelies came home, as I knew instantly my crystal family would be shifting again. I was told that many of my crystals will be moving on to new keepers, and only a few will be remaining.

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  1. Ordinary yet extraordinary, colorful and clear, Quartz crystals are the most common and abundant in the world, comprising the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom.

  2. Congratulations on connecting with your new lovely friends. And they with you. You have so much to share together. And you all had a beach day!!!

    • thank you dawn! it was really magickal. these two are quite special and they certainly wanted to be together. lol! yes, we had a beach day! lol! so they are now infused with all that good extra good energy. they were quite the draw too, as some people saw me that were beach combing for shells and things and came over to ask if i’d found them on the beach. they didn’t know what they were. 🙂

  3. I just felt so much contentment and belonging between them and you . . very sweet, strong and Kind. All of you and All of YOU Reunited ❤
    Thank you for this.

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