One Lovely Blog Award


I would love to express my gratitude to Linda of litebeing chronicles for honoring me with this One Lovely Blog Award. It was such a sweet surprise. I have so enjoyed our connecting via the worldwide web and your unique and thoughtful posts that probe an exploration of wider perspectives. I love how you share what you’re divinely inspired by in the moment. This is a well deserved award for you!!

Congratulations and thank you dearly for the nomination. It is an honor to be recognized with all of these wonderful people and bloggers.

That leads us to the rules, which I don’t so much enjoy, but with gratitude I embrace the journey so that I may recognize and honor others that touch my life and the lives of so many.


Rules for One Lovely Blog Award:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award. – done!
Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post. – done!
Share 7 facts or things about yourself. – about to, see below!
Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog. – coming up shortly after my personal facts! 


7 Things About Me (I added 2 additional – I liked the energy of 9 for a full cycle – to provide some insights you might not know):


1. I’m a walking dichotomy of very distinct opposites that on the surface may seem not to make sense, or wouldn’t if you fully knew me, but are the holistic fabric of my essence.

2. I recognize myself as in this world, but not of it.

3. Freedom, exploration, creative energy, expansiveness, and independence are vital to who I am – music and sound are like the breath of life to me.

4. If I had to give up any of my senses it would be my eyesight, as for me, I “see” the most when I close my eyes, reminding me of when I was legally blind and saw the world as it was real to me – flowing energy without definitions. Other senses become heightened, including intuition and telepathy, when you don’t rely on your “eyes”, but see with your “inner eye”. I wouldn’t mind giving up words either, since telepathy would take care of that as well.

5. I identify with Rabbits and the Cosmic magick of their essence. They share the embodiment of paradox and contradiction and identification with Ancient Mystery, and the Sacred Creative Powers to destroy and recreate transmutationally.

6. I embrace the shadow with reverence and value raw “realness” and natural harmony.

7. The Faery Rules are very near and dear to me, especially “A Person’s Word is Bond” – (some of the only rules I like, including Cosmic Laws)

8. I’ve been married more than once and have no intentions of legally doing so again.

9. My personal choice to be vegan, almost 9 years ago now, was a spiritual one that is consistent with who I am in essence and energetically what I hold most dear. 


My 15 Nominations (in no particular order). This is the main reason for my accepting this nomination, as I want to recognize some of the very lovely souls and blogs out there. I completely understand if any of you don’t resonate with following the guidelines and haven’t the time to do so. You still all have “One Lovely Blog” and deserve having that known:


I hope that you will take some time when able, to visit each of these lovely blogs and explore what they have to share for yourself. Congratulations to all of you and truly, to every one out there that so vulnerable and courageously shares their passions, insights, and uniqueness through your blogs. You are all so LOVELY! I wish you all abundant loveliness throughout every moment of your colorful journeys.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. wow Tania, you don’t fool around! That was such a quick response 🙂
    I am not a rule person, far from it, but like you , enjoy the chance to describe and introduce my fav blogs to the larger community. Thanks for the renom, very kind of you. I will check out those I am not familiar with. Many are good buddies and fixtures on my blogroll. Loved learning more about you, another award bonus.

    BTW, I don’t know if you are aware, but many months ago before I read your blog regularly, I referenced one of your tattoos for one of my butterfly posts. Recently I was rereading some old posts and noticed it. A sense of foreshadowing perhaps??

    It was back in July 2013, here is the link:

    I look forward to deepening our connection and appreciate your lovely acceptance post.


    • i actually didn’t know if i’d be able to, or when, but i had a window today, so i felt it was perfect for this. so thank you again!! i would imagine we’d have a lot of shared interests and blogs. glad you enjoyed my personal shares, as did i of yours..yes that part is fun i agree!

      as for the post you shared, i was not aware of the reference, but how cool is that!!?

      much love to you! namaste

  2. Congratulation!! Happy for you…

  3. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination! I am going to have to decline the follow through right now, so if you need to switch out my nomination, that’s OK. Thanks for the wonderful list of blogs. I will look forward to checking them out when I get some time again. Just swamped with work and articles at the moment and don’t want to not follow the rules on this one. 🙂 Love you! xoxo

    • thank you! no need for switch outs…everyone is welcome to decline, although in my book it doesn’t mean you’re still not a lovely blogger!! the list is meant to be able to share and spread the love. i totally know what you mean and likely won’t be able to accept anymore in my own future as well. xoox love you!!

  4. Well congratulations again Tania! I wholeheartedly agree with the nomination of your blog. As you probably know you have one of my favorite blogs, I try not to miss a post even if I am not always able to comment as I would like. You have a huge heart and zest for life in all it’s many aspects. If was fun to read your “9” items about yourself. I found out a few things I was not aware of, it is a joy to get to know even more about you.

    I appreciate your list. I know when you and Laura were nominated by a previous blogger, I was thrilled for you both. I also appreciated getting a peak at those you noted as some of your favorites. I went and peeked on each blog and am following them now. I will have some more to add from this new post of nominations as well. That’s an added bonus!

    I was taken by surprise to see my blog listed as I went through the list. What a great surprise! Thank you, that is so dear and I appreciate being amongst so many talented bloggers that are making a difference and creating a new way of being.

    Like Laura, I can’t commit to respond in kind but I will see what I can do. I really appreciate the time, energy and thought that you put into your nominations and yourself. What a generous heart and spirit….no surprise though! That’s you.

    Much love,
    Dawn Vierra

    • aw, such a lovely comment. i’m so glad it gave you a nice surprise!! i really didn’t expect anyone to accept, as i said, i almost didn’t myself, but that doesn’t mean anything as i shared. all of this is truly a way to, i feel, spread the love and share with others all of the wonderful souls and work out there with more people. it does take time and time is valuable to us all. so please fully know that you are, as well as the others and all the more out there i didn’t list, and that i unfortunately don’t have the time myself to read, simply for sharing so passionately from your hearts and with vulnerability. lots of love to you sweetness!!

  5. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    I wanted to share and celebrate Tania Marie’s blog nomination for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. I adore Tania’s blog and reblog it allot on my blog and on FB. Tania, also shared more about herself in her acceptance of the nomination. I loved finding out more about my sweet friend. There’s always more to know, wink, wink. Part of the rules of her acceptance was to nominate 15 other blogs that she felt were “very lovely souls and blogs out there”. I loved going through the list. To my surprise she also nominated my blog reikidawn. Thank you sweet, generous and loving Tania. Blessings and love to you.

  6. Tania – you are beautiful with class taste in respect and elegancy – Thank you from the bottom of heart:) I do have a surprise for you:)

  7. Thank you, Tania. Congratulations to you on receiving your award. You are a deeply true and kind person with such soul and talent here on your “Lovely” blog. I am honored to know you and be chosen. I left a sincere message today on my blog for you and apologize for my delay. Bless you, Tania.

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