Guardian of Sacred Wisdom ~ Owl Tattoo Design

Jerry Sacred Tattoo DesignThis was such an amazing piece to be a part of co-creating with my client. Not only do I absolutely love owls, but the energy that presented itself when channeling this piece is very meaningful to me to be able to create.

I can’t share enough how honored I am to find out that not only will this piece grace his skin, but is going to be the cover of his dissertation, with an inclusion of my description I shared with him, in an appendix to it.

I’m blown away and feeling deeply moved with so much gratitude.

This design was completed on the 11/11 portal, which again is one of those powerful synchronicities that seem to always take place along this sacred design journey.

I had very little to go on in terms of information provided, so I was able to just tune in to what I felt in the words that were shared with me, in between the words, and beyond the words. This brought me to a very expansive energy and presence wanting to birth forth.

I knew how much owls meant to my client and I wanted to bring to life one that would embody the elements that were dear to him, while not being static, as in just sitting there. This led me to create one with wings wide open, as if in flight, or just lifting off into flight (wing power being embodied in it for energetic strength and expansive consciousness). This also reflected how my client loves the “quiet stealth of their flying” as he put it, so this reiterated my vision.

I also had an area to work with on the forearm that created a more narrow space it would sit and while was told it was okay to wrap around if need be, it was important to me that it mostly fit facing forward seen in fullness. This became interesting, as I wanted movement and to see the wings, but didn’t want them fully wrapped around where you couldn’t appreciate them upon first glance. I also didn’t want an owl just sitting there with wings to its side.

There will be a bit of wing wrap to the sides in the area we were working with, (in terms of tip and upper/outer portion of them) but since wings are like our own arms (arms and hands are connected to the sign of Gemini, the Air element, and communication), then this seemed energetically fitting to create some expanse, movement, and flow around.

The owl’s eyes are so important to me as well, and so I wanted an owl with those powerful “windows to the soul” in a partially forward facing position so that you could see both eyes, but with a bit of that “looking off into the distance” quality, creating the visionary essence that they carry.

There is a sense of stillness and grace, even in the fluidity of motion…very empowered, even regal in a way, and yet with humble integrity and peace.

Another thing that stood out to me was my client sharing how he loved that owls were a “global” bird, found all over the world. From onset, this immediately brought to vision me seeing the owl holding Earth within his powerful talons, as if bringing his gifts of ancient wisdom to the collective, teaching us how to live in natural harmony with her, and acting as her guardian and peace keeper, as well as communicative bridge of unity.

Owls also symbolize intuition, magick, they reveal the hidden realm, help us have keen awareness within silence, and signify an old soul and mastery – so energetically I wanted the whole piece/owl to embody this essence as well.

I was then being led to Native American Indian symbolism when I was tuning in, but I was also getting this feeling and vision of a labyrinth. In researching I discovered that the labyrinth was a common Native American Indian symbol that they used to represent life as a journey and our infinite, eternal nature, and that along with other symbolic mandala designs they created, the labyrinth mandala was one of them.

Focusing on the labyrinth mandala is a way to understand that life is what you make it and the way we choose to live it, determines the degree of freedom and expansiveness we experience.

“Every step of the journey is integral to the path of wholeness that you are on. It is ever-changing and ever-perfect, taking you to your own sacred center and back out into the expansive reflection found there. At times you may need to call upon your intuition and creativity, engaging receptivity and courage when deciding to enter the journey to center or not – the way in is the way out.” – something I recently wrote about labyrinths in an article.

This all reiterated my feeling, which went along with the energy I was receiving to make a part of this sacred design. So the labyrinth was added, centered between the owl’s wings, as if they energetically hold this “portal” of life evolution and experience when they fully expand with the breath of freedom the owl soars through the sky with. It felt to be a key gateway that is created from recognizing and embracing our sovereign free will, and then putting that into responsible and accountable action throughout our lives, in every experience, and with all of life that we encounter. Our choices not only have impact on our own journey, but will create how that journey evolves at large in collective connection.

And lastly, to create movement and flow, the addition of the dancing energy that entwines, threads, and holds all of the integral key pieces of this story together in an alchemical current of mutable rapture, emerged.

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About Tania Marie's Blog

Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    Completely fabulous design, as usual. What you say is so true. The way in is the way out. Always, one must be oneself, live from the inside-out. It never works the other way. It’s the only way to fly. Thank you, Owl, for your beautiful wisdom, and thank you Tania Marie for your sharings. You are wise. It is good to have teachers along the way. We are, every one of us, each other’s teachers. The Magick comes when we are each authentic. I would add to that nonviolent as well. To me, those two commitments are all that is needed to have peace and love. It really is that simple. Love you lots, my sister.

  2. this one is stellar Tania, really speaks to me. I am wondering if owl might be one of my guides. Had my first visitation by owl last winter and I still have not forgotten how powerful owl energy is! Love your work and your energy as well. Gentle and powerful and kind ❤

    • thanks linda!! hmmm, perhaps so. i wouldn’t be surprised, especially if you feel so drawn to them and they show up a lot for you. lots of love and gratitude ❤

      • Well they have and have not. I’ll explain. I think i have only seen one in real time that once, but my next door neighbor adores owls and has several owl pictures hung up in the hallway that we share, So for many years owl has presided over my home. All I know is that my love of nature grows stronger with every breath I take. ❤

      • ah! thank you for sharing. even so, they seem to have a significant place in your life. i completely understand the perpetual expansion of love for nature! ❤

  3. The Owl is a beautiful avian creature known for its silent flight, distinct calls, and eyes that are able to see in the dark. In Ancient wisdom, animals are believed to possess a spirit that transcends its own body to guide us humans into the wonders & mysteries of Life.

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