Garden of the Goddess ~ Sacred Tattoo Mandala Design

Irena Sacred Tattoo DesignIt’s always an interesting challenge when I’m presented a piece to create that incorporates an already existent tattoo. With this design, I was to create something that integrated what you see at center – the Pentagram with Celtic Knot inverted triangle and the Moon phases.

From there, I wove the rest of the journey, incorporating my client’s essence and aspects of herself she wanted to draw forth for the new leg of her journey, as well as to bring to the surface in a more empowered way.

I told her immediately that I was feeling to create something ethereal and graceful, yet powerful, embodying a sacred and empowered Goddess essence. I also wanted it to have both an Earthy and mystical energy, combining balanced sacred geometry, but with a flowy, organic quality that is unique and feminine, actively creating itself in the moment.

It turned out to feel very Faery in essence and almost like a stained glass window or lattice work effect…so it’s like a vision peering into the soul essence of who she is and her intricacies – very tender and vulnerable, but regal and intentfully strong. A beautiful weaving of who she is, like an illuminated star blossom.

Immediately when I started tuning in, I received the Peacock, Moth, and Star Jasmine and the rest wove itself as I wanted to tie in qualities that would enhance the tattoo she already had, and also work with its essence, so that it looks like it was meant to be and not pieced together.

Overall, I feel like it’s a portal into this enchanted Garden of the Goddess (or Empress/High Priestess). So magickal!!

I love when my clients are open to what flows through, realizing there is a reason that something they may not have considered, shows up. This client had shared a couple of things that she resonated with, but they did not energetically do so for me when I tuned in, at least not in literal ways, or particularly for this piece. They were not matching the essence of the design and what wanted to come through, so I was guided that there was another way to bring about the energy in a more subtle and feminine flow that worked in alignment with her current tattoo.

For instance, my client had shared resonance with Elephants, and while a very powerful symbol, felt heavy, even if done in line drawings that she liked, and not as intricate and beautiful to her layers and this sacred feminine quality that ended up being created. It also didn’t energetically feel to fit with her current tattoo and I don’t like to just add things together that have no connective factor…I wanted it to blend and feel like one unified piece.

And the Tree of Life she also was drawn to came out in sort of an energetic/abstract way through this piece, rather than literal like so many other people have. There is a quality of entwined and wrapping branches from the six-pointed, organic star that bloom/grow from the center, which is like a Heart Chakra Lotus, because it has 12 petals. So the family connection and her roots are at the core of her being and heart, and are the connection of unity for her. The branches, rather than purely straight, bend like vines in this lattice work, showing her resiliency and strength to flow in any situation. And the branch-like vines double as the Star Jasmine vines, from which they grow as well – so many layers of symbolism, as you’ll continue to see.

Anyway, there is so much to continue to find and unravel in the piece. Here are some of the aspects included:

Personal Empowerment Mandala: (feels like the mandala is fluid and moving, so it is not static, although created with sacred geometry – has a flowing quality that recreates itself each moment as she shifts and changes) Mandalas are geometric figures representing the Universe. In this case, she is the Universe and this empowerment mandala is a reflection of the very “fabric” of her You-niverse – the core of her being and aspects of her higher self to help her to move more gracefully into expressing that. The mandala will help to focus her energy in a way that is connected to her authentic self.

