MRI Reveals Siberian Princess’ Cause of Death

siberian princessYou might recall my post on the discovery of a 2500 year-old Siberian Princess mummy with the best preserved and most elaborate ancient tattoos in the world.

Well, a new article reveals what scientists believe the reason behind her short life (she died at 25) points to her having breast cancer. An MRI indicates a tumor of the right breast, as well as reveals an early childhood disease that infected her bones and bone marrow.

It appears that she used cannabis for pain relief of her condition, given it was found in her burial chamber. The altered state of mind this placed her in, suggests why she may have been held in high respect and thought to have special powers, or was seen as a shaman.

You can find the full and interesting story at the link here:

MRI Reveals Siberian Princess’ Cause of Death

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  2. Preserved by ice, the 25 year old ancient woman covered in tattoos used cannabis to cope with her ravaging illness.

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