An Icelandic Adventure – Elizabeth Gadd

Elizabeth Gadd Self Portrait Iceland Take It In

Elizabeth Gadd Self-Portrait Iceland: “Take It In”


I have had Iceland on the mind and in the heart for quite some time (first appearing several years back in 2007 or so) and a couple of months ago had a dream where a friend said to me “let’s go to Iceland,” and I replied, “okay!” without a second of hesitation. Since then I’ve had one nudge and synchronicity after another all tugging at my heart about Iceland.

I mentioned this to the friend and we immediately had started planning a trip, but in the end she was unable to go, due to things that came up with family.

I realized that the dream wasn’t tied to whether or not I went with her, but since she represents an aspect of me and a core soul tie, it was like a message from my Higher Self, as I often get (especially around sacred journeys I’m needing to go on). My eager willingness to embrace the journey spoke to this trip being significant and meaningful in terms of my Essence.

And since, the divine messages have continued pouring in, in incredibly high gear and without skipping a beat.

Elizabeth Gadd Iceland

Elizabeth Gadd: Iceland


This incredible journey of photographer, Elizabeth Gadd, came to me via an odd way on the day she posted it, right after I had received three other nudges in similar vein, just the day before AND on the same day I re-blogged this post with stunning images: Iceland!! Thanks to R.

Elizabeth’s photos are so beautifully inspiring and the story of her experience is equally wondrous, if you take the time to read the log of her photography adventure in Iceland. It was so fun to read her journal of the trip, finding many of the places I had been mapping of interest for a journey to Iceland, included in her adventure.

Needless to say, I am still piecing together my own journey and listening on the timing of when it will come to be – sensing very soon, in light of the amped up nudges and this deep soul urge that is burning from within and starting to scream at me. 🙂

In the meantime, I am enjoying shares like Elizabeth’s and I hope you do too. Her story of the experience is rather long, mirroring how I often share of my own journeys with photo stories and insights, but really a great read. If nothing else, I know you will enjoy her beautiful photos and be lost once again in the magick of Iceland.

Elizabeth Gadd Iceland Photos

Elizabeth Gadd: Iceland


Elizabeth Gadd begins her story by setting the tone of this adventure with her inspiration behind it and the personal growth she embraced through it:

“The Icelandic Red Dress Series” (perhaps somewhat lacking in title creativity, but hopefully not so much in the photos themselves) was the main project and self-portrait series I worked on over the course of two weeks spent travelling all over the insanely beautiful country of Iceland.  Why the red dress, you might ask?  Two reasons:  A. I had very little room in my travelling suitcase for outfits besides the red dress, especially considering I had to save suit-case space for transporting chocolate (yes, that was my most vital necessity for the trip), and B.  When I was thinking ahead about creating an Icelandic self-portrait series, I wanted something that would depict “standing out”.  Not just a bright colour to stand out against the Icelandic backdrops, but also something of a reflection of my thoughts as of late.  These photos have been some of my most personal I’ve ever taken, for the thoughts behind them.  As a rather notorious introvert who has always preferred being on the sidelines, who has been afraid of what might be thought of my looks, awkwardness and quirks, who has been known to ignore get-together messages from people for months at a time (sorry guys), and who is often nervous and worried about the future and anything out of my comfort zone (which is basically everything), I’ve come to realize these last couple of years have been quite a breakthrough for me in letting go of fear.  Perhaps it’s just been part of growing up, or perhaps it’s the snowballing effect from stepping out of my comfort zone and letting one adventure lead to another, gaining more confidence with each one…  Or perhaps it’s the incredible like-minded friends I’ve made through photography who have become the most encouraging, uplifting and inspiring influences in my life.  All these things have helped me learn to take courage in standing up, following my passions and not being afraid to be different. (…chances are nobody’s even lookin’ at me anyway, so yet another reason not to worry!).  I am still a quiet introvert by nature, but whether I’m keeping to the sidelines to blend in or whether I want to take courage in standing out (more specifically finding a balance between the two), I’ve been learning to accept myself as someone who simply doesn’t need to worry about what people think of me regardless of anything.  So this is what these photos are to me – Existing silently as a simple but meaningful extension of nature, or standing out amongst it, I can find peace in doing either of these things by letting go of fear and doubt.  This photo series symbolizes my wish to live wholeheartedly, to not be afraid, to embrace my weirdness and quirks and to focus on a life lived in wonder, love and gratefulness.”

To read Elizabeth’s full journey share, view her photos, and experience a video of the adventure, please visit: Elizabeth Gadd Photography: An Icelandic Adventure



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