Peacock: the Peacock was a surprise to her, although she resonated with and loved the energetic symbolism of them always. I find it powerful when things are revealed to my clients about themselves that they hadn’t fully thought of, or that sneak up on them. Often the very reason things at first sit a bit odd, is because they haven’t yet fully embraced this part of themselves it reflects, or the responsibility and power it might bring up for them. The Peacock has a very regal essence and is both humble and yet stands with dignity and strength. There is a tenderness in its eyes and a feeling of honoring and respect, as well as flowing grace. I just wanted hints of the peacock coming forth, so two gorgeous flowing tail feathers delicately peek through one end, as the Peacock emerges from the other. Almost as if this mandala is a dimensional portal where things manifest from and come through as it shifts into the right elements to create alchemy. And all of the things you find in the piece are qualities of her essence and wholeness that are peeking forth and emerging more, as she steps into her fullness and power. From elegant, Earthly being, majestically and gracefully reigning over the gardens of life, they transform into an other-worldly, Phoenix-like creature soaring magickally through the limitless sky. Peacocks symbolize many things including integrity, the beauty we can achieve through showing our authentic colors, guidance, protection, holiness, nobility, vibrancy, help on your spiritual path, breath of new life into your experience, rejuvenating self-esteem, expansion of your creativity and imagination, and courage to show up as your unique self. They also symbolize glory, vision, watchfulness, royalty, spirituality, awakening, immortality, refinement, beauty, desire, enjoying life, generosity, longevity, compassion, sensuality, immortality, and expansiveness. In Buddhism the peacock symbolizes expansive consciousness and is representative of the all-compassionate goddess Kuan Yin. The eyes of the peacock feathers symbolizing the omniscient essence of the soul that is all-seeing and all-knowing. As a royal status, peacocks represent the realm of the Empress and High Priestess. Being a solar animal peacocks express the essence of vitality, radiance, glory, stimulation, life, health, and invigoration. Alchemical traditions compare the resurrecting Phoenix to our modern-day Peacock, bestowing the symbolism of renewal upon it.

Moth: (there are two on the right top and left bottom at a diagonal) Moths are nocturnal. They symbolize dreams, shadows, otherworldliness, secret knowledge, higher awareness, psychic awareness and enhancement, inner knowing to navigate through the darkest hours of our lives, faith in uncertain shadowy times, vulnerability, determination, wise and balanced use of concealment – blend in when necessary and adjust and adapt when needed, attraction, subtlety and subtle allure, intuition, determination, navigation by lunar energy and light (feeling), vigilance in following your path of light, keeping your vigilance, adjusting your course accordingly to indications sensed rather than drive forward without heeding signs…

Star Jasmine: Jasmine remind you that all is in Divine order with the Divinity of your existence. (they remind me of nature’s stars and worked symbolically and aesthetically so beautifully I felt) They are simple star-shaped, five-petaled blossoms – ethereal and magickal. White Jasmine is both known as poet’s Jasmine and the “Queen of flowers.” They have an intoxicating fragrance that draws in hummingbirds, butterflies, and humans alike. Jasmine flowers symbolize many things to many different cultures.  Some of these include love, romance, modesty, sensuality, amiability, nobility, grace, and elegance. However, the Jasmine also holds strong spiritual and religious significance, as it has been a constant symbol of divinity and hope. They felt like the perfect magickal touch to this piece, both of nature of also like star blossoms, tying in the star pentacle you have on your tattoo, and your own integration of cosmic and earthly essence. They float like the illumination the moths are instinctively and intuitively following to stay on their path/which is you and your instinctive clarity guiding you. Some of the star jasmine are entwined in the flowing Celtic knots of the mandala, as they speak of integration and the many layers you have, how all things are connected and integral to the journey.

Hexagon:  The mandala took on a 6-pointed design, which holds a very potent and beautiful quality. The number six is also significant and felt meaningful for her. It represents harmony, balance, soulful integration, perfect union, communication, sincerity, love, beauty, truth, enlightenment, naturally revealing solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner, delicate diplomacy in sensitive matters, reliability, home, family, lighting our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance, and encourages compassion and forgiveness. It is connected with the very powerful Hexagon and Merkaba.

Star Essence: the total piece has the essence of a star symbolism, as well as a blossom…or rather I’d say – a star blossom. Her current tattoo nestled as the center of this organic flower that then emanates, opens and reveals more layers to itself as it blossoms.

Celtic Knot: found in the branching vines are used to tie in with her tattoo at center, creating the essence of eternity and continuity.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

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  1. I love it, so beautiful!

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